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The exercise and sports science staff has a semester of activities planned for you. The key objectives of the exercise and sports
science classes will be learning the skills needed to enjoy lifetime physical activities, fitness, and fun. We will work together to
improve your skills, increase your fitness level, and to develop a positive attitude towards the benefits of lifetime physical activities
and wellness.

                                           Exercise and Sports Science Policies
1.      Students must dress for every class unless otherwise instructed (please see dress code policy).
2.      Class fee of $5.00 for heart rate monitor strap if needed, with the possibility of additional fees for field trips or guest lectures.
         As indicated in registration course description, there may be additional fees required for cross country skiing, trap shooting (at
         a supervised range), bowling, canoeing/kayaking, and other field trips. Most of these activities would be in the Outdoor
         Pursuits, Ultimate Challenge, or Adventure Challenges, Team Sports, and Individual/Dual Sports courses.
3. When being excused from physical participation, a doctor’s note is required (click on following link and print out) stating
         the reason and length of time the student is to be excused. The Marshfield Clinic will be using this form which indicates
         activities the student may participate in during the injury period. Parent excuse notes can be written on a day to day basis for a
         maximum of two consecutive days. At that time, we will discuss with the student/parent options for modification of activities.
4.   Class Make-Up Policy
        Medical Excuses: Do not need to be made up, however, alternative activities will be participated in                 according to the
doctor’s permission (see form above).
        Excused Absences:
                 Field trips, athletic events, other school related activity
                 Parent note for non-participation—maximum of two consecutive days
                 Absent from school
           A maximum of two excused absences/quarter will be allowed without deduction in grade. Any missed days beyond the two
           days/quarter will need to be made up.
       Unexcused Absences:
       • Making the choice not to dress for exercise and sports science class for the day
       • Non-dress day will result in the loss of daily points for non-participation in the effort/participation portion of the overall
           grade. This deduction will occur for each non-dress day that is not made up.
       • Other absences from class not listed above are considered unexcused absences, such as skipping school or class
5. Money and valuables are discouraged from being brought to the locker room. Teachers are not responsible
       for valuables lost or stolen. Students must make sure their lockers are locked before going to class and are                encouraged
       to keep their combinations confidential. No students will be allowed in the locker rooms during class except for emergencies.
       Students will be charged for any lost or damaged lockers or equipment. Obligations will be paid to the Marshfield High School
       Office before grades are given.
6. Students must be on time for class. You will be given five minutes to change before attendance is taken. You will also be
       given five minutes to change at class dismissal. Showers are optional but students are encouraged to shower and practice good
       hygiene. Towels will be provided.
7.   Daily Grade (5 points) and any assignments, tests, papers – student grade is total points
       accumulated throughout the quarter/semester          
                             •       Be on time and use class time wisely
                             •       Be prepared in appropriate dress for activity
                             •       Participate fully in all class activities as assigned
                             •       Be a good sport/show respect for people and property
                             •       Safety – be safe and have fun

                                                        Dress Code Policy
Students assigned to an exercise and sports science class are expected to report to class every day prepared for participation. Every
student is expected to be dressed appropriately and safely for class activities. The following items of clothing will be considered
appropriate class attire:
        Athletic Shorts or Sweat Pants: Shorts or sweat pants with elastic or drawstring waist. Jean shorts or snap/buckle shorts
       are not considered appropriate attire.
        T-shirt or Sweatshirt: Regular school policy will be followed regarding appropriate exercise and sports science t-shirts and
       sweatshirts (sleeves are required). No tobacco, smoking, drug, sexual innuendo, alcohol, etc. shirts will be allowed. If there
       is a question regarding the shirt/sweatshirt ask your teacher.
        Athletic Shoes: Tennis shoes should be suitable for indoor and/or outdoor use. Hiking shoes, street shoes, sandals, shoes that                                                                      6/18/2007
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    make black marks on the floor, and cleated turf shoes are not considered appropriate. For the safety of all students involved it
        is required that all tennis shoes be tied.
       Swimsuit: A one-piece swimsuit is required for all freshmen and for upper classmen involved in electives using the pool.
      Outdoor Activities: Be prepared for outdoor activities in cool weather—sweatshirts/ pants, jackets, hats, gloves, etc.
Students are expected to change into their exercise and sports science clothing each day. Each student is issued an exercise and
sports science lock and locker for this purpose. Healthy hygiene will be encouraged through the expectation that students refrain
from wearing the same clothes for exercise and sports science that they wear to school that same day. Due to the high intensity of
some of our units, it is strongly recommended that students take their exercise and sports science clothing home for frequent

                 Steps to follow when making up a Exercise and Sports Science class:
1.    Meet with your teacher to set up a make-up time
2.    Make-up will occur before school (6:30-7:30) or after school (3:15-4:30) unless otherwise arranged
3.    Find out how many absences you have to make-up
4.    Decide on a day(s) to make-up the class(es)
5.    Choose a fitness activity
6.    Get heart rate monitor and/or pedometer from the teacher
7.    Exercise for at least 30 minutes with pedometer (3000 steps) or minimum of 20 minutes in your target zone (140-180 bpm)
     out of a 30 minute workout.
8.    Return heart rate monitor to a exercise and sports science teacher
9.    If make-up class is monitored by another teacher, the student needs to write up a note with the date, time, activity, (heart rate
     information if applicable), and have the note signed by the supervising teacher
Note: Field trips may be part of some classes such as Outdoor Pursuits. If a student is unable to attend a field trip he/she will need
      to set up an independent project of equal point value with the instructor.
                                                            Field Trips
The exercise and sports science staff will be taking students into the community to introduce students to some of the opportunities to
be physically active that exist in Marshfield. These trips will be done during the school day. Possible field trips will be the ice rink,
curling club, disc golf course, bowling alley, Braem Park, and bike rides. Permission slip must be signed below.

This form should be signed by both STUDENT and PARENT/GUARDIAN and returned by the next class period.

Student                                                 Parent

                                                        In case of emergency, call                                 .

High School ESS Staff:

Ann Kollross-Ott – 387-8464 ext. 322 e-mail –
Jim McDonald - 387-8464 ext. 319 e-mail –
Scott Scheuer - 387-8464 ext. 389 e-mail –
Gary L. Zopfi - 387-8464 ext. 319 e-mail –                                                                   6/18/2007

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