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final AARATI Nov 09pub


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									November 2009                       NEWSLETTER OF SADHU VASWANI CENTRE, UK                                                   Vol 15.1

Centres around the world celebrate the 130th birth Anniversary of
Sadhu Vaswani on 25 November
He was a brother of all men, all races and religions, all nations, a brother of the bereft and bereaved,
a brother too, of birds and animals, - a brother of all creation
       n the golden days of our history, saints and sages with-     nomics of the business of earning a living but the Cosmic eco-
       drew from the world of men and matters and lived lives of nomics which is the art of learning how to live on earth in the
       austerity, seclusion and tapasya, dedicating themselves to   right way, how to be in the world yet not be worldly, to blend
       the Life of the Spirit. The people had to seek them out, go  supplication and worship of God with seva, unselfish service of
in search of them for wisdom and enlightenment.                     the poor and needy and to revere all life as sacred as children of
     In our contemporary age, the                                                                 the One Family of God.
Age of Kalyug, we are more fortu-                                                                 Sadhu Vaswani also came to educate
nate, at least in this aspect, that our                                                           us that the object of our earth life is
saints and sages do not shut them-                                                                the integration of our whole being –
selves away from us; they live and                                                                physical, mental, emotional and
move among us; they reach out to                                                                  spiritual – into a fuller and higher
us; they call out to us with loving                                                               degree of conscious, and to realise
concern, and urge us to make God a                                                                that we can carry with us to the
living reality in our lives.                                                                      Other Shore only what we have
     Sadhu Vaswani was one such                                                                   woven into the fabric ourselves
saint. His austerity was selfless de-                                                             while on earth.
votion, purity of heart and soul,                                                                 Sadhu Vaswani was a saint who
word and deed, humility of spirit                                                                 offered his life as a sacrifice to the
and utter simplicity; his seclusion                                                               suffering world. Not only did he
was only from publicity and power                                                                 serve humanity and work for its
and the glare of fame, not from the                                                               spiritual upliftment, but he also
thirsty souls who sought his grace;                                                               reached out to extend his love and
his life itself was a tapasya – only he                                                           compassion to birds and animals, for
did not seek the forest of Meditation                                                             he saw God’s image in all.
to perform the same – he did it                                                                   “Do not go where the path may
through his service of service and                                                                lead”, wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson.
sacrifice, living among the people                                                                “Go instead where there is no path.”
who needed him. The holy month of                                                                 Even such a trailblazer was Sadhu
November exudes with the fragrance                                                                Vaswani who chose the trail not
of the birth of two great saviours of                                                             travelled by, the road not taken. He
humanity – Guru Nanak and Sadhu                                                                   turned his back upon worldly wealth
T. L. Vaswani. Both were simple                                                                   and advancement but not on the suf-
and straightforward, logical and           Dada J P Vaswani paying homage to his Master, fering and sorrow which afflicted
practical. Both taught that man must Sadhu Vaswani, at the statue installation ceremony the world’s disadvantaged and dis-
go beyond cults and dogmas, rites         at the Sadhu Vaswani Centre, London - June 2009 possessed. He lived for others and
and rituals and realise that it is not                                                             he made us aware of a great spiritual
knowledge that builds the soul but understanding and love.          truth – that life is nothing but a loan given to us, to be spent in
They also taught that the spiritual path did not consist in inflat- the service of the suffering ones.
ing or aggrandising the ego but in a constant erosion of the             Let us express our reverence, love and admiration for our
power of our selfish ego which keeps us captive.                    Beloved Master, for whom to live was to love; to live was to
     Sadhu Vaswani, the King and Master of the hearts of thou-      give. Let us observe his 130th birth anniversary, November 25th,
sands all over the globe, was a unique and remarkable gift of       as Meatless Day and Animal Rights Day.
God to Humanity.                                                                                                                         ■
     Sadhu Vaswani did not come to teach the orthodox eco-

   I believe that all jivas (creatures) are one in the Eternal One. And
   whoever kills a creature hurts the Eternal Heart - Sadhu Vaswani
Page 2                                                                                                       AARATI
Become a vegetarian and halt                                   tion on the other hand, has been linked to a variety of
                                                               human diseases and increased medical costs.
climate change - consume meat and                              Consider the following irrefutable facts:
destroy the planet.                                            •      A piece of meat is just part of a corpse; its putre-
                                                                      faction creates poisonous waste in the body
What about the animals? Have they                              •      People who consume animal products are ten times
no rights?                                                            more susceptible to heart disease, 40% more sus-
                                                                      ceptible to cancers, and at increased risk to many
            he above headlines may sound extreme, but                 other illnesses including stroke, TB, obesity, osteo-
            they nevertheless unmask an uncomfortable                 porosis, arthritis, diabetes and food poisoning.
            warning – that the meat-eating world needs to             When meat spoils in the intestine, it can make the
            seriously rethink its dietary habits in order to          person violently ill than any other food
halt climate change. By the same token, there has never        •      People are continuously eating flesh that is in-
been a better case for vegetarianism.                                 fected with TB, cancerous germs and other fatal
     The idea that meat-lovers are rapidly eating their way           diseases. A high intake of animal protein causes an
to a disastrous global environment for all may be hard to             excessive excretion of calcium thereby causing
digest for some. However, a sensible response in reduc-               loss of calcium from the bones which in turn in-
ing or indeed, eliminating meat consumption is as impor-              creases the risk of developing osteoporosis, kidney
tant as flying or driving less to reduce one’s carbon foot-           and gall bladder stones
print. Unlikely as it may seem, eating a burger has envi-      •      Any normal variety of plant foods provides more
ronmental implications deadlier than those of driving an              than enough for the body
SUV.                                                           •      For every acre of forest land consumed by urban
     According to findings published by the United Na-                development, seven acres are devoured by the meat
tions, meat accounts for more than 18% of global green-               industry for grazing and growing cattle feed
house gas emissions. It is additionally responsible for        •      Percentage of tropical rainforest deforestation di-
deforestation for purposes of livestock grazing and the               rectly linked with livestock raising is more than
overuse of water and food resources. Scientists say the               50%
greenhouse gas produced by cultivating livestock has           •      Each individual who switches to a vegetarian diet
proved to be more harmful to the earth’s resources than               spares an acre of trees per year
any other single factor.                                       •      Twenty five gallons of water are needed to produce
     A strident voice advocating reform comes from one                one pound of wheat whereas 2,500 gallons of wa-
of the world’s leading authorities on climate change,                 ter are needed to produce one pound of beef
Lord Nicholas Stern of Brentford, author of the influen-       •      By switching from a meat-based to a vegetarian
tial 2006 Stern Review. He allegedly declared in an inter-            diet a person could conserve 1,423,500 gallons of
view with The Times that people ought to give up meat in              water
order to halt climate change. A controversy ensued, lead-      •      One acre of prime land can produce 40,000 lbs of
ing him to clarify his views:                                         potatoes or 30,000 lbs of carrots, or 50,000 lbs of
     I think that once people understand the great risks              tomatoes but only 250 lbs of beef
that climate change poses, they will naturally want to         •      At least 85% of US topsoil lost is directly associ-
choose products and services that cause little or no emis-            ated with livestock raising
sions of greenhouse gases, which means 'low-carbon             •      More than 50% of water pollution can be linked to
consumption'. This will apply across the board, including             water from the livestock industry
electricity, heating, transport and food. A diet that relies   •      If the US switched to a vegetarian diet, 60% of US
heavily on meat production results in higher emissions                imported oil requirements would be cut
than a typical vegetarian diet. Different individuals will     •      Scientists estimate that the world’s 1.3 billion cat-
make different choices. However, the debate about cli-                tle and other ruminant livestock emit approxi-
mate change should not be dumbed down to a single slo-                mately 60 million tons of methane each year
gan, such as 'give up meat to save the planet'.                •      About 40% of the world’s grain harvest is fed to
     Greenhouse emissions are directly linked to live-                the animals. Half of this grain would be more than
stock, and methane, a greenhouse gas, is estimated to be              enough to feed all hungry people of our planet
twenty-three times more powerful than carbon dioxide.
Yet despite the damning evidence, the meat industry and        Central to the advocacy of vegetarianism is something
its advocates is likely to defend its eating habits; for       often overlooked by meat-lovers – the animals them-
vegetarians, however, it is the golden opportunity to pro-     selves. Animal cruelty and barbaric slaughter of animals
vide a compelling argument for diet change.                    in the production of meat is well-known. It is time the
     The holistic benefits of a vegetarian diet adopted by     inhumanity towards animals was replaced by respect. A
generations of human beings have been amply docu-              veneration and reverence of animals was a cause dear to
mented in scientific and medical circles. Meat consump-        Sadhu Vaswani.                                          ■
AARATI                                                                                                                       Page 3

                                                                   Sadhu T. L. Vaswani’s 130th birth
       STOP ALL KILLING                                            anniversary celebrated in Pune with gifts
Please observe Meatless                                            of hearing
        Day and                                                                    hen 121 kids were blessed with hearing aids by
                                                                                   Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani the first sounds that
  Animal Rights Day                                                                they heard were soulful kirtans.
                                                                                   Their world is shrouded in silence…only their
    25th November                                                  fingers help point signs to words that are devoid of sound. They
                                                                   know not of noise, neither can they appreciate music.

                                                                   Life changed for 121 pairs of ears on 29th October - the occa-
                                                                   sion of Sadhu T.L. Vaswani’s 130th birthday according to the
                                                                   Hindu calendar. It was celebrated at the Mission Campus in
                                                                   Pune, with a very noble gesture - the gift of hearing.

                                                                   Hearing-impaired students from the School for the Deaf (run by
                                                                   Indian Red Cross Society) and Garland Craig Memorial School
                                                                   for the Deaf (YMCA) were brought to the Mission campus in
                                                                   Pune. They were served with a sumptuous langar. Then they
                                                                   were led to the satsang hall where those innocent faces unaware
                                                                   of the sound of God and Love were imparted with the gift of
                                                                   hearing from the very hands of Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani, an
                                                                   epitome of love and compassion. A total of 121 hearing aids
                                                                   were donated.

                                                                   Rev. Dada J.P. Vaswani, the spiritual head of the Mission, him-
                                                                   self tested it on the first student to make sure of the authenticity
                                                                   of the hearing aids on the handicapped ears.

          he Animal Rights Day - Meatless Day Campaign is          At the loving instigation of Rev. Dada, the volunteers helped
          part of the SAK (Stop All Killing) Association and       each and every child patiently to put on the aids and were then
          is aimed at creating awareness in the minds of the       brought back into the hall. The wide-eyed children used the
          people regarding the cruelties done to animals day       hearing aids for the first time to listen to the kirtans going on –
after day.                                                         the sounds divine were like a wave of joy to them and their
     November 25 is the birthday of Revered Sadhu Vaswani          hands clapped in unison to the beats. Their beaming smiles en-
whose compassion flowed out in an endless stream to animals        veloped one and all - indeed a tearful moment for the teachers
and birds. He taught us again and again that birds and animals     as well as the devotees present. As Rev. Dada got up to leave at
are man’s younger brothers and sisters. Implanted deep in          the end of the session, a young recipient with gratitude and joy
Sadhu Vaswani’s heart was reverence for all life. Every little     writ on his innocent face got up spontaneously to thank Dada
thing he did was inspired by the Vision Cosmic. He said a          with folded hands - a moment that brought a parting tear to
day will come when meat-eating will be condemned as mur-           many eyes.
der. His heart bled at the cruelties inflicted upon animals for
food. This deep consciousness of the need for reverence for        The celebrations concluded with a Langar (fellowship meal) for
all life, in which ever form it is manifested, formed a very       one and all.                                                ■
essential part of Sadhu Vaswani’s teachings.
     He said, “For me not to love birds and animals would be
not to love the Lord.” Hence his birthday every year is ob-
served as an International Meatless Day - and Animal
Rights Day.
     For the last several years, millions of devotees and admir-
ers have been observing November 25, as Meatless Day and
Animal Rights Day, expressing their shared commitment to
the ideal of Reverence for all Life.
     Have you pledged? If not you may do so by visiting our
web site: www.sadhuvaswaniuk.com. Your pledge can be
made via the “Meatless Day Pledges” link.

Vegetarian food leaves a deep impression on our
nature. If the whole world adopts vegetarianism it
could change the destiny of humankind.
                                   -Albert Einstein
AARATI                                                                                                                    Page 4
   Activities at the Sadhu Vaswani Centre                          Computer classes: Pete Rughwani has led a course of lessons
                                                                   on using Excel. It proved to be very popular and he has
         adhu Vaswani, the architect of the Mira Movement in       decided to offer intensive courses. He will also be willing to
         Education, laid great emphasis on the spiritual           teach PowerPoint if there is sufficient demand. Contact Pete
         orientation of life. He encouraged the students to        at: excel@sadhuvaswaniuk.com
         cultivate the soul and make God the centre of their
lives. Dada Jashan, who collected the baton from Sadhu             Yoga classes: These are held every Thursday between 7.30 -
Vaswani, continuously and tirelessly echoes his Master’s words     8.30 p.m. and are conducted by Savi Chabria and co-ordinated
to the youth wherever he meets them on his travels.                by Bindu Datwani. The classes cover the concept of Patanjali
                                                                   Yoga consisting of mudra, pranayam and asana. Contact:
        Dada Jashan always sets aside time for the youth, for he   yoga@sadhuvaswaniuk.com
believes that the youth of today are the builders of a new world
and designers of a new humanity. He, therefore, reminds them       There are other interesting classes that will be offered
of the three most important things: character building, heroic     including Baking & Cooking led by Ekta Datwani and
living and spiritual unfolding.                                    Sabeena Lalwani, Seminar Workshops organised by Deepu
                                                                   Mirpuri. Look out for further details.
        The youth meetings are invariably well attended. The
youth wait with impatience to hear Dada’s words to them. Dada      Weekly sheva: This sheva of feeding the homeless and poor
has an uncanny knack of being able to answer their questions to    has been a weekly event for well over three decades. In the
their full satisfaction and they go away spiritually charged and   earlier years this event was the initiative of Mr Vashdev &
rejuvenated.                                                       Mrs Padma Mirpuri aided by their then teenaged son, Deepu.
                                                                   However, this service is now provided under the auspices of
       Dada keeps reminding us that it is incumbent upon the       the Sadhu Vaswani Centre, UK. The food and drinks are
parents to ensure that their children get the correct triple       prepared by volunteers and transported to Lincoln’s Inn Field
training: of the hand, the head and the heart. When the children   where it is laid out on tables and served with a lot of love and
go astray they must be lovingly brought back to the straight and   compassion.
                                                                   The volunteers assemble at Lincoln’s Inn Field, Holborn at
       The Committee members of the Sadhu Vaswani Centre,          7:55 p.m. on each Wednesday so that they can start serving
UK with the encouragement, inspiration and guidance of Dada        the food promptly at 8.00 p.m.
Jashan have embarked on a number of activities to encourage
our children to participate in. We continue to seek volunteers     Sadhu Vaswani said that service of the poor is worship of
who will be willing to share their talents and wisdom with         God.
these children.
                                                                   If you wish to volunteer your services towards this worthy
       The activities that are currently under offer are:          cause or sponsor the sheva in any way - in cash, kind or time
                                                                   please contact Deepu Mirpuri on 07836 565 383 or Narain
Gurukul classes: In general terms if the children are aged         Dhalani on 07713 860299.
between 4 - 14 years and are willing to be inspired by the
concept of this education their names can be registered to                        Sadhu Vaswani Centre, UK
attend classes between 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. on Saturday. The                             (Registered Charity No: 1052439)
classes are conducted by Aarti Mahtani and Anjali Lakhani.               25 Cricklewood Lane, London NW2 1HP
For further information contact:                                          Tel: 020 8455 7775 Fax: 020 8455 3839
                                                                            Email: info@sadhuvaswaniuk.com
Career Clinic: A little guidance to help you to manoeuvre                  Website: www.sadhuvaswaniuk.com
through the maze of career opportunities would not go amiss.
John Mahtani and Rajan Mirpuri are the wizards who can be              Kindly contact us and provide us with your email address
consulted. Email: career@sadhuvaswaniuk.com for more               and other contact details to enable us to communicate with you
information. Timing: Saturday 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.                     efficiently and more effectively so that you are kept abreast of
                                                                        all the activities and events taking place at the Centre.
Singing classes: Aarti Wadhwani will help you strike the right
chord as you step into the world of music. These classes are
held every Tuesday from 7.30 - 9.00 p.m. For details send your
enquiry to: singing@sadhuvaswaniuk.com

Drama classes: Are you ready to take the stage? Contact
Sunita Mansighani on: drama@sadhuvaswaniuk.com and
she’ll give you timing details

Dance classes: How about Bollywood? If you’re game then
Anupa Panjabi and Ekta Datwani will show you the moves.
Contact: dance@sadhuvaswaniuk.com for the dope.

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