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					                         AMERICAN JEWISH WORLD SERVICE
                         Should I Apply to AJWS World Partners Fellowship?

American Jewish World Service (AJWS) is an international development organization motivated by Judaism’s
imperative to pursue justice. AJWS is dedicated to alleviating poverty, hunger and disease among the people
of the developing world regardless of race, religion or nationality. Through grants to grassroots organizations,
volunteer service, advocacy and education, AJWS fosters civil society, sustainable development and human
rights for all people, while promoting the values and responsibilities of global citizenship within the Jewish

AJWS World Partners Fellowship is a competitive award for recent Jewish college graduates and young
professionals seeking an intensive international volunteer service opportunity. For ten months, fellows live
independently and volunteer at an NGO (non-governmental organization) in India. As part of this service-
learning experience, fellows engage in personal reflection, educational seminars and skills-building workshops
through an in-country orientation and retreats throughout the fellowship.

The program is an opportunity to learn about human rights in an international context, make valuable
contributions to a grassroots organization and explore Jewish values that substantiate and motivate this work.
Fellows will return to their communities inspired by what they have seen and accomplished, prepared to
advocate for community building and social change at home and abroad.

Before applying, we suggest that you consider the following questions. Qualified volunteers should be able to
answer “yes” to these questions. If you cannot, we encourage you to visit our Web site at,
contact us via phone at 800.889.7146, or e-mail us at to learn about other volunteer
opportunities with AJWS.

   Are you a recent college graduate or in the early stages of your career?

   Have you traveled or lived abroad, or do you have extensive cross-cultural experience

   Are you committed to using this experience to raise awareness about human rights and global
    justice while abroad and upon your return?

   Are you interested in exploring your Jewish identity in the context of human rights and social justice?

   Are you comfortable traveling by yourself and living modestly on your own in a developing country?

   Are you willing to serve in any number of capacities, including office work?

   Are you comfortable working in an environment in which there is a high level of ambiguity and

   Are you interested in development issues in India?

   Are you available for a ten-month commitment between August 2010 and June 2011?

                         AMERICAN JEWISH WORLD SERVICE
                         AJWS World Partners Fellowship Program Information

Location: India

Timeline: Mid-August 2010 through mid-June 2011, including a possible two-day domestic retreat in
autumn 2011.

Important dates in the application process: Applicants selected for an interview will participate in an
informational conference call on Monday, January 4, 2010 at noon Eastern. Finalists will attend a
group interview in New York on Sunday, February 21, 2010.

Work assignments: Work assignments will vary based on the fellow’s skills and interests and the
needs of NGOs. Fellows will be matched with NGOs following acceptance to the program. Examples
of assignments from past years include:

   Assistance with public relations and fundraising materials for an organization that works to raise
    HIV/AIDS awareness amongst sex-workers in Mumbai;
   Computer training and database development for an organization that works to reduce maternal
    and child mortality in Ahmedabad;
   Documenting the process of organizational development and evolution for a women’s
    empowerment NGO in Bhuj;
   Web site development and design for an organization that works to promote the rights of tribal
    groups in Baroda.

AJWS is committed to making your experience as a volunteer extremely rewarding. We are equally
committed to ensuring that your work on behalf of AJWS and the American Jewish community will
provide a beneficial service to our partner NGO. In order to best match your skills and interests with
the needs of our partners, we ask that you answer the questions that follow with as much care and
detail as possible and remain flexible as to the location and nature of your service. Thank you.

                       AMERICAN JEWISH WORLD SERVICE
                       Application to AJWS World Partners Fellowship

Please review your application carefully and ensure that all required materials are submitted by
December 15, 2009 via:

                           E-mail (strongly preferred):;
     Mail: AJWS, World Partners Selection, 45 West. 36th Street, 11th floor, New York, NY 10018; or
                     Facsimile: 212.792.2855 (Attention: World Partners Selection).

Upon submission of your AJWS World Partners Fellowship application, please include the following:

       Fully completed application (including short answers and essay questions submitted on a
       separate sheet);

       Health survey, completed by you. Please note that if you are selected to participate in our
       program, we will require a detailed Physician Certification;


       References: Please download the reference form from our Web site. Ask two references to
       complete the form and return it to you, sealed in an envelope with a signature across the seal.
       Please assemble both of your references and mail them together to AJWS by the deadline.
       Reference forms received in any other fashion will not be accepted.

Section 1: Background

Last name:          First name:                                               Date of birth:

Permanent address:

Current address:

Telephone: (day)          (evening)          (mobile)


Current occupation:

College or university:        Graduation date:

How did you hear about AJWS World Partners Fellowship? Please be specific.

Have you or your family members previously been involved with AJWS?             Yes       No
If yes, in what capacity?

Please list the educational institutions you have attended (including high school).

 School                           Location              Dates            Areas of Study                Degree

Please list any relevant coursework.

 Coursework                                                              Location              Dates

Please list any formal or informal Jewish education background in this section (i.e. religious school, Jewish
communal service, camp, youth group, trips, etc). Please add more space as necessary.
 Program                        Location               Dates            Purpose

Please mark your Jewish affiliation:
   Unaffiliated            Secular                     Reform
   Conservative            Orthodox                    Reconstructionist                Other:

Please list the social, professional and neighborhood projects and programs in which you have participated.
Highlight leadership positions. Please add more space as necessary.
 Program                                      Position                  Location               Dates

Please indicate your overseas travel, study, work and living experience below. List your experiences in reverse
chronological order, including dates and brief purpose of visit. Please indicate your living arrangements (i.e. host
families, group living, independent living, etc.) if applicable.

 Country              Dates                    Purpose/Program                       Living Arrangements

Section 2: Essay and Short-Answer Questions

Please answer the following on a separate sheet.
 In one page, please discuss the following:
            What is your approach to working in social justice and/or international development?
            How does this approach connect to your desire to serve as a World Partners Fellow?
 In one page, please elaborate on one or more of the international experiences you listed above:
            Describe the experience.
            What did you learn about yourself?
            What do you anticipate will be challenging as a World Partners Fellow?

Please answer the following on a separate sheet in no more than four sentences.
 Does your Jewish identity motivate you to pursue this experience? If so, how?
 Does the region of the fellowship affect your desire to serve as a World Partners Fellow? If so, how?
 Upon completion of the fellowship, how would you measure whether you were a successful World Partners

Section 3: Placement Information

This section of the application allows AJWS staff to make the best possible match between volunteers and partner
NGOs. This is only to get an idea of your interests and cannot guarantee a specific placement, as all volunteer
assignments are based on the needs of our partner NGOs.

A. Region: Fellows will be placed in India.

B. Proximity to other volunteers: Fellows will be placed throughout the region; some fellows will be clustered
   closer together and some will be placed farther from other volunteers (though not necessarily in rural settings).
   Please mark your preference in this regard:

            I prefer a placement near other volunteers.
            I prefer a placement farther from other volunteers.
            I have no preference.

        If you have a preference, please explain:

C. Urban vs. Rural: Please mark your preference in this regard:

            I prefer a placement in a large city
            I prefer a placement in a small city
            I prefer a placement in a rural area
            I have no preference

        If you have a preference, please explain:

D. Restrictions: Please describe any physical or dietary conditions which may influence your placement location
   (including kosher or vegetarian diet and health issues)?

Please indicate any relevant language abilities. Note that abilities in languages other than English are not required.

                    Beginner        Proficient      Fluent          Native

Our partner NGOs often request volunteers with the following skills. We are aware that you may not have
experience in many of the areas mentioned and ask you to describe only the areas in which you do have
experience. AJWS will match you with an organization based on a combination of your skills and interests and the
NGO’s needs.

In the “Experience” column, describe any experience you have working in the relevant areas. Use additional pages
if necessary. In the “Skill Level” column, select a 1 if you have enough experience in this area to do the work
yourself and a 2 if you have enough experience to train others. If you do not have experience, please select NA.

 Communications                    Experience                                                            Skill Level
 Writing                                                                                                 Select...
 Public relations/marketing                                                                              Select...
 Interviewing                                                                                            Select...
 Other                                                                                                   Select...

 Fundraising                       Experience                                                            Skill Level
 Grant writing                                                                                           Select...
 Donor research                                                                                          Select...
 Report writing                                                                                          Select...
 Event planning                                                                                          Select...
 Other                                                                                                   Select...

 Program management                Experience                                                            Skill Level
 Research                                                                                                Select...
 Program planning                                                                                        Select...
 Program implementation                                                                                  Select...
 Program monitoring and
 evaluation                                                                                              Select...
 Other                                                                                                   Select...

 Education                         Experience                                                            Skill Level
 Classroom teaching                                                                                      Select...
 Tutoring                                                                                                Select...
 Teaching ESL                                                                                            Select...
 Curriculum development                                                                                  Select...
 Environmental education                                                                                 Select...
 Other                                                                                                   Select...

 Computer Technology               Experience                                                           Skill Level
 Computer training                                                                                      Select...
 Data entry                                                                                             Select...
 Data analysis                                                                                          Select...
 Database development                                                                                   Select...
 Desktop publishing                                                                                     Select...
 Website development                                                                                    Select...
 Other                                                                                                  Select...

 Public Health                     Experience                                                           Skill Level
 HIV/AIDS                                                                                               Select...
 Sexual and reproductive health                                                                         Select...
 Nutrition                                                                                              Select...
 Other                                                                                                  Select...

 Social Work                       Experience                                                           Skill Level
 Counseling                                                                                             Select...
 Community organizing                                                                                   Select...
 Mentoring                                                                                              Select...
 Team-building                                                                                          Select...
 Motivation/self-esteem                                                                                 Select...
 Conflict resolution                                                                                    Select...
 Other                                                                                                  Select...

 Arts                              Experience                                                           Skill Level
 Theater                                                                                                Select...
 Music                                                                                                  Select...
 Photography/video                                                                                      Select...
 Graphic design                                                                                         Select...
 Other                                                                                                  Select...

Other Relevant Skills:
Please describe any other skills and professional strengths that you possess:

Section 4: Additional Information

Please list your references below. Please include at least one past or present supervisor in a professional context
and one additional reference who knows you in a professional, cross-cultural or academic context. Do not include
personal references or family members.

                Name                                                Relationship

Have you ever been convicted of any crimes, excluding minor traffic violations?      Yes      No
If yes, please explain:

Please list two emergency contacts below; the two parties you list should reside in different households. If you wish
to list two individuals who reside in the same household, please list them together under “Emergency Contact 1.”
 Emergency Contact 1                                        Emergency Contact 2
 Name:                                                      Name:
 Address:                                                   Address:
 Phone:                                                     Phone:
 E-mail:                                                    E-mail:
 Relationship:                                              Relationship:

Please read the following statements carefully.

       The information I have provided on this application and health survey is complete and accurate and is
        subject to verification by American Jewish World Service. Any misrepresentation or deliberate omission of
        fact on this application will be justification for refusal of acceptance to AJWS World Partners Fellowship or
        for termination of a volunteer assignment by American Jewish World Service.

       I understand that my volunteer placement can be terminated, with or without cause, at any time at the
        discretion of either the organization or myself.

       I give American Jewish World Service permission to investigate all references and to secure additional
        information about me if related to a volunteer assignment. I hereby release from liability American Jewish
        World Service and its representatives for seeking such information and all other persons, corporations or
        organizations furnishing such information.

       I understand that I must have comprehensive health insurance that will cover me while overseas. I will
        obtain health insurance at my own expense before I depart for a volunteer assignment.

       I understand that, as an AJWS fellow, my involvement with AJWS does not end upon my return. I will
        complete a written evaluation of my assignment, write a short essay describing my experience and
        participate in a debriefing conversation with AJWS staff. I also understand that AJWS alumni are
        encouraged to speak and write about their experiences in an effort to help educate the Jewish community
        about issues of global justice and the work of AJWS.

Signature (Type name if submitting electronically)               Date


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