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  ROUND 14

TOSSUP 1. This man proposed a plan for the “general arrangement of the militia” which would
have instituted military service for all males and created three corps divided by age. During the
Revolutionary War, he directed the transfer of the arsenal captured at Fort Ticonderoga to
Washington’s camp. In 1785, he succeeded Benjamin Lincoln in a position which put him in
charge of Indian affairs, and in 1789 he remained in that post in the first cabinet. For 10 points,
name this politician from Maine who was the first Secretary of War.
ANSWER: Henry Knox

BONUS. Identify these New Yorkers who lost Presidential elections, for 10 points each.
[10] As attorney general of New York, he prosecuted Charles “Lucky” Luciano of Murder, Inc.
and James Hines, but this Republican was not able to defeat Truman.
ANSWER: Thomas Dewey
[10] He lost the 1888 election to Benjamin Harrison, but this prolific father gained his revenge by
defeating Harrison in 1892.
ANSWER: Grover Cleveland

TOSSUP 2. A quantity with this name is equal to the volume times the volume derivative of
pressure times minus one and gives the fractional volume decrease of a body with pressure; this is
the bulk quantity of this type. The one of these of rigidity is determined by a torsion test. The one
of these of elasticity is the constant of proportionality in Hooke’s law and is also known as
Young’s one. For 10 points, name these quantities that characterize materials and that are not to
be confused with a mathematical operation involving remainders.
ANSWER: moduli [accept moduluses]

BONUS. It states that the conditional probability of event A given event B is equal to the
conditional probability of event B given event A times the probability of event A divided by the
probability of event B. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this theorem, which is useful for inferring the probability of a hypothesis given new
ANSWER: Bayes’ Thoerem [accept “rule” or “law” or equivalents for “theorem”]
[10] This prolific French mathematician independently derived a form of inference somewhat
similar to Bayes’ Theorem, called his “rule of succession.” He is better known for a differential
equation important to physics, and a transform useful in solving differential equations.
ANSWER: Pierre-Simon Laplace

TOSSUP 3. During it, the so-called “War of the Year of the Dragon” broke out, but that ended
following the suicide of a group of young soldiers known as the White Tiger Corps. It began with
the Satcho Alliance, which brought together the Satsuma and Choshu leaders and led to the end
of the reigning bakufu. It supplanted the Republic of Ezo and was named for the chronological
title of Mutsuhito. For 10 points, name this movement that ended the Tokugawa shogunate and
“restored” Japanese imperial power.
ANSWER: the Meiji Restoration [or Meiji Ishin]
BONUS. Name these attempts to adjust the post-World War I settlement, for 10 points each.
[10] This 1925 treaty, negotiated in Switzerland, reaffirmed the borders set at Versailles and
committed the UK, France, and Belgium to protect each others’ territorial integrity.
ANSWER: Pact of Locarno [accept anything reasonable that includes Locarno]
[10] This schedule for German reparation payments was arranged by a namesake American
banker who was elected Vice-President three months after negotiating it.
ANSWER: the Dawes plan

TOSSUP 4. One of his portraits shows a man with a shaved head wearing a floppy red cap and a
green robe, Nicholas Boylston. His other portraits include Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mifflin and a
picture of a man holding a silver teapot while leaning on a polished table, Paul Revere. In another
painting by this man, one of the title characters is about to be speared, while the other is being
pulled out of the water by a rescue boat before he can be bitten a third time. For 10 points, name
this man who painted Watson and the Shark.
ANSWER: John Singleton Copley

BONUS. Answer the following about an artist, for 10 points each:
[10] In 2005 this Belgian created The Gates, which involved installing 7,500 saffron colored
gates throughout Central Park. His other “works” include wrapping up the Reichstag and
installing enormous umbrellas throughout Tokyo.
ANSWER: Christo Javacheff
[10] One of Christo’s most stunning installations occurred in this Florida body of water, which
saw him wrap up 11 man made islands hot pink fabric.
ANSWER: Biscayne Bay

TOSSUP 5. His most accomplished employees weere Michael Perchin and François Berbaum.
Taking inspiration from the Louis XVI style, he produced items such as a silver kovsh and a
robotic rooster for his patrons. One of his lines was commissioned by Alexander III to celebrate
Easter in 1884. For 10 points, name this French jewelsmith working in Russia who created
several intricately decorated eggs.
ANSWER: Peter Carl Fabergé [or Karl Gustavovich Fabergé]

BONUS. Max Theiler invented a vaccine against this disease, whose causative agent was proven
by Walter Reed. For 10 points per part:
[10] Name this tropical infection spread by the A. aegypti mosquito.
ANSWER: yellow fever
[10] Mickey Dugan was the given name of this title character created by Richard Outcalt, whose
namesake feature was the first-ever ongoing comic strip.
ANSWER: the Yellow Kid
TOSSUP 6. This group included Colin Wilson, author of The Outsider. Another member
chronicled The Death of William Posters and wrote of the factory worker Arthur Seaton
in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Named for a work by Leslie Paul, their most
representative piece featured the dysfunctional marriage of Allison and Jimmie Porter.
For 10 points, name this group that produced The Loneliness of the Long Distance
Runner and Look Back in Anger and included such authors as Alan Sillitoe and John
ANSWER: Angry Young Men

BONUS. This Thomas Mann novel is narrated by Serenus Zeitblum. For 10 points each:
[10] Adrian Leverkuhn is a composer who makes a pact with the forces of evil in what book?
ANSWER: Doktor Faustus [exact answer required]
[10] A century earlier, this author wrote a dramatic poem entitled simply Faust, in which the ill-
fated dealer pines for Gretchen or Margerete.
ANSWER: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

TOSSUP 7. Formerly used a starting material of the Wacker process to produce acetaldehyde, an
excellent feedstock for aldehydes and ketones, its biosynthesis uses methionine as a starting
material and proceeds thorough 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid as an intermediate.
Known for a mild anesthetic effect in humans, in plants it has a variety of effects, including
inhibition of auxin transportation, encouragement of root growth during flooding, flower opening,
leaf abscission and ripening of fruit. For 10 points, name this simplest olefin compound with
formula C2H4.
ANSWER: Ethylene

BONUS. These abnormally configured entities lack genetic material, but nevertheless cause such
maladies as fatal familial insomnia and kuru. For 10 points each:
[10] Name these disease agents discovered by Stanley Pruisner.
ANSWER: proteinaceous infectious particles [“prion”]
[10] Prion replication violates this tenet, stated by Francis Crick as “sequential… information
cannot be transferred… from protein to either protein or nucleic acid.”
ANSWER: the central dogma of molecular biology

TOSSUP 8. Its original members were obligated to participate in the pegged exchange rate
system, which enabled the phasing out of the gold standard. Saudi Arabia and Russia are two of
the permanent directors of this body, whose members are obligated to pay quota subscriptions. It
issues “special drawing rights” to determine how much it may lend to countries with balance-of-
payment deficits and requires a “letter of intent” outlining economic reforms that will be
implemented to solve the underlying problem. For 10 points, name this Bretton Woods-founded
agency which attemps to bail out trouble economies.
ANSWER: the International Monetary Fund
BONUS. Name these sociological texts, for 10 points each.
[10] This Emile Durkheim work about a phenomenon previously studied by Adam Smith
suggests that the change from “organic” to “mechanical” solidarity in economic organization will
have far-reaching effects.
ANSWER: The Division of Labor in Society [or De la division du travail social]
[10] This summary of field work done by Margaret Mead made controversial links between the
sexual development of Polynesian and American adolescents and was dubbed a “hoax” in a
rebuttal book by Derek Freeman.
ANSWER: Coming of Age in Samoa

TOSSUP 9. This author wrote about a professor of comparative literature who divorces his wife
Elisabeth and falls in love with a woman named Claire in The Professor of Desire. In The Ghost
Writer, he introduced a character who would also appear in such novels as I Married a
Communist and American Pastoral. Name this author who created the character Nathan
Zuckerman, whose other books include The Human Stain and Portnoy’s Complaint.
ANSWER: Philip Roth

BONUS. Identify these literary works with pronounced musical elements, for 10 points each.
[10] It includes a recurring flute theme, and its author dubbed the last scene a “Requiem.” In that
final scene, Biff finally tells the truth about his life to his father.
ANSWER: Death of a Salesman
[10] The harmony of God’s creation and Beethoven’s music conspire in this André Gide (zheed)
novella about a blind adoptee whose life is ruined when she regains her sight.
ANSWER: The Pastoral Symphony [or La symphonie pastorale]

TOSSUP 10. This group engages in such practices as “overstanding,” “I-and-I,” and speaking
“Iyaric” Their “livity” involves eating the “Ital,” a vegetarian diet that avoids certain
manufactured foods, and services might involve the drum ceremony called a “bingi.” This Jah-
worshipping group believes they are being tested in “Babylon” and that Haile Selaisse was the
second coming of Christ. For 10 points, name this religion which casts black-white racial conflict
in Apocalyptic terms and is commonly practiced in Jamaica.
ANSWER: Rastafarianism

BONUS. Name these people whom Heracles had to bust up in order to abscond with animals, for
10 points each.
[10] Heracles killed this guy’s dog Orthus while stealing his cattle.
ANSWER: Geryon
[10] This king didn’t want to let go of his crazy man-eating mares, so Heracles killed him, though
Abderus was killed by the horses during the struggle.
ANSWER: Diomedes

TOSSUP 11. This god was considered responsible for making digestion work and is now a patron
of virility. In his most popular period, he mediated all sacrifices. Goats and parrots pull the
chariot of this seven-armed god, who is covered in butter. His son was the classical war god, and
he is often called the twin of Indra, while Kali is one of his tongues. For 10 points, name this red-
colored Vedic god of fire.

TOSSUP 12. The intensity of this phenomenon is inversely proportional to a Lorentzian function,
which is sometimes also known as a Breit-Wigner distribution. The orbital form of this
phenomenon is responsible for the 2-to-3 ratio of the orbital periods of Pluto and Neptune. Its
linewidth is inversely proportional to the Q-factor, and for an RLC circuit, the fundamental
frequency at which it occurs is given by one over the square root of the capacitance times the
inductance. Given by the square root of the spring constant over the mass for a mass on a spring,
for 10 points, identify this phenomenon which occurs for oscillating systems when they are
driven at their fundamental frequency.
ANSWER: resonance

TOSSUP 13. This state is represented in Statuary Hall by the botanist surveyor General Edmund
Smith and the “father of refrigeration,” Doctor John Gorrie. Its first-ever Senator was also the
first Jewish Senator, David Levy Yulee. Jim Davis lost to Charlie Crist in its last gubernatorial
election, and this state had a twelve-year period in which it was represented by Senators Connie
Mack and Bob Graham. For 10 points, name this state which now sends Bill Nelson and Mel
Martinez to the Senate and was formerly governed by Jeb Bush.
ANSWER: Florida

TOSSUP 14. After the protagonist’s attempt to book hotel room 645 is thwarted, he remembers
knocking over a photograph in that room years previously. We learn in this movie that Treadstone
has been shut down, and the main character flashes back to Chris Cooper saying the phrase
“training’s over.” After accepting the proceeds of an intelligence burglary, Uri Gretkov tells Kirill
to kill the title character, who tries to keep Nikki, Pam and Maria out of harm’s way. For 10
points, name this 2004 sequel which continued to follow Matt Damon as an amnesiac spy.
ANSWER: The Bourne Supremacy

TOSSUP 15. One interesting recent explanation for it is evolutionary pressures produced by true
polar wander. The ‘snowball earth’ hypothesis of massive oxygen concentrations plunging the
Earth into an ice age is another possible explanation for it, though molecular clock data seems to
indicate a similar event occurred 500 million years before it, as the oldest bilateral animals seem
to date back one billion years. Shifts in strontium, sulfur and carbon geoisotopic ratios as well as
fossils in such well-known formations as the Burgess Shale and Doushantou formations are taken
as signs of, for 10 points, what profusion of animal life about 540 million years ago?
ANSWER: Cambrian Explosion [accept obvious equivalents for “explosion”]
TOSSUP 16. It resolved to revise the Montreux Convention and continue the International Zone
of Tangier. Allied withdrawal from Tehran and the joining of Kaliningrad to Russia were also
agreed here, as was the naming of the Oder-Neisse line as Poland’s western border. It was
Winston Churchill’s last summit with Stalin and Truman, as Clement Attlee replaced Churchill
midway through this meeting, which took place on July 17 to August 2, 1945. For 10 points,
name this Allied conference which took place in a Berlin suburb.
ANSWER: Potsdam Conference [accept Berlin Conference before “Berlin” is read]

TOSSUP 17. His sister married painter Wilhelm Hensel and wrote half of the work Twelve
Songs¸ formerly attributed solely to this man. This composer of the comic opera Comacho’s
Wedding and the oratorio Paulus conducted the premiere of Schubert’s Ninth Symphony, and he
created the German form of “songs without words” in his eight books by that name. For 10
points, name this writer of the oratorio Elijah as well as the Scottish and Reformation
ANSWER: Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy

TOSSUP 18. This author of the essay “Contre Sainte-Beuve,” the short story collection Pleasures
and Days, and the autobiographical Jean Santeuil translated two of John Ruskin’s minor works
into French. Components of another of his projects include Cities of the Plain, Within a Budding
Grove, and Swann’s Way. For 10 points, name this author who tasted tea and a biscuit and
decided to remember his childhood in great detail in a series that is literally called In Search of
Lost Time but is usually rendered as Remembrance of Things Past.
ANSWER: Marcel Proust

ARTS: Painted in 1717, this work depicts couples, afloat in their silks, against the haze of the
sunset sky as they walk down to the water from a bust of the goddess Venus. For 15 points, name
this rococo painting by Jean Antoine Watteau.
ANSWER: The Embarkation for Cythera [or The Pilgrimage to Cythera; accept “the isle of
Cythera” or equivalents for “Cythera”; accept “for” “from” or “to” as the preposition; accept
“embarkation” “pilgrimage” or “departure” for the first word]

CALCULATION: For 15 points, find the inverse function of “f of x equals the quantity seven
minus x over the quantity seven plus x”.
ANSWER: (7-7x)/(x+1) “the quantity seven minus seven x over the quantity x plus one”

CURRENT EVENTS: Pending prime minister Gordon Brown currently holds this office in the
Blair cabinet. For 15 points, name this British equivalent to the Secretary of the Treasury.
ANSWER: Chancellor of the Exchequer

GEOGRAPHY: Mount La Marmora may be found in the Gennargentu Massif on this island,
which is dominated by the “macchia” form of grassland. For 15 points, Cagliari is the capital of
an administrative region that is coterminous what landmass?
ANSWER: Sardinia [or Sardegna]

HISTORY: William Maclure’s “boatload of knowledge” program used the Pestalozzi system to
provide education during the 1825 to 1827 experiment here. For 15 points, name this Indiana
town where Robert Owen attempted to establish a model community.
ANSWER: New Harmony

LITERATURE: In this novel, Mrs. Bolt and Mrs. Pease gossip about Fay and Bubba Chisom
wears a windbreaker to a funeral. It takes place following Judge McKelva’s death in Mount
Salus, Mississippi. For 15 points name this novel about Laura Hand by Eudora Welty.
ANSWER: The Optimist’s Daughter

POPULAR CULTURE: This team won the NBA title in its third season, with Lew Alcindor and
Oscar Robertson starting. For 15 points, name this franchise that won seven straight division titles
from 1980 to 1986 and whose number two all time scorer is Glenn Robinson.
ANSWER: Milwaukee Bucks [accept Bucks]

RMP: The title figure’s relative Sarah is widowed seven times by a murderous demon. For 15
points, name this book of the Apocrypha, which tells the story of a man given his sight back by
the angel Raphael.
ANSWER: Book of Tobit [or Book of Tobias]
SCIENCE: When they are conjugated, they can lead to delocalization of electrons, as
occurs in benzene; triple bonds contain two of them. For 15 points, this is what type of
chemical bond formed by the overlapping of two pairs of electron orbitals?
ANSWER: pi bonds

SOCIAL SCIENCE: This type of writ commands a public official to perform an act of office. For
15 points, identify this document which the plaintiff in Marbury v. Madison sought to have the
Supreme Court issue to James Madison.
ANSWER: writ of mandamus

TOSSUP 19. An Interpreter shows this work’s protagonist a series of pictures including caged
Despair, and the main character later battles the scale-covered devil Apollyon and passes the
caves of Pope and Pagan. The basis for the e.e. cummings novel The Enormous Room, this novel
follows a man who is detained by Mr. Wordly Wiseman and falls into the Slough of Despond on
a journey from the City of Destruction to the City of Zion. For 10 points, name this 1678 allegory
about Christianity by John Bunyan.
ANSWER: The Pilgrim’s Progress From This World To That Which Is To Come, Told In The
Verisimilitude Of A Dream

BONUS. It flows through Jacksonville before entering the Atlantic Ocean. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this river of northeastern Florida, which its shares its name with the county in which
Saint Augustine (san-uh-GUS-tun) is located.
ANSWER: Saint John’s River
[10] This third-largest lake of Florida is located on the St. John’s River. Another lake of this
name, in upstate New York, drains into Lake Champlain through La Chute stream.
ANSWER: Lake George
[10] Florida’s largest lake is this lake, located in the southeast of the state and host to such cities
as Clewiston and Pahokee.
ANSWER: Lake Okeechobee

TOSSUP 20. John Newman Edwards was responsible for creating myths surrounding this man,
whose mother Zerelda charged visitors a quarter to take pebbles from his grave and whose half-
brother Archie was killed in 1875 in a detective raid. He took part in Bloody Bill Anderson’s
massacre at Centralia, and was later killed by Bob Ford after Governor Thomas Crittenden
offered Ford a pardon. For 10 points name this Confederate soldier turned outlaw, whose gang
included his brother Frank and the Younger brothers.
ANSWER: Jesse James

BONUS. Answer the following about a poet and writer, for ten points each:
[10] After completing the first volume of his autobiography, The Big Sea, this man introduced the
character Jesse B. Semple in his columns for the black weekly the Chicago Defender.
ANSWER: Langston Hughes
[10] In this Langston Hughes poem, which also served as the title of a 1926 poetry collection, a
musician plays the “drowsy” “syncopated” title song at a club on Lenox Avenue.
ANSWER: “The Weary Blues”
[10] The title for Lorraine Hansberry’s Raisin in the Sun came from this Hughes poem.
ANSWER: “Montage of a Dream Deferred”
TOSSUP 21. It can be found as the outward contraction of the stress, tau. Tipping occurs when
this must act at the edge of an object to cancel a torque and, for its magnitude goes to zero bodies
lose contact. Because the magnitude of this for a body on a plane depends on the angle of
elevation, inclined planes can be used to determine coefficients of friction. For 10 points, name
this type of force that acts out of the face of two bodies in contact, is proportional to the friction
between two bodies, and is symbolized N.
ANSWER: normal force

BONUS. Name these sources of world mythology, for 10 points each.
[10] This is commonly referred to as the national epic of Finland, featuring characters like
Lemminkainen and Vainamoinen, not to mention a magic Sampo.
ANSWER: the Kalevala
[10] Also known as the “Book of Going Forth By Day,” and containing the Coffin and Pyramid
texts, this is the collection of hymns and spells prominent in Egyptian myth.
ANSWER: the Book of the Dead
[10] This is the so-called Book of the Community or Council, a collection of leaves that discusses
the Hero Twins and serves as the main repository of Mayan mythology.
ANSWER: the Popol Vuh

TOSSUP 22. At the beginning of this work one character goes under the name “Miss Wonderly”
while asking for the protagonist’s help, though she later adopts the pseudonym “Miss LeBlanc”
before giving her real name. The first people to die in this work are Floyd Thursby and the man
who has been following him, Miles Archer, who is the partner of the protagonist. Other characters
in this work include the fat Caspar Gutman and Joel Cairo, who like Brigid O’Shaughnessy are in
pursuit of the title object. Name this novel which features detective Sam Spade, a work by
Dashiel Hammett whose title refers to a jeweled statue of a bird.
ANSWER: The Maltese Falcon

BONUS. Name these national heroes of world history, for 10 points each.
[10] This guy fought for the independence of a bunch of South American countries, was the first
president of Gran Colombia, and was known as the Liberator.
ANSWER: Simon Bolívar
[10] This man served as the first president of Senegal upon that country’s independence and is
also known as a poet associated with the Negritude movement.
ANSWER: Leopold Senghor
[10] This national hero of Burma was assassinated in 1947. His daughter Suu Kyi is a human
rights advocate long held under house arrest in Myanmar.
ANSWER: Aung San

TOSSUP 23. A city in this country is home to Sankore University and Mosque, while its largest
river flows past Segou and Mopti. It is also the site of Gao, the onetime Songhai capital, and
Djenné, the site of a notable mud-built mosque. Arguably its most famous city is a town now a
backwater of 32,000 people and its capital is located, as are many cities in this country, on the
Niger River. For 10 points, name this country dominated by the Sahara, a former French colony
that is the location of Timbuktu and Bamako.
BONUS. Answer some stuff about representing structures for 10 points each.
[10] These diagrams use dashes to represent bonding pairs of electrons and dots to represent
ANSWER: Lewis (dot) structures
[10] This is calculated by taking the number of valence electrons and subtracting the sum of the
number of unpaired electrons and the number of bonds.
ANSWER: Formal charge
[10] Most compounds’ Lewis structures have only bonds and double dots signifying lone pairs of
electrons; compounds whose Lewis structure contains a single dot are of this type.
ANSWER: free radicals

TOSSUP 24. Following the expulsion in 1868 of Isabella from Spain, a member of this extant
dynasty became the controversial candidate for the throne. The 1442 Treaty of Wittstock gave the
Mecklenberg lands to this dynasty, split into Swabian and Franconian branches. It later ruled in
Romania. For 10 points, name this line that comprised the Electors of Brandenburg, the Prussian
royal house of Frederick the Great, and the Imperial German Kaisers.
ANSWER: Hohenzollern dynasty

BONUS. It was painted as part of a series set in and around the Stour river, for 10 points each:
[10] Identify this 1821 work that depicts the titular cart returning to the house of the artist’s close
friend, Willy Lott, near the Flatford Mill.
ANSWER: The Hay Wain
[10] The Hay Wain was painted by this British artist.
ANSWER: John Constable
[10] In this 1836 work Constable depicts the namesake megaliths as they are caught by a
retreating shaft of light during a storm.
ANSWER: Stonehenge

TOSSUP 25. His shield was made by Tychius and had bronze over seven bull hides, and he used
such weapons to kill King Teleutas and married her daughter. In the Iliad, where he is seen to
“tower above” the other Greeks, he joins Odysseus and Phoenix in the embassy to Achilles and
was the one who retrieved the corpse of Patroclus. He traded a belt and sword with Hector after
an inconclusive battle, but eventually fell on his own sword. For 10 points, name this son of
Telamon who went mad after he was not given the weapons of Achilles.
ANSWER: Telamonian Ajax [or Ajax the Greater; do not accept Locrian Ajax; do not accept
Ajax the Lesser; accept Aias in place of Ajax]

BONUS. Answer the following about amino acids. For 10 points each:
[10] Alanine, valine, leucine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, cysteine, and methionine all belong to
this class of amino acids because they are repelled by water.
ANSWER: hydrophobic
[10] Serine, threonine, and tyrosine all contain this functional group, which is also found on
alcohols, on aliphatic side chains.
ANSWER: hydroxyl group
[10] The twenty-first amino acid is sometimes coded for by the UGA stop codon, and is derived
from this other amino acid, one of two that has a sulfur-containing group.
ANSWER: selenocysteine
TOSSUP 26. In 2003, British scientists observed an inverse variety of it, in which frequency
increases after reflection from a receding boundary. It also causes a namesake type of broadening,
which in nuclear reactors causes power output to decrease as temperature increases. The Ives-
Stilwell experiment utilized its transverse variety to test time dilation, and its original version
simply states that frequency change is equal to the velocity of a transmitter divided by the
wavelength of the transmitted wave. For 10 points, name this effect also responsible for blueshift
and redshift that causes an observer to believe that a moving ambulance’s siren is changing pitch.
ANSWER: Doppler shift [or Doppler effect]

BONUS. His servant Fimafeng was killed during a banquet. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this husband of Ran who was a Norse god of sailors and the sea.
[10] This father of various monsters by Angrboda was eventually chained up below a dripping
font of poison for such miseeds as killing Fimafeng.
[10] This faithful wife of Loki wipes the poison from his face.

TOSSUP 27. His writings include Projects in Europe, while early work, including his
Weatherhead School, was influenced by reading Colin Rowe’s Collage City. His commercial
ventures include the Kobe Fish Restaurant in Japan and the Joseph Magnin stores in Costa Mesa
and San Jose. Barry Diller’s IAC headquarters, an all white glass building on the Hudson River,
was recently profiled in Vanity Fair, but this architect remains best known for the curving forms
that characterize his work for the Walt Disney Concert Hall and a certain museum in Spain. For
10 points, identify this architect who designed the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.
ANSWER: Frank Owen Gehry

BONUS. Identify these unusually related masterpieces, for 10 points each.
[10] This Stravinsky work omits violin, viola, and clarinet in setting three texts from a Biblical
book, including the final line, “Let all things that have breath praise the Lord.”
ANSWER: Symphony of Psalms [or Symphonie de psaumes]
[10] Random words from the Symphony of Psalms were used in the text for “The Crusaders in
Pskov,” a movement of this suite based on the score to an Eisenstein movie.
ANSWER: Alexander Nevsky
[10] This composer of the Alexander Nevsky suite also created the Scythian Suite, the Lieutenant
Kije Suite, and Peter and the Wolf.
ANSWER: Sergey Sergeyevich Prokofiev

TOSSUP 28. This dynasty suffered sixty-year period of decline that saw its lands ruled by Cicco
Simonetta and Ludovico the Moor after one of this group’s members, Galeazzo Maria, was
assassinated at a Christmas party. The Peace of Lodi recognized the ascension of this group,
which was founded by Muzio Attendolo. For 10 points, name this dynasty which was raised from
a line of mercenaries to the holders of a hereditary dukedom after Francesco displaced the
Visconti as rulers of Milan.
ANSWER: the Sforza family
BONUS. Many historians credit him with assembling the most talented cabinet in U.S. history,
with members such as Treasury Secretary William H. Crawford. For 10 points each:
[10] Name this President who also appointed Crowninshield, Thompson, and Southard as Naval
Secretaries, during the early period of four-member cabinets.
ANSWER: James Monroe
[10] While John Quincy Adams was abroad, this first Attorney General under Monroe negotiated
a treaty with Charles Bagot that fixed a certain boundary at the 49th parallel.
ANSWER: Richard Rush
[10] This later Monroe Attorney General and all-around awesome dude wrote The Rainbow and
ran for president in 1832 as the candidate of the Anti-Masonic Party.
ANSWER: William Wirt

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