High Blood Pressure: Discover A Powerful and Smart Way To Manage It

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					   High Blood Pressure:
  Discover A Powerful and
  Smart Way To Manage It

                              By Lai Fui Ping


I have a good friend who is in his mid 40s. He is a successful entrepreneur and has
been running his own business for the last 20 years. He never switches off his mobile
phone even when he's sleeping - any of his staff or customers can call him any
time. He regularly starts his day before dawn and sleeps when the clock strikes
midnight. He tries to put in a few days in the gym every week, and used to love a
good game of golf before his back gave him problems. He basically leads a pretty
stressful, on-the-go life, a big boss in a big city.

He always rises to a challenge of pairing delectable, tasty food with wines and
bubblies. Does spicy cuisine go well with aromatic, complex, full-bodied red wine?
What about dim sum or a flavorful peppery soup? Ask him. He doesn't watch his diet
strictly. His lifestyle makes him a big man.

Over the years, the stress and lifestyle take their toll. The fats and cholesterol build up
along his blood vessels, clogging them up, narrowing the walls of the vessels and
slowing down the blood flow. He suffers from a chronic condition called High Blood
Pressure or Hypertension. At one point, his systolic blood pressure reading jumped to
as high as 190 mmHg. It is a serious condition that can lead to heart failure, kidney
failure or stroke.

His doctor has put him on high blood pressure medication for more than 10 years. The
dosage gradually got higher with each passing year. The prolonged consumption of
medication took a toll on his liver. But he couldn’t stop the medication, because that
was the only way he knew how to control his blood pressure. Therefore, his high
blood pressure condition will continue to damage his liver.
What can he do? Following a healthy lifestyle helps people delay or prevent the rise
in their blood pressure. However, he is not able to and also does not want to change a
lifestyle which he enjoys. In view of this, is there any other option he can consider?

Three years ago, I came to know about lingzhi (also called ganoderma). Many
scientific studies find it is very effective in preventing and reducing high blood
pressure condition. Lingzhi is able to dislodge all the fats and cholesterol and clear
out all these rubbish. It is able to improve our blood circulation as well as the
elasticity of our blood vessels. It increases the mobility of our blood flow. Lingzhi can
do all these but without any side effects. So I introduced it to my good friend.

He takes up to 6 capsules of Yung Kien Ganoderma each time, and increases his
dosage if he has been a "bad boy" that day, for instance eats a portion too many,
drinks a glass too many, has too many late nights etc. After about 4 to 6 months, he
very excitedly reported to me the amazing results following a visit to his doctor. His
pressure has dropped substantially and is now under better control. He is still taking
high blood pressure medication, but at a lower dose. His liver is happy as it doesn’t
have to toil so hard now.

He also revealed that he doesn't fall sick as much. He feels more energetic and has
more stamina to get him through his day. I explained it’s because lingzhi has the
ability to boost up his immune system and also because his blood circulation is better
now, of course his vitality level is higher.

So there you have it. Lingzhi is my friend’s solution to address his high blood
pressure condition. Not only is it effective, it is also very safe. Not only does it not
harm his liver anymore, lingzhi actually helps enhance the regeneration of new liver

As for me, I'm so pleased my friend was open to try the solution when I first proposed
it. We can continue to enjoy many more sessions of good food, great wine and
wonderful company.

Please email me at laifuping@gmail.com if you want to buy Yung Kien Ganoderma
as your safe and long-term solution to manage high blood pressure.

Description: My good friend has been taking high blood pressure medication for over 10 years, and has been suffering from the condition for even longer. However, ever since he has embarked on the solution I proposed a couple of years ago, his doctor has reduced his medication and he has observed many other benefits, just from using this one solution.