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					Minor        Waiver     and      Release    of
Liability/Parent Consent:
I understand that participation in sports        Coach Scott Storrick
and physical activity may lead to injury and            *Boys and girls tennis coach
hereby give my permission for my child to        at Coon Rapids Senior High
participate in the Cardinal Tennis Camp and
Drills. I release, and hold harmless all Camp    Coach Brett Casey
employees, Coon Rapids High School, the                 *Boys tennis coach at Coon
Anoka-Hennepin School District, its              Rapids Senior High and Andover
directors, coaches, or any other employees
from all claims, demands, suits, causes of
                                                 girls tennis coach.
action, or judgments which I ever had, now       Additional instructor(s) TBD
have, or may have in the future for injuries,
death or illness that might occur during this
summer programs in consideration for                    Communication
allowing the Cardinal Tennis Camp to use         Scott Storrick
the Anoka-Hennepin School District               2128 130th Lane NW
facilities during these programs. I verify
                                                 Coon Rapids, MN 55448
that to the best of my knowledge the
above named applicant is physically able to
fully participate in all activities associated   763-221-8529 cell
                                                                                       2011 Cardinal
with these programs. As a participant in a       763-506-7260 school
sports environment, the above camper
accepts the responsibility to play in a
                                                 763-862-2991 home                     Tennis Camp
sportsmanlike manner and accepts the
inherent risk of athletic injury.                E-mail:
                                                 Scott. Storrick@anoka.k12.mn.us
                                                                                         and Drills
Parent/Guardian Signature
This event, class, activity or matter is not
sponsored or endorsed by Anoka-Hennepin          Make checks payable to:                 June 13-17, 2011 Camp
School District #11 and is not printed at        Scott Storrick                         June 20-Aug 1, 2011 Drills
District expense.
    Cardinal Tennis Camp
This year's camp will include five
morning sessions of basic and advanced
tennis skill development focusing on
serve, volley, backhand, and overhead                        Session I
shots. Instruction on the key                 Designed for middle school and first-year            Registration Form
components of successful tennis match         high school tennis players, session I will
play will also be covered.                    start at 7:30am and end at 9:00am.
                                                                                              Name: ______________________
    Cardinal Tennis Drills                                  Session II
To support what was covered during            Designed for previous year’s junior varsity
tennis camp week, we will have five           and varsity players, session II will start at
                                                                                              Grade 2011-2012: ________
weeks of drill and simulated game play        9:00am and end at 10:30am.
on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday            **The last 15 minutes of session I and first    Adult t-shirt size: ________
mornings throughout the summer                15 minutes of session II will work on
                                              footwork,     core    strengthening      and
(excludes the week of July 4).                                                                Email address:
       What you’ll need:                                                             Fri
Tennis shoes, racquet, and plenty of                                               (match
                                                               M Tu    W      Th    play)
water! Come prepared to improve your          June 13-17       x x     x       x      x       Cell phone:
game and have lots of fun!                    June 22-24               x       x      x
                                              June 29-30               x       x
                                              9-Jul                                  x
                                              July 14-16                x     x      x
                                                                                              Home phone:
                                              July 21-23                x     x      x
                                              July 28-30                x     x      x        ____________________

                                              Cardinal Camp and Drill cost:
                                                                                              Parent/Guardian Name:
Cardinal Tennis Camp and Drills begin early
on summer mornings. This is to ensure
                                              Make checks payable to: Scott Storrick
instruction and play for both sessions are
complete prior to the hottest part of the
                                                                                              ***Waiver signature on back! ***

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