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									                      MINI–SKIRTS & ‘WAG’–WEAR
                       BANNED AT ROYAL ASCOT

                                    PRESS RELEASE – June 19, 2008

It's Royal Ascot season again, the world's most famous race meeting where sport and style collide.
Race-goers and royalty attend to witness the spectacle, place a bet and display their fashion finery.
In recent years, the organising officials have noticed a slip in the sartorial standards and have
decided to crack down on the inappropriate dressing. What if you have a ticket this year and you're
worrying whether your outfit will make the cut? We all wish we had a personal stylist to guide us
through these fashion minefields and now, thanks to Busting Diva's services, we all can.

Busting Diva is a style and couture company that can act as your fashion stylist or personal
shopper, give you a makeover or arrange for a dressmaker to fit you out in couture. They have
their finger on the pulse so that you don't have to and while most women may think they're up to
date with the latest fashions because they read the odd fashion magazine, it takes an expert to
really understand the trends, know what suits whom, and how to deal with strict social dress

The dress code maze is particularly confusing to navigate, as the news from the Royal Ascot
officials proves. Different social events have varying rules as to how to dress, and they range from
helpful hints to strict regulations. Royal Ascot has always been one of the more formal summer
social events given its long history and royal connections, but its popularity has soared over the
last few decades. It's no longer just the domain of the aristocracy and the royals; now you're as
likely to see gaggles of tipsy girls and corporate groups cheering on the horses as you are lords
and ladies.

With this new era comes a whole new image. There are still as many dramatic hats but an
increasing number of skimpy dresses, sky-high hemlines and looks that are more suited to a
nightclub than a stylish social event. Following the number of women at last year's event looking
more WAG than regal, the officials have announced that this year they would be tightening up on
the dress codes for both men and women and would even ask patrons that were entirely
inappropriately dressed to leave the event. But if the photos of the fashion at this year's meeting
currently hitting the headlines are anything to go by, the message is still not getting through. Even
Princess Eugenie managed to gain entrance to the Royal Enclosure on the first day of racing,
despite wearing a mini skirt that goes against the "conservative dresses and hats" rule for women
(with men having to wear morning suits and top hats).

If a member of royalty struggles to meet strict dress codes without sacrificing her sense of style,
how are us mere mortals supposed to fare? This is where Busting Diva comes in. They have a team
of trained and experienced stylists, dressmakers and makeover artists and offer a variety of
personal styling packages, from colour analysis to couture, personal shopping to pampering. They
also style corporate events, bringing style to the stuffiest of companies.

The Busting Diva team are regularly asked for help interpreting the strict dress codes of the
various social do's throughout the year. With the help of a fashion stylist and personal shopper,
you can find an outfit that meets all the rules, while still looking on-trend in an outfit that suits
you. Busting Diva can even arrange for your own couture creation to be made by recommending a
dressmaker in London or the surrounding area from their team that can whip you up something

To discover how Busting Diva help both men and women meet exacting dress codes, and to find
out about the whole range of packages they offer, go to

Note to Editors: Busting Diva offers style, shopping and couture services to individuals, events and
organisations. From personal shopping to unique fashion and beauty parties, style workshops to beauty
makeovers and much more. While Busting Diva is based in London its team do visit clients nationwide for most
                      MINI–SKIRTS & ‘WAG’–WEAR
                       BANNED AT ROYAL ASCOT

of its services, travel charges may apply. For the complete range of services and prices provided by Busting
Diva please visit their website. For further information and images please contact Danièle Hromek on 020 7101
9313, or email

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