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Charms Talismans and Spells_Checking effect of Evil Spirits


Among charms we find gems, jewels, coins, vases, goblets, stones, weapons, herbs, trees, skull, bones, buildings, animals, water, human beings, there is also that large section called spells where the charm consists of a formula of words or written characters often the object and formula being used in conjunction which are known as talismans. They may also be classed as individual, family, tribal and national. Classification of charms is a difficult matter for the forces at work though sometimes distinct will often unite and work in conjunction. There are many forms of words and designs by means of which certain occult results are supposed to be achieved, these are usually called spells. The book covers the matter related to charms, talismans and spells in length. It also tries to tell every aspect related to this subject. The author has associated the subject with Astrology so that the readers could achieve more through it.

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									Charms Talismans and Spells: Checking effect of Evil Spirits

Dr. Shanker Adawal

It has been shown that both ancient and modern scientists are at one in a belief in a general principle
of nature to which they have given various names; and though this has cleared our ground in some
measure, there is yet another fact in nature to examine before our theory as to the efficacy of charms
can be made clear. And here we find a difference between the science of the ancients and of the
moderns. Modern scientists have not yet discovered those living intelligence which function through
and guide all natural forces; so far they have not accepted from that middle man, the present day
occultist, this truth handed to him by the past grand masters of magic.

We are told that humanity only plays a small part in nature, that there are other evolutions beside our
and that each kingdom of nature has its inhabitants, and though these may be visible to us,
nevertheless they exist and play a great part in the evolution of the universe. They are called natural
elements or nature spirits. They are distinct creations and it is seldom they make themselves visible to
man and remain engaged in carrying out of the activities connected with their elements. To further
classify it further we can say that they may be good to the human being or may be bad as per the
effect on the human being. Those who help the humanity and mankind are called as good spirits and
those which are not friendly are called evil spirits.

Ages ago these elements were classified and their names were used to express these forces; so
powerful were they considered that it was thought to be dangerous to utter these names in certain
places at certain times and seasons, for at particular configurations of the planets they were said to
have great power. It is a belief that no part of the earth is inhabited and considered as void and

Now we should define how the evil spirits works. Normally it is observed in the society that some
people fall prey to the unexpected problems or since their childhood the family continue to face
problems. Ups and down become a continuous phenomenon in their family and on one fine day they
start behaving abnormally. It is nothing but affect of evil powers present in the universe. Before we
move further we would like to give some precautions to the readers so that by just following them
they can neutralize the effect of the evil spirits.

1. It is believed that such powers attack the females. So the females should not take bath in flowing
water or in some lake by removing their clothes. Even if the place of source of water is present at an
isolated place even then they should refrain from removing their clothes because devas reside in the
water and while taking water no one knows that how many invisible eyes are watching her and it is
believed that at isolated places evil spirits reside and they attract on beautiful things.

2. This condition also applies on men also and while taking bath they should tie at least a thread
around their waist.
3. Do not drop any inauspicious article in the well as it is said that ghosts lives in the well and they
maintain sanctity at their place of living.

4. Do not urinate while facing Sun.

5. In the same manner do not urinate on fire.

6. Do not urinate in any graveyard or even do not eat anything there.

7. It is known that ghost and spirits live on the Peepal (B o tree-Ficus religiosa) tree besides 33
crores devas also reside on it. Peepal is considered as Brahmin and in kaliyuga it is given the title of
Kalpvriksh (fig tree). In addition to it the world of the manes or the deceased ancestors has their
presence there; therefore one should render his services to the tree because services change the
curse into blessings. These spiritual powers would certainly come to the rescue of the native. A Peepal
tree which is old is considered dominant in all respects.

8. Gular tree (Cluster fig-Ficus racemose) also is also having some paranormal powers. The native is
directed that neither he should urinate near this tree nor he should eat while sitting beneath this tree.

9. It is said that the great saint Tulsidas delighted a ghost residing in a Babool (Acacia) tree by
watering it. In turn the ghost helped him in meeting the monkey god, lord Hanuman; hence, one
should also refrain from doing any ominous work under it.

10. It is believed that spirits reside on the Maulasari tree therefore one should have to be cautious and
observe all types of inviolability near this tree as discussed above.

11. A nubile girl or a newly wedded lady should not leave home alone or visit an isolated place after
applying hena (Myrtle) because spirits are attracted by the stench of hena. Not even hena they are
fascinated by any type of good odour of perfume or any thing else. Same preventative measures
should be observed with the children also.

12. One should be precautious while taking fruits like banana, apple, cardamom and above because
they are very much used in spells. In this society it is very hard to neglect the social obligations;
hence, the native is advised to read the Hanuman Chalisa daily to keep away from such things from
influencing him.
13. If due to some or other reason the native have to visit such places then he is advised to keep
Jaiphal (Nutmeg) in his pocket and mitigate such influences.

Techniques for donations

When a person is suffering from evil effect of spirits, some donations (usara) are to be made to
mesmerize the native from their effect but very less people know the art of spellbinding for uprooting
the evil effect. In the family if some effect of evil eye or soul is felt then there are some ways and
means devised to ward off them. Here we are giving some ways and means which could be used as
spellstopt in case of petty problems. To gain best out of it the native is directed to follow them in letter
and spirit.

1. Sunday: - On Sunday no spell is performed to mesmerize the native, but if it is necessary then the
native should use milk cake (burfi). He should then offer the milk cake to a cow.

2. Monday: - Same as told for Sunday.

3. Tuesday: - On this day laddoo of motichoor (a sweetmeat in the form of a ball) to be used and
later they should be offered to a dog.

4. Wednesday: - On this day laddoo of motichoor(a sweetmeat in the form of a ball) or imirti (a kind
of sweet meat) to be used and later they should be offered to a dog.

5. Thursday: - On Thursday take five types of sweetmeat and put them in a dona (leaves which are
folded up in the form of cup for holding thing) and rotate on the effect person in anti clock direction
for seven times. Later lit a dhoop (incense) in the cup and put a cardamom in it. Now keep it in the
western direction of the Bo tree. Here the native is advised that after keeping the cup he should not
see backwards and should enter his house after taking a wash outside the home.

6. Friday: - On this day laddoo of motichoor (a sweetmeat in the form of a ball) to be used and later
they should be offered to a dog.

7. Saturday: - On this day laddoo of motichoor (a sweetmeat in the form of a ball) or imriti (a kind of
sweet meat) to be used and later they should be offered to a black dog for early efficacy. If black dog
is not available then any other dog can also serve the purpose.

Illness due to evil spirits
It has been observed that a few persons fall ill on a specific day generally and remain in bed for
specified days. Here we are providing some effective readings for all the days and night along with
their remedies for the candid use of the readers.

1. Saturday night: - If one fall ill on Saturday night it is due to Blue fairly. The remedy in this case is
take any black coloured bird or animal and four yards piece of new cloth, the four corners of which be
dyed black and in one corner put a few coal pieces, in another a piece of iron, in another Turmeric and
in fourth corner bind a leaf. All these are donated to someone. After doing it the native should put an
eye talisman in his/her neck as given below.

2. Sunday night: - In case a man falls ill on Sunday night, it can be attributed to black fairy or any
soul etc. One will have fear in dream, will get lethargic and will feel that some one is standing before
him. In such case he will avoid to talk to any body. In such case yellow coloured cloth 1 ¼ yard,
turmeric and yellow coloured cooked rice be donated.

3. Monday night: - Monday is governed by Moon; it can be attributed to fairy. If the native feels
acute headache then one white hen and one 1 ¼ kg sesame seeds, one white chicken and mustard oil
and 1 ¼ masha silver be donated.

4. Tuesday night: - Any one falling sick on Tuesday night indicated sickness due to fairy. One should
take ajwain (a kind of aromatic seed) with water. Donate white or black piece of cloth, one hen, loaf of
0.25 kilogram of weigh and 1 ¼ masha silver.

In case boy falls ill one should donated boiled milk and rice together and piece of red cloth. If a
pregnant woman falls ill on Tuesday and the indications are pain in belly, foul smell in Urine, she
frightens in dream and whole body feels pricking. In such case kill a black small pigeon, the blood be
applied on nails and fingers of woman, wash them with hot water and this water be thrown on the
crossing where four roads meet.

5. Wednesday night: - The day lord is Mercury. The person falling sick on Wednesday indicated that
one will feel pain in back, chest and headache. In such case donate 0.25 kilogram of Baranj, one
chicken and cloth of patient and two loaves weighting one quarter kilo each.

6. Thursday night: - The day lord is Jupiter. One will remain in bed for ten days. It is due to fairy.
One will feel pain in body, will not feel active and pain in the feet. In such case donate black coloured
small goat, 1 ¼ barley flour, salt and Kunjad oil 1 ¼ chatanks (16 chatanks constitute one seer).
7. Friday night: - When one falls ill during night it is due to fairies. In such way one should donate
kunjad oil, dal urad, dal Gram, Dal masoor or any other white or black bird, small quantity of silver or
food grain weighting half or quarter kg. roasted in cow ghee with sugar, one piece of white cloth and
one egg.

Technique for uprooting the evil effect

The very simple way to uproot the evil effect from the house is recite “Sundarkanda” daily on every
Saturday and one of the members from the house should offer water to Sun god. In addition to this
also sprinkle water of river Ganges or any other sacred river in the house. By doing so the evil spirits
would leave that house and will never come to it again. Besides following are some other spells which
could also be done in this regard.

1. If some one is suffering from the effect of evil spirits then dry leaves of Neem should be burnt near
to him. It would help him in healing.

2. Take a lemon on Tuesday or Saturday and rotate it on the effected person for seven times in anti-
clock direction. After that cut it into four pieces while putting it on the main door frame of house. Now
throw them on the cross roads and do not turn around after throwing it.

3. To save from the evil effect the native can do this spell on any auspicious day. The native should
take 200 gms. Sea salt, gulgul, lohban, alum, dhoop and pure ghee 100 gms. Each respectively. Now
ground all these articles and made a mixture of them. Now make 40 small packets of this mixture.
Arrange for a sacrifice ladle at home and perform an exercise of oblation with the cow dung cakes.
Offer one packet in the fire of oblation along with seven red chilly (whole). Now pray to your
household deity for early efficacy of your exercise. Perform this exercise for continuous forty days.
Now a lot of ash will be collected at home. Keep some part of the ash at home and flow the remaining
one in the river. Apply a tilak of that ash to the affected person. The native will notice a miracle
through this spell. It is a tested one.

4. Take a lemon and spin it over the effected person for seven times from head to feet in clock wise
direction. At every spin read the mantra “(Om ham hanumantayee rudraatmakayee hum phat)” and
after completing the whole exercise do mental worship of lord Hanumanji that the work has been done
in his name, hence, it was his duty to give relief to the affected person. Now take the lemon to an
isolated crossing and cut the lemon in four pieces and throw each piece in four directions and after
that return to your home. While doing this spell one should note this thing in mind that the knife
should be left at the same place and he should not turn around after performing the spell. Before
entering the house he should perform ablution.

Talismans for uprooting the evil effect

Besides these spells there are talismans which could be used for uprooting the effect of souls. If the
native would use them in right cannons then he would certainly be crowned with success.
1. For removing the fear of soul etc.:- This Talisman should be written with the stylus of
pomegranate with the sandal powder on the stone and after that it should be washed. Then the water
should be taken by the person concerned. Either of the talismans could be used for the same.

                 31       28     2       8

                 7        3      35      34

                 37       37     4       1

                 4        6      33      36

This talisman is written on bhoojpatra with the stylus of pomegranate with the sandal powder and be
worn in the neck. Either of these talismans can be used for children or adults, as the need be.

2. For removing the effects of soul:- The following talisman is written with ashatgandh on
bhoojpatra and is used in neck or kept in person. The talisman can also be embossed or engraved on
copper or stainless steel plate.

                 5        3      4       12

                 10       6      13      8

                 15       16     12      1

                 4        9      7       13

3. Cure from ghosts souls:- It is seen that some persons are haunted or teased due to nefarious
actions of some tantriks. The person always remains in fear, dreams or is frightened in dreams etc. In
such cases we provide below a few talismans which are quite useful and are tested by us.

This talisman is of “chahal kaf” and is quite effective. This Talisman is written on bhoojpatra with
ashat gandh. The Talisman be worn or person. Fear and effects will vanish. One can keep it under his
pillow while sleeping.

                 3911     3903    3909

                 3906     3908    3910

                 3907     3913    3905
When the presence of a ghost, soul etc., is feared in the house and one is being teased, the Talisman
be hung on the wall of house. The soul will leave the place and all will remain in comforts.

                 8       6       4       2

                 2       4       6       8

                 6       8       2       4

                 4       2       6       8

The talisman is written on a paper and wrapped in cotton (unclean). Mustard oil should be put in an
earthen cup and wick of cotton be lighted. All fears and presence of ghosts etc. will be warded off.

                 11      8       1       13

                 11      12      11      8

                 12      3       6       9

                 70      10      15      3

This talisman is written on bhoojpatra with ashatgand. It should be kept in amulet made of copper and
wear in neck or kept in person. Ghost etc. will relieve the man.

                 6       7       2

                 1       5       9

                 8       3       4

Many a times it is seen that a particular house is being haunted by ghosts and stone, brick bats are
being thrown in the house. In such case the talisman be written on bhoojpatra with ashat gandh or be
embossed or engraved on a copper or stainless plate and be fixed on the entrance wall of the house.
All things will come under the control.

                 9       6       3       16
                 17      13     13      3

                 13      1      8       11

                 17      15     10      5

When a person is affected and teased by souls, fairies and ghosts etc. This talisman is written on
bhoojpatra and is shown to the patient, he will be cured. The talisman is worn on arm and written as

                 6       6      3       16

                 4       15     10      5

                 14      6      9       11

                 7       92     13      2

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