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									Guidelines for Buying a Home

Buying a home in today’s market can be tricky so here are some tips from a real estate expert who
knows the Greater Nashville Area. Monte Mohr has answers to some really great questions that were
sent in by the people of Middle Tennessee.

Ben and Beth from Spring Hill asked…

“We are 1st time buyers and have been watching your segments of Channel 4 for over a year now. We
want to use you to buy our home. What can we do before going out to look at home to insure that the
process goes smoothly?”

I really appreciate that Ben and Beth are thinking ahead and asking that question. Here is what we
should do:

1. Get you set up with my lender of choice to make sure that you are pre-approved for the process. If
you are pre-approved, you are like a cash buyer.

2. Sit down together, either over the phone or in person, to discuss your dream home and price point.

3. I’ll make sure to put you in an automated search system so that every time a home hits the market
that fits your criteria, you’ll be the first to be notified about it. The market is changing out there and we
don’t want to delay if you are seriously looking for a home.

Jeff from Mt. Juliet wrote in and asked…

“Our lease is up in a few months and we are thinking of buying a home soon. Do you think if we wait
another year that the prices could be even lower than they are now?

That is a good question and I think that a year or so ago, that would’ve been the right thing to do
possibly, but not now. I’m seeing the market change dramatically. The market probably bottomed out
about six months ago and now in some pockets I’m actually seeing it go back up again. Do not delay if
you are on a month-to-month lease right now; you are golden! What a wonderful place to be right now
because you can take advantage of today’s rates and prices. Do not wait.

Zach and Carrie from California asked…

“Our friends have told us that you are a very experienced real estate broker that we can trust. We are
moving to Middle Tennessee and want to buy a home in Franklin. We’re looking for something under
$325,000 and would appreciate any suggestions as to what neighborhoods you feel we should focus
on getting in to.”

There are many wonderful neighborhoods in Franklin – most of them are in fact – but the ones I’d
recommend at that price point are probably:
       Sullivan Farms
       Fieldstone Farms
       Dallas Downs
       McKay’s Mill
       Cottonwood

There really are a lot of good neighborhoods in Franklin. Just remember that the more important issue,
which I’ve already mentioned, is if you’re looking in those neighborhoods and at that price point you
need to make sure you get added to our automated notification system so that you’re the first to know
when something hits the market. It’s so frustrating when you find the home you love and somebody
beats you to it. There is nothing worse than that because you’re emotionally attached. You’ve started
building your nest and oops – it’s already gone!

To get on my automated notification list all you need to do is call me directly at (615) 300-8393 and I’d
be glad to set you up with this service at no charge. We will simply discuss what you’re looking for so we
can put that data into the system and then every time a home hits the market that fits your needs, you’ll
be the first to be notified; it’s a great system!

A lot of people are benefiting from this system. I’m fortunate to be closing 18 transactions this month
and many of those were buyers within our system that were notified and they were the first ones there
so they’re getting great deals.

Let’s check out some Happy Customers of the week…

Bret came from Florida not know anything about the area so we covered all of Middle Tennessee for
him. The real kicker about Bret is that he was a first time buyer and we got him into a house with no
money down; we even got his $500 earnest money back at closing so he was one happy camper!

“Uncle Monte helped making buying a home as stress free as possible!”

I’ve known Leonard and Lisa from Pleasant View for about 15 years now and I’ve helped them 3 times. I
can’t tell you how many people they’ve sent to me over the years because I had been able to help them.
This last time I was able to save them over $6,000 with our We Sell Homes For Free program. I love
Leonard and Lisa; they are a wonderful couple.

If you need help buying or selling your home please call Monte directly.

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