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					                                                 18th Judicial District

                          Instructions to be an Approved Child and Family Investigator

To be included in the 18th Judicial District’s CFI Directory, you must annually complete and submit the following
documents by September 1, to be reviewed and approved by the Chief Judge and Presiding Domestic Relations
Court Judge, or your name will be removed from the CFI Directory.

    1.   CFI Application Form
    2.   CFI Affidavit of Compliance with CJD 04-08
    3.   Proof of Completion of required training
    4.   An updated copy of your resume, including relevant continuing education and training.

Documents must be emailed to Only electronic submissions in Word or PDF
format will be accepted. Mailed or faxed documents will NOT be accepted.

Approved CFIs will be listed on the 18th Judicial District Web site on or before October 1 each year. Names will not
be added to the list outside of this timeframe. Names will be removed from the list by decision of the Chief Judge
throughout the year for cause.

Applicants who are not accepted for inclusion in the Directory who wish to protest the omission may provide a
written request within 10 days of the receipt of notice to the District Administrator of the 18 th Judicial District, 7325
South Potomac #205, Centennial, CO 80112 for reconsideration by the Chief Judge and Presiding Domestic
Relations Court Judge. The Chief Judge will make the determination whether to include or remove the CFI from the
18th Judicial District’s active Directory posted on the District’s website.

Minimum Qualifications and Standards

        The CFI has read and will comply with the requirements of CJD 04-08.
        The CFI has filed with the 18th Judicial District proof of completion of a minimum of 40 hours of training
         in “relevant areas” as set forth in CJD 04-08.
        The CFI has completed no less than 15 hours of continuing education in “relevant areas” every three years
         since completing the initial minimum training and that proof of such training has been filed with the 18th
         Judicial District Administration Office.

Helpful Hints

Please note that inclusion on the Directory does not guarantee appointments. Most times, the parties stipulate to a
CFI that they select.

If your are new to our list or are a newer CFI, one way to improve your chances of getting appointments is to work
with a mentor CFI and list that person/peer group on your application.

If you have fewer than 5 years of CFI experience in the 18 th Judicial District, you may want to include a list of
references with your resume.

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