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									New FCC Rule                                       Why “Structured Cabling”
In the summer of 2000 a new rule from the          New technologies like direct broadcast
Federal Communications Commission                  satellite TV, in home data networking,
became active.                                     VoIP(Time Warner Cable Phone Service)
It requires that all telecommunications            need more than the standard telephone wires
wiring in new residences be Category 3 or          and coax. Special wiring done right can meet
better. Category 3 is a cable that includes 2 to   the requirements for these new technologies
4 twisted pairs of copper wire enclosed in a       and provides the flexibility to support future
plastic sheath. Builders are now required to       technologies.
use this cabling in place of the old 4-wire        A wiring system using cables Category 3 and
telephone cable. An article in the July 17,        preferably Category5 cables for Voice/Data
2000 Nations Building News states "The new         jacks and special coaxial cable (RG-6) will
FCC requirements will give home owners a           meet the communication needs of most
basis for making a civil claim against             families now and in the foreseeable future.
builders or contractors if they experience         The key to making this wiring useful now
telecommunication problems --- due to              and in the future is to wire with a separate
noncompliant telephone wiring." This means         cable run from a distribution panel to each
that, as a minimum, builders will need to          outlet.
assure that their subs are installing Category     The home owner has Two options available
3 cable.                                           for a structured wiring system.
                                                   1. Assemble the system and tools necessary
                                                   for the wiring system yourself, find the time
                                                   to research how to do the connection and
                                                   locate where to buy the cable, tools, and
                                                   equipment that will be needed. Then the time
                                                   to do the installation itself, finally if
                                                   something doesn’t work troubleshoot the
                                                   system to locate and repair the problem.


                                                   2. Use a qualified contractor with trained
                                                   installers. Installing the cables correctly and
                                                   attaching the connectors properly is critical
                                                   to the performance of the wiring system and
                                                   requires special knowledge, skills and tools.
                                                   Plus a qualified contractor will provide a
                                                   Warranty for his work just in case a problem
                                                   comes up.
WHY HOME OWNERS NEED                              What CBI can do for You and
COMMUNICATION WIRING                                     Your Home
As communications providers deliver ever-           Our basic Home Cabling Package
higher bandwidth with fiber optics, satellite       includes the following:
communications, digital subscriber lines,           1 – Distribution Cabinet
and other communications offerings,                 1 – Video Splitter (8 Port)
builders need to give their customers the           1 – Computer Interface Module (8 Port)
opportunity to use these advanced                   1 – Phone Interface Module (8 Port)
technologies. The big drivers for more in-        12 – Cat5e Voice/Data Cable
house communications capability are:                6 – RG-6 TV Cables
1 Personal computers and the Internet that      All necessary Jacks, Faceplates,
need high-speed data connections;               Installation, and Testing
2 Telephones, faxes and telephone modems
that need high-quality telephone cabling;
3 TV for entertainment that need special
video connections;
Families with multiple PCs may want to be
able to communicate between these
computers for a variety of reasons. They
may want to share files between computers,
download files from several computers to a
shared printer, share scanners or other
peripheral devices among several
computers, and share a single Internet
modem among all the computers in the
house. Sharing the Internet connection
makes a lot of sense if the user has a high
speed connection -- either the cable or
satellite modem or a digital subscriber line
The need to distribute TV signals around
the house isn't new, although the numbers
of TV sets, in a house may well be
increasing, resulting in a need for more
coaxial cable outlets. Also the use Direct
Broadcast Satellite (DBS) TV brings with it
a need for a different type of coaxial            Chat Brewster, Jr. Inc.
cable(RG_6). DBS TV operates in a higher          210 Forest Manor Drive
frequency band than cable or broadcast TV.        Stokesdale NC 27357
The need for mutipule telephone lines or an       336-427-2937 Office
in-house telephone system, for more               336-669-9432 Cell
convenante communication.                         cbi@cbitel.com
                                                  Chat Brewster
                                                  Give CBI a call and we will be glad to
                                                  explain in more detail the advantages of
                                                  Structured Cabling for New Home
                                                  Construction, and how we can help.

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