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									Charms Talismans and Spells: Clearing off the Debts

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Everyone wants to live luxurious life but due to increase in cost of living sometimes a person falls in
the trap of debts and his whole life goes in clearing it off. The loan he has taken form either sources
becomes a matter of depression for him. Loan is such a phenomenon which increases like mouth of
Sursa, the demon in Ramanaya. Due to this there are some persons who are not in a position to clear
their loans and even after their best of efforts they are there where they were. Now here we are giving
some spells which helps the person to fight this problem.

1. This spell is meant for clearing off the old debts. If you have already taken loan then stop one of
the instalments (start it after the remedy) and if you are planning to apply for the same then wait for
it and do it after carrying out the remedy. For carrying out spell for this problem the native should
choose first Tuesday of Hindu calendar and go to any temple of Dakshinmukhi Hanumanji. In the
temple he should offer 1 ¼ kgs of jiggery and black grams along with jasmine oil, a dress for the
monkey god, one sacred thread (Janeau), five yellow flowers, butter, one pair of betel leaves, Rs. 11
¼, and the instalment the native intends to return. Now offer the dress and sacred thread to the
monkey god and after applying butter offer the betel leaves to the god. Light incense stick and offer
yellow flower to the god. Offer Rs. 11 ¼, jiggery and black grams to the monkey god. Recite Hanuman
chalisa for eleven times and have circumambulation of idol of Hanumanji in the same number. If the
native reads the Rinmochak Mangal Stotra that would work as an add on to it. Now pray to the Lord
for help in getting relief from in paying back the loan. Take some offerings out of the food offered to
the god and pay the loan to the person after completion of the pooja. Put the jagerry and black grams
received from the temple in a clean place. The native would observe that his financial position has
improved and is in a position to repay the loan. Now after repayment of the loan open the packet
having jiggery and black grams and repeat the whole process and convey thanks to the god.

2. To get rid of the debts the native is advised to offer water at the entrance of his home.

3. To get rid of the of the debts the native is advised to recite the Rin harta Shri Ganesh stotra and
recite the mantra (Om ganesh rinam Chindhi varenayam hum namah phat) for hundred and eight

4. From first Saturday of any Shukal Paksh recite the batuk Bhairav Stotra and recite the mantra
(Hrim Batukaye Rin mochnam kuru kuru batukaiye hrim) for hundred and eight times daily. It gives
good results and help the native in clearing off the debts.

5. To check the increasing burden of debts the native should perform this spell. On first day of shukla
paksha the native should take bath and while sitting facing towards east direction the native should tie
blue thread on hathajori for hundred and ten times. While tying the thread he should pray to god for
an early relief from the debts. After completing this processes the native should recite this mantra for
twenty eight times. The mantra for recital is (Om gam Ganpateya rinhartayaii namah). After reciting
this mantra the native should offer yellow rice and again recite the mantra for thirty five times. Now
place the hathajori on a pink or red cloth and after bowing to it the native should continue till navmi.
On Navmi the native should tie the hathajori in the cloth and bury it in the house or anywhere else.
Put a heavy stone on it so that someone should not take it out.

Talisman for clearing the debts

1.. This Talisman is written in Shukla Paksh on Sunday or Tuesday with Ashat Gandh on Bhooj patra.
The yantra is kept on person. One will pay all debts by progress in his business etc.

                          795     5       39     663

                          37      67      89     65

                          68      1       3      88

                          -       87      66     4

Either of the Talismans can be used.

2. In case the sale of articles at shop is not good and one goes under loss and facing debts. To recoup
and clearing off the debts write this talisman on paper and keep the talisman in money box or wash
the talisman with water and sprinkle the water in the shop. The sale will boost up and one will gain

                          1430    1051    529    242

                          152     44      739    528

                          140     147     153    145

                          -       -       -      -

b. For Similar above purposes, this talisman be hung in the shop.

                          20      200     1      2

                          80      35      30     1

                          6       4       1      10

                          1       50      3      1

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