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    location                                                                    food not bombs

                                                       this is
                                                    not charity.

                                                to join our listserve send an
                                                    email to bedstuyfnb-          food is a right,
                                               not a privilege.
                                                        or reach us at
directions to the 123 space:

g-train to myrtle-willoughby.
                                                                                  -Sharing saturdays
exit onto myrtle and walk one block east.       bed-stuy food not bombs
take a right on tompkins.                                                        at 3PM at the corner
                                                      of lafayette and
j/m/z to myrtle.                                       marcy, outside of
walk four blocks down myrtle and take a left
on tompkins.
                                                                                     von king park.
directions to the food share:

g-train to bedford-nostrand or
                                     *a vegetarian diet is healthy
what is                              for our bodies and the
                                                                       other things we can
                                     environment.                      share.
food not bombs?                      *we need to take responsibility
                                     for and be engaged in our
                                                                       other than time and involvement
bed-stuy food not bombs is an                                          here are some other things we can
independent chapter of food not                                        always use…
bombs composed of members of         how can i
the bed-stuy community                                                 -connections to local groups and
working to improve our lives         participate?
and those of our neighbors.                                            -school supplies, paint, markers,
food not bombs is made up of                                           glue, fabric, paper, etc.
hundreds of autonomous                                                 -food staples such as oil, sugar,
chapters sharing free vegetarian                                       salt, spices, tea, coffee, beans,
food with any/everyone. we are       -share with us at von king park
                                                                       pasta, onions, garlic, vegetarian/
not affiliated with a political      on saturdays at 3.
                                                                       vegan canned goods, etc.
party and we are not a charity.
                                     -connect with food sources
we believe that there is enough                                        -cleaning supplies such as
                                     such as local restaurants,
food for everyone if it is                                             sponges, paper towels, aluminum
                                     supermarkets, community
distributed in a more equitable                                        foil, toilet paper, etc.
                                     gardens, coops, etc.
manner. food not bombs is one                                          -cooking equipment such as
way that we, as members of a         -pick up food from our food
                                                                       blenders, food processors, pots,
community, can address various       sources. vehicles are
                                                                       storage containers, cutting boards,
social issues.                       desperately needed for our
                                     larger food contributions. the
*there is an abundance of food                                         -serving equipment such as large
                                     most crucial times are friday
in the world.                                                          spoons, trays, folding tables, etc.
                                     nights and saturday mornings.
*everyone should have access.        you can participate once or on
                                                                       -tableware such as reusable and
                                     an ongoing basis (no
*the US government aids in the                                         disposable bowls, plates, utensils,
                                     commitment required).
persistence of these inequalities.                                     napkins, plastic bags, etc.

*current food production
practices are harmful to the

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