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                            Life-Changing Gift
    The Sunday after receiving a                                            her own story:
wheelchair from the Church Jean                                                  A mother of five children can
Kibuya, a disabled Church member in                                         now be outside with her family for
Kinshasa, DR Congo, shared his                                              play and work.
testimony.                                                                   A tailor, who contracted polio in
    He said he had received                                                         1975, can now transport
many blessings since joining                                                        himself and his sewing
the Church but the day before                                                       machine to work each day.
he received a blessing he had                                                       His income has increased.
never even hoped for—a                                                               A student will not have to
wheelchair.                                                                         miss school because others
    Brother Kibuya needed a                                                         could not transport him there.
wheelchair for a long time but                                                           A man who lives with his
knew he would never be able to                                                      grandmother opened a stand
afford one. Now, with mobility, he                                          in front of his house to sell goods. He
would be able to find work, he said.                                        now has an income.
    He gave thanks for the many                                                  A woman who has spent her life
blessings    that   accompany his                                           walking on her hands now has the
membership in the Church and                                                mobility to seek work.
especially for the day that a
                                                                                Although unique, each story is
wheelchair changed his life.
                                                                            woven with a similar thread: the life-
    He was one of 25 people, with                                           changing wheelchair had made all the
varying needs, to receive a Church-                                         difference, the recipients said.
distributed wheelchair at a ceremony
                                                                                “Having a chair is a great blessing
held at a community center in
                                                                            in my life,” said Brother Kibuya. “I
Kinshasa. An additional 25 chairs
                                                                            never thought I would ever have a
were delivered to recipients who had
                                                                            chair as they cost too much. I am able
no means of transportation to the
                                                                            to go to Church every week.”
    Each of the recipients had his or

                  Written by Sarah Jane Weaver, June 2008; printed as “Life-Changing Gift” in Church News, June 28, 2008.
                                Christ Raising the Daughter of Jairus by Greg K. Olsen, © 1990. Do not copy.
                                                 © 2008 by Church News. All rights reserved.

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