The Las Vegas Bead Society held its June 10, 2009 meeting at the by d99D6Mu


									The Las Vegas Bead Society held its June 10, 2009 meeting at the West Sahara Library. The meeting was
called to order at 6:50 p.m. by the president.

There were nine members present and one new member, Harriet Smith.

The project prior to the meeting was the Crystal Bugle Necklace.

For the July meeting JoAnne will teach the ZigZag necklace, more info will be given prior to the next

The President read the minutes from the last meeting.

No treasurer’s report was given.

Requested members bring their favorite spiral patterns to the next meeting to share with members and to
place in the library for future use.

Announcements: June 21 the project will be Diane Fitzgerald’s necklace, Pointed Oval Necklace and this
coming weekend at Centennial Springs will be having a French Market.

Thanks were given to members attending the Bead show and helping with the booth.

A question was asked if the society should have a club subscription to Bead and Button/ Beadwork
magazine. The members will look into the idea and discuss it at a future meeting.

The purchase of DVD’s for educational materials was discussed. These items can be shown at the
meetings. Harriet offered her home as well.

Also discussed, having instructors from out-of-state (Shiela Clary, Phyllis Martin) come to the society to
teach, More info is needed before final decisions can be made.

Joy mentioned retreat to Lake Tahoe-Squaw Valley by Bead Unique in October. (Joy, Linda, Kathy and
Teri will be going)

September 20 (Sunday), Society will be going to Beads Plus for an outing on Sahara/Decatur. Members
are to stop by, select project, and have materials ordered prior to meeting date. Joy to confirm date with

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Carla Parker

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