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									                                         SOUTH LONDON SEN HUB
                            Steering Group Meeting Wednesday 14th January 2009

Present:            Designation                                                                      Organisation
Janine Wooster      Principal Manager Assessment and Commissioning                                   Bexley
Simon Evans         PEP                                                                              Richmond
Michael Donker      Assistant Director                                                               Lambeth
Mary Cava           Head of Inclusion                                                                Lewisham
Julie Ely           SEN Manager                                                                      Kingston
Yvonne Geddis       Head of SEN & SEN Services                                                       Greenwich
Kay Beeson          SEN and Inclusion                                                                Merton
Andre Imich         Senior Adviser SEN: Steering Group Chair                                         National Strategies
John Barrow         SEN Development Manager                                                          Sutton
Carole Payne        Head of Inclusion                                                                Wandsworth
Marian Pearce       Consultant leading on Progression                                                Tower Hamlets
David Carroll       PEP South London SEN Hub co-ordinator: Note taker                                Tower Hamlets
Roland Ramanan      Joint Head of Support for Learning: Leading on IDP                               Tower Hamlets
Penelope Peysner    Manager SEN/CWD                                                                  Croydon
John Barrow         SEN Development Manager                                                          Sutton
Yvonne Ely          Head of SEN & Inclusion                                                          Southwark

      Agenda No.                               Item and Agreed Actions                                By Who &When
                    Strand overview:
           1        David Carroll shared details of attendance from each LA at strand events and             All
                    names of contacts for strands from each LA. Contacts details are attached to
                    these minutes if there are changes steering group members to inform David.

                    Details of meetings are now on the website calendar. Start times and venue of           David
                    future meetings will also be included on the website.
                    Feedback on individual strands
           2        IDP
                    Roland shared a report on the work undertaken so far. This is attached to the           David
                    minutes and added to the website. Implementation of the Early Years IDP should
                    be part of the agenda at the next strand meeting in April.                             Roland
                            SOUTH LONDON SEN HUB
    Marion gave feedback on the work undertaken so far. It was agreed that any future
    presentations from schools should be in partnership with an LA rep.
    Pat Glass is writing case studies gathered from across the country on the use of
    the Value for Money (VfM) tool. David will investigate if it’s possible to create a link   David
    to the VfM from the South London SEN Hub site.

    The national group for this strand meets later this month. Marion will attend and          Marion
    feedback to LA strand leads at the next meeting in April.

    David Carroll gave feedback on work undertaken so far. A report is attached to
    these minutes. The draft national guidance will be circulated to the steering group        David
    with the minutes.
3   Papers from the website were shared. A number of people have visited the site
    and were very complimentary about its construction.
4   A report was presented and discussed. There is a projected under-spend of
    approximately £ 20 000. it was agreed that each LA could bid for addition funding
    of £ 1,500 to support work on the Progression strand or a second IDP project.

    A bid form will circulated to Progression strand leads.                                    Marion
    Hub Programme 09-10
5   Andre took the group through version 5 of the National Programme. IDP and
    Progression strands will continue next year. Progression strand work will need to
    link with territorial leads that the National Strategies plan to appoint as part of a
    two year programme.

    Aim A was missing from the document discussed. It was also felt that the DED               David
    element should be more prominent in the aims of the strands. David will feedback
    comments to Steve Huggett.

    The third strand will no longer focus on provision although there is expected to be
    a small resource dedicated to supporting the use of finalised version of the
    National guidance and maintaining the network across LAs in this area of work. .
                                                  SOUTH LONDON SEN HUB

                           The new area of work centres around improving parental confidence in the
                           statutory framework and improving transition from KS 4. It was agreed that the
                           new strand three has too broad a brief.
                           Regional strand
            6              Many of the suggestions made in September could be included within the new
                           third strand. It was agreed that if an additional strand is taken on it should be
                           related to one of the three strands already planned. This item will be revisited at
                           the next steering group meeting.
                           Regional conference
            7              Andre mentioned that a number of other regional groups had decided to hold an
                           event bringing together all three strands. Their intentions are to showcase some of
                           the outcomes of the work with examples of practices in place. There was little
                           enthusiasm for this type of event. Many questioned if it would add much value to
                           the present arrangements of strand meetings.

                           This item will be revisited at the next steering group meeting
                           Links to other groups/requests to work with present strands
            8              We have been approached by a DfES commissioned researcher asking if they
                           could disseminate their findings following the Bercow report. There also other
                           groups who have asked strand members to make links. The work of the SEN Hub
                           is well defined and none of the strands has a remit to send members to other
                           network groups.

                           Roland will contact researcher to discuss the possibility of presenting at the next   Roland
                           IDP group. If this isn’t possible then the presentation could be published on the

Date of next meeting 20th May 2009 10 – 12.30 with lunch to follow venue to be confirmed

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