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					Charms Talismans and Spells: Influence of Black Magic and Evil Eye

Dr. Shanker Adawal

It will now be necessary to make a short study of magic, if we desire any thing like a reasonable
explanation as to the power behind and manifesting through charms and kindred objects. It may be
that the world has raised superior to such superstitions but before taking it for granted that
superstition and magic are the same thing and that the theories of the old seers are not suited for the
present age but it could be said that the magic of yesterday may be the science of tomorrow. Pushpak
viman, Agni ban, Brahma astra were a magical or spiritual power but today science has proved them
in the shape of cruise missiles or ballistic missiles and aeroplanes.

It will thus be seen that magic is a high system and state of knowledge in both philosophy and
science. At an early period it was divided into four classes. These were: first-natural magic, second-
white magic, third-black magic and the fourth-divine magic. We need only touch that class to which
our subject belongs, and that is black magic (Abhichara or nazar) or influence of evil eye where we are
brought into connection with the world of unseen powers through artificial or natural agents.

Indian astrology also talks of Black Magic. Indications of Black magic can be checked in the horoscope
with the following indications:-

1. Bandhakesh associated with 6th house or lord.

2. 6th lord is in 1st, 7th or 12th house and Mars occupies or aspects ascendant.

3. Ketu is in 1st, 4th or 10th house and Mars aspects ascendant.

Now after checking these combinations one must suggest some remedies in the form of some spell,
charms or talismans. Now here we are giving some of them for the use of our readers.

Planets and Days

It has been observed that a few persons fall ill or face troubles on a specific day due to some or other
reasons. It is believed that it is influence of some evil eye and it is our belief that following general
remedies will ward off such evils. Of course, if you perform them in the normal ways then the evils can
be averted or minimized. Then why you wait for eventuality to take place? So, here we provide some
effective general readings and remedial measures connected with various planes for days and nights
of week for the candid use of readers and for the practitioners.
1. Saturday: - If one feels trouble and falls ill on Saturday, the effects are of malefic Saturn. Effects
will be felt for eight days. One will feel troubled, the whole body will be heavy, feel thirsty and one will
sleep peaceful. If the boy or child falls ill he will weep day and night will not take milk which indicates
that his/her mother had fed with milk before another lady and the child is the victim of evil eye and
one has to suffer for seven day. In such case 1 ¼ seer of black urad, 1.25 yards black cloth and small
quantity of halwa (sweet meat) be donated and talisman of Saturn for cure from Evil eye should be
worn on the neck. The day lord is Saturn.

2. Sunday: - A person facing troubles or falling sick on Sunday will experience the same for 14 days,
and then will recover. The reasons can be of not wearing adequate clothes and over eating some white
food. He will fell feverish and headache. Feel restlessness during day and night. Eyes will be red and
face will be pale. He will avoid talking to any body and will feel fear in dreams. The remedy will be
curd, rice, used cloth of person affected or seven chapattis rubbed with oil be donated. The day lord is

3. Monday: - The day lord is Moon. The patient will remain in bed for fortnight. The reason for his
illness can be due to evil eye, over eating of white coloured food. If the man is sick, he will feel
headache, disorder of stomach and pain in body. In such case turmeric and red vermillion be applied
on the person. A white hen, 1 ¼ kg of sesame, one white chicken, and mustard oil and 1 ¼ masha
silver to be donated.

4. Tuesday: - The day lord is Mars. The patient will remain in bed for ten days. The illness can be due
to some soul, which may be present in his house or there is some tree in the house where the soul
resides. The indications of illness are that person feels pain in belly and umbilicus, there is a shivering
in the body. One should donate cloth of red colour 1.25 meters, red lentils, Baranj, Kanjad, a few
flowers of pomegranate tree, one cloth worn by patient seven kilos wheat, 1 ¼ kilos mustard oil and
one red chicken after showing to the patient.

5. Wednesday: - The day lord is mercury. The person falling sick on Wednesday indicates that one
will feel pain in back, chest and headache. One should donate a food goaded with ghee, a four meter
long cloth, small quantity of silver, one egg and one white chicken. In case of boy make a lamp of
flour with four wicks and ghee. Lit this lamp and throw in the river. Also donate salt, moth (a kind of
kidney bean) and baranj.

6. Thursday: - The day lord is Jupiter. One will remain in bed for ten days. The indication is pain in
waist, head and umbilicus, one will feel fear in sleep. In such case donate red chicken yellow red and
black coloured pieces of cloth, mehndi (myrtle) leaves, 0.25 kg wheat and small quantity of silver.

In case a boy falls ill he will not have breast feed of his mother, will vomit after taking anything,
continuous weeping, his colour will gradually become yellow. In such case make a lamp of barley flour
with four wicks, and lit it with ghee. Prepare kheer (mixture of rice and milk) and flow it in the river
after showing to the patient, kheer should be donated.
7. Friday: - The person falling ill on Friday will remain in bed for 11 days. One should feel
inactiveness in body, headache, red eyes and murmuring in dreams. Collect dust of four places where
four crossings meet or ash from cemetery or cremation ground, blood of white goat, these two mixed
together. One deep of mash floor, small quantity of turmeric and vermillion be collected. All these
items to be put in a new earthen pot after wrapping in black cloth and should be thrown in the river.
One should also donate one load of ¼ kg small quantity of silver and 1 ¼ yards white cloth.

If a boy falls ill then one should burn the hair or tail of crow or chicken and body be put to this smoke.
One should donate kheer after completing the whole exercise.

Spells and charms for uprooting the effect of blackmagic or influence of
evil eye

Any person can fell prey to the influence of evil eye at any which is remedied only through some spells
or some talismans. It is believed that a person can fell prey to black magic by the deeds of some
enemy but a person can come under the influence of evil eye of any near or dear. If someone is
influenced by a beloved then the harm would be very less but if it is a deed of some enemy that it
may harm him to any extent. Some people are very jealous by nature. One should refrain from such
people because their very sight brings the child or some one under the influence the influence of evil
eye. To know whether the person is under the influence of black magic or evil eye one should check
whether the native is suffering from fever or looks like in a drowsy state due to intoxication, pain in
the body parts, and other such abnormal things which are never observed in a normal person. Here
we are giving some spells and charms for uprooting such things:-

1. When a person is under the influence of evil eye then take 225 gms. Of alum and spin it over the
person for twenty one times and throw it at a crossing. After doing so do not turn around.

2. Another spell for warding off the influence of evil is, take a whole lemon and while reciting the
mantra “…” spin the lemon over the native for twenty one times. Any member of the family can take
the lemon to any crossing and cut it into four pieces and throw each piece on every road. Leave the
knife there.

3. If a person is influenced by black magic then take a black thread which should be seven times long
to the height of the native. Now rotate the thread over the native seven times in anti clock-wise
direction. Now go to a pepal tree and tie the around it after properly worshipping it. After tying the
thread, the person who is performing the spell, say that I am giving the problem of the said person
(say the name of the native) to you. After performing the whole spell do not turn around. Before
entering the home perform ablution.

4. Take seven whole dry red chillies. Spin it over the affected person and burn it into fire. If the
person would be affected by the evil eye then while burning the chillies dry cough would be felt.
5. Take seven pieces of sea salt and rotate them over the effected person for seven times and after
doing so put the seven pieces in the fire. The person would be relieved.

6. If this spell is done either on Tuesday or Saturday then it would be more beneficial. If required, it
could be done on any day as per the need. In this spell take two coloured threads (of any textile)
equal to the length of the native of red and black colour. Now keep them aside and take similar
coloured threads which should be seven times of the length of the effected person. Now rotate this
thread over the whole body of the effected person for seven times and after doing so give it a shape
of rope used for fastening trousers or gowns. Now the effected person should wear the gown or
trouser for three hours and keep a bowl full of mustard oil on his head side.

In the second part of this spell the person undertaking the spell should ask the person to lie down at
such a place from where that person can burn the thread from a distance of seven feet. Now wet the
two threads in the oil by separating them and again rotate them over the native for seven times. Hang
them with the help of a pin and keep two bowls filled with water under them. Now take the first two
threads which are equal to the length of the native. The black thread should be tied on the right
thumb of the foot and red on the left. In case of females it should be done vice-versa.

Now the person should ask the effected person to watch the process of burning of the threads. He
should be asked to watch the last piece of the thread burning and dropping in the water. You will
notice some tears in the eyes of the native which is a sign of release from the clutches of the evil eye.
After performance of the spell the native should sleep. Untie the threads tied in the feet of the native
and the next day tie them on the pepal and water it with the water of the bowls. It is a tested spell.

Talisman for uprooting the effect of black magic or of evil eye

1. This talisman is prepared on bhoojpatra with ashatgand or be embossed or engraved on a copper or
stainless plate. It is kept in person. It will save the persons from all evil effects and protect him from
other troubles etc.

                         32566    32559    32564

                         32511    32563    32565

                         32562    32567    32560

2. The talisman shown below is written on deer skin and is kept. The person who will keep this
talisman with him will be protected from all such ills, troubles etc.
3. This talisman is used for many purposes. This is tested one and has been used by the authors for
many purposes. For love cases write this talisman and lit in earthen pot with kunjad oil, the deep
should face towards the concerned person. For enmity use mustard oil and face towards enemy. For
any person affected by the souls or black magic etc. use mustard oil and face towards him.

                         58228     58243    58250

                         58249     58247    58245

                         58244     58251    58246

4. Any of the talismans be kept in person or worn on arm.

                         7906     7909     7913     7919

                         7913     7900     7905     7910

                         7901     7916     7207     7904

                         7908     7903     7902     7915

                         3        3        3        3
                         516      519      522      509

                         3        3        3        3
                         521      510      515      520

                         3        3        3        3
                         511      524      517      514

                         3        3        3        3
                         518      513      512      523

5. To remove the influence of evil eye this talisman is written and a wick of the same talisman be lit in
cow ghee in the house after writing on bhoojpatra. All will be safe even for future.

                         16639     16642    16645     16632

                         16644     16633    16638     16643
                          16640    16647   16640     16637

                          16641    16636   16635     16646

6. When a child weeps too much during the day or night or during sleep or frightens in sleep or sees
dreadful dreams either of the following talismans be used for relief. These talismans be written and
worn in the neck of the child. Any of the talismans can be used.

 8         19        22       1

 3         2         7        3

 3         Child’s   17       6

 18        5         4        23

 8         11        14       1

 13        2         7        12

 3         16        9        6

 10        5         4        15

 486       7         2        49

 9         492       488      5

 493       10        8        487

 6         495       491      3

 7906      7909      7913     7919

 7913      700       7905     7910

 7901      7916      7207     7904

 7908      7903      7902     7915

7. For the purpose of cure from evil eye write this talisman on copper plate and wear it in the neck of
child etc. either on Tuesday or Saturday.
The same talisman could be written on the piece of earthen pot with coal. The child should keep it
while playing and for the period he is out of house.

                        46       1        85       86

                        7        9        42       25

                        78       72       9        55

                        7        5        39       2

                        43       1        85       85

                        8        9        42       25

                        78       72       9        55

                        7        5        39       8

8. When a boy fears during sleep this talisman is very useful. Write this yantra and put in neck of
child on Sunday with the juice of basil tree on red paper, show to the boy and bury it in the jungle.

9. To protect the child from evil eye and save him from disease etc. use the following talisman.
Inscribe it on copper plate and put in the neck of the child or one can write it on bhoojpatra with the
stylus of pomegranate with saffron. Perform puja with dhoop etc. and wear in neck in an amulet of
copper. The child will not fall ill.

                        72       51       33       42      50

                        71       98       82       9       19

                        25       37       49       52      11

                        22       45       27       9       71

10. This talisman is prepared on a paper with ashatgand and be worn in neck by the child or any body.
Write the name of the child in blank place.

11. Write this talisman with the ink of saffron on a paper. Wash it on Sunday before sunrise. The
water be taken by the patient he will be cured of windy complaints. Write the name of the patient in
the circle.

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Description: Among charms we find gems, jewels, coins, vases, goblets, stones, weapons, herbs, trees, skull, bones, buildings, animals, water, human beings, there is also that large section called spells where the charm consists of a formula of words or written characters often the object and formula being used in conjunction which are known as talismans. They may also be classed as individual, family, tribal and national. Classification of charms is a difficult matter for the forces at work though sometimes distinct will often unite and work in conjunction. There are many forms of words and designs by means of which certain occult results are supposed to be achieved, these are usually called spells. The book covers the matter related to charms, talismans and spells in length. It also tries to tell every aspect related to this subject. The author has associated the subject with Astrology so that the readers could achieve more through it.
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