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Certifyhere HP2-Q06 Exam - Selling HP BCS Solutions by certifyhere


Certifyhere offers HP HP2-Q06 questions and answers for your Selling HP BCS Solutions exam preparation. Download HP2-Q06 free sample to check the quality.

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									       HP HP2-Q06
HP2-Q06 : Selling HP BCS Solutions

             10 Q&A

            Version 3.0

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                 Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,
                                                                                              -2- Q: 1 According to estimates from the U. S Bureau of Labor,
what percentage of companies that suffer a significant data loss are out of business
within five years?

A. 63%

B. 73%

C. 83%

D. 93%

Answer: D Q: 2 HP claims that as a result of the developments outlined
in HP Project Odyssey, system reliability will increase 68x. Against what was the

A. the HP DL980 server

B. a mainstream competitor's system

C. the previous generation of Integrity server

D. the previous generation of Superdome

Answer: C Q: 3 Up to what percentage can customers expect to reduce
total cost of ownership (TCO) by using HP CloudSystem Matrix for HP-UX?

                Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,
A. 26%

B. 36%

C. 46%

D. 56%

Answer: D Q: 4 Your customer's IT department is upgrading from a
sole "supplier" or builder of services. What is the next generation IT department
expected to deliver?

A. IT will continue to develop new applications in-house to meet business needs.

B. IT will become the builder AND the broker of IT services.

C. IT will be outsourced to public and private cloud providers.

D. IT will determine the business and IT Strategy and take greater control of budgets.

Answer: D Q: 5 Which types of Integrity servers can support vPars v5?
(Select two)

A. bl890c i2

B. Bl860c and bl870c

C. cell-based Integrity Servers

D. Superdome 2

                Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,
E. rx6600

Answer: D, E Q: 6 Which level of granularity does a vPar have?

A. 1/20th of a core

B. one full core

C. a cell or blade cell

D. a full server

Answer: B Q: 7 Which HP product allows SAP instances to recover
within minutes after a failure?

A. Serviceguard extensions for SAP (SGeSAP)

B. HP Matrix OE

C. HP Storageworks

D. HP Serviceguard Manager

Answer: A Q: 8 What is the goal of HP in Converged Infrastructure

                   Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,
A. to bring together all elements of infrastructure provisioning into a manageable
common environment

B. to make hardware and software systems less expensive

C. to migrate customers from legacy platforms

D. to simplify datacenter power and cooling operations and management

Answer: A Q: 9 Which statement best describes the features of a
High-Availability Cluster?

A. It is a cluster where redundancy and recovery techniques are used to provide
continuous application availability

B. It can cut the cost of common data center tasks by up to 40%.

C. It is a cluster that is a group of linked computers working together as one compute

D. Is a web search engine cluster, which can ignore the loss of a single server.

Answer: A Q: 10 Which HP-UX product enables automated resource
allocation based on business priorities?

A. HP-UX Base Operating System

B. Insight Dynamics - VSE for Integrity

                Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,
C. Global Workload Manager (gWLM)

D. HP Serviceguard

Answer: C

              Leading the way in IT testing and certification tools,

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