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									                             Test Taker’s Help Series

College of Admission Tests                                                               CAT

                             Sample Questions

                              The Sample Questions are provided to familiarize you with the contents
                              of the section.

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                                       Antonyms Sample Questions
    Sample Questions for:
    Problem Solving
    Difficulty Level: 1 – 5 of 10

    Purpose of this set of sample questions is to                          C. sever
    familiarize the test taker with the question types that                D. conjoin
    appear on the actual test.                                             E. laud
                                                                  6.   PLENITUDE :
                                                                           A. luxury

                                                                           B. magnificence
                                                                           C. richness
                                                                           D. contentment
                                                                           E. scarcity
    Directions:                                                   7.   SCURRILOUS :
    Each of sample antonym questions consists of a word                    A. decent
    followed by five words or phrase as choices. Choose                    B. savage
    the word or phrase which is most nearly opposite in                    C. major
    meaning to the word in capitals and shade the                          D. volatile
    alphabets marked in the grid on your answer sheet.                     E. scabby
                                                                     8.FULMINATION :
        1. ABOMINATE :                                                     A. praise
                A. loathe                                                  B. repetition
                B. despise                                                 C. escape
                C. adore                                                   D. ratification
                D. abhor                                                   E. addition
                E. attach                                            9.DISTEND
        2. OBSEQUIOUS :                                                    A. deteriorate
                A. servile                                                 B. weaken
                B. first                                                   C. constrict
                C. fawning                                                 D. concentrate
                D. supercilious                                            E. fold
                E. improper                                            TOUT
        3. OROTUND :                                                       A. cast aspersions on
                A. not resonant                                            B. deny the relevance of
                B. not reddish                                             C. placate
                C. not eager                                               D. withhold consent
                D. pompous                                                 E. misrepresent
                E. loud
        4. RECANT :                                                  11. SQUALID
                A. entangle                                                 A. fervid
                B. rescue                                                   B. florid
                C. fail                                                     C. pristine
                D. assert                                                   D. extraneous
                E. predict
3       5. UPBRAID :
                                                                            E. abundant
                                                                     12. SCOTCH
                A. defer                                                    A. renovate
                B. vacillate
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                                       Antonyms Sample Questions
    CAT         B. entrust                                        21. INVIDIOUS :
                C. unfasten                                              A. candid
                D. encourage                                             B. stubborn
                E. emphasize                                             C. defensive
       13.   PERFIDY                                                     D. hostile
                A. tact                                                  E. inoffensive
                B. generosity                                     22. MACERATE :
                C. thoroughness                                          A. cover by painting
                D. loyalty                                               B. assess by observing
                E. gratitude                                             C. harden by drying
       14.   OUTLANDISH                                                  D. influence by lying
                A. conventional                                          E. cure by medicating
                B. prolific                                       23. SKEPTICISM :
                C. unchanging                                            A. reason
                D. transparent                                           B. conviction
                E. noticeable                                            C. plausibility
       15.   PLUMB                                                       D. audacity
                A. reversed                                              E. argument
                B. lofty                                          24. IGNOMINIOUS :
                C. horizontal                                            A. scholarly
                D. thin                                                  B. incognito
                E. light                                                 C. laudatory
       16.   FERVID                                                      D. disgraceful
                A. undistinguished                                       E. erudite
                B. unexpected                                     25. CODA :
                C. stubborn                                              A. refrain
                D. restrained                                            B. crescendo
                E. discouraged                                           C. prelude
       17.   VACUITY                                                     D. improvisation
                A. quality                                               E. solo
                B. certainty                                      26. PALTRY :
                C. plenitude                                             A. farm
                D. stability                                             B. scanty
                E. incontinence                                          C. excessive
       18.   RAVEL                                                       D. friendly
                A. knit                                                  E. benevolent
                B. omit                                           27. PUISSANCE :
                C. remain silent                                         A. strength
                D. measure                                               B. knowledge
                E. increase in value                                     C. liberality
       19.   PERSISTENCE                                                 D. skepticism
                A. irrelevance                                           E. powerlessness
                B. inconstancy                                    28. MANUMIT :
                C. inequality                                            A. print
                D. intemperance                                          B. impress
                E. incompetence                                          C. enslave
       20.   SUBROSA                                                     D. fail
                A. openly                                                E. endeavor
                B. fashionably                                    29. GENUFLECT :
4               C. under the owes                                        A. pronounce correctly
                D. simply                                                B. falsify
                E. clandestinely                                         C. trick

    College of Admission Tests – Multan. Phone : 061 814 3333 , 061 4550698 | Website:
                                     Antonyms Sample Questions
    CAT       D. stand erect                                             B. precision
              E. project                                                 C. praise
       30. INNOCUOUS :                                                   D. sobriety
              A. toxic                                                   E. criticize
              B. large                                            39. EXHUME
              C. sober                                                   A. enter
              D. impeccable                                              B. fertilize
              E. spotless                                                C. inter
                                                                         D. decay
       31. ANIMOSITY                                                     E. clarify
              A. parody                                           40. CALLOW
              B. retardation                                             A. rustic
              C. sincerity                                               B. crude
              D. refutation                                              C. exquisite
              E. camaraderie                                             D. experienced
       32. INVETERATE                                                    E. migratory
              A. uninvited
              B. illiterate                                       41. CUPIDITY
              C. cumulative                                              A. generosity
              D. beginning                                               B. love
              E. incompetent                                             C. anxiety
       33. SCOTCH                                                        D. entertainment
              A. renovate                                                E. tragedy
              B. encourage                                        42. ANIMOSITY
              C. entrust                                                 A. parody
              D. ameliorate                                              B. retardation
       34. PREDILECTION                                                  C. sincerity
              A. ambiguity                                               D. refutation
              B. unwillingness to choose                                 E. camaraderie
              C. desire to please                                 43. INVETERATE
              D. propensity to dislike                                   A. uninvited
              E. stereotype                                              B. illiterate
       35. CHOLERIC                                                      C. cumulative
              A. good-natured                                            D. beginning
              B. spoiled                                                 E. incompetent
              C. irascible                                        44. SATURNINE :
              D. immune                                                  A. quick wilted
              E. idiotic                                                 B. genial
       36. EXACERBATE                                                    C. heavy handed
              A. contemplate                                             D. distinguished
              B. bewilder                                                E. devout
              C. reward                                           45. PERSPICACIOUS :
              D. better                                                  A. Insufficiently precise
              E. horrify                                                 B. of indefinite duration
       37. EQUANIMITY                                                    C. dull wilted
              A. clamor                                                  D. lacking intrinsic value
              B. volume                                                  E. condemnatory
              C. disparity                                        46. INCARCERATE :
              D. agitation                                               A. summon
5             E. caution                                                 B. assist
       38. ANIMADVERSION                                                 C. liberate
              A. gullibility                                             D. anticipate

    College of Admission Tests – Multan. Phone : 061 814 3333 , 061 4550698 | Website:
                                      Antonyms Sample Questions
    CAT        E. confide                                         49. APPOSITE :
       47. INSOLVENCY :                                                  A. parallel
               A. ability to sustain growth                              B. synonymous
               B. concentration                                          C. hostile
               C. coherence                                              D. inappropriate
               D. ability to pay one’s debts                             E. vague
               E. compatibility                                   50. GRATUITOUS :
       48. EFFLUVIA :                                                    A. frank
               A. controlled reactions                                   B. pithy
               B. predictable results                                    C. warranted
               C. important examples                                     D. frugal
               D. descried products                                      E. ingenuous
               E. relevant theories

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