Application for Admission Graduate Wayland Baptist University by jolinmilioncherie


									                                       NEW STUDENT CHECKLIST FOR GRADUATE ADMISSION
                                                     DEGREE SEEKING
Student Name (please print) __________________________________________ID# _________________________________
Thank you for choosing Wayland Baptist University. The degree-seeking category is available for any student who wishes to pursue a graduate
degree, has completed the graduate application processes and who meets all admission requirements. In order to attend WBU your first
semester, you must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution and complete the following requirements for admission:

          GPA 2.5 or higher during last 60 hours
               (Degree-seeking students need to meet with the Graduate Advisor to get details on the GPA requirements).
          Application for Graduate Degree Student
               (This is a two-page form on which you will list your personal data: name, address, phone numbers, citizenship, SSN and other colleges, universities
               and institutions attended. You should indicate your intended degree program).
          Application Fee Payment ($50)
               (A non-refundable fee of $50 is required. Current and former Wayland students are exempted from this fee).
          Credit Agreement Form
               (This is a one page from that requires you to list personal information and two references, one relative and non-relative. This form is required of all
               students. We cannot process your registration paperwork until this form has been completed).
          Proof of Transcripts from every college attended
               (Students wishing to enroll in courses for their first term must provide at minimum a photocopy of all transcripts. Students should request official
               transcripts to follow shortly thereafter).
          Completion of leveling requirements
               (Students will not be allowed to enroll in graduate classes until they have completed the prerequisites. Leveling work must have a grade of “C” or
               better to satisfy degree requirements).
          Conditional Enrollment Form
               (Required if students are wishing to enroll for one term without submitting the below documents).
In addition, you will need to submit the following before registering for a second term at Wayland Baptist University. If it is
discovered that a student is enrolled without meeting the graduate requirements, the student may be withdrawn from classes:

          Official Transcript(s) from every college or university attended
               (You must request a transcript from every college or university you have attended, including a transcript with your Baccalaureate degree posted, to
               be mailed directly to the Hawaii Campus. Hand-carried transcripts are considered official only if they are presented to Wayland in a sealed
               letterhead envelope from the issuing institution. The transcript must bear the college seal, date, and appropriate signature. Even if the courses of
               one college are listed on another college’s transcript, we must receive a separate transcript from each institution. There are no exceptions.)

          Medical History Form
          Proof of Immunizations (required by HI state law)
          How did you hear about WBU?
          Meeting with Hawaii Graduate Program Coordinator
               (Students are to set up an appointment with the Program Coordinator prior to enrolling in their first semester)
If for some reason a student elects to change degree status, they may do so by filling out the appropriate application and meeting
all the requirements for the category that they seek. A required $50 change of degree fee will be required each time the student
change a degree status. This fee is different from the application fee; therefore no students will be exempted from this fee if they
change degrees.

_________________________________                                                                      __________________________________
Student Signature                            Date                                                     Advisor Signature                                Date
I have read the Graduate Academic Policies Procedures and Programs as outlined in the Wayland Baptist University Academic Catalog. I understand the
program policies and requirements which I agree to follow. Furthermore, I accept responsibility to keep records of my graduate work and to carefully monitor
degree requirements.

                                                                                                                                 Graduate Degree Seeking   Revised 03/08/0
                                                         CREDIT AGREEMENT
Name___________________________________________Social Security Number______________________________

Street ____________________________________ ______ City_____________________State ______ Zip __________
Phone (______) ________________

LOCAL ADDRESS          □ Check here if same as permanent address
Street ____________________________________ ______ City_____________________State ______ Zip __________
Phone (______) ________________

Your Employer _______________________________ Bus. Phone ____________Supervisor _____________________
Spouse's Name ________________________________ Bus. Phone ____________Spouse's Employer ______________
Your Driver's Lic. # _______________________________ State _______________

REFERENCE INFORMATION (List one relative and one person to whom you are not related.)
Name _________________________________ Relationship ____________________Phone (______) ______________
Street ____________________________________ ______ City_____________________State ______ Zip __________

Name _________________________________ Relationship ____________________Phone (______) ______________
Street ____________________________________ ______ City_____________________State ______ Zip __________


I, the undersigned student, and guarantor, if any, for value received, understand and agree to the following terms and conditions.

   • I am personally responsible for payment of my account. (Account includes rent on University housing.)
   • All registration fees are payable in full at the time of registration unless an installment payment plan is approved. All charges to my account are
due and payable in full before the end of the semester in which the charges were incurred.
   • If I do not pay the balance of my account as agreed, withdrawal from the University may result and no grades, transcripts, or diploma will be
   • If my account goes into default and is forwarded to a collection agency for disposition, I agree to pay all collection fees in addition to the balance
of the defaulted account. I further agree to pay all interest, late charges, locator fees, and all reasonable attorney fees.
   • A fee will be charged for each returned check I have issued or endorsed to Wayland Baptist University. (This fee is set annually and printed in
the University Catalog)

________________________________________________________                       _______________________________________________________
Student's Signature                         Date                               Spouse's Signature                          Date
The conditional category exists for students who wish to purse a graduate degree but have not met all the admission
requirements. Candidates admitted under this category must have applied for degree-seeking status. To be granted
conditional degree-seeking status, the applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university,
submit a completed application for degree-seeking students, pay the related application fee and arrange for official
transcripts and GRE/GMAT/MAT scores to be sent to the Graduate Studies Office.

I hereby request to enroll conditionally. I will request the transcript(s) within the current term of

________ College Transcripts From:

I understand that I may be administratively withdrawn if my application process is not complete and
acceptable to the Graduate Admissions Committee by the completion of the current semester. I
further understand that if I am applying as a non-degree student, with the intent of pursuing a
degree-seeking status in the future, I must meet all degree-seeking requirements. I also
understand that my conditional enrollment may be denied for failure to list all universities attended
and failure to produce a confirmation number for the GRE/GMAT tests.

Name:_____________________________________________SS Number/ID:___________________

                                                    For Office Use Only:
            Conditional Enrollment Granted:                                    Conditional Enrollment Denied:

Graduate Advisor/Campus Dean:_____________________               Graduate Advisor/Campus Dean:_____________________
Graduate Studies Official:___________________________            Graduate Studies Official:___________________________
Date:_______                                                     Date:______
                                                           MEDICAL HISTORY

Please answer every question. Information is confidential and of great help to us in caring for you while at Wayland.

PLEASE PRINT IN INK SS#______________________________ Date:_______________________________
Name_______________________________________________Birth Date_______________Sex____________
Home Address______________________________________________________________________________
                       Number and Street                              City                                 State                         Zip

In case of emergency, notify___________________                   □ Parent/Guardian □ Spouse □ Other                                ___________

Address if different from above_________________________________________________________________
Home Phone_______________________________Business Phone____________________________________
Have you had or now have:
______Allergies                                   ______Fainting                                              ______Meningitis
______Arthritis                                   ______Frequent Depression                                   ______Migraines
______Cancer                                      ______Frequent Headaches                                    ______Nervous Disorders
______Diabetes                                    ______Heart Disease                                         ______Rheumatic Fever
______Encephalitis                                ______High Blood Pressure                                   ______Tuberculosis
______Epilepsy                                    ______Kidney Disease

Height___foot___inches                 Weight_______             Wear Glasses?______                               Contacts?_______
Injuries or Operations:_________________________________________________________________________
Please detail any condition you are now being treated for:______________________________________________
Present medications, including allergy injection:_____________________________________________________
Allergy to plants, foods, drugs, others:_____________________________________________________________

Student Treatment Consent Form
In case of serious illness or accident, I give Wayland Baptist University or its representative(s) permission to secure
medical and/or surgical care to include transportation to a doctor or hospital of their choice, injections, examinations,
medications, and surgery that is considered necessary for my good health. I agree to all off-campus medical costs. In the
even of less serious condition requiring minor care, I approve of care under the physician’s standing orders of Wayland
Baptist University.

_______________________________________                                      ____________________________________
Student’s Signature                                                                    Parent’s or Guardians Signature (if student is under 18 years of age)

Do you have hospitalization insurance?               ______Yes                                                _______No
Name and Address of Company____________________________________________________
Policy Number____________________________Group Number_________________________
                                                 PROOF OF IMMUNIZATIONS

Name_________________________________ ________________________SS#__________________________

                                            REQUIRED IMMUNIZATIONS FOR ALL STUDENTS

           You must present a copy of your immunization record or have your medical provider complete this form.

IMMUNIZATIONS                           LAST DATE RECEIVED                                                  NOTE

Diptheria, Tetanus                      ________________________________                               Required within last 10 years
MMR                                     ________________________________                              Students born after January
                                                                                                      1957 must show proof of one
                                                                                                      MMR & one Booster MMR

Tuberculin Skin Test                    Neg.____Pos._____ Date:__________                             Required within last 3 years

Signature of Physician, Nurse, or Clinic Representative
                  Name                                                      Title

The immunization dates noted above MUST be adhered to. If high school records are sent, please check the dates to make sure they meet requirements.
                                           HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT US?

On the radio?__________________ TV/Cable?____________________ NewComer Meeting? _____________________
             Station # or name if known              Channel # or name if known                       Name of Base/Post attended

A friend or co-worker? _______________________________________ Other:_________________________________
                            Please print name of person and list a contact number

                                                    DID YOU SEE OUR AD IN:
                                                         (Please check all that apply)

        ____Army Newspaper                        ____Air Force Newspaper                ____Marine Newspaper
        ____Navy Newspaper                        ____Hawaii Military Guide              ____Your Military in Hawaii
                                                             Please explain

Your name________________________________Branch of Service____________________Date__________________

Thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to complete this survey. The person who referred you to us may be
eligible for a gift of appreciation from WBU.
                                                     --Wayland Baptist University Staff

                 Office Use Only:

                 Name of person awarded:_______________________________________Phone#:____________________

                 Gift awarded:_________________________________________________Date:______________________
                                  REQUEST FOR OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT
Instructions to student: Send this form with payment to each institution from which you are requesting transcripts. Many
charge a fee. Check with the college for fees.

INSTITUTION: _________________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________________________________________________________

CITY, STATE, ZIP: ______________________________________________________________________________

Please send a copy of my official transcript to:

                                     Hawaii Campus Registrar
                                     Wayland Baptist University
                                     99-080 Kauhale Street #D14
                                     Aiea, Hawaii 96701
Send Transcripts:                    ______ Immediately
                                     ______ After posting credit for current term

Payment in the amount of $__________ is enclosed. Please notify me if this amount is insufficient.

_________________________________                     ____________________
Signature                                              Date

                                                   STUDENT INFORMATION

NAME: __________________________________________________ SOCIAL SECURITY #: _____-____-_____

ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________________________

CITY, STATE, ZIP: ____________________________________________________________________________

DATES ATTENDED: FROM _______________________________ TO _________________________________

CAMPUS ATTENDED IF OTHER THAN MAIN CAMPUS: ___________________________________________
                                          ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS

Students must meet one of the following conditions to be eligible for admission as degree seeking student

    1.   Applicants with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher on the last 60 graded hours earned are guaranteed
         admission to the graduate program.
    2.   Applicants with a GPA of 2.70 to 2.999 on the last 60 graded hours earned must submit a writing sample
         approved by the university.
    3.   Applicants with a GPA of 2.50 to 2.699 on the last 60 graded hours earned may be admitted on a probationary
         status. Students under this category must submit a writing sample approved by the university. Upon grading of
         the sample, the student may be required to participate in an interview process.

The writing sample that students will be required to take is called Criterion from ETS. The writing prompts are the
analytical writing prompts used on the GRE exam. You can review these prompts at the following website:
The university has elected to require a minimum score of 4 for the writing sample to be accepted for admission into
graduate school. Students will only be allowed one chance at the writing sample. The fee for the writing sample exam is
$10 payable to Wayland Baptist University. A user name and password will be provided to you to take your exam at the
Hawaii Campus Wayland Baptist University computer lab.

Students who fail the writing sample will be required to take the GRE examination. The following is the criteria in which
the GRE scores are evaluated. Students must meet one of the following conditions to be eligible for admission as degree
seeking student.

    1.   A total verbal-quantitative GRE score of 850 or higher. A minimum score of 300 on the GRE verbal is required

    2.   A total of 16 or more graduate entry points computed by the following formula: (GRE Verbal/100 +
         Quantitative/100) + (GPA x 3) = Graduate entry points. GRE V+Q is the combined GRE verbal and quantitative
         scores and the GPA is the grade point average for the last 60 semester hours completed at the time of application.
         A minimum score of 300 on the GRE Verbal is required.

    3.   A total of 16 or more points computed by the following formula: (GMAT/60) + (GPA x 3) = Graduate entry
         points. The GPA is for the last 60 hours completed at the time of registration

    4.   An earned graduate degree from a regionally accredited university. An applicant holding such a degree is not
         required to submit GRE/GMAT scores.
Applicants failing to meet the minimum required scores or having fewer than 16 graduate entry points must re-take the
GRE or GMAT and/or improve the GPA for the last 60 semester hours before reapplying to the Graduate Program.

Wayland Baptist University will only accept scores from ETS. Student copies of the scores will only be accepted when
their original scores are more than five (5) years old and they provide proof from ETS that they have been destroyed. At
no time, will a photocopy of a score report be accepted.

Information on GRE/GMAT Testing

To register online for the GRE test for graduate admissions to WBU go to, where you will have
access to registration, maps, FAQ’s, and practice tests. There are two local test centers in Hawaii:
        Prometric Testing Center (formerly Sylvan) holds tests daily, Monday through Saturday, from 8:30 am until 6:00
         pm. The address is: 1132 Bishop Street, Suite 700, Honolulu, HI 96813-2843. The Prometric is located between
    Hotel and Beretania streets, easy access by bus. Please call (808) 441-5095 to pre-register for this 4-hour test. The
    fee of $115 for this exam may be reimbursable for military students - check with your Education Office.

   The University of Hawaii - Manoa campus conducts tests weekly on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday
    from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The address is: UH-Manoa Campus, 2600 Campus Road, Queen Lili’oukani Center for
    Student Services, Room 307, Honolulu, HI 96822. Or you may check out the local website for details at The fee is $130 for this exam may be reimbursable for military students - check with your
    Education Office. You may call to pre-register at (808) 956-3454.

   Scores must be sent to Wayland Baptist University in Plainview, TX. The GRE code for the main campus is
                                                    LEVELING COURSES

          Every master’s degree program is based on the assumption that the participating student possesses a general
college education through the baccalaureate level. Accordingly, the first prerequisite for the entering student is a
baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution. In some instances, the Graduate Admission Committee may
require a student to strengthen undergraduate knowledge and abilities or meet specific program prerequisites by transcript
evidence, course enrollment, or examination. Such requirements must be completed before the student enrolls in the
course for which the requirements are prerequisite.
          The Graduate Admissions Committee has prescribed leveling courses for students who wish to enter a particular
graduate program. These courses will be in addition to the 36 hours (or more) required for the master’s degree itself.
Leveling courses are not used in calculating graduate GPA. A student must earn a grade of “C” or better in any leveling
work required.
          In accordance with University undergraduate policy a student may satisfy leveling requirements by examination.
Examination scores from such as CLEP or DANTES, used to meet any leveling requirement will not be posted to the
graduate level transcript. A graduate course cannot serve as both a leveling requirement and a graduate elective.
          Leveling is a firm requirement of the Graduate Program. Wayland will not accept graduate transfer credit from
other institutions unless leveling or prerequisite coursework has been satisfactorily completed.

                    MISM 3303 – Information Systems Theory and Practice (COSC 1300 prereq)
        *COSC 1300: Students without a documented undergraduate course in computers within the last 7 years will be presented
                                the option of testing out of COSC 1300 or the computer CLEP exam.
                                   MGMT 3304 – Principles of Management
                         MGMT 3324 – Human Resource Management (MGMT 3304 prereq)

              ACCT 2305 – Principles of Accounting I and ACCT 2306 – Principles of Accounting II
                 ACCT 3307 - Financial Accounting and ACCT 3308 - Managerial Accounting
              ECON 2307 - Principles of Economics I and ECON 2308 - Principles of Economics II
                                      ECON 4346 - Survey of Economics
                      BUAD 4335 – Quantitative Decision Making (MATH 1306 prereq)
                          MATH 1306 – Elementary Statistics (MATH 1304 prereq)
                 MISM 3303 – Information Systems Theory and Practice (COSC 1300 prereq)
                                  MGMT 3304 – Principles of Management
                                    MKTG 3312 – Principles of Marketing

              RLGN 1301 – Old Testament History and RLGN 1302 – New Testament History
                          ***RLGN 0001 – Theological Research and Writing Lab
        ***Workshop required by the Division of Religion and Philosophy. To be taken as a co-requisite
                             with the first upper division RLED/RLGN course.

                                         MGMT 3304 – Principles of Management

                                            PSYC GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY
                                          ANY RESEARCH METHODS/STATISTICS

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