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					The emo stereotype are those people
with there sore wrists, skinny leg
jeans, skater shoes and a band shirt,
straitened hair, with there ipods
blazing in there ears listening to their
emo/screamo music, on weekends
you may find them at a local gig
listening to some more of their
screamo music. This is a general
stereotype of emos.
Contrary to popular belief, emo is not a modern suicide/self harm
cult; rather, it comes from the music. Emo music is a subgerne of
rock, known as ‘emotional hardcore’ or ‘emocore’ and has
pioneered many bands in the 21st century. “The trend is
characterized by wearing skinny black jeans, tennis shoes, colorful
T-shirts bearing the names of emo bands, heavy make up and
sharply chopped and sometimes radically colored hairdos” Emos
in the media are the people of a suicide cult, with Jodie Gater and
Stephanie Gestier’s double suicide in 2007, most of the media
have assumed that this is the general characteristics of emos,
along with the cloths/hairdos that they sport. A lot of the media
assume that emo’s self harm themselves due to the
depression/anxiety that they may have, this is due to the many
suicides that have happened over the years while under the emo
subculture. “My Chemical Romance's music has been described
by the media as "pop punk" and "emo", however the band
themselves simply describe their music as "rock" or "violent,
dangerous pop".
In my opinion, emos are not all the same, some
are never emotional, they do not self harm, and
they do not write poems/songs. Of course some
of you may see my opinion as bias, with my
closest friends being under the spotlight of ‘emo’,
they are almost never sad, never emotional, and
they writes songs, but they usually have to do
with them bashing/fornicating someone. they
always wears his skinny black jeans, skate
shoes, and usually his favorite emo/screamo
band shirt, they would rather tell you ‘your gay’
then read you a poem or a song, this is an
example that ‘emo’ has turned into more a
fashion sense then a stereotype. With the
growing culture of emos in Australia, many emo’s
feel somewhat tormented because they may
straiten their hair, or listen to their screamo
music, with their peers at school picking on them
quite constantly.


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