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					Charms Talismans and Spells: Profession

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Now a day it is seen that problem of unemployment is increasing day by day. There is a lot of
competition for getting employment. For one vacancy there are thousand applicants. In this chapter
we are giving spells related to profession and its smooth running. Here we would like to underscore
that these spells are fruit giving but the native should check whether he has any yoga in his chart
relating to employment or that business he is undertaking.

Spells for profession

1. Should you be not getting an employment or job despite many efforts, make big and smooth lemon
(ball) of yellow colour, cut it into 4 equal pieces and throw one piece in each major direction, on a
crossing. Do so for 11 days in a row and you will get employment.

2. When going on an important mission take a piece of chappati         in your hand and throw it in the
direction you find many crows. This shall ensure success in your mission.

3. Soak black grams on Friday night and prepare them (by seasoning) in mustard oil. Give a little of
the prepared grams to a horse or buffalo and another part to a leper. Keep the third part on your
threshold after taking it round your head in anti-clockwise direction. Do so for forty days to ensure
smooth sailing in the professional field.

4. Those going on a repeated business trips should keep one and a quarter rupee at a safe and hidden
place. After coming back give that to a beggar. Your mission will be accomplished easily and smoothly.

5. Should you be finding labour trouble in your unit, pick up an iron nail that you happen to find lying
on your way while coming to your concern. Wash it first in a buffalo’s urine and then with Ganges’
water and throw it towards the shed where your workers work. The workers will not create any
disturbance and your concern will do well.

6. Many a times it has been observed that an industrialist gets enough encouragement to start a new
industry after getti9ng tremendous success in the old one but then the new one becomes quite a
nightmare. In such a condition take the following measure. On any Saturday bring anything made of
iron (any iron piece) from the old concern to the new concern and before keeping it in the new
concern put some black Urad around it. Make sure that the thing once kept at a place is not removed.
This will encourage the new concern to flourish as well.
7. If you want to please your seniors (in service) or get transferred to your desired place, for 27 days
in a row offer water, in which a Sun-flower (Suraj Mukhi) has been soaked, to the rising sun along
with the flower. You will have your desire fulfilled.

8. If you find success eluding you in various pursuits, take a little ash from the altar where Vishnu
Yagna has been performed. Now get an image of your Petra (manes) created with the Kasha grass.
Douse it with Ganges water, put a little of the Yagna vibhooti (ash) on them and offer some Prasadam
while praying for your success. Also chant a chapter from any religious text and let that `Kasha’ image
floated on the flowing water. This you can also do for getting success in any competition. You will
surely succeed. When you have achieved success offer some alms in donation to the deserving
brahmani (wife of Brahman).

9. For getting over business problems, after your bath offer water to the rising sun while chanting any
Surya Mantra (including the Gayatri Mantra) and also concentrate on Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati
and Mahakali.

Surya Mantra

Om ghrani surya adiyta swaha!!

Gayatri Mantra

Om bhur bhava         swah    tatsawiturvarenayam       bhargo    devasaya     dhimahi    dhiyo   yona

Offer the Goddesses flowers and keep a Ghee-filled lightened lamp before their images. Also offer a
pitcher full of water to the Basil plant. Sing the Atari of Mahalakshmi and offer Ghee and sugar as Big
(Prasadam). If you take these precautions for 1 ¼ months your business shall surely pick up.

10. Should you be facing problems at your working place due to dwindling number of customers or
any such problem, on any Saturday cut to pieces 5 limes and with them a handful of sarson (mustard
seeds), 1 clove (laung) and some grains of black pepper and keep them at your working place. Next
day press all the material between your hands and throw them away. Do so for some days to reap on
amazingly positive result. Your income shall rise tremendously.

11. Write the following famous Mantra. On any Sunday take 22 black Urad grains and sprinkle them
on the floor of your business premises after chanting the Mantra for 22 times.

Om Bhaver Veer Tu Chela Mera, Khol Dukan kaha kar Mera!

Uthe Jon Dandy Bike Jo Maal, Bhaver Veer sikhe nahin jaye!!
12. Should you encounter many problems in your business, feed at least 10 blind persons and
reverentially service your parents. All the obstructions and troubles will be removed.

13. For ensuring growth of your business clean a part of your business premises with Ganges water
and make a Swastika mark on that place with turmeric paste. Now place on it some grains of `Chane
kid al, jiggery, and keep a Desi ghee burning lamp while praying for your speedy business growth.
This ritual should be performed on any Thursday.

14. If you have to go for any important assignment, take a lemon and pierce into it 4 cloves (laung)
and chant the following mantra:

Om Shree Hanumate Namah!!

Having chanted it for 21 times take that clove-fixed lemon and go on you rmission. Your success will
be assured.

15. In case you face some business problems whenever you buy some iron material or machine,
always buy some toys for the children along with the iron purchase. This shall ensure the problems
getting solved.

16. If your business or profession be sluggish, make some Besan laddoo and let them go round your
head for seven times on any Wednesday evening and feed them to a yellow or white cow on the
Thursday morning. Your business will flourish.

17. Should you want speedy growth in service, offer to birds cereals of seven varieties.

18. Your income shall rise if you offer black-wet grams to monkeys on Tuesday.

19. Those businessmen facing recurring losses must have the `homa’ (offering to fire) done at their
place with Gayatri Mantra.

Om Bhur bhuva         swah    tatsawiturvarenayam       bhargo    devasaya     dhimahi     dhiyo   yona
Then collect the ashes at the altar in a white cloth and keep it preserved at your home or office or
shop. Your business will flourish. In case you have chronic bad health problem, put a little of that ash
on your forehead as well. You will have your health related problems also removed.

20. On any auspicious day wear yellow clothes and sit on the ground white facing west direction. Make
a heap of gram pulse on a cloth and put a water pot made of copper on it and fix its mouth with a
bowl. Now put a small ball of mercury, seven energized shells (kori), one chetak haqiq, one moti
sankh, three small coconuts, and recite the following mantra for eleven hundred eighty eight times
with the rosary of haqiq.

Om shrim shrim klim glom gan ganpatye var vardaye mam namah!!

After the japaof the mantra offer the water in the pot to the bail plant and the remaining articles in a
yellow cloth and flow them in a river. The native would witness the results very shortly.

21. Start the above spell on first Sunday during the shukla paksha. At the time of sunrise take bath
and do not dry your hairs. Now recite eleven rosary of Gayatri mantra and continue it for forty days in
a row.

Om Bhur bhuva         swah    tatsawiturvarenayam        bhargo    devasaya    dhimahi     dhiyo   yona

While performing this spell you must have faith in the goddess. Other things in this spell are like spell
at Sl. No. 20.

22. If you are planning to attend some interview then on Sunday during the same week offer jiggery
mixed water to Sun God. Then take a thread made of raw cotton start reciting the following mantra
with a rosary.

Om gan ganpatye namah!!

After every completion of every cycle of the rosary tie a knot on the thread. Continue with this till
there are eleven knots in the thread in a row. Now request lord Ganesh to crown you with success in
the interview. Before leaving for the interview you should promise that after successful interview you
would offer the thread to the lord. Leave the thread to any sacred place. After you crowned with
success offer the thread to the lord with complete rituals.

23. When a member of the house goes out for an interview then one should offer him curd and sugar.
When he reaches the door step, then thrown some grains of gram pulses on him. It is likely that some
of the grains may remain in the hairs. Do not remove them, after the native leaves for the interview
collect the grains from the ground and throw them out of the home.

Charms for profession

1. If you fail to get success in business despite much effort, remove the wild growth around the
Shyama Basil plant and tie that growth in a yellow cloth, keep it on your business premises. Do so on
any Thursday for quick success.

2. Should you feel as if some one has had progress in your concern bound by an evil spirit, have a
tooth of a boar placed on the wall of your premises (of establishment) in such a way that it may be
visible to all who come in. Do so on the first Wednesday of any bright half. Also, decorating the
Shwetark Ganapati (white idol) with red vermillion-coating and the silver foil also ward off such evil
effects and your concern progresses very fast. Not only that, you will develop a knack of taking right
decisions at due time.

3. Take a piece of a thread made of raw cotton or Kachcha soot and dye it with pure saffron chanting
the following name:

Om Mahalakshmyei Namah!!

Tie this thread at your business-shop or establishment. Your business shall flourish. For those i9n
service should keep this thread in the drawer of their table for better service conditions and to get
quick promotion.

4. Procure 7 green chillies with straight stem and a lime on any Tuesday. Thread them all in a black
thread and tie them with the help of a peg outside your premises. Do so on every Tuesday. This
measure ensures flourishing business. You can do so even on Saturdays as well.

Talismans for profession

1. This talisman is useful for all jobs. It is tested. Write this talisman on Saturday or Sunday or on
Friday in Venus Hora and be kept with the native. He will be crowned with success.

                  5       16    9       4

                  10      3     6       15

                  8       13    12      1
                   11     2     7       14

2. This talisman is written and is kept in the pocket. The native should go to any gathering, meeting
etc. He will be respected and all fears etc., will vanish. It is tested.

                   6      9     16      3

                   12     7     2       13

                   1      14    11      18

3. When a man is involved in a law suit or quarrels or enmity with an enemy or the promotion of a
native is held up, the talisman be written on Tuesday with Ashatgand on bhoojpatra and is worn in the
neck. One will be blessed with success.

                   5      4     7       1

                   6      2     7       5

                   3      9     2       6

                   3      5     4       8

4. In many cases it is seen that at some shops the sales comes to almost nil as per previous record or
some jealous man using stambhan yantracontrols the sale. In such case this talisman be written on
silver or copper plate or on a paper and be hung at the shop. The sale will boost up. It is tested one.

                   80     83    6       73

                   85     74    9       84

                   75     88    81      78

                   82     77    6       87

5. For increase in business write this talisman on a paper with ashatgand and tie it at shop door for
increase in business.

                   7      2     57      50

                   53     54    3       6

                   1      8     57      64
                   55     51     5       4

6. Write this talisman in a temple on Thursday or Sunday in pushya nakshtra or on bhoojpatra or on
with ashatgand and wear. One will have prosperity in business.

                   92     99     2       2      011

                   6      3      96      95     011

                   98     93     84      1      7

                   4      5      94      917    3

7. These talismans are very powerful. They can be inscribed on the paper with ink or inscribed on
stainless steel or copper plate. One will be saved from difficulties and his hopes will be fulfilled. One
will get employment. In case one is troubled through superiors he will get rid from that mental agony.

                   164    959    166

                   165    163    161

                   160    167    163

                   39     34     41

                   40     28     36

                   48     23     28

                   1235796     1235791    1235795

                   1235797     1235798    1235793

                   1235792     1235799    1235794

8. In case the sale of articles at shop is not good and one goes under loss. To recover write this
talisman on a paper and keep in the articles or this talisman be washed with water and on paper as
that water be sprinkled over the articles of the shop. The sale will boost up and one will gain profit.

                   1430   1051    529     242

                   152    44      739     528

                   140    147     153     145
For similar above purpose this talisman be hung in the shop.

                  20        200     1      2

                  80        35      30     1

                  6         4       1      10

                  1         50      3      1

For promotion and comforts in profession the talisman be written on paper or inscribed on copper or
steel plate and be kept on person.

                  37        30      23     20

                  31        21      26     31

                  22        35      20     25

                  29        24      23     34

9. These talismans are very effective and be inscribed on steel or copper plate or written on paper as

a. For rank, power and authority write with the ink on paper and keep on person.

                  -         -       -      -

                  26        13      3      11

                  3         12      198    73

                  11        106     101    84

b. For professional success write on paper with ink and keep on person.

                  86        80      83     21

                  82        50      75     81

                  71        85      78     72

                  79        73      72     84
c. It is inscribed on silver and be worn in neck for all round success.

                   275        278     2081   2068

                   208        2069    2077   2079

                   2025       2052    2086   263

                   2027       2072    2071   2082

10. When a person has been suspended this talisman is written on a paper or inscribed on plate, one
will be reinstated and officers will help and respect him.

                   23         26      29     16

                   28         17      22     27

                   18         31      24     21

                   25         20      19     70

11. This talisman is written on paper or engraved on a plate and is kept in person. One will go to
officers superiors ministers etc. he will be well heard, respected and will win his point. He will also be
popular in public and blessed with wealth. This talisman can also be used in ring of silver or gold which
could be worn in third finger of right hand on Monday morning after pooja.

                   19         29      30     16

                   22         21      21     27

                   20         26      25     23

                   31         17      18     20

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Description: Among charms we find gems, jewels, coins, vases, goblets, stones, weapons, herbs, trees, skull, bones, buildings, animals, water, human beings, there is also that large section called spells where the charm consists of a formula of words or written characters often the object and formula being used in conjunction which are known as talismans. They may also be classed as individual, family, tribal and national. Classification of charms is a difficult matter for the forces at work though sometimes distinct will often unite and work in conjunction. There are many forms of words and designs by means of which certain occult results are supposed to be achieved, these are usually called spells. The book covers the matter related to charms, talismans and spells in length. It also tries to tell every aspect related to this subject. The author has associated the subject with Astrology so that the readers could achieve more through it.
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