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					Charms Talismans and Spells: Well being of Children

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Child care is very delicate issue and we thnk that every one in this world have experienced it. Besides,
every child has faced problems in his life since his birth. Some times he faces the problem of fairies,
evil soul, evil eye, or any other supernatural or natural problem which disturbs the parents of the
child. Such problems continue with the child till he steps in the teen’s period. In this chapter we are
discussing some of the problems being faced by the children since birth which are very general in
nature but disturb the parents. It is suggested that the spells suggested for the problems should be
done as directed to reap most out of them.

1. If a child is notorious by nature then he should wear moonstone or pearl in the ring made of silver.
He will leave his habit.

2. If due to smartness the child of fell prey to the influence of evil eye then tie a small ball made of
mercury around his neck.

3. If during dentition child is facing problem then tie a teeth of a fish or a rosary made of seven shells
be tied around the neck of the child. He will not face any problem and during dentition he will not face
any problem.

4. If the child is scared of darkness or did not go alone then during any Tuesday of shukla paksha he
should take a small size book of Hanuman chalisa and offer it to the Hanumanji. Apply tilak of the
vermillion from the right shoulder of Hanumanji to the child and the book. Now spread a mat of red
colour and ask the child to sit over it and recited the chalisa for eleven times. Now make an amulet of
copper and keep the chalisa in it and ask the child to wear it.

5. If the child is unable to digest the mother’s feed or he vomits the milk fed by the mother then take
1 ¼ gms. Of milk on any Saturday. Swivel it over the child for seven times and give that milk to a
black stray dog.

6. If your child is habitual of discharging urine in bed then bring some soil from grave yard or
cemetery or cremation ground. Put it in a small bowl made of silver and get it embed in soil through
your child near a peepal tree. The child would give up this habit.

7. If your child is habitual of gnashing tooth then during some auspicious hora or on Monday make
your child wear a Rudraksh in the neck tied in red thread.
8. It is seen that some children are habitual of playing with pebbles and while playing they throw them
here and there. Besides they do something which surprise the parents or elders. For such children the
parents should get one bottle of liquor donated in the temple of Shri Bharionji on Saturday and till he
gives up the habit the child should offer one chapatti after applying oil to it to a black dog on every

9. Many times it has been seen that some children are influenced by evil eye at early intervals. To
ward off this problem recite Hanuman Baahuk for five times and whiffs it out on the child after every
recitation. Before reciting the Baahuk keep a wristlet made of copper at the feet of Lord Hanumanji.
After five times recitation ask the child to wear the wristlet in his right hand.

10. Many times we observe that some children fell ill at regular intervals. This spell is very useful for
such children. If this spell is done during some auspicious hora then it will give more effective fruits
otherwise it could be done on any day as per the need. On the first Tuesday of Shukal paksh make a
wristlet of ashatdhatu (eight metals-gold, silver, copper, brass, tin, lead, iron, and bell metal) of the
right hand size of your child and put it in the feet of Hanumanji. On Saturday apply the vermillion of
the right foot to the wristlet. Now recite panchmukhi Shri Hanuman Kavach then Bajrangbaan followed
by Hanuman Bahuk once each respectively. Now recite Hanuman Chalisa for eleven times and after
touching the feet of Hanumanji prey Him to save the child from the evil eye which cause illness to
him. Now give the wristlet to the child to wear it. After this your child will not face any problem due to
evil eye.

11. Some times it is seen that children startle during sleep. If a peacock feather is put under their
pillow then they will not do so.

12. The another spell for treating the child for the same disease is, on the Tuesday night lit eleven
incense stick each having fragrance of rose and sandal in front of idol of lord Hanumanji while reciting
Hanuman chalisa. Collect the ash on bhoojpatra and make a paste by adding water of Ganges to it.
Now apply this paste near the navel area every second day. By the grace of god the child will leave
this habit.

13. Some times it is observed that a child keeps on crying without any reason. Some times fever is
found to be the cause for that. To ward off this evil take some sulphur, salt, husk of wheat, seven red
chillies, and a stick of broom in a paper. Ask the child to sit against the fireplace at house and throw
the packet in the fire while rotating anticlockwise over the child. The problem would be solved.

Talisman for well being of children
1. This talisman is written on a piece of paper and should be dissolved in water for sixty times. Now,
that water is to be consumed by the child who stammers. The child will gradually leave the habit of

2. When a child weeps too much during the day, or night or during sleep or frightens in sleep or sees
dreadful dreams either of the following talismans be used for relief. These talismans are written and
worn in neck of the child.

                           8     11    14    1

                           13    2     7     12

                           3     16    9     6

                           10    5     4     15

                           8     19    22    1

                           3     2     7     3

                           3           17    6

                           18    5     4     23

                           486   7     2     49

                           9     492   488   5

                           493   10    8     487

                           6     495   491   3

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Description: Among charms we find gems, jewels, coins, vases, goblets, stones, weapons, herbs, trees, skull, bones, buildings, animals, water, human beings, there is also that large section called spells where the charm consists of a formula of words or written characters often the object and formula being used in conjunction which are known as talismans. They may also be classed as individual, family, tribal and national. Classification of charms is a difficult matter for the forces at work though sometimes distinct will often unite and work in conjunction. There are many forms of words and designs by means of which certain occult results are supposed to be achieved, these are usually called spells. The book covers the matter related to charms, talismans and spells in length. It also tries to tell every aspect related to this subject. The author has associated the subject with Astrology so that the readers could achieve more through it.
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