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The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice               Autumn/Winter 2004

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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Hospice News
                                                                      New look website
                                                                      AFTER a lot of hard work and
                                                                      input from all departments our
                                                                      website has been given a face
MISSION STATEMENT                                                     lift. The new website has much
                                                                      more information, is far more
In order to properly reflect the current work of the Hospice
                                                                      user-friendly and has a great
we have taken the opportunity to update our Mission
                                                                      new look. It will be updated
Statement. The statement now reads...
                                                                      regularly so you can read about the
“To provide high quality clinical, emotional, social and spiritual    latest goings on in the Hospice. There is detailed advice and
care for patients who have a progressive, life threatening            information for patients and their carers. Information on how
illness and support for those who care for them.”                     you can support the Hospice is available as well as the
                                                                      opportunity to view events, news and even donate online!
INSERTS AND RAFFLES                                                     Those interested in taking an active role in the Hospice or the
In this issue you’ll find: Christmas card fliers, Absolutely          shops will find the Volunteering section of interest. There is also
Christmas, Light up a Life and Balloon Race 2004 fliers.              information for Healthcare Professionals including education
                                                                      and training opportunities. You can find out all about the history
RAFFLE TICKETS                                                        of the Hospice, download the newsletter and much, much more!
Thank you for your support but if you feel unable to sell them        To view the new website please go to www.ppwh.org.uk
please destroy them.
Summer Raffle Winners – Winners List
1st Prize: Joyce Main, Cumbernauld, Garden Furniture Set,
donated by Klondyke Group Ltd
2nd Prize: Jessie Taylor, Glasgow, Luxury Hamper of Beauty
Goodies, donated by Rita Rusk International                          Jenni White, who joined the Fundraising Department in July.
3rd Prize: Annette Mason, Glasgow, Silver Necklace, donated
                                                                     Our newest clinical team members Adele Logan, Helen Fay, Sadie
by Eric N. Smith                                                     Cronin, Alison Wren and Richard Hainey.
4th Prize: Mr & Mrs Airey, Glasgow, DVD Player
                                                                     Julie A’Lee, Lynsey Scott and Sam Wilson who recently joined our
5th Prize: Jim McDonald, Glasgow, Signed bottle of ‘Lord
                                                                     administration team.
Provost Special Reserve Whisky’, Donated by The Right Hon.
The Lord Provost of Glasgow, Liz Cameron                             Mary Deans and Ruth Coney who join our team of Domestics.
Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all who took part.


Ronnie Cleland         Phil McEwan            Hugh Cosgrove

MEMBERS                                                              We would like to thank Cathie Revell, Medical Administrator for all
                                                                     the hard work during 12 years of service. We wish Cathie all the best
                                                                     for her retirement.
Mr Tom Allison, Mr Ian Irivne
Baroness Mary T Goudie, Mr Stewart Keir,                             Thanks also to Wilma MacDonald pictured below with some of her
Mrs Sheila Kinnaird, Dr Fiona Marshall,                              colleagues, who was a domestic at the Hospice for five years. Wilma
Mr Allan Radlow, Dr Linda Watt, Ms Sue Williams                      left in September and we also wish her a long and happy retirement.
                                                                     They will be missed by all their friends at the Hospice.

                  Jennifer Easson, Trust and Fundraising
                  Co-ordinator is now off on maternity
                  leave. Baby Easson is due on 22 October
                  and our best wishes go to her and her
                  husband Dave.

Meet the Laurieston Nurses
                                                                                                                 What patients’
                                                                                                                 families said
                                                                                                                  ‘She knew what to do
                                                                                                                  when we felt totally
                                                                                                                  helpless. She enabled
                                                                                                                  us to keep Dad at home
                                                                                                                  where he wanted to be.’
                                                                                                                  ‘I simply don’t know
                                                                                                                  what we would have
                                                                                                                  done without our home
                                                                                                                  care nurse.’
                                                                                                                  ‘We spent a long time
                                                                                                                  talking about my
                                                                                                                  thoughts and fears.
                                                                                                                  This gave me the
                                                                                                                  chance to share what I
                                                                                                                  felt without worrying
                                                                                                                  my family.’

IT’S official! The Hospice’s home care                                                             community-based patients, at various stages
nursing team now have a bespoke name that                                                          of illness, and may visit patients in
reflects the truly specialist role they play in                                                    residential homes and hospitals as well as in
taking Hospice services out to patients and                                                        their family homes.
their families in the community.                                                                     However, these are not ‘hands-on’ nurses
  The Laurieston Nurses are being formally                                                         – Laurieston Nurses advise GPs and district
launched into the professional network at a       palliative care. Just as the focus has shifted   nurses on the primary care team on how to
special reception at Hampden Park on 2            over the years from ward-based to                optimise their patients’ care, comfort and
November. Glasgow Lord Provost Liz                community-based care, so too is the scope        dignity. They assess pain and other physical
Cameron will handle the ‘introductions’ and       of practice now broadening out from being        problems, and taking a holistic approach,
guests will include Sir John Arbuthnot,           primarily a cancer specialism to include a       they also consider the individual’s emotional,
Chairman of Greater Glasgow NHS, and a            whole range of life-limiting but non-            social and spiritual well-being.
targeted audience of professional medical         malignant illnesses.                               While they are never intrusive, they are
and nursing people.                                 Research suggests that the majority of all     very good listeners and often can help
  ‘Laurieston’ is a name that in future years     patients would choose to spend their final       patients and their carers find the peace of
will become synonymous with delivering the        days at home, yet less than 20 per cent are      mind to make the best of their remaining
highest standards in palliative care to home-     actually helped to do so. Within the NHS         time together. Their relationship with
based patients. It’s been chosen because its      there is currently a move to make palliative     families frequently extends into
historic link with our immediate                  care available for all who can benefit from it   bereavement.
surroundings here in Carlton Place – and it’s     and this is being driven by people working at      It’s been 17 years since the Hospice launched
an altogether fitting name for a community-       the leading edge of the field.                   its first home care service with a team of just
based service, not least because the Hospice        Today, the Hospice employs a team of six       two nurses on secondment from the NHS
has played such an important part over the        Laurieston Nurses, all highly trained clinical   community service. The remarkable growth of
past two decades in the dramatic                  nurse specialists who bring together many        our provision over the years and the huge
regeneration of the Laurieston District.          years of experience in addition to their         potential that lies ahead bodes well for patient-
  It’s also a timely moment to re-badge our       academic credentials.                            centred care and makes this a genuinely
service in light of the changing nature of          Each nurse has a caseload of around 30         exciting time to be a Laurieston Nurse.

 THE Peter Murray Art Room was             Hospitaller for their kind donation    thought that although they will
 officially opened on Tuesday 22           of £10,000 towards our Arts in a       die, their memory lives on. The
 June by Doris Murray. Henry and           Palliative Care project and £2,000     work itself has been awe inspiring
 Marielle would like to thank the          towards the purchase of air-flow       and thought provoking.
 Rotary Club of Glasgow for their          mattresses. This initiative, which       One of our day care patients
 generosity and Day Unit Staff and         is in conjunction with the Scottish    recently commented, “I find it (the
 all other members of Staff who            Arts Council, Glasgow City Council     art project) a very good way to
 have contributed to the success of        Culture & Leisure Services and Art     take my mind off my illness. For
 the project to date. All staff are        in Hospital has just entered its       me, life would not be the same
 welcome to visit and view work in         second year.                           without art – it has become part of
 progress at any time.                       The project has brought meaning      my life now. I get lost in my
   Thank you to the Sovereign Order        and hope to our patients and has       artwork now. I feel a better person
 of St John of Jerusalem Knights           given a sense of purpose to the        for it.”

HOSPICENEWS                                             Before
                                                                                                                   Patagonia Trek
                                                                                                                   As part of the
                                                                                                                   Hospice’s Team
                                                                                                                   Patagonia, made up of
The Bear                                                                                                           several members of
necessities!                                                                                                       staff, Dr George Gray
Orla and Lois Waddell                                                                                              was sponsored to have
in the Hospice, Orla                                                                                               a makeover courtesy
has been visiting the                                                                                              of Slater Menswear
Hospice on and off                                                                                                 who donated gift
since November                                                                                                     vouchers. Our
2002, and we’ve always been made very                                                                              Thursday hairdresser
welcome (two kids under the age of four can                                                                        Anne Cullis and her
be a handful at times), I can only thank you all                                    After                          trusty side-kick
for the fantastic care you give, not only to the                                                                   Margaret McGuiness
people with this dreadful illness in my case                                                                       styled his hair and
my mum Bernadette Mcginley and her sister                                                                          shaved his beard, £400
Maureen Stewart, but the care and support
given to the family’s is wonderful, don’t know     Say it with flowers                                             was raised. We are
                                                                                                                   sure you will agree
what I would have done without you. Thank                                                                          that George went from
you, Debbie Waddell.                               In response to more and more requests, the Hospice has
                                                   introduced a new service. It’s for people who prefer to ask     plain ‘Dr Gray’ to ‘Dr
                                                   friends and relatives to make a donation to the work of the     Kildare’! George said
                                                   Hospice rather than send flowers to their loved one’s           “I can’t believe I am
                                                   funeral.                                                        now using ‘products’
                                                     The Hospice will provide a supply of printed cards            in my hair, but my wife
                                                   explaining to friends and relatives your preference, as well    and sons love the new
                                                   as details of our FREEPOST address for them to send their       look”. Thanks to all
                                                   ‘In Memory’ gift to. All you have to do is write the name of    those who made this
                                                   your loved one and distribute the cards to your friends and     possible.
                                                     By asking people to send their gifts direct to the Hospice,
                                                   there will be less for you to do at a time when you have
Archbishop’s visit                                 more than enough to cope with.
                                                     Donations will be acknowledged by letter and the family
On Friday 18 June 2004, the Hospice received
                                                   will receive a hand inscribed card letting them know how
a visit from the Most Reverend Mario Conti,
                                                   much was raised in memory of their loved one.
Archbishop of Glasgow. The Archbishop came
along and visited Patients in our Day Centre       All you have to do is contact Judi Farrell in Fundraising
and In Patient Unit. This was a thoroughly         with: your name, address, the name of your loved one and
enjoyable visit for all who met the                the quantity of cards required.
Archbishop and we appreciate him taking            We will then post them to you.
time out of his busy diary to visit the Hospice.

Service of Remembrance
                                                     This appeal has been running for a number of years and has been extremely
The Hospice Chaplains, Reverend Alan                 successful, raising over £16,000 from used toner cartridges. So a big THANK YOU to
Donald and Father Patrick intend to hold a           all the organisations who take part in this scheme. We are still working with
remembrance service at Clarkston Hall on             GreenAgenda and can accept a variety of used toner cartridges. So, if you have
Sunday 7 November between 2 and 3pm.                 space for a GreenAgenda box for your used cartridges, please contact Wendy in
This service is open to anyone who has lost          Fundraising.
a loved one and who would like the
opportunity to remember them in this way.
  The service incorporates various styles on
the theme of remembrance so as to be
meaningful to a wide range of people and
                                                   A piece of cake!
includes prayer, poetry, hymns and                 Alison Adams and her husband Todd very generously
readings. A number of staff will be on hand        donated their wedding cake for patients, visitors,
to speak to people before and after the            volunteers and staff to enjoy.
service. Tea and coffee will also be available       They married on 6 September 2003 at Park Circus
after the service.                                 Marriage Suite in Glasgow and decided to keep their
  If you require further information, please       cake for sentimental reasons. Both Alison and Todd
call the Hospice and details on the service        lost their dads to cancer in the last few years, but when
including how to get                               Alison’s sister’s father-in-law died in the Hospice
to the Hall will                                    recently, the couple thought it would be a nice idea to
be sent to                                           donate their cake.
you.                                                   It was a kind thought and very much appreciated by

                                                         Mobile Phones
                                                         Do you have any old, unused, out of date mobile phones? If so the Hospice can
                                                         make money from them. You can hand them into the Hospice or at any of our
                                                         shops. The addresses are listed on page 7.

    Volunteer Conference
    The Volunteer Conference took
    place on Wednesday 15
                                                                                    HOSPICE VOLUNTEERS
    September 2004 in the offices of
    Clydeport and approximately 100
                                                                                                                  Friends of the Hospice
    volunteers attended.                                                                                          The businesses listed below
      Hospice Chief Executive, Iain                                                                               have very kindly agreed to give
    Laidlaw, kindly chaired the                                                                                   discounts to our ‘Friends of the
    conference and introduced                                                         nteer C                     Hospice’. If you are interested in
    speakers:                                                                 The Volu                            joining this scheme, which costs
      Liz Davie, Shops Manager: “A day                                                                            £25 for single or £35 for joint
    in the life of the Hospice Shops”                     Day Unit patients, staff and volunteers and             memberships or are able to
      Brenda Muir, Infection Control Link Nurse:          played them on his radio show that evening.             offer a benefit to our members
    “Infection Control and What we do!”                                                                           please contact Wendy Adesegun
      Joan Hemphill, Clinical Director: “Palliative       Volunteer Thank You Night 2004                          in the Fundraising Department.
    Care – looking to the future”                         This annual celebration of volunteer involvement          A Jacobson Jewellers, 114
      Simon Parkinson, Visible Marketing: “Hospice        will be held on Monday 13 December 2004.                  Brunswick Street, Glasgow G1
    Website Developments”                                 Further details will follow in due course.                – 25% discount on all
      The Department would like to extend its thanks                                                                purchases (except watches)
    to everyone who assisted in the running and           Ardgowan Hospice Exchange Visit                           Glasgow Science Centre,
    presentation of this evening.                         Each year the Volunteer Services Department               Pacific Quay, Glasgow G51
                                                          arranges an exchange visit with another Hospice           1EA – 10% discount on all
    Volunteers Week Celebrations                          for our Volunteers. Below are some of our                 items in gift shop when you
     Volunteers’ Week is the UK’s annual celebration      volunteers who came along with us on Thursday             spend over £5
     of the work volunteers do. During the Week           15 April 2004 to Ardgowan Hospice.                        FDL Flooring, Units 1 & 2,
     events (1-7 June) are held across the country to                                                               Shawfield Industrial Estate,
     recognise, reward and recruit volunteers.                                                                      Boundary Road, Glasgow G73
       To recognise the work of our volunteers we                                                                   – 10% discount off trade prices
     gave each volunteer across the work of the                                                                     Ceramic Tile Distributors, 72
                                   Hospice a Thank You                                                              Hydepark Street, Glasgow G3
                                   certificate.                                                                     – 10% discount if under £250
                                      To promote the                                                                spent OR 20% discount if over
                                   contribution                                                                     £250 spent
                                    volunteers make                                                                 Stockwell China Bazaar, 67 -
                                    towards the work of                                                             77 Glassford Street, Glasgow
                                     the Hospice, Steve                                                             G1 – 10% discount
                                     McKenna from Real                                                              Kingston Car Wash, 122
                            a Aiton Radio kindly came
               with Christin                                                                                        Scotland Street, Glasgow G5 –
        cKenna                      in one afternoon to
Steve M                                                                                                             10% discount on all valeting
             ‘volunteer’ his services in our Day Unit.                        Volunte                               and memberships
                                                                                     ers in A
     During his time here he took requests from our                                          rdgowa                 Spice of Life Restaurant, 1316
                                                                                                   n Hosp
                                                                                                                    Argyle Street, Glasgow G3 –
                                                                                                                    20% off food OR 15% off total
      FRIENDSGROUPS                                                                                                 bill
                                                                                                                    Millers Art Shop, 28 Stockwell
      MILNGAVIE: Mrs Margaret Dunn, tel: 0141 956 2035                                                              Street, Glasgow G1 – 10%
      KIRKINTILLOCH: Mrs Margaret Sutherland, tel: 0141 776 6341               DATE FOR DIARY                       discount
      BEARSDEN: Mrs Mary Lewis, tel: 0141 942 8751                             Aberdonian Night                     Body Shop, St Enoch Centre,
      RUTHERGLEN: Mrs Nancy Topper, tel: 0141 579 3168                         Holiday Inn West,                    St Enoch Centre, St Enoch
      SOUTHSIDE GROUP: Mrs Eileen Dunn, tel: 0141 644 1573                     Bothwell Street, Glasgow             Square, Glasgow G1 – 10%
      SHAWS & SHIELDS: Isobel Gilchrist, tel: 0141 427 0245                    Friday 7 April 2005                  discount (excluding Gift
                                                                               Tickets £30                          Vouchers)

                                                              Summer Cooking Demonstration
                                                              Thursday 24 June at the Hospice, £500 raised
                                                              We were delighted when Ian Brown, chef at the prestigious
                                                              Ubiquitous Chip restaurant and winner of Scottish Restaurant
                                                              Chef of the Year 2004 agreed to join us to gave a Summer
                                ice                           Cooking demonstration in the Hospice.
                 nds of the Hosp
   Southside Frie                                               Ian brought along his wife Sheila and their children Eilidh and
                                                              Euan who made excellent sous chefs. His menu included
  Coffee Morning, Merrylea Parish Church                      Chinese spoons with quail eggs and hollandaise sauce,
  Saturday 28 August, £2000 Raised                            smoked salmon on soda bread with caper butter, which
  Thanks to the dedication and hard work of the ladies        was just for starters! Ian also brought along delicious
  and gentlemen of the Southside Group, they held the         marinated pork fillets, citrus chicken legs,
  most successful coffee morning to date. The church          langoustines and tiger prawns. Everyone had a
  was packed from the minute the doors opened until           brilliant time and picked up some excellent ‘tricks of
  closing time. We are very grateful to all those who         the trade’. Many thanks to Ian’s suppliers who
  baked, sewed, gave donations and to those who               donated their produce to make the event such a                            Ian Brown of
  attended the day.                                           great success.                                                         Ubiquitous Chip

Sweet 16!
IN the Winter Edition of
Hospice News in 1988 we
highlighted the recent
opening of the first
Hospice shop at 689
Pollokshaws Road. Over
the intervening years we
have developed an
additional ten shops
throughout the city of
Glasgow and a little bit
  We began in a very
modest fashion first
testing the waters by
opening shops for short
lease periods.
  Once we were satisfied
that the proceeds from
the shops could make a
significant contribution to   Gwyneth
the upkeep of the                               aka Mr
                                                      s Mack
Hospice, we decided to                                         opens a
embark on a more                                                               shop
planned operation.
Initially we only accepted
donations of clothing, but
as competition from other
charity shops increased
we needed to add a new
dimension. We saw that
there was a window of
                              Retail Therapy
opportunity to introduce      As with every organisation we need good hard working, committed people and
the sale of second hand       each shop is supported by two part-time managers. However without the
furniture. We produced a      assistance of our volunteers we simply couldn’t survive. Here are comments
leaflet asking for
donations of furniture and
                              from two of our volunteers:
bric a brac which we
distributed to doctors        Betty Kelly – Volunteer at Shettleston Road Shop             serves behind the counter and, knowing her stock,
surgeries, hairdressers       “I was press ganged into becoming a volunteer by             she can often help customers locate particular
etc. We also advertised in    my nephew who works at the Hospice. I’m glad                 items.
the press and local Yellow    now that he encouraged me as I’ve thoroughly                   The shop sells ‘nearly new’ clothing and
Pages.                        enjoyed becoming involved. No two days are the               accessories, bric-a-brac and second-hand
  Although we are very        same. We hear all the regular customers’ trials              furniture. They are fairly selective, especially with
grateful for most items,      and tribulations as well as the new additions to             clothing, and take pride in the quality of their
limitations are put on us     their families and where they are going on holiday.          merchandise. “We sometimes get clothes that still
by legislation and              Some are even kind enough to bring us in a cake            have the price tags on them – somebody’s
sometimes we have to          for our tea.                                                                ‘mistake’ will be somebody else’s
refuse some donations           I have gained so much from my time at the shop                                  bargain!” Even so, items that
because they do not           and I get a great thrill out of giving people a                                     don’t meet their standards
comply with national          bargain of clothing or furniture. I’d definitely                                     will still get sold on for
safety rules.                 encourage anyone with a few hours to spare to get                                     rags. Nothing goes to
  Arrangements to uplift      in touch with one of the shops.”                                                      waste!
furniture can usually be                                                                                             Margaret works in the
                              Margaret McLeish – Volunteer at Croftfoot Shop                                      shop on two mornings a
arranged within seven
working days. If you feel     “We get lots of weird and wonderful things                                          week and, like all her fellow
you have anything you         donated to us – one of the girls found a set of                                    volunteers, treats her shift
would like to donate          dentures tucked inside a black bag!”                                                 with the same commitment
                                Margaret has worked in our Croftfoot shop                                                as she would ‘paid’
please contact the
                              for three years now. She does a ‘bit of                                                        employment –
Hospice or one of the
                              this and a bit of that’, emptying bags                                                           because they’re
shops listed on page 7.
                              that have been handed in and sorting                                                              counting on
                              through the merchandise. She also                                                                   you.
                                                                                             lunteer at   Shettleston Ro
                                                                              Betty Kelly, Vo
                                                                               Liz Dav
                                                                                      ie, Shop
                                                                                              s   Manage
                                                                                                        r with s
                                                                                                                ome ou
                                                                                                                      r dedic
                                                                                                                             ated vo
                                                                    HOSPICESHOPS                                                           s

                                                                    349 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow G11 6AL Tel: 0141 357 2863
                                                                    9 Gallowflat Street, Rutherglen, Glasgow G73 3DX Tel: 0141 613 3246
                                                                    689 Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow G41 2QB Tel: 0141 422 1118
                                                                    1092 Maryhill Road, Glasgow G20 9AY Tel: 0141 945 0360
                                                                    35 High Street, Glasgow G1 1LX Tel: 0141 553 0919
                                                                    443 Duke Street, Glasgow G31 1QL Tel: 0141 554 2338
               Your Friendly                                        1616 Paisley Road West, Glasgow G52 3QN Tel: 0141 810 5169
                             H             ospice Sh           op
                One of our re                                       28 Townhead, Kirkintilloch G66 1NL Tel: 0141 775 1541
                               gular custom
                paper recent                    ers put pen to      10 Drakemire Drive, Glasgow G45 9RD Tel: 0141 637 1177
                              ly and handed
              verse into ou                      the following
                             r shop at Pollo                        3 Kennishead Road, Thornliebank, Glasgow G46 8NY Tel: 0141 620 0044
                                               ckshaws Road
              There’s a shop                                    .
                               on the South Si                      1114 Shettleson Road, Glasgow G32 7PR Tel: 0141 778 4016
                                                 de of Glasgow
                 Where the ladi
                                  es are helpful
             Just browse th                        and kind,
                             rough the rails
                                               , as they stand
                                row by row
              And who know
                              s what bargains
                                                  you’ll find.
                 Raincoats and
                                  jackets, skirts,
                             and trousers
                  Paintings and
                                   books by the sc
                                                                    Buried hidden treasure
          Suits, hats an                             ore
                         d dresses, jum                             What’s worthless to you is precious to us!
                                           pers and blou
                 Bric a brac ……                            ses,       We all do it! Lose an earring or a cufflink and what happens next? Why, you
                                  ….. trinkets ga
              At the back, th                      lore.            put the other back in the jewellery box…right there beside your broken watch
                              ere’s a cosy w
                                              ee corner             and that awful medallion not even Tom Jones would ever wear. What is it that
                With tables, al
                                l decked out in                     makes us hold on to bits of jewellery that we will never, ever wear again?
            Home baking                           pink,
                           to make your                               Sure it’s made of precious metal, but it’s absolutely worthless….that is,
                                            mouth water
                 And great tea                                      unless you send it along to The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice.
                                 or coffee to dr
           So next time yo                       ink.                 We’re looking for pieces made of silver, gold or platinum – odd earrings,
                            u look in your
           And see all th                    cupboards              snapped chains, old watches, rings that have lost their sparkle – but hey, you
                          ose things you                            can send your gems as well!
         Just take them                     don’t need,
                          along to your                               And if we all do that, then it’s going to start adding up to a tidy sum, helping
                                          ‘Hospice Shop
          Where I know                                     ’        terminally ill patients and their families make the most of every precious day.
                          you’ll be welco
                                            me indeed!                Your trash is our treasure!

                                                                    Please send your unwanted jewellery and collectables to:
                                                                    Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice
        And what does she get out of it?                            FREEPOST SCO1724, GLASGOW G5 9BR
        Margaret took early retirement as an insurance
      agent and began volunteering after a period of
      illness left her feeling somewhat isolated. “I
      wanted to get out and meet new people. I’ve made
      some great new friendships since I started and,
      even though our shop is very busy, we always have
      a laugh. To tell the truth, I do this as much for my
                      own sake as I do for the Hospice!”
                             It would appear from Betty
                               and Margaret’s comments
                                 that they feel they are
                                  making a contribution
                                   whilst at the same time
                                    enjoying themselves.
                                     If anyone has three
                                    hours per week to spare
                                  please, please contact
                                    No experience is
                                     necessary and we are
                                      sure you’ll enjoy it!

                          r at Croftfoot Sh
            eish, Voluntee
Margaret McL
HOSPICEFUTUREEVENTS                                                           Sunday, 7 November
                                                                               NEW YORK MARATHO
                                                                                                                             running event. They
                                                                                                      part in this gruelling
                                                                               11 runners are taking                       ,000, we will update
OCTOBER04                                                                      have committed thems
                                                                               you in the next
                                                                                                      elves to raising £21
                                                                                               issue of Hospice News

25 – 29 October
Have you made a will? If not, why not take advantage of our Make A Will
Week? The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice is delighted to announce
a very special offer from a number of local solicitors. From 25 to 29
October a number of solicitors will make a new, straightforward Will in
return for a donation to the Hospice. Please contact Judi Farrell for        Sunday, 5 December
further details.                                                             CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT
Mr Peter Maley, Carr & Co,            Mr Ian Hamilton, HBM Sayers,
                                                                             with The Kilbarchan Singers
                                                                             St Andrew’s Cathedral, Tickets £5 each
81 Main Street, Ballieston, G69 6AD   13 Bath Street, G2 1HY                 Please contact Judy Farrell
   0141 773 2145                         0141 353 2121
Mr David Kaye, Clairmonts,            Mr Martin McLellan, Kerr Barrie,
                                      53 Bothwell Street, G2 6TA             Every year at Christmas we put up a tree in the Hospice courtyard and
9 Clairmont Gardens, G3 7LW                                                  ask the people of Glasgow to light it up in memory of absent loved ones.
0141 331 4000                            0141 221 6844
                                      Ms Lynne McDougall, McVey &            As the season progresses, hundreds of lights will be sparkling here in
Mr David Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick &                                          Carlton Place, each a reminder of a special person. It’s a bright and
                                      Murricane, 5th Floor, Albert
Co, 135 Wellington Street, G2 2XE                                            cheerful way to say you haven’t forgotten earlier Christmases and happy
                                      Chambers, 13 Bath Street G2 1BW
   0141 204 2200                         0141 333 9688                       times together – no wonder our Light up a Life appeal has proved so
Mr Alexander Lawrence, Grant &        Mr Donald Henderson, R&RS              popular in recent years!
Wylie, 90 Mitchell Street, G1 3LY     Mearns, 2 Carment Drive, G41 3PR
   0141 221 1035                         0141 632 6162
Mr Ronald Fulton, HBM Sayers,         Mr Michael Scanlon, Russells
1087 Cathcart Road, G42 9XR           Gibson McCaffrey, 13 Bath Street,        CHRISTMAS BOW APPEAL
   0141 632 2248                      G2 1HY     0141 332 4176                 To date, this annual event has raised an incredible £106,000 thanks
                                                                               to the generosity to those of you who take boxes to sell in your
                                                                               shops, schools and places of work, and of course to those of you

  NOVEMBER                                                                     who buy them. This amount is also thanks to our dedicated
                                                                               volunteers who shake cans in all weathers to support the Hospice
                                                                               selling bows in various venues.
  Thursday, 4 November
                                                                                 This year we are desperately looking for as many volunteers as
  ‘CASHMERE FOR CHRISTMAS’                                                     possible to spare a couple of hours to help at collections throughout
  In conjunction with Begg Scotland                                            the city centre. If you have time to spare or would like to take a box
  OranMor, Great Western Road, Glasgow                                         contact Wendy in Fundraising for further details.
  Hosted by John Amabile, this exclusive event is THE perfect
  opportunity to stock up on a fantastic selection of presents at a very
  reduced rate for your friends and family this festive season. Begg         Thursday, 2 December
                Scotland, whose unrivalled collection of throws, stoles      BALLOON RACE
                 and scarves are sought after in Paris, New York,            ‘Reach for the skies today and show your support for
                 London and Tokyo, will be selling their designer            the Hospice!’ SECC, Glasgow
                 products at cost price – a fraction of their retail         Sponsored by flyglobespan
                  value! There will also be mulled wine and mince pies
                  to put you in the Christmas mood and give you the          The owner of the balloon to reach the furthest
                  energy to shop. To find out more about Begg                destination will win two free flights to one of
                   Scotland visit www.beggscotland.com. Tickets,             Flyglobespan’s 11 European destinations!
                   priced £15, are strictly limited so call Jenni in         Who knows where your balloon might
                   Fundraising now.                                          end up? See the enclosed flier for further

  Make us your Charity of the Year
  Join the list of organisations that have chosen the        AXA Insurance
  Hospice as their Charity of the Year.                      AXA is one of the world’s largest insurance and
  Axa Insurance                                              asset management companies. A team of AXA
  Deloitte & Touche                                          Angels bravely took part in our recent Exercise
  Land Services, Glasgow City Council                        Mission Impossible IV.
  Martin Plant Hire                                          St Enoch Shopping Centre
  McVey & Murricane                                          The St Enoch Centre, one of the largest
  News International                                         shopping centres in Scotland, are lending their
  Ogilvie Construction, Kingston Quay Site                   support to our Light Up a Life and Christmas
  Rokforce                                                   Bows appeals this year as well as raising
  St Enoch Shopping Centre                                   funds throughout the year.
  Tesco                                                      Rangers Charitable Foundation
  The Rangers Charitable Foundation                          Thanks to the Rangers Charitable Foundation
  Tecso Time to Care Appeal                                  who nominated the Hospice as one of the
  Our local Tesco stores have been raising money in          three charities to benefit during their
  store with raffles, bingo nights, competitions,            2003/2004 season. They managed to raise            Alex M
  sponsored challenges and collection cans on till points.   the fantastic sum of £25,000!                                   with   Alan M

Wednesday, 15 December
Glasgow Moat House Hotel                                                     Absolutely Christmas
Due to popular demand, the Hospice is once again holding its Christmas
                                                                             ABSOLUTELY Christmas, a brand new Christmas shopping
Party Night at the Glasgow Moat House Hotel and places are going fast!
  At our Christmas Party Night you could have your three course meal,        experience taking place at the SECC in Glasgow from 2-5
followed by a live band AND a disco all for just £35 per person. Join        December 2004, has nominated The Hospice as the show charity.
celebrity host Bryan Burnett at the Glasgow Moat House Hotel on                The first day of the exhibition – Thursday, 2 December – will be
Wednesday 15 December 2004 for a fabulous night out to remember.             charity day and will see the launch of a variety of activities which
                                                                             will run throughout the exhibition to raise money for the Hospice.

JANUARY05                                                                    Events include a gift wrapping service and a shopping drop off
                                                                             point manned by our volunteers. The organisers have also kindly
                                                                             donated a stand from which we’ll sell Christmas cards and other
Friday, 14 January                                                           festive goodies. Throughout the four day exhibition tickets will be
A CELEBRATION OF BURNS                                                       sold for a grand prize draw – the star prize being a stunning
Thistle Hotel, Glasgow                                 sangs and clatter     rocking horse worth £3000 signed by Joanna Lumley. In the run
                               “The night drave on wi'                       up to the exhibition the Hospice will receive £1 for every ticket
Sponsored by BAA Glasgow
                               And ay the ale was growing better …”
Tickets priced £40 each                                                      pre-booked using our reference PWH (see booking details at the
Our Burns Supper once again promises good food, humour and dancing           end).
with your host for the evening, television presenter and musician Dougie       See over 200 unique companies presenting hundreds of unusual
Vipond. He will be introducing top speakers Annabel Goldie, John Morgan      Christmas gifts. From handmade designer jewellery and clothes
and Jack Weir. With an indulgent Scottish feast, dancing with Last Tram      to delicious food and drink ideas for festive inspiration.
Tae Auchenshuggle and the opportunity to bid on original paintings by          Visitors will also enjoy some entertaining and informative show
artists who live and work in Scotland in our Silent Auction, A Celebration   features including: The Celebrity Cooking Demonstration Theatre
of Burns has it all!                                                         presented by Scotland’s own celebrity chef Nick Nairn, who will
                                                                             provide inspiration for the perfect hassle free festive table. Nick

  MARCH                                                                      will be joined by chefs from his famous cookery school to share
                                                                             his culinary secrets and tips with visitors.
                                                                               Country Chic Designer Room Sets with ‘Jotty’ Interiors and The
  Thursday, 31 March                                                         JOT Design Company: Jotty will be presenting a stunning Country
  SPORTSMANS DINNER                                                          Chic roomset for Absolutely Christmas using a palette of neutral
  Glasgow Hilton Hotel                                                       tones and textures.
  Sponsored by BARR Soft Drinks                                                Festive Flowers Native Flower’s creative team will be showing
                                                                             visitors how to give your home a ‘floral makeover’ this Christmas.
  The evening is gearing up to be a great night as guest speakers
  include former world champion, athlete Steve Cram MBE and                  As well as daily demonstrations, the company will be selling
  talkSPORT radio commentators Alan Brazil and Mike Parry and                beautiful bespoke Christmas door wreaths and table displays to
  comedian Des McLean. Tickets are priced at £65.                            match your own colour scheme at home.
                                                                               Wine and Food Tasting courtesy of Peckhams, and an

APRIL                                                                        opportunity to try a new taste sensation, cucumber and rose petal
                                                                             infused Hendricks Gin……….mmmm.
                                                                               Absolutely Christmas has got all your festive shopping needs,
8 – 18 April                                                                 wrapped up and under one roof!
TREK CHILE                                                                     Absolutely Christmas takes place at the SECC Glasgow from 2-5
PATAGONIA                                                                    December 2004. Opening hours 10am-6pm daily. Advanced tickets
Trek through the Torres del Paine National Park with its soaring granite     priced £8 (adults) and £7 (concessions) are available at the SECC
spires, sweeping ice fields and glacial lakes. Patagonia is exhilarating     box office or by phoning 0870 040 4000 – if you prebook your ticket
and defies imagination.                                                      please quote reference PHW and we’ll receive £1 from your ticket
                                                                             price. For more information check out the show’s website
Sunday, 17 April                                                             www.absolutelychristmas.co.uk
LADIES LUNCH                                                                   For further information on any exhibitor and the features at the
Glasgow Hilton Hotel                                                         show please contact: Jill Creighton, Clarion Events Scotland Tel
Join us at our 12th annual ladies lunch for what is always a wonderful day   0141 275 6215/6342 or email jill.creighton@clarionscotland.co.uk
out set in the plush surroundings of the Glasgow Hilton Hotel. The perfect   or Jenni White at the Hospice.
Sunday afternoon starts with a Bucks Fizz reception, and is followed by a
delicious two-course lunch. Tickets are priced at £27.

Saturday, 21 – Sunday, 22 May SPEYSIDE CHALLENGE
                                                                             CHRISTMAS GREETING CARDS 2004
                                                                             Six brand new designs are now on sale. You can buy them at the
Walk 50 miles in 24 hours along the beautiful Speyside Way.                  Hospice Reception, in any of our Hospice shops, by mail order
                                                                             using the enclosed order form, or at one of the following

SEPTEMBER                                                                    Charity Christmas Card Fairs…
                                                                             Saturday 30 October
                                                                             Cathcart Trinity Church, 10am - 12noon
Support local villagers and get involved in grassroots                       Saturday 6 November
projects, helping to upgrade and renovate local schools                      Temple-Anniesland Parish Church, 10am - 2pm
with the help of the local community.                                        Saturday 6 November
                                                                             Milngavie Town Hall, 10am - 3.30pm
September – October                                                          Sunday 7 November
THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA TREK 2005                                            Pollokshields Burgh Hall, 1.30pm - 4pm
Trek some of the most spectacular sections of the Great                      Wednesday 17 November
Wall and discover China, a country steeped in history,                       City Chambers, George Square, 10am - 4pm
mythology and ancient traditions.

HOSPICEPASTEVENTS                                                                JUNE
Sunday, 17 April                                                                 Wednesday, 2 June
FLORA LONDON MARATHON                                                            GO YELLOW 5K WALK
For most runners it is the spectators and entertainers around the                Sponsored by Robert Wiseman Dairies
Flora London Marathon course that help to keep them on the move.                 Bellahouston Park
Crowds of around 1/2 million lined the 26.2 miles offering shouts of             £12,000 raised
encouragement at this year’s London Marathon. We were lucky                      Our annual Go Yellow 5K Walk, once
enough to have five brave people running for us in this gruelling                again proved to be a fantastic end of term school event. The event
race. Nina Saunders, Elaine Timlin, John Clark, Scot Kennedy &                   combined fun and highlighted the importance of healthy living.
Katie Simpson raised over £10,000 from sponsorship, an absolutely                  The walk held at Bellahouston Park saw a record number of
marvellous total.                                                                pupils take part from schools across Glasgow. The day began
  The runners were kindly supported by companies including Dyer &                with a challenging 5k walk through the beautiful Bellahouston
Butler Ltd and Gillies Gas Services.                                             Park and ended with concerts from up-and-coming Glasgow
  Congratulations to all of them on not only completing the 26.2 miles           bands No Reason and Lemonescent. Other activities included
but for their work in raising such a fantastic total.                            five-a-side football matches, touch rugby and fun inflatables. The
  Can you do it? Yes you can…you know you can. For more                          kids also received bags on the day filled with lots of goodies and
information on running the 2005 London Marathon for The Prince &                 munchies. Milkshakes were handed out from the Robert
Princess of Wales Hospice, please contact Judi in Fundraising.                   Wiseman Milk van.
                                                                                   June is Hospice Care Campaign – a national awareness raising

MAY                                                                              campaign to promote the vital role of hospices within the local
                                                                                 community and the wide range of services that they provide. The
                                                                                 Go Yellow Walk helps educate children on the crucial work the
Friday, 14 May                                                                   Hospice does and also provides a fantastic free day out for local
                                                                                 schools. If you would like further information on Go Yellow 5K
QUIZ NIGHT                                                                       2005, please contact the fundraising department.
The battle of the brains took place in the
unusual surroundings of Queen’s Park
Botanical Garden. Twenty teams fought
out the difficult and challenging rounds
                                               Congratulations to the           Sunday, 13 June
to become champions of the first                                      winners
Hospice Quiz Night Trophy. The night raised a fantastic                         SONGS ON A SUMMER’S DAY
£3,500.                                                                         Raised £2,014
  The compiler and Quizmaster was Robbie Thomson who made the
quiz challenging for even the most confident contenders in the room.            The world renowned
Our thanks go to Anne Cullis and Margaret McGuinness also to Robbie             choir, The Glasgow
and his wife Trisha for their crucial help in the success of the night.         Phoenix Choir, recently
Thanks also go to Glasgow City Council Land Services for providing the          supported the Hospice by
beautiful venue.                                                                performing a varied
  The winners were the team from Fernhill School (pictured) and we’re           programme of musical
sure they’ll be back next year to defend their title. Look out for next         pieces ranging from sacred
year’s Quiz Night when the battle of the brains will commence again.            and classical to traditional
                                                                                and popular in St Andrew’s
                                                                                 Thank you to The                                            at Iona Abbey
                                                                                Archbishop of Glasgow,                         Pictured here
Saturday, 22 – Sunday, 23 May                                                   Mario Conti, who was special guest at the
SPEYSIDE 24hr CHALLENGE 2004                                                    performance, The Glasgow Phoenix Choir and St Andrew’s Cathedral.
Raised £12,600                                                                   Date for your Diary! Next year’s concert will take place on Sunday,
                                                                                12 June 2005.
Weary legs and sore feet were quickly forgotten for the 60 walkers
who attempted to walk as much of the 50-mile route as possible
within the 24-hour deadline. Captain Ian Wallace of the 15 Company
4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Parachute Regiment, who supported
the event, said: “I would like to extend my congratulations to all
those who took part in this demanding event. It is both mentally and
physically challenging, and to complete such distances in such a                 June 2004
                             short space of time is a real credit to the
                             participants.”                                      Mt OLYMPUS
                               Our grateful thanks go once again to the          CHALLENGE
                              4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Parachute            Raised £4,600
                              Regiment, Coca Cola Enterprises, St
                                                                                 Six Hospice supporters returned
                              Andrews Ambulance Association
                                                                                 home safe and sound after the
                               (Bearsden & Milngavie Co.), Nevisport
                                                                                 trip of a lifetime to summit Mt
                               Glasgow, Speyside Distillers Co Ltd and
                                                                                 Olympus, the highest point in
                                SprayWay for their continued support.
                                                                                 Greece at 9570 feet, raising
                                                                                 more than £4,600.

                                                                                                                 On top of the world

AUGUST                                                                        FUNDRAISING THANKS TO…
Saturday, 28 August                                                           Karin Currie for raising £500 from ‘Messing About on the River’ with
ZIPLINE OVER THE RIVER CLYDE                                                  Tony Hatch on 27 May 2004.

50 brave participants came along on the day to                                  Patient, Chrissie Aiton’s great grandchildren Stephanie and Scott
zipline 1000ft across the River Clyde. Special                                  for raising £65 from the sale of old toys, along with their friend
thanks goes to Jim McGovern who raised over                                     Ashlea.
£900, and is still not content, he’s also bravely                                The Royal Bank of Scotland St Enoch Branch & Glasgow
doing a shark dive for us too! The total raised is still                         Business Development Unit raised £1001.61 by having their very
to be confirmed and will be printed in the next                                  own version of the Greek Olympics in the bank!
Hospice News.                                            Brave Jim McGovern       Friends and family raised a fantastic £1030 in memory of James
                                                                                 McFarlane by having a Karaoke disco in June this year.
Tuesday, 31 August 2004
                                                                              Mrs Mackie who raised £191.97 from
SEAFOOD GOURMET DINNER                                                        her birthday celebrations in June.
Raised £24,000
                                                                              Land Services, Glasgow City Council
Food lovers across Glasgow attended this                                      were recently awarded the Zurich
glittering event in the Radisson SAS Hotel for the                            Municipal Safety Trophy for 2004,
culmination of the Glasgow Restaurateurs                                      one of the most prestigious prizes
Association ‘Gourmet Glasgow’ festival.                                       for Health and Safety Management
  The evening was hosted by Bryan Burnett, and                                within the Public Services sector.
the menu prepared by the Executive Chef’s at                                  They very generously donated their
Gamba, Papingo, Café Ostra and Mar Hall.                                      prize money of £750 to the Hospice
  Lucky guests were also treated to an exclusive                              and pictured right is Robert Booth, Director of Land Services
preview of the new Limited Collection from Marks                              and Councillor Willie O’Rourke, Roads & Lighting Convener
& Spencer, who also added a little sparkle to the evening with a              presenting the cheque to Nursing Auxiliary Anne Wilson.
champagne reception.                                                          Douglas and Elizabeth Roddick who, with the help from family and
  Everyone at the Hospice is thrilled with the success of the evening.        friends, raised £1045 from their Silver Wedding Anniversary
We are very grateful Alan Tomkins, to the Glasgow Restaurateurs               celebrations, held at the Redhurst Hotel on Saturday 4 September.
Association, Gourmet Glasgow, Radisson SAS Hotel, Marks &
Spencers, Marques de Riscal and of course, all our other sponsors                                         The girls from McVey & Murricane,
and our guests who made the evening one to remember.                                                      pictured left, who ran the 10K back in
                                                                                                          May. From left to right – back row

SEPTEMBER                                                                                                  Catriona Garrity, Donna Askew and Gail
                                                                                                           Morrow – Front row Michelle Reid,
                                                                                                           Eleanor Hamilton, Lynne McDougall
Friday, 10 September                                                                                        and Laura Keltie.
WALKER PRECISION CORPORATE CHARITY CUP                                                        Staff members of Ross Hall Hospital for their
                                                                              generous donation of £1,409 in memory of their friend and colleague
POWERLEAGUE                                                                   Joan Reekie.
Raised £5,400
                                                                              Maurice Long & Robert Allan for raising £247.08 from the West
Thanks to our teams who took part in this years five-                         Highland Way.
a-side tournament, AG Barr (pictured) won and
                                                                              Gordon Wheatley for raising £140 from the West Highland Way.
Mackenzie Partnership were runners up. Thanks
also go to Walker Precision Engineering who                                   Billy Carson and friends for also walking the West Highland Way and
sponsored the event.                                                          raising £883.
                                                                              Allan & Moira Radlow for raising £1,079 from their annual table
Saturday, 11 September                                                        football competition.
LOMOND BALL 2004                                                              Busby Flower Club for nominating us to benefit from their show on
Raised £25,000                                                                18th May at Eastwood Theatre show raising £1,525.
A fabulous night was had by all at the eighth                                 Dr Dierdrie Tessman for very kindly donating a beautiful aquarium and
Lomond Ball in Cameron House Hotel. Over 200 guests joined hosts, Viv         Gerry Cairns of Aquarium Management for setting up the aquarium
Lumsden and Alan Douglas, to celebrate our 21st Anniversary in style.         which takes pride of place in our reception. Thanks also to our Porter
  Party-goers danced well into the wee small hours with live band             Bill Messer who looks after it.
‘Celebrations’ and Stuart                                                     Dr Rufus Ross who celebrated his 80th birthday and raised £180.
Easton’s Soul2Soul Disco after
enjoying a delicious four course                                              The Royal Bank of Scotland,
                                                                              Corporate Banking who raised
                                                                              £3,750 from their annual five a side
  Thank you to our principal
                                                                              football tournament.
sponsors The Brookfield
Group, Neilstra Ltd and                                                       Tommy and Veronica Gilmour of St
Cameron House Hotel                                                           Andrews Sporting Club for holding a
for their continued        Having a B                                         St Valentines Ball, at the Holiday Inn
                                     all, from
support of this evening. Douglas, Viv Lum left are Kathie Reid                West, and raising £2,500. Tommy
                                             sden and
                                                      Nicola Fole , Alan      Gilmour is pictured right presenting
                                                                 y Norman
Saturday, 11 - Sunday, 12 September                                           the President of the Hospice, The Right
                                                                              Hon Lord Provost of Glasgow, Liz Cameron with the cheque.
                                                                              The Entrepreneurial Exchange who allowed us to auction a football
Eight teams of Hospice supporters had a weekend to remember                   shirt signed by Ronaldo and Zidane at the annual dinner raising a
when they joined The 4th (Volunteer) Battalion The Parachute                  incredible £14,000!!
Regiment for a 36 hour survival challenge. Participating teams have
raised £1600 in sponsorship so far.

 The Lottery would like to say
 a big thank you to the St
 Enoch Centre for supporting
 them by giving them the
 opportunity to have a sales
 stand in the centre.
  The St Enoch Centre
 support the Hospice in many
 different ways including can collecting opportunities
 and our Light Up A Life Appeal. Now this new
 initiative of allowing us to sell lottery tickets is a
 great added bonus.
  The support from customers in the Centre has            and windy days when they would
 been excellent, coming not only Glasgow but from         otherwise have been out canvassing for new sales.
 further afield. Up to 95% of new players paying by        The continued support of the St Enoch Centre will
 standing order, which means the Hospice saves            play a big part in assisting the Hospice Lottery to
 administration costs.                                    achieve its next goal and continuing to raise
  Our Lottery staff very much appreciate the warmth       valuable, predictable funds towards the running of
 and comfort of the centre, especially on those wet       the Hospice.


If you haven’t already joined the lottery, joining couldn’t be easier!
Simply by returning the above mandate to the freepost address, or give Derek or Anne a call on
0141 429 9828 or onto our website at www.ppwh.org.uk

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