Friends of Baseball Announces One Million Baseball Cleat

					                                           May 7th 2012
               Friends of Baseball Announces
          One $ Million Baseball Cleat Distribution
We are very excited to announce that in association with our community partner, Oregon-based adidas, we
have formalized an agreement to exclusively distribute in excess of 11,000 pairs of Baseball Cleats to deserving
and underserved baseball programs throughout the United States.

Friends of Baseball was founded in 2006 as a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization in the State of Oregon to offer
underserved children equal access to the enhanced opportunities for social interaction, academic success, and
physical and emotional well-being gained through participation in youth baseball and softball team programs.
We work to ensure that all children, regardless of family finances, are able to play ball.

Due to the significance of this donation from adidas, our organization has chosen to reach outside of our
“Home State” of Oregon to insure that this distribution will fall into the hands and feet of youth where the
need is the greatest. We are now accepting applications in the hope of creating 22 distribution hubs
nationally that will assume responsibility for each area’s distribution of 500 pair ($45,000 MSRP). . Sizing
dictates a distribution for four Youth Baseball Hubs and eighteen High School age Hubs in Oregon and
throughout the United States. Cleat Grant Applications now being accepted through June 15th 2012

 Yes . . . In a Perfect World we want these adidas cleats on the feet of players who
 may never have enjoyed the Very Personal Thrill of Wearing a Brand New Pair . . .

The Board of Directors of Friends of Baseball is very excited and appreciative to have been given this
opportunity to support and give back to the game that has given us so much: opportunities and lessons that
have served a lifetime.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Warm and Personal Regards,

Keenan Longcor
Founder, Executive Director
Friends of Baseball

  “A life is not important except in the impact it makes on other lives. . .” Jackie Robinson

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                            Distribution Hub Criteria

We ask that . . .
     Organizations receiving cleats must confirm Distribution Hub availability and shipping address. 500
      pair of Cleats will be shipped in 5-pallet lots, 100 pair per pallet, with an approximate measurement of
      4’ x 8.3’ x 8.3’. (50 boxes of 10 total)

     Organizations receiving cleats agree to pay a $3.00 per pair shipping and handling fee associated with
      the acceptance of the 500 pairs of cleats to be used to support of Friends of Baseball’s current and
      future programs. Friends of Baseball understands and accepts the need for some organizations to
      pass along a $3 to $5 (Maximum) fee plus shipping costs per pair to affiliate organizations for
      administration of this distribution.

     Organizations receiving cleats agree to make a $750 deposit prior to shipment with the balance due no
      later than October 1, 2012. Please confirm this is understood.

     Organizations receiving cleats will recognize Friends of Baseball and adidas in all media releases,
      promotional announcements and on appropriate internet websites.

     Each organization’s Distribution Hub pledges to distribute the cleats solely within their own
      organization or partner organizations that can demonstrate compelling need in their communities.
      You may choose to use the Federal reduced and free lunch guidelines as a measure for need.

     Coaches accepting the cleats will be instructed that they are intended for their most deserving players
      and should be distributed over a 1-3 year period based on established need. The cleats cannot be
      redistributed, sold and or used in any way other than “on the field.”

     Organizations receiving cleats agree to send Friends of Baseball a distribution status update listing
      affiliate programs that have benefited from this program; update must be received no later than
      January 1, 2013. Upon final distribution of cleats, a complete listing of all affiliate programs in receipt
      of cleats must be received no later than April 1, 2013. Pictures of cleat distribution are highly
      encouraged and appreciated so we can share in the excitement of the program.

     We invite organizations nationally to apply with stated commitments to these criteria and their
      abilities to fulfill the spirit of these objectives no later than June 15th 2012.
       Grant Application Guidelines for adidas Baseball Cleats
IMPORTANT NOTE: No later than June 1, 2012, and prior to submitting your completed application, please
        email a notice of your intent to apply for an adidas ~ Friends of Baseball cleat grant to

                         We highly encourage Early Grant Submission!
Please tell us about your organization and how an award of 500 pair of adidas baseball cleats will benefit the
youth in your community. Cleats are available in a full range of sizes and will be distributed consistent with the
needs of your players. Your grant application should include a cover letter signed by and executive board
member in addition to no more than 2 typed single-spaced pages addressing all of the following topics:

      Name of Organization, contact information including email, phone and mailing address, and
       Distribution Hub address

      Approximate size of your organization in total players and number of youth who participate in your
       baseball programs

      What criteria will your organization use in order to determine needs within the community? Please be

      Please tell us how you plan to effectively manage the distribution of 500 pair of cleats. Include how
       this will be accomplished over a 1 to 3 year period and how you will monitor the distribution to ensure
       that the cleats have gone to the most deserving players.

      Who in your organization is responsible for submitting the required distribution update and final
       distribution report to Friends of Baseball? Please include name, email and contact information.

      How will adidas and Friends of Baseball be recognized if your cleat grant is awarded?

Grantees will be notified via email the last week of June 2012 relating to the outcome of their grant
application. Questions and grant submissions will be accepted via email at:
and at the address below.

  “A life is not important except in the impact it makes on other lives. . .” Jackie Robinson

                  Friends of Baseball ● 1830 NE 11th Ave. #4 ● Portland, OR ● 97232
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