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					  Featuring Top High School Football Players From Around The Nation!

      speed • strength • power • agility
8th Annual Combine Series
Open to 2012 & 2013 Grads

                                                    e Recruiting!
Combine Drills
                                  jump on Colle
Skills Session
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                                         dline is March 1
Player Evaluations

                                Entry Dea
Recruiting Updates
and - Opportunity for
College Exposure

                Saturday, April 2nd, 2011                 ● 10:00AM
             Livermore High School ● 600 Maple Street ● Livermore, CA 94550
Combine Hotline: (866) 980-9540 ● www●prepfootballamerica●com ● www●govarsitysports●com

                      by                SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT
                                  THE TOP PERFORMERS FROM EACH COMBINE AROUND THE
                                               NATION WILL QUALIFY FOR:

                                    THE PREP FOOTBALL
     National Scouting Director
             Bill Harrison
           (866) 980-9540
     bill.govarsity@gmail●com          FOOTBALL CAMP
                                                 Register Today!!!
                                              2011 Prep Football America
                                               National Combine Series
                                                Livermore High School
                                                   600 Maple Street
                                                Livermore, CA 94550

                                        Saturday, April 2nd, 2011 at 10:00am

                                               BASIC INSTRUCTIONS

1. All players will be measured and tested/compete in the following:
         • Height (in socks) and Weight (all to be measured during check-in)
         • Bench Press (warm-up with 135 lbs., test with 185 lbs.)
         • Vertical Jump
         • Broad Jump
         • 3-Cone Drill
         • Pro Agility Shuttle
         • 40 Yard Dash

2. Please wear clothes appropriate for performing various athletic skills (bring your football turf shoes along with either
basketball or cross-training shoes)

3. The check-in process for this combine will begin at 9:00AM and will be completed by 10:00AM. To ensure that you
will be able to complete the check-in process, please report to the check-in area in a timely fashion.

4. To complete the registration process, you are required to do three (3) things:
        • Neatly complete (please print) and mail the enclosed REGISTRATION FORM (in the enclosed envelope) to
           the Football Office address shown below so that we receive them on or before March 15th (Or use the pre-
           addressed envelope enclosed). Please note that this event has sold out every year and, because space is
           limited, we will take registrations on a first come, first served basis.
        • Make sure that your Email address is easy to read because this is how we will be communicating with you. If
           you do not have an Email address, then please secure a free one through either Yahoo or Gmail and keep it at
           least until you complete your senior year of high school. College coaches will communicate with you via your
           Email address during the recruiting process.
        • Submit your Check, Money Order or Credit/Debit card information to secure your roster spot in this combine.
           Checks should be made payable to “Go Varsity Sports”.

5. Your cost for this combine is $75. However, if we receive your completed paperwork after March 15th then you will be
considered a late registrant and your cost is $95. Since total event participation will be limited, your form of payment will
probably be returned to you if it is not in our football office in a timely fashion. Please note that there will be a $25
processing fee for all cancellations made before March 20th - and no refunds after March 20th.

                                                   PLEASE NOTE
All parents attending the combine will be invited to attend a brief college football-recruiting Q & A session that will be
hosted by college scouts from Prep Football America and the staff of Varsity Sports Group.
                                             Feel free to visit either site below:


                                                 Prep Football America
                                                 College Recruiting Office
                                                6531 FM 78, Suite 110-300
                                                San Antonio, TX 78244
                                            Player Registration Form
                                                               Prep Football America
                                                           2011 National Combine Series
                                                     Saturday, April 2nd, 2011 Livermore, CA
 4 Easy Steps
 1. Please make sure both sides of this registration/waiver form are filled out completely, and signed.
 2. Please fill in appropriate payment information. Checks made payable to Go Varsity Sports.
 3. Please mail forms (envelope is provided) so that we receive by March 15th, 2011.
 4. Or you can FAX TO: (866) 664-6230

Player Information
First Name: ________________________             Last Name: __________________________ Nick Name: ______________

Home Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________

City: _______________________________________ State: _______________________ Zip: __________________

Home Phone #: ___________________________________                   Cell Phone #:____________________________________

E-mail Address: ________________________________________________ Grad Year from HS: __________________

School Name:_____________________________________________________ Core Class GPA: (4.0 scale) _________

Athletic Profile Information
Height: ______ Weight: ______            Bench MAX: ______          40 Yard Dash: ___________

Position (Circle only one!) QB RB FB WR TE OL CB S ILB OLB DL DE                                    Shirt Size L XL XXL XXXL

Payment Information                   ( Fee is $75. Please make checks payable to Go Varsity Sports)
Credit Card (select one) Visa__________       MasterCard__________        American Express__________        Discover___________

Card #______________________________________________________ Exp.Date___________                       3 or 4 digit V code________

Authorized Signature: ___________________________________ Printed Name: ________________________________

A). Full refund (less a $25.00 administration fee) if player cancels prior to March 20th, 2011. Please allow 30 days for refund.
B). No refund after March 20th, 2011.
C). Note: Because space is limited entries will be taken on a first come, first served basis.

Release of Statistics, Information, Photographs, Audio and Video
I, the parent/legal guardian of ___________________________, grant permission and authorization for statistics, data,
testing results, personal information, photographs, audio and video materials related to this combine to be released (and
possibly posted electronically) to coaches, scouting organizations, media outlets, team physicians, athletic trainers, part-
ner entities, administrative personnel and possibly the general public. I also understand that the data, information, photo-
graphs, audio and video materials are and will remain property of Prep Football America and Varsity Sports Group.

Approvals                               IMPORTANT: Please return by March 15th, 2011
Parent/Guardian Printed Name: _________________________________Phone #:________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________________Today’s Date:____________________________

                   MAIL TO:        Prep Football America, 6531 FM 78, Suite 110-300, San Antonio, TX 78244
                                                Player Waiver Form
                                                           Prep Football America
                                                       2011 National Combine Series
                                                 Saturday, April 2nd, 2011  Livermore, CA
 Release and Waiver re: Liability, Injury and Property Damage with Authorization for Medical Treatment
I, the undersigned, am fully cognizant that engaging in any sport or physical activity includes the inherent and substantial
risk of personal injury. I attest that my student-athlete, ___________________________, is presently in excellent physi-
cal condition and may participate in all physical activities associated with this Camp and, in return for allowing him/her
to participate in this Camp, I agree to assume the complete risk of and responsibility for any injury that may result from
his/her participation in it.

If the student-athlete registering herein has any pre-existing health-related medical conditions, allergies, diseases, etc.
that could potentially prohibit, prevent or limit him/her from participating in events such as this, please advise us of

In addition, I hereby release, waive, indemnify, save, forever discharge and agree not to sue any of the other participants
or staff at this combine, as well as Varsity Sports Group, Go Varsity Sports, Prep Football America, Granada High
School, City of Livermore, Livermore Parks & Recreation, Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District and any or all
of their employees, officers, contractors, subcontractors, partners, sponsors, agents, affiliates or assigns from all present
or future claims that may be made by either the participating student-athlete or me, my family, estate, heirs or assigns for
property damage, theft, personal injury, bodily harm, wrongful death or any other potential liability arising as a result of
participation in this Camp (and possibly caused by the ordinary negligence of the parties listed above, wherever, when-
ever, or however same may occur).

I grant permission and authorization for my student-athlete to receive first aid or medical treatment as needed and, to the
same extent and scope as previously mentioned, I also agree to release (indemnify and hold harmless) said parties from
any and all claims whatsoever which may be attributable to the receipt of said treatment rendered in connection with
(and/or arising out of participation in) such event.

I affirmatively swear that I am the parent or legal guardian of the previously named participating student-athlete and do
hereby execute this liability release and waiver on behalf of that individual. I agree that the terms of this release are
binding on my student-athlete and me. I am of legal age and am freely and voluntarily signing this document without
inducement from any party.

In addition, I understand that engaging in any sport or physical activity includes the inherent and substantial risk of per-
sonal injury or property damage. With respect to same, I voluntarily grant permission and authorization for my student-
athlete to participate in this Camp and agree to assume the complete risk of and responsibility for any injury or damage
that may result from (or be related to) his/her participation.

I also grant permission and authorization to the team physicians, athletic trainers and medical consultants of this Camp to
evaluate and treat any injuries that may occur during my student-athlete’s participation in it. In addition, I understand
that they have the authority to prohibit or eliminate my student-athlete from participation (because of either an injury or
any risk of liability to anyone associated with this Camp).

I further represent that I have read and fully understand this document and, by signing it, am giving up legal rights and
Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________________Today’s Date:____________________________
Printed Name: _____________________________________________Emergency #:_____________________________

                 MAIL TO:       Prep Football America, 6531 FM 78, Suite 110-300, San Antonio, TX 78244

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