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									Our Company Profile:

   We offer a one-stop-shop dry cleaning and laundry solution for busy professionals,
   companies and hotels. We pioneered the concept of dry cleaning collection and
   delivery in Ireland. We have been servicing the corporate and hotel sector specifically
   for in excess of 10 years. We also do laundry work for some of the largest sporting
   organisations. In addition to our dry cleaning and laundry service we also provide an
   alterations and a shoe repairs service. We are not a retail dry cleaners- we are
   specifically and logistically set up for drop-off and collection of dry cleaning it is not
   merely an add-on service. We offer guaranteed reliability, quality service and with an
   incredibly convenient prepaid service. Our prices are both competitive and affordable
   as they are approximately 40% cheaper than retail shop prices.

   We are continuously striving to reduce our carbon emissions and have changed
   almost all our machinery over the last number of years to ensure they are as
   ecological as possible, we have also invested in wet-cleaning technology and have
   invested a significant level of capital into providing the infrastructure necessary so
   that we can harvest our rainwater for use by our machines at a later date. We are a
   responsible dry cleaning company.

Our Services include:

   1. Dry Cleaning - your complete solution for professional cleaning of garments
      including special care items in addition to household items such as curtains, chair
      covers etc.
   2. Laundry - we can provide service for the following items – service washes,
      towels, football kits, duvets, net curtains etc.
   3. Shirt Service - we can both launder and iron your shirts or you can wash them
      yourself and send them in for ironing. They will be returned to you on hangers
      however we can return them folded in packets at no additional cost on a request
   4. Alterations - We have an on-site alteration service whereby we can provide minor
      alterations such as altering hems and replacing zips.
   5. Shoe Repairs - We can provide a range of services such as heel and sole
      replacement, shoe build up and stretching services.
Industries we Service:

We currently provide services to numerous professional offices such as solicitors,
accountants, engineers in addition to large banks, multi-nationals, catering companies,
hotels, sporting teams. Our service is however suitable for a wide range of other
industries such as hair/beauty salons, therapists and healthcare providers who may have a
requirement for laundry services on their own or in addition to our dry cleaning service.

How our Service Works:

We would come on-site and meet with the relevant company liaison and with them we
would discuss how our service would work best in that specific organisation including
how it should be advertised in the company, where should the basket for the drop off of
cleaning and rail for collection of dry cleaning be located within the company. We would
also give a complete run down of how the service would run in-house including
confirming pick up/collection days and times and answer any queries or concerns.
Normally cleaning is returned 48 hours after collection. We would supply the rail and
basket and any advertising free of charge to the company.

Our Price Offering:

We currently provide the best dry cleaning prices in town to all our customers with prices
for suits currently as low as €8 to €11. We continuously strive to keep our prices as low
as possible by constantly reviewing our cost base without compromising on quality or
service. Our prices are listed below however if you require service for any other items or
require a tailor made package for hotel service please do not hesitate to contact us

Contact Details:

John 087 2500805 / Gordon 087 2384354 / Office 01 8991110
Unit A5 Centrepoint, Rosemount Business Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin 11

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