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■ Cowgirl Maternity Line Debuts                  girls have baby-bumps and baby-bumps            roping bag, junior bag, and gear bag) in

K elly Smillie, founder and owner of Cow-
  girl Maternity Company, is proud to in-
troduce her fun and hip country-inspired
                                                 need bling,” became the company’s motto.

                                                 ■ Circle Y Adds New Saddles
                                                                                                 black with cool grey trim. All bags are
                                                                                                 branded with a silkscreened Cowboy Up
                                                                                                 logo and custom hangtags. The collection
line of maternity wear. Spring 2011 was the
new line’s first season and included mater-
nity shirts, belly bands, and other mater-
                                                 C ircle Y Saddles, Inc. has created a variety
                                                   of Xtreme Performance saddles for sev-
                                                 eral western disciplines. With 11 new XP
                                                                                                 will retail between $19.99-$69.99.

                                                                                                 ■ Trafalgar Square Books
nity wear necessities.                           styles of saddles, there’s a saddle to fit the   Launches New Line
   No stranger to small business, Smillie
grew up on a farm in northeast Iowa under
the tutelage of the “Mary O Girls”, which
                                                 needs of most western riders. Disciplines
                                                 include an all-around trail saddle-ideal for
                                                 competitive trail, two ranch styles, five
                                                                                                 T rafalgar Square Books is pleased to an-
                                                                                                   nounce it has been named the exclusive
                                                                                                 North American distributor for the highly
manufactured hand-crafted wooden jewel-          ropers, and three barrel racers. All saddle     respected equestrian filmmaker Pferdia TV.
ry that was sold all over the United States.     trees are wood covered with DURAhide.              Pferdia TV has created films with many
   During this time Smillie learned all of       Roper, ranch, and trail styles utilize fiber-    internationally recognized horse people,
the steps from idea generation to shipping       glass reinforced trees for strength.            including top riders and trainers Philippe
the product out the door.                                                                        Karl, Dr. Reiner and Ingrid Klimke, Linda
   Smillie’s reasoning to start such a line      ■ Trenditions Has New Items                     Tellington-Jones, Anja Beran, Peggy Cum-
evolved from an idea that came to her
as she was getting geared-up to go to the
CMA Music Festival in Nashville while pre-
                                                 A new assortment of durable nylon West-
                                                   ern sport bags bearing the Cowboy Up
                                                 brand name will soon begin shipping to
                                                                                                 mings, Richard Hinrichs, among many oth-
                                                                                                    All Pferdia TV films in English are now
paring to have a little girl of her own. Frus-   Western specialty, farm, ranch and sporting     readily available from Trafalgar Square
trated that there wasn’t much selection          goods stores from Trenditions, LLC.             Books.
for cute maternity wear with cowgirl flair,          The Cowboy Up logo sport bag collec-
Smillie launched Cowgirl Maternity. “Cow-        tion features four nylon bags (boot bag,        ■ Horseware Ireland’s New Line

                                     NEWS BRIEFS
                                                                                                 H orseware Ireland introduces its newest
                                                                                                   clothing line for Fall 2011, the Rodrigo
                                                                                                 Pessoa collection.
                                                                                                    The Pessoa line of clothing represents
    ■ SmartPak and Cosequin team up to           ries in 2011.                                   a continental flair in its cut, which is more
    sponsor Phillip Dutton VIP Experience                                                        fitted and streamlined. The collection in-
    at Rolex.                                    ■ Arc de Triomphe (ADT) is excited              corporates the primary colors of Rodrigo's
                                                 to announce their sponsorship of the            country flag - dramatic reds, blues, yellows
    ■ Flair LLC is pleased to announce its       USHJA’s World Champion Hunter Rider             and greens juxtaposed against the back-
    newly formed partnership with The Na-        Program for 2011 (WCHR).                        drop of a classic black and white palette.
    tional Thoroughbred Racing Associa-                                                             The line also features rich combinations
    tion (NTRA) and support of The NTRA’s        ■ Premier Equestrian is pleased to join         of black and brown in sweaters, technical
    Safety and Integrity Alliance.               the 2011 FTI Winter Equestrian Festival         polo shirts and breeches. Further design
                                                 as a sponsor.                                   elements include unexpected embellish-
    ■ Arenus is pleased to announce it is                                                        ments such as leather patches with metal
    sponsoring nine-goal polo player Julio       ■ World Equestrian Brands is proud to           buttons, swaths of bright color and over-
    Arellano.                                    announce it is a Title Sponsor for the 2011     sized logos.
                                                 and 2012 United States Hunter Jumper
    ■ Dover Saddlery, Nutrena Feeds, and         Association (USHJA) Rider Recognition           ■ PRE-VENT Has New Product
    County Saddlery sponsor the Potomac          Awards Program.
    Valley Dressage Association (PVDA)
    2011 Ride for Life to benefit the Johns       ■ Tony Lama Boots announces a new
                                                                                                 P RE-VENT recently released its new
                                                                                                   PRE-VENT Feeder. PRE-VENT claims
                                                                                                 that veterinarians, trail riders, and com-
    Hopkins Avon Foundation Breast Cen-          sponsorship as the Official Footwear of          petitors alike recognize the benefits of the
    ter.                                         the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Associa-            PRE-VENT Feeder such as reduced risk of
                                                 tion (CMSA).                                    choke, sand ingestion, and feed waste.
    ■ Draper Equine Therapy is proud to                                                             This particular feeder is a patent pend-
    announce it is a contributing sponsor        ■ Dover Saddlery launches its new               ing design that is supposed to encourage
    of the world renowned Rolex Kentucky         Dover Equestrian Library on its website.        the horse to keep his head down while
    Three-Day Event.                                                                             slowing the rate of consumption by
                                                 ■ Mountain Horse was chosen as the              forcing the horse to use his tongue and lips
    ■ Nunn Finer sponsors the 5th Annual         Official Apparel of the French Creek Dres-       to retrieve the feed while still maintaining a
    Nunn Finer than Carolina Eventing Se-        sage Association for 2011.                      natural feeding position.
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                                                                                                                  May 2011

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