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Among charms we find gems, jewels, coins, vases, goblets, stones, weapons, herbs, trees, skull, bones, buildings, animals, water, human beings, there is also that large section called spells where the charm consists of a formula of words or written characters often the object and formula being used in conjunction which are known as talismans.
They may also be classed as individual, family, tribal and national. Classification of charms is a difficult matter for the forces at work though sometimes distinct will often unite and work in conjunction. There are many forms of words and designs by means of which certain occult results are supposed to be achieved, these are usually called spells.
The book covers the matter related to charms, talismans and spells in length. It also tries to tell every aspect related to this subject. The author has associated the subject with Astrology so that the readers could achieve more through it.

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									Charms Talismans and Spells: Different Types of Diseases

Dr. Shanker Adawal

There is a proverb that “early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” It is the
desire of the every one that he should always keep himself fit and enjoy the life with full luxuries. No
one thinks that he should face the wrath of sorrow in his life which is of many kinds. Unhealthy body is
among one of the sorrows which a person faces in his life. It is the belief in Hindu mythology that
these health related problems are associated with the doings of his previous birth which could not be
remedied with the help of medical sciences. No doubt, most of the diseases are caused due to
malnutrition and medical sciences have remedies for them. Besides proper medical care there are
some spells, charms and talisman which, if performed in letter and spirit, can heal the diseases in
addition to medical aid.

Cardiac Problem: - When a person is suffering from cardiac problem or observe symptoms of cardiac
related diseases then he should read Aditya Hridayam and wear panch mukhi (five faced) Rudraksh
along with it. The native should wear these Rudraksh in a long thread which should touch his heart.
He should also put these Rudraksh in a bowl filled of water during night time and in the morning he
should consume the water empty stomach. Besides performing these remedies the native is advised to
flow a square piece of copper in the flowing water for forty three days in a row. Offer jiggery and
wheat to a cow on every Sunday.

Take two bowls of copper and put honey and cow’s ghee in them respectively. Now put one copper
ring each in the bowl and put the same in the direct Sun light for three hours. Now wear the ring from
the ghee bowl while facing the sun and regularly eat the honey till you recovered from the problem.

Skin Problem: - When someone is facing skin problems then he should mix ratanjyot with coconut oil
and put the same in the direct sunlight for eight days and from ninth day he should start using it over
infected area. For early efficacy he should recite the Sun mantra with the rosary of red sandal. You
can also wear garnet in copper.

Depression: - Here one should not understand that depression is another form of mental retardness.
Depression means that when someone is totally exhausted after his daily work. For this purpose the
native is advised to take the five almonds, sugar candy, and some cream of milk and after two hours
grind them together. If you will recite the Aditya Hridyam them it would certainly enhanced the its
efficacy. If some mental problem is striking you daily then on first Sunday of Shukla Paksha take a
teeth of Rabbit and keep it in an amulet of copper and wear it. For more efficacy you can wear Surya
Kant Mani.

Epilepsy: - This is a very dangerous type of disease. No one can predict its time of attack. Hence, one
has to be more careful for it. Wear Surya Yantra and read Aditya Hridyam daily. Besides take a
nutmeg and make a hole through it and pierce a red thread through it and if possible make a ring of
donkey’s hoof along with kesar Chandermani and wear them on your body.
Cold: - The native is attacked by cough, cold, problems related to liver when Moon is afflicted in the
chart. So to get rid of such problems the native should draw Moon yantra with the stylus of Holy basil
during some good hora with the ink of saffron on bhooj patra. If the problem is on higher side then
starting from Shukla Paksha take a white handkerchief, some sugar candy balls, and one square piece
of silver and flow them in flowing water on three Mondays in a row. Besides that light a lamp made of
rice floor and use camphor’s wick and pure ghee in it.


1. This talisman is written and worn in neck fro speedy recovery from diseases. It can be written on
bhoojpatra in ashatgandh. It is used in Rheumatic pain and diseases of belly. If some one is suffering
from belly pain and no medicine affects to reduce the pain. The talisman be written on the belly.

                  7       9       12       6

                  2       16      13       3

                  14      4       1        5

                  11      5       8        10

                  1555    1550    1557

                  1552    1554    1552

                  1551    1558    1553

2. In case a person falls ill and no medicine cures the patient. Then it is thought that the person may
not be subjected to outside evil influence of souls, ghosts Talisman etc. man then persons approach
tantric for check and treatment. In such cases we, provide below a few methods for checking and
talisman for cure of disease etc.

In case one is actually suffering from disease or is subjected to outer influence, one should write this
talisman on a new earthen pot and be put around the patient for seven times, then it should be
thrown in the fire, bright fire be lit. In case the digits written turns to be of white colour, the person is
infatuated with mantras, if become red of vanish, one is subjected to influence of souls. If the words
turn black, then the person is free from all effects and is actually sick in such case a doctor be
consulted otherwise a competent tantric can cure such patient.
3. This talisman is written and worn in neck fro speedy recovery from diseases. It can be written on
bhoojpatra in ashatgandh. It saves the person from unexpected troubles.

                 10545       10538    10543

                 10540       10541    10544

                 10542       10546    10539

4. This talisman is used for recovery from fever. It is written in black ink on bhoojpatra and worn arm
on Friday.

                 3545    3533        3546       3533

                 3545    3548        3539       3544

                 3535    3545        3541       3538

                 3542    35337       3536       3547

5. When the fever is prolonged and is not cured early write this talisman on bhoojpatra and is worn in
neck. This is written with black ink. One will recover.

                 3       8       1          23

                 2       32      21         7

                 25      3       6          18

                 5       19      4          -

6. When a person has heart attack or there is a depression of heart, prepare this talisman on Friday
before sunrise for seven days continuously. On the first day write two talismans one be worn in neck
other be dissolved in water and the water is taken by the patient. After that daily one talisman be
taken. One will be cured. Another talisman is written and wrapped in raw cotton threads and tie it
around the heart. Cure will be there.

                 2231    2235    2238       2224

                 2237    2225    2230       2236
                2226    2240    2223    2229

                2234    2238    2227    2239

Any of the talismans be written on bhoojpatra with saffron and is worn in the neck, the patient will
recover. The talisman should be of silver or copper.

                1233    1337    1331    1226

                1339    1227    1236    1238

                1228    1232    1235    1231

                1236    1230    1229    1231

7. When a person is suffering is suffering from gall bladder stone problem then he should drink water
of by dissolving the talisman in it. He will certainly be cured.

                2       7       6

                9       5       1

                4       3       8

8. This talisman is written on Sunday in Shukla paksh on Bhoojpatra. The talisman tied around waist
by the patient. This will cure piles.

                9       2       12      6

                11      12      2       6

                9       2       63      14

                4       12      6       4

9. Write this talisman on bhoojpatra with ashatgandh and paste it on the forehead of the patient.
Jaundice will be cured. Write the name of the patient in the blank space.

10. For cure from all types of fevers, write any of the talismans on a paper with ink and place it in
neck or on arm of the patient. One will be cured of all types of fevers. 101.
                 7       1       8

                 6       5       2

                 2       9       4

11. The following four talismans are used for general cure from diseases:-

i. This talisman is embossed on silver plate or engraved and the talisman be put in the neck. The
patient will be cured.

                 23766       23759   23779    23764

                 23766       23779   23759    23767

                 23760       23765   23763    23777

                 23771       23762   23768    23757

ii. Write this talisman on silver or copper plate when Sun is in Aries between 13 th April to 15th May and
this talisman be kept with the sadhaka. One will be saved from all types of diseases however fatal
they may be.

                 4869    4872     4875    4862

                 4874    4863     4868    4873

                 4864    4877     4870    4867

                 4871    4862     4865    4876

iii. This talisman be worn by the patient in the neck and the talisman be washed in a china plate daily
for seven days for cure from disease. On china plate it should be written with saffron. The washed
water be taken by the patient.

                 2536    2539     2534    2529
                 2541    2530    2535    2540

                 2531    2544    2537    2534

                 2538    2523    2532    2543

iv. This talisman is written with saffron on a china plate and washed. The water thus be taken by the
patient or it should be written on a paper and worn in neck in a talisman of copper or silver. One will
have cure from diseases.

                 2168    2172    2170    2116

                 2174    2162    2167    2173

                 2163    2167    2170    2166

                 2171    2165    2164    2176

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