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									Pride. Leadership. Success.
Coaching Staff

 Head Varsity Coach: Coach Brooks
  – Asst. Coach: Coach Bilek
  – Asst. Coach: Coach Marissa
 Head JV Coach: Coach Pryor
  – Asst. Coach: Coach Jamie
 Head Freshman Coach: TBA
Coach Brooks
Head Varsity Coach
4th Year with Oakton H.S.
Coaching Experience: Over 6 years
AACCA, First Aid/CPR, Stunt Progression I & 2,
UCA Tumbling, Stunts & Motions, NFHS
Concussion, NFHS & VHSL Coaching, UCA 5 Star
Outside of Cheer…
 - Mommy to Quinten (4)
- Married for almost 6 years to my
amazing hubby, Fed
- Senior Marketing Manager for Optum
- Completing MBA end of 2012
- Can’t live without Starbucks every morning!
Coach Bilek (“B”)
 Assistant Varsity Coach
 4th Year at Oakton H.S.
 Coaching Experience: 4 years
 AACCA, First Aid/CPR, Stunt Progression I & 2,
 NFHS Concussion, NFHS & VHSL Coaching, UCA
 5 Star Coach
 Outside of Cheer…
 - Mommy to Lola (my dog)
  - Aunt to 1 niece and 2 nephews
 - Program Manager of a team of 13 supporting
 Department of Veteran Affairs Mental Health
 - Favorites: Mexican Food & Country Music
Coach Marissa
 Assistant Varsity Coach
 1st Year with Oakton H.S.
 Coaching Experience: 4 years
 Concussion, NFHS & VHSL Coaching
 Personally cheered for over 19 years!
 Outside of Cheer…
 - Mommy to Gabriel (19 months)
 - Working on Masters in Education at
 George Mason University
 - Wants to teach History and/or Math
 - LOVES Cheerleading- especially stunting!
Coach Jamie
 Assistant Coach (Varsity & JV)
 3rd Year with Oakton H.S.
 Coaching Experience: Over 5 years
 AACCA, First Aid/CPR, NFHS Concussion, UCA
 Tumbling, Jumps & Motions, NFHS & VHSL
 Personally cheered for over 10 years!
 Outside of Cheer…
  - Law Student at Catholic University
 - Works at Lake Braddock H.S.
 - Loves travelling, snowboarding, movies,
 working out, and the beach
 - Cannot live without chocolate & coffee
Coach Mary
 Head JV Coach
 1st Year at Oakton H.S.
 Coaching Experience: Over 1 year
 Coaching Certification, First Aid/CPR,
 NFHS Concussion, NFHS & VHSL Coaching,
 Tumbling Spotting Certification
 Outside of Cheer…
 - Works at Dell-AppAssure; in Sales for
 Backup and Disaster Recovery
 - My significant other is Sean Purcell,
 Asst. Football Coach for Oakton
 - Has 5 siblings, but only child between my
 mom & dad; three of us share the same
 dad, two of us share the same mom!
Why we love cheer
 Coach Brooks:
  – Choreography for sideline & competition due to my
    background in cheerleading, dance, and
    gymnastics…but cheerleading also allows you to be a
    role model in your school & community!
 Coach Bilek
  – Positive attitudes & teamwork!
 Coach Marissa
  – LOVES Cheer (has cheered for 19 years)…but especially
    loves stunting!
 Coach Jamie
  – Cheered in high school, All-Star, and college…but loves
    the stunting, enthusiasm and excitement during
    competition, and the all-around athleticism!
 Coach Mary
  – LOVES all things Cheer…has cheered in high school,
    All-Star, and college!
Coaching Philosophy
Putting in 110% to be the best we possibly can as a
team, individual athletes, and coaches, knowing that
we respected our sport by following the rules and
proper safety precautions, respecting our teammates
by working together and showing support for each
other no matter what, and being the best possible
representation of Oakton on the sideline, at
competition, or at events is more important than any
ranking or title we will ever achieve as a team.
Cheerleading Philosophy
Because of the difficult and diverse skill sets now making up
cheerleading—from jumps and motions, to tumbling and stunting—
it has evolved into a true sport. However, what makes it unique from
any other sport is its founding place in the school of promoting
school spirit by motivating players and fans at school, games, and
within the community. Competition is a chance to share the growing
athleticism of the sport while elevating the demonstration of school
spirit outside of the sideline. But successful high school competition
squads first earn their respect on the sideline. Being a cheerleader is
an honor and special privilege at any school because you are first and
foremost representatives of that school. Cheerleaders have a tough
job because it isn’t just about the athleticism, but rather
exemplifying what it means to be a great student, athlete, and
citizen at Oakton.
That’s what makes Cheerleaders so special.
Oakton Cheer
Pride. Leadership. Success
  As a Cheerleader           Student
  While Cheering               Athlete
  In the Classroom               Citizen
  At Oakton
  In the Community
Cheerleading Squads
 – Up to 25 spots
 – Tumbling, stunting, and jump skill requirements
 Junior Varsity
 – Up to 20 spots
 – Overall cheer and stunting experience requirements
 – Up to 15 spots
 – No experience necessary, but demonstrates athleticism
   and ability/willingness to learn
  August 6th & 7th : 4pm-7pm
  August 8th: TBA- keep your day/evening free
  Oakton High School Aux Gym

Attendance is mandatory- we must evaluate each
candidate for at least three days since we do make
potential cuts. Freshmen Team may have flexibility for
extenuating circumstances if discussed with Coach
Brooks early on, but not guaranteed depending on
What we’re looking for…
Squad      Tumbling                  Jumps                   Stunting                Cheer & Dance

Varsity    •Standing Back            •Toe Touch              •One-leg extended       • Full Splits
            Handspring               clean & high,            w/full down            • Pick-up and refine
           NO SPOT, mat/track        arms straight, toes     • Advanced basket       choreography
                                     pointed, height, hips    tosses
           • Toe Touch BH                                                            quickly
                                     rotated forward, no      • 360's to squish or
           • Running Tumbling Pass   bent legs, landing w/                           • Sharp Motions
                                     feet together           • Inverted load-ins
                                                                                     • Loud Voice
           • Skill Progression
            (returning Varsity)      • Front Hurdler, Pike                           •Experienced
                                     • Double & Triple                               Performer

JV         • Standing Back           •Toe Touch -            •Straight-up            •Full Splits
             Handspring-             clean & high,            Extension              • Pick-up and refine
             Spot or No Spot         arms straight, toes     • Basic basket toss     choreography
           • Round Off               pointed, height, good   • Full down from prep   • Comfortable
           • Front or Back           landing                 or two- leg extended    performing, loud voice
             Walk-over               • Front Hurdler, Pike   stunt                   • Sharp Motions
           • Hand stand

Freshmen   Demonstrates basic        Demonstrates            Prep with basic         Demonstrates
           tumbling skills/          ability to learn        dismount or cradle      ability to learn
           ability to learn          jump techniques                                 choreography and
                                                                                     increase flexibility
Try-out Requirements
 Forms due to Activities Office by August 1st
 – Physical on Virginia High School League (VHSL) Form,
   dated AFTER May 1, 2012
 – Fairfax County Emergency Care Form
 – Online Concussion Testing
 Forms due to Cheer Mailbox or Walk-in Registration
 by August 1st
 – Teacher Recommendation (on form)
 – Cheer Application with photo
 – Communicable Disease form
Try-out Requirements, cont.
 Attendance at Cheer Clinics & Try-outs
  – August 6th & 7th: 4-7pm, Oakton Aux Gym
  – August 8th: TBA soon, keep day/evening open
  – 3 days of observation required by Fairfax County!
   *Freshmen Team Only: If there is a serious conflict with
    dates, please contact Coach Brooks to discuss

  – Spring 2012 GPA: 2.0 or better,
    did not fail two or more classes
  – All Freshmen eligible
Try-out Requirements, cont.
 August 6th & 7th Attire:
 Cheer or Tennis Shoes, shorts or yoga pants, t-shirt,
 hair in pony tail
 August 8th Attire:
 White shirt, black shorts, hair in pony tail with bow,
 white tennis/cheer shoes, no show white socks
 Bring a full water bottle
 NO jewelry of any kind or gum
August 8th Try-outs
  Perform what is learned at clinics with group of 3-4
 (you will know your group assignment on the 6th)
  Individual Tumbling
  Individual Jumps
  Individual Chant (made up by candidate)
  Group Cheer (learned at clinics 6 th-7th)
  Group Dance (six 8 counts learned at clinics 6 th-7th)
  Group shouts Oakton Fight Song

*Stunting: This is evaluated on the 7th,
 Mile Run: This is completed on the 6th
Pre-Season Practices
 Green Day Cheer Practices
  – Summer days begin June 14th
  – Thursdays 4:30-6:30
  – Tumbling, stunting, jumps, flexibility, motions

  – Mondays and Wednesdays
  – Weight lifting and running or fitness video/aerobics,
    plus flexibility

 Oakton Cheer Video
  – All our Oakton cheers to learn and practice your
    motions at home
  – Pick one up at Green Day practices or conditioning
Pre-Season Practices, cont.
  To participate, you must…
   – Have physical on VHSL form, dated after May 1,
     2012, on file in Activities Office
   – Provide a complete Emergency Contact Card to
     the Oakton Cheer Coaches
   – Complete a Weight Room Release form
   – Be a rising 9th - 12th grader at Oakton H.S.

This rule begins week of June 11th- please get up
to date so we can hold practices and condition!
Pre-Season Paid Camps
 Paws & Claws
  –   Fundraiser for Oakton Cheer by Oakton Cheer Coaches
  –   Co-hosting with Lake Braddock & Chantilly Cheer
  –   Saturdays in June: 9, 16, 23, 30 th
  –   Lake Braddock Secondary School, 9am-12pm
  –   $45 one clinic + t-shirt, $40 each additional

 NVRCCA Clinics
  – Fundraiser for Northern Region Cheer Coaches
  – Hosted by all Northern Region Cheer Coaches
  – Saturdays in July: 14th, 21st, 28th
  – At South County High School, 10am-2pm
  – $20 per clinic
Pre-Season Paid Camps, cont.
 Cheer Tyme
  – Oakton Practices Tuesdays from 3-5:30pm
  – Please contact Kevin McDonald for further details:
 Cheer Tyme Summer Camp
  – Monday-Thursday, July 16-19, 9am to 4pm;
    Friday, July 20, 9am to 1pm
  – Full-day - 9am-4pm = $299; Half-Day - 9am-1pm = $199
  – Individual Days available as well:
     • $75 for full-day
     • $55 for half-day
Commitment to Squad
 The FULL Season- August 6th through early November
 (Varsity can run until end of November for Football play-offs)
 This is a sport- conditioning/athleticism
 4-6 days of afternoon practice and/or activities, depending on
 squad level
 Weekly games (Thursdays or Fridays)
 Home Varsity team dinner & game attendance
 Competition (Invitational(s), VHSL competition) participation or
 Financial obligations
 Community Service (3+ hours)
 To Coaches
 Representing Oakton High School’s Spirit & Pride
Attendance Policy
 Unexcused absence examples
 – Vacations
 – Clubs/Activities (at and outside Oakton)
 – Normal homework, extra credit, and non-graded
 – Routine doctor appointment
 – College visits

 Excused absence
 –   Family emergencies (ex. death, funerals)
 –   Contagious Sickness or Doctor’s Appointment for injury
 –   Personal emergency (ex. accident, hospitalization)
 –   School-related event for grade-NOT extra credit
 –   Extenuating circumstances (ex. transportation issue not
     caused by athlete)
Attendance Policy, cont.
  – 5-10 minutes early
  – Dressed and ready to warm-up, not tying shoes, doing hair, etc.
  – Has proper uniform and accessories

  –   Being late = making up time missed working on skills
  –   3 or more times being late = missing part or full events
  –   1 Unexcused absence = 1 hour team duties
  –   Each subsequent unexcused absence= sitting out of next event

 Parents are to call or leave a voicemail with
 Head Coach of their squad- no email!
 for excused absences, sickness, etc. BEFORE practice or game,
 so we can make adjustments as necessary and be informed.
Cheer Events
 Sideline at Football Games
  – Thursdays or Fridays
 Varsity Home Football Games
  – Varsity Cheers, JV & Freshmen sell programs, Program dinner prior
  – Invitationals (1-2 for Varsity & JV, Freshmen possibly 1)
  – Districts (Varsity, JV and Freshmen come to support)
  – Regionals (Varsity if we qualify, JV & Freshmen come to support)
  – All team Saturday neighborhood canvass
  – Football program ad sales
  – Little Paws Jr. Cheer Camp
 Community Service
  – Dig Pink (Varsity), Program Event TBA
   It’s important for parents to encourage
   and support direct communication
   between their Athletes & Coaches.
   Athletes, Parents, and Coaches should all use positive and
   respectful communication with a common goal of resolving
   issues in the best interest of all our athletes.
   Email and/or text messages should not be used for crucial
   conversations or as venting mechanisms - please use in person
   or telephone at the very least, as faceless communication can
   lead to additional misunderstandings or issues.

Parents  Athletes  Respective Team Coach(es)  Head Varsity Coach  DSA
Estimated Costs
    – $400-$675
    – Includes game meals, shoes, practice clothing, bows,
      camps/outside instruction, and choreography/competition costs,
      cold weather accessories, etc.
  JV & Freshmen
    – $300-$500
    – Includes game meals, shoes, bows, practice clothing, cheer camps,
      invitational costs, cold weather accessories, etc.

Fairfax County Public Schools now also require a $100 athletic fee
per sport that is billed by the school (does not go to Cheer)

Please register and visit our website this summer
for information

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