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					                  Joy!                Joy!             Joy!
                  1 4 2 4 H A Y D E N A V E N U E
                                                                                                             VOLUME 2 - ISSUE 1
                  E A S T C L E V E L A N D , O H I O                               4 4 1 1 2
                                                                                                                  March 2009

          Mission Statement
                                         From the desk of Lay Minister Jeffrey Williams...
      We are African-American
      Lutherans responding to
      Jesus Christ by being a
 beacon of light, reaching out from an
            island of hope.

 We proclaim the Good News of Jesus
            Christ though
          worship, ministry,
     evangelism, fellowship, and

We welcome everyone to come, explore
          and experience                         Dr. J. Alfred Smith Sr. says, “Prayer is like the morning bath that refreshes us
         our Lord’s grace.
                                         after an evening of sleep. Prayer is like the evening bath that cleanses us of the sweat and
    YOU ARE WELCOME HERE AT              dirt of working for survival in a compassionless and competitive world. True prayer
                                         brings us as we are, with all our faults, guilt, sins, and misunderstandings, into the pres-
                                         ence of God through Jesus. He sends us on our way forgiven, cleansed, renewed, and in-
             9:30 A.M.                   spired to live our lives in a world that will soon make us dirty again and in need of a new

          SUNDAY SCHOOL                  cleansing”.
             9:45 A.M.                           Prayer is very important for our lives. We should pray as we are. We should pray
    SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICE               not because we can, but because we must. We must pray for one another, the world, lead-
           11:00 A.M.
                                         ers, children, churches, and for spiritual growth. We must pray that we be committed to
              Who’s Who                  the will of God. We must pray that we are committed to be disciples, evangelists, worship-

      Lay Minister Jeffrey Williams      ers, and servants of Christ. Most of the time we pray when we are in need of something
            we want, but I come to tell you I am always in need of God’s love, mercy, and his kind-
        Deacon Board Chairs          ness; so I must pray all the time.
Deacon Connie Chambers –216-249-5218
Deacon Marlon McPherson-216-254-9836          I am a full believer that prayer changes people, places, and circumstances. I have         seen prayer work in the midst of this church and the people in this church. Pray from
         Associate in Ministry           your Heart!!! It may not be a long prayer; it may not be a short prayer, but pray with a
         Deacon Robin Brown
             216-541-1665                true and honest heart full of love and compassion. My prayer is that God’s will be done in            you and in our church. During this Lent season we will concentrate on the journey of
            Hunger Center
             216-541-1665                “Deepening our Prayer” every Wednesday starting March 4, 2009 at 6:15 p.m. for Soup/
          Parish Administrator           Salad and at 7:15 p.m. for service. I invite you to come and experience how prayer is the
         Janet Galbreath-Smith           connection that will open up our hearts, minds, and, souls to God through Jesus.

          Worship and Music                                              Go in Peace and Serve the Lord!
      Lay Minister Jeffrey Williams
             Carl Gamble
                                                      THE YOUTH CORNER
                                                        Tatiana Locklear

                     We are so proud of Tatiana who wrote and delivered the following essay at the
                      Martin Lutheran King Jr. Service at Bethesda on the Bay Lutheran Church.
                                                    “One Dream All People”
                                                      By: Tatiana Locklear
                             “One Dream All People.” This title represents everything Dr. Martin Luther
                     King Jr., Sojourner Truth, President Kennedy, Harriet Tubman, and what other civil
 HAVE A LOOK ...     rights leaders stand for. Dr. King had a dream and it was that one day little black
                     boys and black girls would join hands with little white boys and little white girls and
                     play together. Because of this dream he was and still is an honorable and cherished
Important Dates to   man of God.
Remember and Share           Dr. King was a man whom you can dream of being like. But, you can never
  March 2009         walk in his footsteps, perhaps follow in them. You see, Dr. King had been through so
                     much from the bombing of his house, to him serving time in prison. I know that right
   Beginning         this moment he is looking down on us saying, “I had a Dream and President Barack
                     Obama is living proof.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was not only a civil rights leader
  March 4th          but he was also a reverend which means he was a believer in Jesus the Christ. Those
 Lenten Dinner       speeches he gave all around the world made a difference. Other civil rights leaders
Each Wednesday       are also honored to this day because of their hard works and determination. I’ve only
   from 3-4-09       dreamt of meeting someone like him. He is truly someone you can look up to as a
through 4-1-09 at    role model.
     6:15 pm         From the Congregational Life Unit
                                                   How Can You Make A Difference - VOLUNTEER
                         Deacon Connie Chambers and Sister Carolyn Heath served as volunteers on Monday, February 16,
 Lenten Services     2009 for the Homeless Stand Down 2009. This initiative is one of the principle programs sponsored by
Each Wednesday       Inter-Act Cleveland. Deacon Chambers packed check-out goodies which included such things as:
                     personal care kits, bus passes, bagged lunches, etc., that were given to each guest at the end of the
   From 3-4-09       day. Sister Heath was a “personal shopper” for the day. Her duties included greeting a guest at the
through 4-1-09 at    door with a bag and helping the guest find appropriate clothing, shoes, boots, hats, gloves, and
     7:15 pm         scarves.
                          Plan NOW to join us next year, be a part of a team, show someone that you care, and practice the
                     art of compassion and hospitality. “Let us love one another, for love is of God, and everyone who
   “March 7th        loves is born of God and knows God.” 1 John 4:7.
 “These Men Are           Remember to sign up for upcoming events! The women’s ministry will be organizing and planning
 Really Cooking”     various volunteer opportunities where you too can make a difference: VOLUNTEER
                          This month our Unit is lifting up and highlighting the Fellowship Team Ministry. It is a very
 6:00 p.m. to 8:00   important ministry to the Church. “Would You Like To Join The Team? See Deacon Bennie Motley
                     From the Sanctuary Plan Unit
                       Deacon William Brown, Sr. reports only joyful news for this Unit. Lay Assistant training continues to
                     enhance the worship service and gives members a sense of additional ownership of the ministry here
                     at New Covenant Lutheran Church.
                         Members don’t hesitate when the Deacons of the Church approach you to serve as a lay assistant.

                     Ecumenical Ministry
                     The Northeastern Ohio Alliance of Hope (NOAH) will kick off their project “Parent Patrols” in April 2009.
                     NOAH has also been working with CWRU students to identify abandon houses in East Cleveland .
                     Being part of NOAH is good for relationships and contacts. This is our Church community we should
                     be concerned. PLEASE ATTEND THE NEXT MEETING OF NOAH.
                                                                                                                             LET’S SHARE AND
            By Abena Rhea                                                                                                      CELEBRATE
                                                                                                                              SPECIAL TIMES

Vegetarian diet: How to get the best nutrition
                        Could switching to a vegetarian diet cure my diabetes?
                 Mayo Clinic endocrinologist Maria Collazo-Clavell, M.D.,
     Changing to a vegetarian diet probably won't cure your diabetes. But it may offer some benefits
over a nonvegetarian diet — such as helping to better control your weight, reducing your risk of                                Happy Birthday
some diabetes-associated complications, and possibly even making your body more responsive to                                  March Birthdays!!
insulin. This, of course, depends on the type of vegetarian diet you choose and the particular food                          Gail McMichael 3/4
choices you make when following the diet.                                                                                   Dorothy Campbell 3/5
   There's no single vegetarian eating plan. A vegan diet is the strictest of all vegetarian diets. Ve-                       Andre Lewis 3/6
gans eat no animal meat and no foods that come from animals, such as dairy products and eggs.                              LaMontica McMichael 3/8
Other types of vegetarian diets may allow dairy products and eggs.A strict vegan diet is cholesterol-                      Gwendolyn Furcron 3/15
free and generally low in saturated fat. Vegetarian diets that include generous amounts of vegeta-                            Carl Gamble 3/29
bles, fruits, whole grains and legumes are high in fiber and phytochemicals. Vegetarian diets often
are lower in calories than are nonvegetarian diets. All of these factors benefit people with diabetes.
   Significant weight loss resulting from a vegetarian diet can improve type 2 diabetes in people
who are obese. But this is also true of similar weight loss from a nonvegetarian diet. Some research
indicates that a vegetarian diet makes your body more responsive to insulin — which is a very good
thing if you have diabetes. In fact, in a 2006 study published in the journal Diabetes Care, 43 percent
of people with type 2 diabetes who ate a low-fat vegan diet reduced their need for diabetes medica-
tions.                                                                                                                       Happy Anniversary
    A vegetarian diet could also reduce your risk of diabetes-associated complications such as car-                         March Anniversaries!!
diovascular disease and kidney disease. But again, this depends on the specific food choices you
make.                                                                                                                      James and Helen Moore
   If you have diabetes, talk to a dietitian before switching to a vegetarian diet. A dietitian can help                            3/25
you create an eating plan that provides all the needed nutrients and the right number of calories to
maintain a healthy weight.                                                                                                       If your birthday or
                                                                                                                          anniversary is not listed above,
                                                                                                                            the staff of Joy1Joy!Joy!
                                                                                                                            Please make us aware of
From the Evangelism Unit                                                                                                      special days or family
                                     IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD                                                  occasions you would like to
         There is an old African proverb that states “It takes a village to raise a child”. This proverb is tied to the   share. Submit information
                                                                                                                           to: Loria Martin (216-541-
nature of a village in Africa. All children are taken care of by everyone in the village. All elder women are
                                                                                                                          0044)before the 15th of each
“Mothers” and all younger women are “sisters”. The children learn early that they will be fed, chastised, and             month to be included in the
taught by all members of the village. This is a concept that we have lost. Those that grew up in family oriented                   next edition.
churches understand this concept. If you misbehaved you would be corrected by whatever adult viewed your
actions, and corrected again when your parents found out.
         It is important that we evangelize and recruit children and their parents. It appears that we have at
least one generation of adults and their offspring that have not been exposed to this concept. The young par-
ents and their children need the safety of growing up in the house of the Lord. They need our nurturing and
guidance to keep them off the streets, away from gangs and insecure environments. Young parents are
stressed; some are looking for excitement in their lives. They are not aware of the excitement that living in             To all of you who continue to
Christ can provide, or that Christ will relieve their stress. They will have a mold to follow with concrete rules. As       help in so many ways to
teaching Christians, we know that teaching them about God through Jesus early will save them. We must give                    support and sustain
them a Christian foundation to draw from when the streets are calling them to make wrong decisions.
                                                                                                                              The New Covenant
         Chapter 4 of Deuteronomy tells clearly that we must listen, learn, and obey the laws that God has
                                                                                                                                  Hunger Center
given us. It is clear that we must teach the word of God to all that will listen. Chapter 5 gives us the command-
ments that God has given us to follow. We must continue to teach these to our children. Deuteronomy 4:40
says, “Keep his decrees and commands, which I am giving you today, so that it may go well with you and your
children after you and that you may live long in the land the LORD your God gives you for all time. “
From the Communication Unit -                                       From the Discipleship Unit -
    We see examples of the power of communication daily in our        Gwen Furcron, Unit Leader, Denise Irby, Connie Chambers,
lives. Communication is a very effective evangelism tool. The         Caroline Cole.
Communication Unit of New Covenant Lutheran church is striving        "And the things which you have heard from me in the presence of
to develop a communication system within the Church that            many witnesses, these entrust to faithful men, who will be able to
effectively reaches outside the Church. By learning and using       teach others also." (2 Timothy 2:2)
current technology, our goal is to develop communication through        We are empower by the Holy Spirit. As disciples our aim is to nurture
                                                                    the community; provide an avenue for learning the scripture; empower
the following tools: the Joy !Joy! Joy! Newsletter, and the New
                                                                    the community to have an intimate relationship with Jesus, and assist
Covenant Lutheran Church website. We have a wonder start, but       them in becoming Jesus' disciples.
we are ready now to take a step forward. Please visit the New       "The success of our next generation, whether it be the church, our
Covenant website at http//                    family or our nation, depends on how faithful we obey our God by
    In addition, we want to invite you to serve as the webmaster    training others with the glorious gospel truths of Christ in such a way
for the website. We are looking for someone who would be            that they eagerly, excitedly teach others in the Holy Spirit."
interested in taking over the monthly maintenance of the website;       Jesus commanded us to make disciples. You too, can come and join
updating old information, adding new information, and using         us to obey Christ and carry out His command. We need you as part of
imagination to develop the cosmetics and overall look of the        this strategy, especially to coordinate projects. Or you can participate in
website. We are willing to train.                                   any area you choose.
                                                                         Our areas of focus are: Shepherd (contacting our
    Stewardship is another area that falls under the Communica-
                                                                    members) Christian Education (Sunday School, Children
tion Unit. The Stewardship Team needs your help! Please stop        Church, Bible Study) New members (class instruction and
in the Church office to verify your date of membership. Year        assimilation) Youth Ministry
Round Stewardship plan scheduled to begin in early Spring.                                            Projects:
     Communication Team Members: George Wilcher, Argeon                    Valentine Raffle - 2/14/09               Rally Day - 9/6/09
Hall, Connie Chambers, Loria Martin, Leanora Brown, Abena                Join Hands' Day - May 2, 2009 Nursing Home Visits
Rhea, Irene Snead, Juanita McFarland, Gail McMichael, Ar’Tina                Wii raffle - 9/6/09                     Hunger Center
Jones, Tatiana Locklear, Hasan Hopkins, Faithlee Brown, Janet        Christian Education meets the 3rd Saturday—11:00 am
Galbreath-Smith, Unit Leader.                                                             Team Leader Denise Irby
                                                                          New Members - Team Leader Connie Chambers
                                                                            Youth Ministry - Lay Minister Jeffrey Williams
                   Please join us… see Janet.

This is a summer program activity at Morehouse for young men going to the 10th and 11th grade. You may
know someone... Please pass this opportunity on for our young men....Morehouse Summer Program @ More-
house College in Atlanta , GA - will be offering a Summer Institute (Project Identity) for minority males enter-
ing the > 10th and 11th grades. Three weeks at Morehouse - June 7 - 28 Creative Writing - SAT Prep - Debate
- Pre-Calculus - Leadership Development - Enrichment Activities - $400 fee (includes meals, housing and ac-
tivities). FOR MORE INFO GO TO:

                                        REGISTER FOR THE 12TH BIENNIAL
                                         AALA ASSEMBLY JULY 16-19, 2009
                                    INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL, CLEVELAND, OHIO
                                           REGISTER AND PAY ONLINE
                                        AT THE AALA NATIONAL WEBSITE:

                                                WWW.AALA-NATIONAL.ORG                                      Cleveland Chapter Hosting
- For more information regarding the Assembly please contact us at
- For information regarding the National Organization see the AALA website at
- To pay National Membership dues for the 2009 year contact Reverend Gwendolyn H. Snell,
  Corresponding AALA National Governing Board for a membership
- AALA membership application form can also be found online at

    Joy! Joy! Joy! Newsletter Staff: Hasan J. Hopkins, Faithlee Brown, Deacon Connie Chambers,
           Deacon Loria Martin, Abena Pam Rhea, Tatiana Locklear, Janet Galbreath-Smith

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