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					                                           Pre-read for GGL only
    Workshop tips                          Not to show students

    1. Goal is prepare students and parents for the trip
    2. Maintain excitement and ensure all feel
       comfortable with the journey
    3. Scratch paper and pens are needed for final activity

    Source of Photo: NASA

    Global Glimpse Trip Preparation

    Welcome Parents!

    Since they were accepted to Global
    Glimpse your students have attended a
    number of workshops
    They have :
    » Learned about the History and Culture of Nicaragua
    » Learned about Globalization and Development
    » Learned about their own leadership style
    » Fundraised
    » Become a team

    Now it is time to get ready for their trip!


    The Global Glimpse Experience
    » Learn and grow as an individual
    » Prepare for the independence of college
    » Develop leadership skills
    » Gain a perspective on the world
    » Take part in a service learning project and gain an
      understanding of the positive impact one person can
      have in the world.
    » Though you will have fun, this is a learning
      experience, not a beach vacation!
        – Our days are bussssyyyyy!!!!!
    The Global Glimpse Experience                   Be ready to ask
                                                    many questions!

    » Understand and appreciate world perspectives
      –   Meet with local youth, community leaders, and more

    The Global Glimpse Experience
    » A walk through history
      –   Visit murals, plazas, forts, and markets to learn about
          culture and history

     The Global Glimpse Experience
     » Experience a different way of life
       –   Visit Cattle ranches, farms, museums, churches, beaches,
           volcanoes, coffee plantations and more

     The Global Glimpse Experience
     » Teaching English community service
        – Support Nicaraguans in learning English, a skill that greatly increases
          their opportunities
        – Nicaraguan’s who speak English can double their salary

     » Design your own service
        – Learn about the struggles of the local community and different ways
          to support community development
        – Think about the skills and resources you have to convert your passion
          into action to address a local problem
        – You and your peers will identify a local need, design a service project
          in partnership with the local community and execute your project.

     An average weekday
        Typical Day:                                        Approximate Time
        Education Day
        Wake-up time and breakfast                          8:00 to 9:00
        Academic Seminar                                    9:00 -10:00
             Education in the developing world
        Field Trip                                          11:00-12:00
             Shadow a high school student for the morning
        Lunch                                               12:00 – 1:00pm
        Speaker                                             2:00 – 5:00pm
             Representative from department of education
             in Nicaragua
        Dinner                                              5:00 – 6:00pm
        Community Service                                   6:00 – 8:00 pm
        English Tutoring
        Nightly Meeting                                     8:00-8:30pm
        Rest & Relax                                        8:30-11:00pm
                           Weekends are fun days
     » Safety is our #1 priority. We are serving over 300 students on
       15 different 3 week programs to Nicaragua this summer.
     » Our host communities are safe and secure
        – Students do not spend time in Managua, the capital city
        – Remember, just like in any major American city, be sure to
           use your street smarts
     » All in country coordinators carry cell phones
     » All in country coordinators are first aid and CPR certified
     » Global Glimpse staff and leaders follow extensive safety
     » Students are never unsupervised


     » Global Glimpse is only a call away
        – Parents, you should now have the direct phone number to
          reach Global Glimpse. This number will go directly to the
          cell phone of the US staff member on call 24/7. Please only
          call our 1-800 number after business hours in case of
        – You may email us at any time and we will get back to you
          within 1-2 business days.
     » Each delegation is chaperoned by
        – 2 US Educators, 2 in-country Coordinators.


     » We purchase emergency medical evacuation
       insurance for each child.
        –   Insurance covers the following:
        –   Emergency Medical Evacuation (up to $100,000)
        –   Illness or medical treatment (up to $100,000)
        –   Loss of baggage (up to $1500)
        –   Baggage delay ($200)
     » Insurance does not cover trip cancellation

     Health and Medications
» Your prescribed medication may not be available in
      » Bring enough prescribed medication for 3 weeks.
      » Properly label medication
» Consult your physician, if you are concerned about
  vaccinations or shots
      – Depending on your situation, the state department
        recommends you ask your physician about: Hepatitis A
        vaccine, Hepatitis B vaccine, and Tetanus vaccines.
» Cypro, a generic antibiotic is a good medication to
  bring along.
•   Adventure trips to Leon: Hotel del Rey
•   Youth and Education to Matagalpa: Hostal Don Popo
•   Colorful Culture trips to Leon: Casa Santiago
•   Peace and Development to Esteli: El Tomabu
•   Poverty and Human Rights to Jinotega: Hotel Kiuras

Global Glimpse students stay in hostels. They
Are not 5 star hotels, but they do have
western style beds and lovely

Hostel owners and staff are
very friendly and treat our students
like family. Students will feel safe
And comfortable.

Hostels have 24 hour security.
     Students it at pre-approved restaurants and try a variety of local foods and fruit juices.

                                                     » Vegetarian options are available
                                                     » Let your in-country
                                                       coordinators know when you
                                                       arrive at the airport in
                                                     » We provide purified water at all
                                                     » Do not drink tap water, it is not
                                                       safe for you.
                                                     » YOU MUST bring a 1 Liter water
                                                       bottle and have it with you at
                                                       all times. Drink often to avoid
     Blogs: Read about the student's trip

     First you must find your child’s group




     Dress Code
     (don’t tell us we didn’t tell you )
     For your safety and to be good representatives of the USA. Nicaraguans dress
        very nicely and value appearance and cleanliness
     » During speakers and key events:
        » Closed toed shoes
        » Covered shoulders
     » All the time:
        » No booty shorts or short shorts
        » No skirts above the knee
        » No spaghetti straps
        » Shoes: Closed toe shoes are required for all activities

     » Generally dress as you would at school-no highly promiscuous clothing (booty
       shorts, tube tops, string bikinis, etc…shorts must reach to your finger tips when

     Weather                                          Sturdy 1 liter
                                                      water bottle
     » Leon: Very hot and humid, occasional heavy downpours
         – Expect hot and humid weather in Leon especially(85-100 F)
     » Jinotega, Estelí and Matagalpa: Often warm and sunny during
        the day, cool showers daily and nightly. Fog can be heavy in
         – Sweatshirts and long sleeved shirts are necessary in
           Jinotega, Matagalpa and Estelí and on cool evenings (and on
           the air-conditioned flight)
     » Expect frequent downpours especially in the mountain cities.
       You must pack a poncho or light raincoat (or compact umbrella).
         – May to mid-November is the rainy season
                                                    Also in your student
     What to Pack:                                       handbook
     Bottoms    5 pairs of comfortable pants or long shorts/skirts that
                 reach to the knee
                3-4 pairs of shorts (for guys, khaki shorts and gym shorts)
                 gym shorts only for lounging in hostel or beach use only
                1 pair of jeans

     Tops       6-8 short sleeve shirts (no spaghetti straps)
                2 long sleeve shirts / sweatshirt for plane ride or cool
                (If you are going to Jinotega, Matagalpa or Estelí bring 2-
                 3 long sleeve shirts and/or sweatshirts)

     Head Gear  Hat and Sunglasses

                                                 Also in your student
     What to Pack:                                       guide
Shoes      2 pairs of supportive sneakers/running shoes /casual close
            toed shoes that go with everything (VERY IMPORTANT) no
            heels (For hiking and a lot of walking)
           1 pair of casual dress shoes
           Flip flops or sandals (waterproof) for the shower and beach
Swimsuit  Sturdy Swimsuit (No string bikinis)
           Beach Towel
Underwear  Enough underwear to last you 8-10 days between washes

Socks       8 pairs of socks

Rain        An umbrella, light rain jacket or rain poncho

                                     Bring Clothes You’re Willing to Get
                                           Dirty or Leave Behind!

     What to Pack
Baggage      1 check luggage (must be under 50 pounds)
             1 small backpack to carry water, journal, sunscreen, bug
              spray, book, and raingear around during field trips
Other        Money: $80-$200 for visa, laundry, service, souvenirs or
             Make sure cash is clean and free of tears, markings, and
              excessive wrinkles
             1 liter water bottle REQUIRED (to drink the purified water
             1 Beach Towel and 1 Face Towel
             Sunscreen! Bug Spray! B1 vitamins!
             Wrist watch
             Cord to connect camera to computer (if you want)
                                               Don’t Over-Pack!
      You have to carry your own          1 checked luggage allowed
              luggage!!!                  2nd piece only allowed for
26                                                donations
                                                      Don’t be afraid to use
     Do NOT Pack                                  the same shirt multiple times

        – This is a time to disconnect from technology
        – We do not want you to rack up a large international phone bill
        – We do not want you to risk losing your phone
        – If you must bring your phone to use in the airport in the US please
           turn it off and give it to your GGL to store for the duration of the trip.
           No cell phones will be allowed under any circumstances.
     » An excessive amount of clothes
        – Special occasion clothes or delicate fabrics
        – Valuable or Flashy jewelry
     » Un-necessary documents (e.g., Social Security Card, ATM or Credit Cards)
     » Anything that needs to be locked up
        – Adults will have access to a small space to keep things locked up only if
           you give it to them
     Do NOT Pack
     » NO Computers or electronic video players
     »You can bring an iPod, digital camera or video-
      camera but Global Glimpse is not responsible if it is
      stolen, disappears or breaks
       » Ipods will only be allowed in the hostel or on the bus, if
         they are seen outside the hostel or the bus they will be

                The electrical current is 110 AZ/ 60
               hertz. Electrical plugs are identical to
                          those in the US
     » Depending on the city you visit, you will do your own laundry
       at a local laundromat or we will have a laundry person hand
       wash your clothes. You will pay for your own laundry so
     » Don’t bring clothes that need special care when getting
        – Colors and whites can accidently get mixed together
        – There is no dry cleaning or special requests
     » Laundry will be done 2 times during your trip!
     » Label your clothes because you laundry will be mixed with

 • Service Project: $15-50 (no more than $50)
 • Spending money: $80-200
 • Souvenirs can range from $1 to $25 each
    – Snacks and refreshments are about $1 each
    – Laundry varies between $5-$10 per load
    – $10 to pay for Arrival Visa paid upon arrival at the airport in

 • Your money in your room is your responsibility not ours
      – You can give your money to a GG Leader to lock up and
        Global Glimpse will assume responsibility for those funds.
     Can I bring items to donate?

     »   Books in English and Spanish
     »   General school supplies
     »   Sports equipment
     »   Clothes (in good condition)

                                    2nd piece of luggage only
                                     allowed for donations

     » Time Zone: Nicaragua is an hour ahead of California

     » Letters sent to the U.S. will take, on average, ten days

     » Cell phone and communication policy
        – Personal cell phones are not allowed to be used (and should
          not be brought to or seen) while in Nicaragua
        – Students will be able to call home regularly during free time
          and call centers are available everywhere
        – We will try to have the students call home the night we arrive,
          but if we cannot we’ll call the next day
     » Parents, please only call us in an emergency
        – Missing your child is not an emergency
        – Our staff are busy running the programs
     Parents frequently asked questions
     How can I contact my       Follow the daily blog to learn what the students are doing in
                                Nicaragua. Email your child at their personal email address
                                In an emergency, call us at the emergency phone number on
                                the refrigerator flyer.
     What if I cannot reach     Call again. We will have a US staff member on call 24/7 so call
                                again if no one picks up your call.
     Global Glimpse on the 1-
     800 number?
     What happens if I don’t    If you do not hear from Global Glimpse, that is a good thing. It
                                is your child’s choice to call or email you. We cannot make
     hear from you or my
                                them. Students are offered access to the internet frequently,
     child?                     though it depends on the activities during the week.

     How do I know my child     First, check the blog (we usually post on it late at night).
                                Students will try to call home the first evening. If it is too late
     has arrived safely
                                to go to a call center we will call the next day. Please do not
                                worry if you do not hear from us immediately.
     What if my child does      This is a serious offence and the student can be sent home at
                                their family’s expense (this is at Global Glimpse’s discretion)
     not follow the rules?
     » Check your flight information in the portal to know
       when you need to arrive at the airport.
        – You need to arrive at the airport 3 hours before your scheduled flight.
          If your flight is at 7:05 am you should arrive at 4:05 am. If your flight is
          at 1:22 am you should arrive at 10:22 pm the night before!
        – We encourage families to carpool to the airport
     » 2 copies of your passport are needed before you can
       check-in. Give one copy to the Global Glimpse leader.
       You should also carry a copy yourself in a zip-locked
       bag in your luggage!
        Please take a pen and circle your trip date on your “parent


     • Pick up students at International Arrivals on
       lower level of the San Francisco Airport
       International Terminal
       – We should be at the baggage claim approximately
         30-60 minutes after our flight lands


                                               Parents join
     Letting Go                                   in! 
 » Take out your journal or a piece of paper

 » Number paper #1-10

 » List 10 Things You Absolutely Love


     »   Cross two lines off your list
     »   Cross three more lines off your list
     »   Cross three more lines off your list
     »   Cross off the last two lines on your list

     Debrief: Letting Go Activity
     • What was not hard to cross off? Why?

     • What was hard to cross off? Why?

     • How did you make your final decisions?
        – What did you feel when you crossed off your final line?

     • How does this relate to our trip and homesickness?

     Nostalgia and Homesickness
 » It’s okay to miss home

 » It’s okay to miss your belongings

 » If you do feel homesick, voice it!
      – Talk to somebody, write in a journal, write a letter to your

 » It’s not okay to let homesickness overwhelm you


     Sharing the knowledge

     Global Glimpse and our donors believe in the
        importance of spreading our learning

     » Collect 4 adult community leaders’ emails
        – teachers, politicians, businessmen, etc. Not parents or
        – do not overlap with your friends

     » During the trip you will send them an email about
       what you are learning.
     What to do between now and your trip

     1.    Turn in all payments
     2.    Put your passport # on the GG portal “my trip” page
     3.    Photocopy your passport (to give to your GG Leader)
     4.    Pack early
     5.    Collect 4 adult leader emails
     6.    Get to know your fellow travelers
          1.   Sign up on the community site, facebook fan page
          2.   With your GG Leader, meet-up with the other schools

     Source of Photo: NASA


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