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									      Computer Virus Removal Guidelines
Computer virus is a problem from which you would like to keep your system
at bay. As the use of computer and internet is inevitable, your computers are
susceptible to fall prey to computer virus. Some way or the other there are
chances that your computer system might get infected by virus. Therefore,
you need to know about the easy methods of computer virus removal. As
most computers are connected to internet, there are great chances that the
system might be infected with viruses, trojans, worms, spy-ware or malware
attacks. If your computer is infected with any of these, it's high time you get
rid of viruses on your computer.

Following is the computer virus removal guide:

Online Virus Scanners: You may find it difficult to buy yearly anti-virus
subscription. Therefore, the free online virus scanners are a good option for
you. You can opt for the Microsoft Safety Scanner. With the help of this
scanner, you can remove the viruses on the computer and improve the
performance of your system. Scan your complete system using the online
virus scanner.

Free Anti-Virus: Most anti-virus software companies provide free anti-virus
software for limited duration of 15 days or few months. You can try using
these softwares to clean your computer and make it virus and malware free.
Use the anti-virus program to scan your entire system. Once the anti-virus
program has scanned the entire system, it will provide you a report about the
number of viruses found and deleted. From this report, you can also know the
exact folder from which the virus was detected.

Anti-Virus Softwares: If you wish to buy an anti-virus software, then first
research about the best options available in the market. Select the one that
best suit your requirement. Once you receive the anti-virus software CD,
install it on your computer system. Once this anti-virus is installed, it will
automatically scan your entire system for viruses and other malicious stuff on
your computer. Once all the viruses are removed, you need to regularly scan
your system for viruses. You need to keep the anti-virus software updated.
Most anti-virus companies provide an update after every 15 days.
Take Backup: Before you scan your system with any new anti-virus
software or scanner, you should take a backup of your data, as there are
chances that you might lose the data.

Keep your system clean: Another important aspect of improving
performance of your computer is to keep it clean. Delete the temporary
internet files, cookies, browsing history, cache, and downloading history
from your computer. Delete unnecessary files from the recycle bin. Type
'%temp%' in the run command and delete all the temporary files. Go to the
browser setting and delete all temporary internet files.

The computer virus removal guide provided here are some essential tips to
get rid of virus from your computer. Choose the right anti-virus software to
clean your computer system.

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