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Foot Prints                                                     Publication of Indy Runners and Walkers

January 2004                                                                                            Volume 9, Number 1

                      Indy Runners Mini-Marathon                                    What’s Inside...
    19                   Training Program is 19!!                                    President’s Page                 3
                                                                                     10,000 Steps                     4
                                         By Kent Miller
                                                                                     Announcing the Groundhog 7

               Our Mini Training is 19 this year! Some say it began before Bigfoot’s Resolution                   5
               then but I guess we are sort of like my Mom. She only admits So, do you have a plan for the Mini…. 6-7
to being “59” although is actually many years older than that. What does         Event Calendar                   8-9
19 mean for you? Well, it means if you had done 19 consecutive training
programs the chances are you would be in much better shape than you are Shin Splints                              10

now. It also means we have a lot of experience. This would be a good time Training Factors that reduce the risk 11
                                                                                 of Injury
to get involved for the first time or maybe re-involved for the first time in
many years. You will see lots of eager runners & walkers training to reach The 35th Sam Costa                     12

the finish line. Lots of people re-acquainting themselves with old friends       Volunteer Opportunities          13
too. Our numbers will between 500 to 600 participants for 2004. This will Club’s Weekly Runs                      14
be divided between 13 individual training groups. You can choose to
                                                                                 Membership Application           15
anonymously run as a face in the crowd or attend all our seminars, volun-
teer for some of the many volunteer opportunities and run all the club fun runs and weekend races. Our
goal is for you to reach your goal; be it social, speed, endurance, weight control or whatever it may be. I
think we have a spot to fill all your needs. After all; our slogan is “A Place for Every Pace”.

We will hold pre-registration at Hinkle Field House on the Butler campus beginning on Tuesday, January
20th at 5:30pm and lasting to 7:30pm. You can then register any Tuesday beginning at 5:30pm all the way
to April. You can also register on-line at I would encourage you to come out early (you
can save money by registering early) but there are always those who procrastinate until the last minute.
We will save a spot for you too.

Our runs will begin every Tuesday beginning at 6pm from Hinkle Fieldhouse. The first two courses go
through the Butler campus; past the Bell Tower and around CTS. Then beginning the third week we head
to the Central Canal Towpath (part of the Indy Greenways) for our runs & walks. Much gentler on the legs
than running on the road and for most of the course you don’t have to worry about cars. We mark the course
so you can mark your miles too. Expect to enjoy fruit and other snacks after the longer runs/walks. We
will also put water stops on the canal so that you don’t have to carry your own. St. Vincent Sports Medi-
cine will be there to look at any problems you might develop. When you finish the program you will be
well prepared to finish the Mini and enjoy a wide variety of refreshments at the free post-race tent party
held by Indy Runners.

Make this year your best running year ever! Don’t miss the 19th Training Program. It is going to be the
best one yet! So….see you on the Canal soon!
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                  Indy Runners and Indy Walkers
                 Officers, Board of Directors, and Contacts
President               Donna Billiard Wright         374-1318
Vice President          <Position Open>                
Treasurer               Mike Bradford                 259-1994

Secretary               Mark Doctor                   329-7909
Accountant              Gary Hall                     578-7663
Historian               Joanne Keaton                 849-0396
Hot Line                Marvin Clark                  329-2801
Indy Walkers            Marcia Gascho                 842-1164
Legal                   Bob Weddle                    876-0782
Medical Coordinator     St. Vincent Sports Medicine
Membership              Marilyn Grissom               543-9010
Mini Training Program Kent Miller                     297-3615
Editor                  Donna Billiard Wright         374-1318
Newsletter              Jeremy Zieseniss              293-6385
Race Director           Mark Renholzberger            465-9575
Race Director           Terry Townsend                259-0708
Social Coordinator      <Position Open>                
Weekly Splits           Mark Doctor                   329-7909
Volunteer Coordinator   <Position Open>                
Web Master              Jeremy Zieseniss              293-6385
Canine Liaison          Emma Drew

             Looking for timely running and/or walking information?

             Go to the Indy Runners website at
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I hope everyone had a wonder-       would like to thank them for their
ful holiday season and a great      support of Indy Runners
New Year’s. Did you make            throughout the years. Butler
your 2004 New Year’s resolu-        makes it possible for Indy Run-
tions to run more often, break      ners to have a “home” for our
your mini marathon goal time        club without paying a daily rental
and stay injury free one more       for each fun run or training run.
year? If so Indy Runners is here    In return Indy Runners makes a
to help you keep your resolu-       yearly donation to the Stanley Ly-
tions. We have a great year         ons Memorial Fund to support the
planned starting with the Mini      Butler track and cross country
Marathon training program           programs. But mostly Indy Run-
starting at the end of January.     ners gives back by volunteering to
Our group trainers are back, the    take tickets. You will definitely    plan to attend the 2004 elections
speakers are lined up for the       see someone that you know as         on January 27th following the first
seminars and packets are ready      you take tickets and meet other      training run. I’m looking forward
to be stuffed. If you have not      Indy Runners. Please help us         to having some new people in-
signed up, please go to our web-    thank Butler this season by volun-   volved as officers.
site or stop by the local running   teering. Contact former Indy
stores for the Indy Runner mini     Runners President, Margaret          I am looking forward to 2004 as
marathon training program ap-       Drew at       we plan our other major events:
plication. I look forward to see-   or 283-4036 to volunteer.            Groundhog 7, Sam Costa Half
ing many familiar faces back at                                          Marathon and Club Fest. Mark
Butler again this year.             With another year we must also       your calendars for these events
                                    hold elections for the four Indy     and hope to see you out on the
Speaking of Butler University, I    Runners elected offices. Please      towpath this spring.

              Save these Dates                                             ELECTIONS
  January 27th   Mini Training Program begins                     January 27th, 6:45pm, Butler East Class-
  February 1st   Groundhog 7K race (FREE)                         room, open to all members, mini training
  March 21st     Sam Costa Half Marathon                                      seminar to follow.
  May 23rd       Club Fest - 5K Great Equalizer
                 Race and family picnic
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                                           10,000 Steps                                                by Marcia Gascho

                       Have you heard about the 10,000         can buy fancy expensive models ($50 or more) that
                       steps fitness program? It was origi-    monitor pulse rates, count calories, calculate distance
                       nally started in Japan almost 40        traveled, etc. They require some set up and you must
                       years ago. Walking 10,000 steps is      calculate your average stride length. It’s easier and
the equivalent of doing about 5 miles. The American            more accurate just to count the number of steps. For
company Novartis Nutrition conducted a study and               $250 you can get a cool Timex Bodylink watch that
found that the typical American couch potato only takes        uses GPS technology to measure speed and mileage.
2,300 to 3,000 steps a day. Almost 25% of adults do NO         Unfortunately you can only wear it outside since it
physical activity. It’s no wonder obesity is on the rise!      needs access to GPS satellites!
The Cooper Institute of Aerobics Research advises that
approximately 10,000 steps each day is the number              Once you have a pedometer, start out by wearing it
needed to meet the established guidelines for physical         daily for 2 weeks and record the total number of steps
activity set by The American College of Sports Medicine        each night. Find your average number of steps, then set
and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.            a goal to increase the number of steps each week by
10,000 steps each day may be helpful in lowering body          10%. It can be a daunting task to reach 10,000 steps
fat, improving blood pressure and increasing cardio-           since not everyone has time to walk for a solid hour
respiratory (aerobic) fitness.                                 every day. However you can be creative and find ways
A number of organizations have started 10,000 steps            to add steps throughout your day. Some ways to in-
walking programs. Often you can get a package deal that        crease your steps: take the stairs instead of the elevator,
includes a pedometer, nutrition advice, a walking log          park your car farther away from your destination, walk
(some are web-based) and ideas of how to reach 10,000          during your lunch break, walk the dog after dinner or
steps on a daily basis. M-Plan is offering an 8 week           walk around the house during the often lengthy com-
10,000 steps program. Locally, Indiana on the Move and         mercials on TV. I have a sedentary desk job and was
Indy in Motion (Indy Parks) are sponsoring walking pro-        amazed how few steps I took a day. I have recently
grams. McDonald’s is test-marketing an adult Happy             started a program at work where I try to take a break
Meal that includes a salad, drink and stepometer.              every hour and walk a lap around the perimeter of my
                                                               floor. Taking several 10 minute walks throughout the
If you are serious about starting the 10,000 steps pro-        day will soon add up!
gram, you will need to wear a pedometer. The simplest
and cheapest models ($20-$30) just count steps. I have         Remember, every journey starts with the first step. Add
one of these but I had a hard time getting in the habit of     9,999 more steps each day and begin a journey to better
wearing it every day. You must wear it on your waist-          fitness.
band in order for the steps to be counted correctly. You

                       Announcing the 32nd Groundhog 7
INDY RUNNERS presents Indiana’s oldest continu-               THERE IS NO ENTRY FEE! This is “no frills” running
ously held seven-mile road race : the Groundhog 7. It is      for the FUN of it & is offered as a courtesy by Indy Run-
scheduled for Sunday February 1st, 2004.                      ners. You get refreshments, day of event results, volun-
                                                              teers to keep runners on the course, and good people
Registration begins at 11:00 a.m. at the Carmel-Clay          with whom to run.
High School on 126th street in Carmel. The race begins
at 1:00 p.m.                                                  Be sure to arrive EARLY for race day registration and
                                                              race instructions. Showers and lockers will be available
The FREE event benefits St Mark’s United Methodist            but please bring your own lock, soap and towel.
Church Mission Project. Canned goods are requested and
all donations will be given to the Brightwood Commu-          NOTICE: The weather and road conditions are fre-
nity Center of Indianapolis. Any and all help will be sin-    quently bad this time of year but the race will be held on
cerely appreciated.                                           this date. Come dressed appropriately for the weather.
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By Bigfoot

 This is being written during the         bers are Spinning trainers and can
 early stages of holiday gluttony,        explain all the benefits of this pro-
 and will be read with regret and         gram involving stationary cycling to
 remorse after its conclusion.            music and commands from a drill
 There’s a whole lot of eating be-        sergeant wannabe. I just know that         the very few              times I tried
 tween Thanksgiving and New               my Sunday morning session gets me          downhill. Another way to work the
 Year’s Day, and likely less running      sweaty, which is the main Bigfoot          upper body with a motion that ap-
 because we’ve survived that fall         test for exercises. If I’m not sweat-      proximates a running arm swing,
 marathon or that last race of the        ing, I’m not working.                      and obviously uses leg muscles in
 year, and feel deserving of a run-                                                  different combinations than does
 ning respite. And, if you’re as          2..Bigfoot’s too-brief preparation for     running. My Nordic Trak was my
 much a woosie as the aging Bigfoot       the AUL Stair Climb (see Issue 8,          favored sweating alternative before
 is proving to be, it’s harder and        No. 2) taught him the pleasure and         I started visiting the stair machine.
 harder to motivate out the door into     pain of stair machines. My health
 the cold dark to maintain the legs       club has both the type that moves up       5. Yes, the treadmill, you either
 and burn those seasonal calories.        and down with your feet as well as         hate it or love it. I’ve written be-
                                          the down escalator type that requires      fore about feeling safe and warm
 Bigfoot is not going to give in to all   you to keep lifting and stepping. The      while that freezy white stuff piles
 that as he did a year ago. Recondi-      latter one meets the sweat test at a       outside, and cars stalk the unwary
 tioning took too long and earned         low speed, which adds the fear factor      in the streets. You haters do have
 too much pity from others during         because of the 13 settings left be-        to admit that the motion is the same
 the struggle up to the 2002 Mini. I      tween me and 20. I intend to reach         as the one we celebrate in our
 coasted for just a week after the        that level before the 2004 Stair           sport. Too, controlled speed and
 Indy Marathon rather than the last       Climb, but watch the obits just in         elevation allow varied workouts
 half of October, and am continuing       case                                       without a whole lot of thought, just
 a mix of aerobic activities that I                                                  perfect for the food or drink besot-
 hope will land me in adequate com-       3. Rowing, going nowhere, but no           ted.
 petitive condition as the days re-       waves or sharks, either. Yes, it’s
 warm. First off, Bigfoot does ac-        indoor rowing, another of the aerobic      I try to do several of the above dur-
 knowledge that running is move-          activities that are keeping Bigfoot        ing a session at the health club, or
 ment-specific, and that alternative      drippy. I know that I’m getting a lot      at least half an hour on my limited
 forms of exercise will not accom-        more arm, chest and back work than         basement equipment late at night. I
 plish the same benefits for running      I do with just running. There’s tech-      do have every intention of winter
 as actual running. However, it is        nique involved, which suggests con-        running outside as well, but at least
 also true that dedication to a mara-     sulting a trainer. I’m inspired by the     the heart and lungs aren’t being
 thon training program can cheat          high school friend who sets age            allowed to congeal from all the
 other muscle groups which can be         group world records in national and        chocolate. Though not necessarily
 addressed in the off-season.             international competitions at 2,000        faster, I shall be stronger for the
                                          meters. Of course, that guy admits to      next May than I was for the last.
 So, here’s the Bigfoot program of        being an aerobic freak, so I’ll just       You read it here, so I’d better carry
 the moment and beyond, for any           think of exercise benefits rather than     through or you’ll just get another
 reader who might wish to obtain          glory for now.                             tale of woe and excuses which no
 winter training motivation or sim-                                                  one really wants to read.
 ply to express a mocking laugh:          4. Ski machine, no snow nor cold.
                                          I’ve never tried the real thing, so I’ve   So, whether you stride and glide or
 1. I’m giving Spinning a better try.     never fallen on my butt, nor been          stomp and clomp or spin or climb
 Several of our Indy Runners mem-         laughed at by little kids as happened      or pull or slide, don’t let inactivity
                                                                                     win this winter. Bigfoot.
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 So, do you have a plan for the Mini,
                                                              On a newsstand at Discount Den or Cascades IGA I
      or are you just wingin’ it?                             found a copy of either Running Times or Runner’s
                     By Matt Morris                           World that had an article on how to train for a 10K.
                                                              While my math skills weren’t stellar, I figured if I dou-
It was 1978, Animal House had just come out and my            bled what the article said to do, I could make it from
fraternity at the fine institution of higher education in     Monument Circle to somewhere between the third and
Bloomington attended by Hoagy Carmichael, Ernie Pyle          fourth turns of the Speedway in the Mini and perhaps
and Jane Pauley had what had to have been one of the          crawl the rest of the way, if necessary.
first toga parties in the nation. One of my frat brothers –
I can’t remember whether he was Otter or Bluto – had          Purchasing the magazine meant the supreme sacrifice of
run cross country for the Rushville Lions at the time of      a six-pack of Red, White & Blue, about the only beer I
my brief career with the New Castle Trojans.                  could afford on an impoverished college student’s
                                                              budget. This was going to be worth it, though, because I
The “house” needed another man for its intramural cross       knew I could build on the successes of the Chi Omega
country team, and since I had won the annual pledge           footrace and intramural cross county podium finish.
race to the Chi Omega sorority front door and back – a
pre-initiation ritual with a few more details which I have                         And I had a plan in place to help
sworn to carry to my grave – I guess                                               me reach the famous yard of bricks,
my “bro” from Wendell Willkie’s                                                    where the heroes of my youth, Jim
hometown figured I was a natural                                                   Clark and A.J. Foyt, had found vic-
and asked me to run for the Purple                                                 tory, and where I had my first crush
and Gold of Delta Tau Delta.                                                       since kindergarten on an older
                                                                                   woman. For some reason, how-
We finished third on campus in the                                                 ever, Miss Hurst Shifter, Linda
intramural meet and throughout that                                                Vaughn, wasn’t interested. Despite
fall and winter, I kept at the running,                                            this setback, I made it to the finish
sometimes jogging around Memo-                                                     line in one piece, thanks to my im-
rial Stadium – where I did Quaker                                                  provised training plan.
silent prayers for a winning season –
and Assembly Hall, where I once                                                    It wasn’t until I had been running
waved at Mike Davis’ predecessor,                                                  road races for two or three years
knowing even back during the days of the Ford Admini-         that I thought I knew everything and began doing all of
stration it would not be wise to yell, “Hey, Knight,          the things you shouldn’t do in training to run a good
what’s up?”                                                   race: increasing weekly mileage too quickly, wearing
                                                              shoes well past the time they should have been retired
I had run my first road race, a 10K, and another frater-      for cutting the lawn, neglecting to allow my body to
nity brother said he was planning to enter a fairly new       recover from hard workouts, etc.
event – a half marathon – up in Indianapolis that was a
kickoff to the Month of May and the 500. Running on           This led to experiencing the two worst things that can
the Speedway would be pretty cool, I figured. My              happen to you as a runner or walker:
grandfather had begun attending events there when it
opened in 1909; my grandmother once sat behind Clark          •   to not make it to the starting line of the “big” race
Cable during the “500”; and my dad had been to every              because of injury; or
race since 1936.                                              •   to drop out of the “big” race because you weren’t
                                                                  well-trained or you were over-trained.
The problem, however, was that the farthest I had ever
run was 6.2 miles. How could I run an additional 10K          Both of have happened to me. The first was when over-
and still have seven-tenths of a mile to go to make it to     training led to a stress fracture and kept me from run-
the finish line of the fledgling “500” Festival Mini Mara-    ning the Boston Marathon in 1983 when, as Billy Joel
thon line on the Speedway track (where it finished until a    sings, “I wore a younger man’s clothes.” The second
decade ago)?                                                  occurred in 1986, when over-training – and a totally
Foot Prints                                                                                              Page 7

unrealistic goal of setting a 10-minute personal best –       frequently, sooner or later it will break down. Then
led to my dropping out of the New York City Marathon.         you’ll be forced to take an injury-induced break from
Rubbing salt to the wound is that 1986 remains as the         training or perhaps miss the Mini altogether. It’s no fun
smallest percentage of starters in race history not finish-   watching everyone go by as you sit there with an ice
ing the Big Apple event. Looks great on a resume.             pack on your knee.

This is why the Indy Runners Training Program is such         Maintain balance. For those of you doing your first
a wonderful way to help you reach your goal for the           half marathon, you likely will be running or walking
Indianapolis Life 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. So, take        more miles per week at the program’s peak than you
it from someone who has made a lot of mistakes during         have ever done. That means you will be spending more
30 years of running and keep these suggestions in mind        than twice as much time out on the roads. Is your fam-
as you train:                                                 ily or significant other OK with this? Will you be able
                                                              to get your job done? What about your other interests
Follow the plan. Somewhere it is written, “Failing to         and activities? I think it is important to make sure your
plan is planning to fail.” If you don’t follow a training     family understands the commitment you are making so
plan, whether it’s Indy Runners’, Hal Higdon’s or one         it doesn’t cause tension later on.
of the myriad found on the internet, chances are you
will not meet your goal and cross the finishing line – if     Be careful. Wear reflective gear when training in the
you make it that far – looking for the nearest trash can      dark. Carry identification. Tell someone where you’re
in which to toss your shoes.                                  going for a run or walk. Don’t go where you could get
                                                              into trouble. (I had a bad experience once in East St.
Remember, though, that the training plan is just a long-      Louis!) Face traffic if you must train in the street or
range guideline to get you from starting to think seri-       road (and only then if it’s wide enough!). I am not a fan
ously about “doing” the Mini to crossing the finish line      of headphones because you can’t hear traffic and could
at Military Park coherent and cohesive. Be flexible. If       set yourself up for trouble if someone came at you from
the plan says five miles on Tuesday and you don’t feel        behind.
like running or walking five miles on Tuesday because
something hurts or you’re sick, rest or do half of what is    Have fun. The most joyous running I have experienced
called for at a slower pace. Deviating one, two or three      has been during the years I was involved with Indy
days over the course of the plan will not hurt. In fact, it   Runners and its training program. You’re with a bunch
will help because you’ll be stronger physically and           of great people. You have knowledgeable trainers. The
mentally another day.                                         scenery along the canal is beautiful.

Warm up. This comes under the Do As I Say, Not As             And don’t take yourself too seriously. I mean, none of
I Do Department: You’re not supposed to hop in your           us is going to win the Mini unless we come back in an-
car and speed away before the engine is warmed up and         other life as a Kenyan – although having a name like
the oil circulating. The same holds true for your body.       Morris and a few lives left, this is a possibility. Enjoy
Warming up and stretching your muscles reduce the             your training. Make new friends. In fact, who needs
risk of injury. Listen to your trainers or the experts who    personal ads? More than one marriage has come from
you’re likely to hear during the training program. You        the Indy Runners Training Program.
can pick up additional tips on the internet.
                                                              Good luck. See you at the Mini finish line!
Rest: Former Stanford and Olympic Track Coach
Brooks Johnson said, “Training is a case of stress man-       Matt Morris is a freelance writer and former president of Indy
agement. Stress and rest; stress and rest.” When you          Runners living in Bloomington. He ran 15 Minis, his fastest
have a hard training run or a race, your body needs to        dressed as a Blues Brother. He now helps with the race each
rest afterward. The rest days in training plans are there     year.
for a reason. If your body endures too much stress too
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                                          Sat 7th , Mini-Marathon Train-       March
January                                   ing Series 5K Run/Walk, 8:30
                                          a.m. at the Indiana State Museum,    Sat 6th , Mini-Marathon Training
Thu 01 , Resolution Revolution,           Indianapolis IN , Contact 500 Fes-   Series 10 Km Run/Walk, 8:30 a.m. at
1,2, or 3 loops of 3 Miles , 10.00 a.m.   tival, 317/927-3378                  the Indiana State Museum, Indian-
at the YMCA at the Athenaeum, 401                                              apolis IN , Contact 500 Festival,
E. Michigan Street, Indianapolis IN.      Sat 14th , Cupids Fling 5Km
Contact Ken Long & Associates,            Run/Walk, 9.00 a.m. at St Marks
317/884-4001                              Church, 126th & Gray Rd, Carmel      Sun 7th, 5th Annual NCN Catch a
                                          IN , Contact Runners Forum, (800)    Leprechaun, 30 Km Run, 15 Km
Thu 01st , 8th Annual Frigid 5Km          262-RACE                             Run, 5 Km Run, 9:00 Rt. 83 &
Run/Walk , 1.00 p.m., Kosciusko                                                Walker Road, Avon Lake, OH, Con-
Family YMCA, Warsaw, IN. Contact          Sat 14th , Fanny Freezer 5Km
                                                                               tact Rick Cadwell, 440/933-8075
Don Ramsome, 574/267-4140                 Run/Walk, 2.00 p.m. at Shoaff
     rd        th
                                          Park, Fort Wayne, IN, Contact        Sat 13th, Underground RR Run, 5
Sat 3 , 20 Annual Siberian Ex-            Don Lindley, 260/436-2234            Km Run, 3 KM Fun Walk, 9.00 a.m.
press, 7.6 mile trail run, 12.00 p.m.                                          at Westfield High School , Contact
at the Kickapoo State Recreation          Sat 21st , Polar Bear Run &
                                                                               Runners Forum, 317/844-1558
Area, Danville IL. Contact Kennekuk       Walk, 5 Mile Run/Walk, 9.00
Road Runners, 217/431-4243                a.m., at the Indiana War Memorial    Sat 13th , DINO (Do INdiana Off-
                                          located at Meridian & Vermont        Road) Trail Run Series , 5 Km trail
Fri 9th , St. Francis Hospital &          Streets, downtown Indianapolis IN,   run, 15 Km trail run, 9:00 a.m. at Ea-
Health Centers "Jump the Gun" ,           Contact Ken Long & Associates,       gle Creek, Indianapolis, IN , Contact
1.1 Mile Run/Walk , 5.30 p.m. at the      317/884-4001                         Brian Holzhausen, 317/308-6449
St. Francis Hospital’s Indianapolis
campus. Contact Ken Long & Asso-          Sat 21st , American Cancer Soci-     Sat 13th, Race of a Champion, 5 Km
ciates, 317/884-4001                      ety 5 Km Run/Walk, at Morsches       Run, 10 Km Run, 8:30 a.m. at Lin-
                                          Park, Columbia City, IN, Contact     coln Trail State Parks of Marshall,
Sat 24th, Bop to the Top, 37 Floor        Gary Bird, 260/244-4408              IL, Contact Doug Rees, (217) 826-
stair climb, 10.00 a.m. at the AUL                                             3916
Building, Indianapolis, Contact Tux-      Sun 28th , Indianapolis Distance
edo Brothers, 317/733-3300                Classic , 15 Km Run, 4 Mile          Wed 17th , 12th Annual Shamrock
                                          Walk, 9.00 a.m. at IUPUI Natato-     Run & Walk , 4 Mile Run/Walk,
Sat 24th, Winter CC Festival 5 Km         rium, 901 W. New York St., Indi-     9.00 a.m., Downtown Indianapolis ,
Run, 1:00 p.m., Blackford High            anapolis, IN, Contact Ken Long &     Tuxedo Brothers, Contact 317/733-
School, Montpelier, IN, Jason Lenz,       Associates, 317/884-4001             3300
                                          Sat 28th , 12th Annual Bulldog
February                                  Jog , 5 Km Run/Walk, 9.00 a.m. at
                                          Butler University, Hinkle Field-
Sun 1st, The 32nd Groundhog 7 Mile        house, Indianapolis IN , Contact
Run, 1 p.m. at the Carmel-Clay Jun-       Cindy Hawkins, 317/940-9931
ior High School on 126th Street, Car-
mel, IN, Contact Indy Runners,            Sat 28th, George Roger Clark
317/290-RUNR                              Trace 10 Mile Run, 2 Mile Run,
                                          10:00 a.m., Vincennes, Indiana ,     Indy Runners and its members
                                          Contact Bob Hunt, 812/886-1555       belong to the RRCA & USATF.
Foot Prints                                                                                             Page 9
       th     th                                                                        th
Sat 20 , 4 Annual Holliday               Heart Run/Walk, at 5th Street, Down-     Sat 17 , Mini-Marathon Training
Park Trail Run, 5 Mile race along        town Cincinnati, OH, Contact Race        Series 15K Run/Walk, 8:30 am at
the White river Holliday Park to         Organizer, 513/474-1399                  the Indiana State Museum, Indian-
Marrott Park & back, 9.00 a.m. at                                                 apolis IN , Contact 500 Festival,
Holliday Park (6363 Spring Mill           April                                   317/927-3378
road) , Contact Tuxedo Brothers,
317/733-3300                             Sat 3rd, Homeless Hustle! , 10 Km        Sat 17th , DINO (Do INdiana Off-
                                         Run, 5 Km Walk, 9.00 a.m. at Eagle       Road) Trail Run Series , 5 Km
Sat 20th, 24th Annual Nutri-Run,         Creek Park, Indianapolis, IN , Contact   Trail Run, 15 Km Trail Run, 9:00
20 Km Run, 5 Mile Run/Walk,              Tuxedo Brothers, 317/733-3300            a.m. at Washington Township Park,
2:00 p.m. at The Chapel 2505 West                                                 Avon, IN , Contact Brian Holz-
Hamilton Rd, Fort Wayne, IN          Sat 3rd, IPFW Mastodon Stomp, 5              hausen, 317/308-6449
                                     Km Run/Walk, 9.00 a.m. at IPFW Hil-
46814, Contact Jeff & Bev
Metzger, (260) 456-3261
                                     liard Gates Sports Center, Fort Wayne,       Sat 17th, Spotlight on Nursing, 10
                                     IN, Judy Tillapaugh, 260/481-6647            Km Run/Walk, 5 Km Run/Walk,
Sat 20th, Mountain Goat Hill                                                      9.30 a.m. at RN Specialties, Inc.
                                     Sat 5th , 6th Annual Lighthouse Half         (located at 6060 North College Ave),
Runs/Walk , 15 Km Run, 3 Mile
Run/Walk, 10.30 a.m. at Kickapoo Marathon, 5 Km Run/Walk , 8:30                   Indianapolis IN, Contact Ken Long
                                     a.m. at Huron High School Stadium,
State Recreation area, Danville IL ,                                              & Associates’ 317/884-4001
                                     Huron, OH, Contact Deb Bogen, 419-
Contact Kennekuk Road Runners,
                                     433-5700                                     Sun 18th , Germany to France
                                                                                  Marathon (old Patoka Lake Mara-
                                     Sun 4th , Spirit of St. Louis Mara-
Sun 21st, 35th Sam Costa Half                                                     thon), 8.00 a.m. at Dome Arches in
                                     thon, 13.1 Mile Run & Marathon Re-           West Baden, IN, Contact Alan Bar-
Marathon, 1.00 p.m. at Carmel
                                     lay, 7:00 a.m., at Soldier's Memorial,
Clay Junior High School , Contact                                                 nett, (812) 936-2405
                                     Downtown St Louis, MO, Contact
Indy Runners, 317/290-RUNR
                           ,                    Sun 25th , St. Francis Hospital
Sat 27th , Rail Run 10K              314/727.0800                                 "Bricks to Bricks", 10 Mile
Run/Walk, 8.00 a.m. at Carmel               th                                    Run/Walk, Contact Ken Long & As-
Main Fire Dept, Carmel IN , Con- Sat 10 , Plainfield Spring Fling, 8              sociates, (317) 884-4001
                                     Km Run/Walk, 8:00 a.m. at Hummell
tact Runners Forum, 317/844-1558
                                     Park, Plainfield, IN , Contact The Run-
Sun 28 , Heart Mini Marathon, ners Forum, (317) 844-1558
15 Km Run, 10 Km Walk, 5 Km

World Cross Country Trials
On February 7 & 8, 2004, the World Cross Country Trials are coming to Indianapolis. Several races over
the course of the two days will decide who will represent the United States in the World Championships.
There also will be races to determine the National Masters champions. Indy Runners have been asked to
provide volunteers to help with this event. We will primarily be serving as drug testing escorts. That is,
getting athletes from their races to the drug testing area. This is an excellent opportunity to meet some of
the best runners in the country up close. The meet will be held downtown, on the flood plain behind the
IUPUI track stadium.

If you are interested in helping at anytime over the two days, please contact Mark Doctor, mkdoc-, or (317) 823-6748. Additional information about the meet can be found at:, click on the “meets” tab.

                   A Place For Every Pace
                   Indy Runners is a nonprofit association that promotes personal fitness and health
                   through running and walking activities including training programs, races, track
                   workouts, fun runs and walks, and other social events. Membership is open to
                   everyone, regardless of ability or age.
Page 10                                                                                           Foot Prints

                                                              For example, when ramping up for the Mini-marathon,
                  Shin Splints                                plan ahead so that total weekly mileage doesn't exceed
          (Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome)                     10% per week. With regard to footwear, running-
                  By: John M. Watkins                         specific (not cross-training) shoes are most appropriate.
                                                              The shoes should be appropriate for your foot strike
This is the second in a series of articles describing the     (neutral versus pronated v. supinated), foot shape (wide
symptoms, causes, and treatment of injuries common to         v. narrow) and arch (high v. low). The dynamics of this
the distance runner. Shin splints are common in the           are interesting, but are better discussed in a different
running population, and are usually considered to be an       article. Most running-specific shops, including Athletic
'overuse injury.' This suggests that the cause is associ-     Annex, Runner's Forum, and The Running Company,
ated with recent (and often drastic) alterations in work-     will have well-trained staff to assist in appropriate foot-
out routine. Such changes include new or inappropriate        wear selection. Also remember to track mileage on
training shoes, changes in training surface, or increase      your shoes (you can use your training calendar); con-
in workout distances or intensity. Pronators (foot rolls      sider buying new and phasing out old pairs after 300
in as it strikes the ground) are thought to be at increased   miles or so.
                                                              Other cornerstones of shin splint prevention (and recov-
The pain is typically felt over the inner portion of the      ery) include stretching and strengthening exercises.
lower leg, and is tender to the touch. Onset is gradual       Important stretches include:
but progressive, and worse on the toe-off portion of the      Straight and Bent Knee Stretch (one foot behind other,
running or walking stride. Pain is typically worse at the     lunge forward by bending front knee with back leg
beginning of the workout, and initially (early phase) the     straight/bent)
pain decreases just after a workout. In the advanced          Pointed-Toe Stretch (pull foot onto opposite knee, hold
phase, the pain may actually worsen during and/or im-         in pointed position)
mediately after a workout.
                                                              Stretches should be performed 3-6 times per day on
Initial treatment is similar to that of other overuse inju-   each foot (wouldn't want to recover from one side only
ries: rest and anti-inflammatory medications are the cor-     to fall victim to the other!), and held for 15-20 full sec-
nerstones of management. Complete rest is ideal, but          onds. Strengthening exercises should be performed for
cross-training into low- or non-impact activities             3 sets of 10-15 repetitions on each foot, and include:
(swimming, water running, bicycling) are acceptable.          Towel Crunches (while in seated position with feet on
In the early phase, a 20-50% reduction in running mile-       towel on floor, crunch towel with your toes)
age may be allowed; however, most runners do not be-          Heel Walking (walk on heels for increasing distances,
gin treatment until the shin splints are fairly advanced.     several times per day)
In addition, in the early phase of shin splints, icing the    Heel Raises (on stairstep, raise up and down on one or
painful area 2-3 times per day for 15-20 minutes may be       both feet)
beneficial, particularly immediately following a work-        Thera-band/Towel Exercises (attach band to immovable
out. Anti-inflammatory medications are most beneficial        object or hold towel with hands, use band to oppose 4-
in the early phase, and include aspirin, ibuprofen,           direction motion at ankle)
naproxen (Aleve), Celebrex, or Vioxx. Acetaminophen
(Tylenol) may be taken on top of an anti-inflammatory         Shin splints are an unfortunate and common injury ex-
for additional pain relief. In the advanced phase, com-       perienced by many runners. As with other injuries of
plete rest is mandatory initially, followed by cross-         the overuse type, the causes are predictable and treat-
training and stretching and strengthening exercises           ment and prevention intuitive. Run hard, train smart,
(detailed later). Running should be avoided until pain        live well.
and tenderness resolve, at which time a slow return is
suggested. Meanwhile, swimming and/or cycling may             John is a 4th year medical student at Indiana University,
be employed to maintain cardiovascular fitness.               has been a distance runner for thirteen years, and an
                                                              IndyRunner member for four. Current training goals
As mentioned earlier, shin splints are considered to be       include improving 5 mile (8km) personal best and
overuse injuries. Thus, the most important preventive         avoiding injury while pursuing multisport
measure is to avoid drastic changes in workout routine.       (duathlon/triathlon) competition.
Foot Prints                                                                                             Page 11

      Training Factors That Reduce the Risk of Injury…And Improve Performance
                                               by Ralph Reiff, ATC/L, M.Ed
                     Director, St. Vincent Sports Medicine and St. Vincent Sports Performance Center

  As an active walker or runner you focus upon various training goals and the accomplishment of crossing the fin-
  ish line. My approach to your activity takes a similar focus but with an eye on training safely to meet your

  In the most recent 26 month period I have had the opportunity to interact with runners and walkers from across
  the region.

              October 2001 – December 2003

              446 runner consultations (88% injured at time of consultation)

              72% or 321 runners demonstrated a deficiency in one (1) of four (4) areas:

              Flexibility, Strength, Balance, Footwear.

  It has been my experience that many athletes who present with an injury situation during training for a distance
  event have preventable circumstances. Actually, almost ¾ of all injured runners that I have encountered could
  have reduced their likelihood of injury by making changes to their pre-event training and fitness regimen.

  Those factors that appear most often are:

  Flexibility. Of particular is the area of the upper leg, hip flexors, buttocks and lower back. Not to ignore the
  other common areas of the Achilles and plantar aspect of the foot, but the supportive muscles of the torso and
  pelvis seem to be a root cause of many IT Band, Lateral Knee and Hamstring injuries.

  Strength and Balance. Our entire group of physicians, therapist and athletic trainers are impressed that many
  highly conditioned athletes have insufficient balance mechanism and strength to support posture during running
  or distance walking. I encourage you to add to your fitness routine abdominal and trunk stability training, single
  leg balance work and single leg step ups for strength development. Many of these exercises can be found in the
  current literature, magazines or your local fitness consultants.

  Footwear. You will not purchase any one item more critical to your success in distance events that your per-
  formance shoes. Take the time to seek out technical shoes stores in our area. Proper footwear by my definition
  is a shoe that is of the correct support or cushion for your foot type, is of proper width and length and should be
  discarded after 350-400 miles.

   All the best to the Indy Runners…your commitment to fitness helps make Indianapolis a wonderful community.


                                                                       For Indy Runners and Walkers information visit
                                                                             the website at
                                                                       or call the Indy Runners Hotline at 290-RUNR
Page 12                                                                               Foot Prints

      It's the 35th time for                             Sam Costa Half Marathon
          the "Costa" !!!                              YEAR
                                                              Tito Downer
                                                                                  Heather May
                                                       2002   Curt Carey          Guadalupe Merlos
On March 21st, 2004, we'll get together in Carmel
                                                       2001   Eric Heins          Andrea Kirk
at Clay Jr. High for the latest rendition of the Sam
                                                       2000   Michael Smith       Tamara Whitten
Costa Half Marathon. Who knows what the
                                                       1999   Michael Smith       Lisa Verona
weather will be like? March in Indiana? You can
count on one thing – it will be unpredictable!         1998   Curt Carey          Lisa Verona
                                                       1997   Michael Smith       Kathy Casey
What is predictable is the talent that will appear     1996   Michael Smith       Cathy Allen
that day. For over three decades, the best runners     1995   Jeff Lampert        Karlene Herrell
in Indiana have run and won at the "Costa". The        1994   Gary Romesser       Karlene Herrell
roll call of winners reads like a "who's who" of       1993   Scott Walschlager   Shannon Flannery
Indiana running legends. Chuck Koeppen,                1992   Tony Nading         Colette Murphy **
Marilyn Strawbridge, Curt Carey, Diane Bussa,          1991   Tim Mylin           Meg Schnieders
Gary Romesser, Karlene Herrell, Bill Gavaghan,         1990   Gary Romesser       Ruth Ozmun
Carol Pitzer, Michael Smith, Lisa Verona, Tim          1989   Brad Cooper         Chris Cooper
Mylin, Ruth Ozmun – it just goes on and on. And        1988   Brady Wells         Karen McQuilkin
I can't fail to mention the world class talent of
                                                       1987   Gordon Minty        Candy Wojcik
Colette Murphy and Thom Burleson. They both
                                                       1986   Brady Wells         Carol Pitzer
set the "Costa" race record in the year they won!
                                                       1985   Bill Gavaghan       Carol Pitzer
This kind of tradition is part of what makes the       1984   Greg Orman          Ruth Ozmun
"Costa" so special. People you know who are            1983   Thom Burleson *     Marilyn Strawbridge
great runners, people you see throughout the year,     1982   Curt Carey          Betty Hite
people who are committed to their training, they       1981   Joe Metzger         Diane Bussa
show up and compete at the "Costa". And let's be       1980   Thomas Blumer       Marilyn Strawbridge
clear on one thing. The "Costa" is a race. It is a     1979   Bill Gavaghan       Diane Bussa
competition. You don't keep yourself in shape all      1978   Chuck Koeppen       Diane Bussa
winter for a 13.1 mile jog on the first day of         1977   Chuck Koeppen       Linda Eiben
spring. People come to test themselves against
                                                       1976   Thom Burleson       Lora Cartwright
their age group and against their own resolve –
                                                       1975   Thom Burleson       Kay Flatten
and they come back year after year.                    1974   Chuck Koeppen       no entries
                                                       1973   Chuck Koeppen       "
I hope you will be there too. We are all looking
                                                       1972   Dan Price           "
forward to another fabulous "Costa" event. Look
for applications on-line at the Indy Runners web-      1971   Craig Stearn        "
site. You can also find them at all local running      1970   Charlie Warthan     "
stores. The course is unchanged (see the website
map). The apparel will be colorful and exciting.
Be there for the one o'clock start. We are expect-
ing you!

Terry Townsend, Race Director
                                                       * Male Race Record Holder - 1:06:55
                                                       ** Female Race Record Holder - 1:16:47
Foot Prints                                                                                        Page 13

                            Running and Cross Training Websites
Running Races
Indy Runners                      Local and statewide races, weekly club runs
Tuxedo Brothers                        Running races, triathlons
KLA                              Races, marathon training program
Trail Races
DINO Series                        Trail runs and mountain bike races
Cross Training
CIBA                                 Club rides, weekly ride schedule
Urban Adventure Race          Adventure race in urban settings

                               VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES
Butler Bastketball Ticket Taking
Butler University has been a friend to Indy Runners for many years. The university has made the Fieldhouse avail-
able for Indy Runners fun runs, the mini training program and meetings. It has become our “home.”
Indy Runners gives back to Butler through a yearly donation to the Stanley Lyons Funds (benefiting Butler Track and
Cross Country programs) and through ticket taking at football and basketball games. Volunteers are needed to take
tickets at several basketball games this winter. Game times are listed and volunteers are needed approximately 1 ½
hours prior to the start time. Bring along a friend or family member and watch the game after you are finished for
For more information or to volunteer, please contact
Margaret Drew at 283-4036 or

2004 Butler Men’s Basketball Games:
1/15    Thurs. 7pm     Loyola
1/17    Sat.   12pm    Detroit
1/24    Sat.   2pm     Wright State
1/29    Thurs. 7pm     Cleveland State
1/31    Sat.   2pm     UIC
2/4     Wed. 7pm       IPFW
2/19    Thurs. 7pm     Wisconsin-Milwaukee
2/21    Sat.   TBA     BracketBuster
2/25    Wed. 7pm       Youngstown State
3/2-9   Tues.-Tues     Horizon League Tournament

Indy Runners Club Event Volunteers
Feb.-April    Mini Training Program (water stops)   Contact Kent Miller at
Feb. 1        Groundhog 7 Race                      Contact Mark Renholzberger at
March 23      Sam Costa Half Marathon               Contact Terry Townsend at
May 23        Indy Runners Club Fest                Contact Mike Bradford at

                                  Thank You to All Our Volunteers!!!
During the Fall volunteers came out to take tickets at five Butler Football games and manned the Indianapolis Mara-
                                             thon finish line in October.

        THANK YOU to all who volunteered and special thanks to Margaret Drew for coordinating everyone.

                                           We appreciate the support!!!
Page 14                                                                                         Foot Prints

                                                CLUB RUNS
      Club runs are for everyone. There is a pace for the beginner, the flyer, and everyone in between.

     Day/Time                         Pace             Starting Place          Contact                   Miles

 Monday 6:00 pm                       All              Natatorium          Janelle Renschler     Open: 3-8+ miles
                                                     (Main Concourse)       (317) 299-1095
 Tuesday 6:00 pm                      All            Hinkle Fieldhouse        Brian Cake               1-8+ miles
 Thursday 6:00 pm                                    Butler University      (317) 876-7253
  Sunday 7:00 am           9+ minute/mile              Fort Ben               John Laker          Open: 6 or more
                                                    YMCA Parking Lot        (317) 485-5380            miles

     Welcome New Indy
     Runners Members
            (as of December 2003)
Larry Strange              Bob & Beth Seelbach
Jonathon Altman            Roseann Hughes
Robin & Anthony Barr       Timothy McLain
Joyce Boadt                Theresa Bubenzer
                                                               NEW Indy Runners Club Singlets
John Brown                 Deborah Mehdiyohn
Leslie Chaplin             Michael Niederfruem                Coming in January, new Brooks singlets printed
Jeff Christoffersen        Bruce Goberville                   with the Indy Runners club logo will be available!
Eric & Jill Douthit        Heidi & Dale Neuburger
Lori Howard                Scott Cunningham                   These singlets will be navy blue & white, and will
Kyle Hunt                  Tim Smith                            serve as a club “uniform” to be worn at races.
Sandra Lambros             Thomas A Allison                   Matching Brooks shorts can be purchased at local
Peggy A Lilly              Randy Hitchens                                       running stores.
Katherine Murray
                                                               This gear will be a great way for other runners to
          Club Merchandise                                     identify you as an IR member and to help spread
                                                              the word about our club. Singlets (women’s S, M,
                                                               L; men’s M, L, XL) will be on sale at the training
                                                                                 program runs.

                                                             Foot Prints               Advertising Rates
                                                             The newsletter currently reaches approximately 950
Indy Runners     Indy Runners             Indy Runners/      households. If your business could benefit from this
Marathon Caps       Singlet             Walkers Sweatshirt   exposure, please contact the Editor at
   $15.00           $10.00                   $28.00
                (Ladies sizes only)      (XXL $30.00)
                                         (Blue & Gray)       Business Card $25.00/issue
           To Order, send an email to                        1/3 Page      $35.00/issue    1/2           $70.00/issue
                        3/4 Page      $110.00/issue   Full Page     $140.00/issue
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 Page 16                                                                                Foot Prints

Foot Prints
Newsletter Editor                Foot Prints is a quarterly publication of Indy Runners and is one of
 Donna Billiard                  many membership benefits. Foot Prints is mailed to the primary ad-
                                 dress for each membership via third class mail. Address corrections
Newsletter Staff                 should be mailed to: Indy Runners, PMB 162, 1427 W. 86th St., Indian-
 Jeremy Zieseniss                apolis, IN 46260.
 Bruce Walker
                                 Opinions expressed are those of the individual authors and not necessar-
Newsletter Contributors          ily those of RRCA or USATF of which Indy Runners is a member.
(this issue)
   Marsha Gascho                 Submitting material to the newsletter is open to all members. Articles,
   Kent Miller                   letters to the editor, or any related information may be submitted by
   Matt Morris                   e-mail to: in Word or ASCII; please do not
   Ralph Reiff                   format.
   Bruce Walker
   John Watkins                  Photos, original artwork, and advertising are always welcome.
   Donna Billiard Wright
                                 The editor does reserve the right to edit or decline submissions due to
                                 lack of space or inappropriate content.

                                 The schedule to submit to the editor materials for the newsletters is:

                                        Deadline                       Issue
                                        March 7, 2004                  April 2004

Foot Prints                                                                                   Presort Standard
                                                                                               U. S. Postage
A Publication of Indy Runners and Walkers                                                          Paid
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1427 W. 86th St., PMB 162                                                                     Permit No. 228
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