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									Istrouma Area Council                                                                                               Boy Scouts of America

                                                                        Cub Scout Olympics Day Camp
                                                              Our Camp is a B.S.A. Nationally Accredited Scout Camp. We offer an
                                                              outdoor activity program for all boys currently enrolled in Cub Scouts, from
                                                             Tiger Cubs to Webelos. The Scouts are exposed to 5 days of Scouting skills,
                                                          values, sports, service and citizenship. The Scouts will get to learn cooking
                                                        skills, first aid, nature, crafts and safety. They will have the opportunity to try
                                                       shooting sports, such as Archery and BB's while under close, certified adult
                                                         supervision. Many awards may be worked on and completed while at camp,
                                                                   including numerous belt loops and activity pins along with the Cub Scout
                                                                    Outdoor Activity Award. All who attend Camp will have a memorable
                                                                    time. This year’s theme is Cub Scout Olympics.

                                                              For centuries, men and women from all over the world have gathered to
                                                         partake in the Olympic Games. In many cases, the athletes who have made it
                                                      to the games have dedicated their lives to their sport. Ever since the Olympics
began in Greece, teamwork, friendly competition, and sportsmanship have been essential parts.

This summer, shortly before the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics, the Cub Scouts of Istrouma Area Council will gather for
Scouting games and international displays. We will be honoring the high ideals and mix of global cultures that make the Olympic
Games great. Further, Scouts will focus on eating balanced nutritious meals and regular physical exercise promoting a healthy

Mark                                                                                                                                    COST/Late
Your                    DISTRICT                           DATES           LOCATION/CONTACT                             TIMES
            Avondale (East Feliciana, West              June 11-15         St. John the Baptist Catholic Church,       8:00am -3:30pm    $60/$65
            Feliciana, Point Coupee Parishes, Baker,                       Zachary LA
            Zachery and Wilkinson County MS)                               Patricia Luttull (225) 719-0163
            Bogue Tuchenna (St. Tammany and             June 4-8           Five Lakes Campground, Bush ,LA             8:30am- 3:45pm    $80/Scout
            Washington Parishes)                                           Johanna Howell (985) 502-0379
                                                                           Matt Lammon (225) 241-3270
            Chappepeela (St. Helena, Tangipahoa,        June 4-8           Rosaryville Spirit Life Center,            8:00am- 3:30pm     $90/$110
                                                                           Ponchatoula, LA
            and Eastern Livingston Parishes)
                                                                           Kenneth Smith (225) 202-1276
                                                                           Gay Nell Colvin (225) 936-6361
                                                        June 11- 15        Lamar Dixon
            Cypress Chauve                                                 Patricia Faught (225) 907-8774              8:00am            Check
            (Ascension, St. James,                                         lamedic@eatel.net
                                                                                                                          -               next
                                                                           Dawn Lamb (225) 329-9778
            and Iberville Parishes)                                        Pack69advancements@gmail.com                                  page
                                                                           Jo Simoneaux (225) 253-1358                 4:00pm
            Sewell Eagle (East and West Baton           July 9-13          St. Isidore Catholic Church, Baker, LA      8:00am -4:00pm    $90/$100
            Rouge Parishes)                                                Susan DeLouche (843) 457-7098
                                                                           Sandra Bell (225) 954-8121
            Tunica (Denham Springs, Livingston,         June 4-8           Southpark                                  7:30am - 3:30pm    $75 /$100
            East Baton Rouge, Central, and Port                            Jack Mitchell (225) 936-8106
            Vincent Parishes)                                              Jmitch3601@cox.net
                                                                           Jeni Gardner (225) 614-4345
            Tunica (Denham Springs, Livingston,         June 11-15         Waddill                                     7:30am -3:30pm    $75/$100
                                                                           Jennifer Bresee (225)287-4228
            East Baton Rouge, Central, and Port
            Vincent Parishes)                                              Tanya LeBlanc (225)281-0100
                                             ISTROUMA AREA COUNCIL
                                                               PO Box 66676
                                           2012 Cub Scout Day Camp Registration
                                                     Baton Rouge, LA 70809
                            Please fill out a separate registration form for each participant attending camp
                                               AND for each camp he/she will be attending.

    Camper’s Name: _______________________________________ Nickname: ________________________

    Pack #: __________ District: _____________________________ Birth Date: ______________ Age: _____
                                                                                                   Days Available to Volunteer: (circle)
    Parent/Guardian Name: __________________________________________                                        M        Tu        W         Th         F

    Address: _______________________________________________________________________________

    City: __________________________________________________ Zip Code: _______________________

    Home Ph: ____________________Work Ph: ______________________Cell Ph: _____________________

    Email: _______________________________________________________ Approved Camp Staff? Y / N

                                       Next school year (Fall 2012) my Scout will be a
                                □ Tiger □ Wolf □ Bear □ Webelos I □ Webelos II
                           OR the registering participant will attend camp as one of the following:
                     □ Bugs □ Girle □ Adult Leader □ Youth Staff □ *Camp Staff
                                     * Camp Staff must be preapproved by the Camp Director
        Parent Meeting (must attend to pick up T-shirts) June 2nd at St.Amant Park @10:00am
                     T-Shirt Information                                                 Cypress Chauves Day Camp
One camp shirt is included with each paid or staff registration                                 Fee Schedule
    and will be the required uniform each day of camp.
     Additional shirts may be purchased for $10 each.                                                         Fees                          Total
                  Please Circle Shirt Size                              Cub Scout        85.00 x__________
  YS YM        YL AS AM AL XL 2X 3X                          4X         Girle Scout      85.00__x__________
                         Additional Shirts:                             Bug Scout        15.00__x__________
          # Extra shirts _______ X $10 = $ _______                      Week Volunteer (10.00)___________
                                                                        Extra Shirt      10.00__x__________
        Fill this form out completely – each section is important      Late Fee         35.00_____________
        Attach a BSA Health Form** with parts A and B completed        Late fee starts March 26, 2012
        Attach payment
        Submit to Council Office:
               Istrouma Area Council, BSA                                                              Refund Policy
               PO Box 66676                                             1. Written refund requests will be considered only if received in the Pennington
                                                                        Scout Center ten (10) days prior to the beginning of camp. 2. Written refund
               Baton Rouge, LA 70896
                                                                        requests submitted after the event will be considered only for personal illness or
                                                                        family emergencies. No refund requests will be accepted after ten (10) days
           FAX: 225-926-7552                                            following the close of camp. 3. A service charge of twenty-five percent (25%)
   **The health form can be found at www.iac-bsa.org under forms        of the full activity fee will be assessed on all refunds. 4. Refund checks will be
                                                                        issued within 30 days following the close of camp. 5. Fees are only transferrable
                                                                        within the same unit to a Scout not currently registered for the event.

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