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					                                                                                                  are Perfect for…

           Picnic Tables
                                                                                                                                  Art Projects
                                                                        Large Events


                       BULK BANQUET KWIK-COVERS
	 QUANTITY	                                                             SIZES	                                                                  SIZES
	 cases	     pieces	      6’x18”	            6’x24”	        8’x18”	     8’x24”	        4’x30”	      6’x36”	     8’x36”	                 6’x30”	         8’x30”
	 1	          100	         $2.85	             $2.90	        $2.90	      $3.00	         $2.75	
                                                           Bulk packaging: 25 pieces/carton
                                                                                                    $3.10	          $3.45		             $3.00	          $3.10
                                                                                                                                      Bulk pkg: 100 pieces/carton
                       All banquet Kwik-Covers include 4” self-adhesive tape strip
                       along the length of each side.
                       4’x30,”	6’x36”	&	8’x36” are available in white only.

                       BULK ROUND KWIK-COVERS
	 QUANTITY	                                    SIZES	                                            SIZES	                                       SIZES
	 cases	     pieces	 24”	diameter	 30”	diameter	 36”	diameter	              48”	diameter	 48”	umbrella	 60”	diameter	             66”	diameter	 72”	diameter
	   1	        100	         $2.55	               $2.70	         $2.90	             $3.40	         $3.50	       $3.50	                   $4.25	         $4.60
                           Bulk packaging: 25 pieces/carton                       Bulk packaging: 100 pieces/carton               Bulk pkg: 25 pieces/carton

           Umbrella Tables                                                                                                                               Backyard Parties

                                                                              KwiK TiP:
                                                                You may combine all items including
                                                                 Kwik-Can Covers and Kwik-Skirts
                                                                   to receive the largest quantity
                                                                         discount available!

                                     HU                O
                                          MBRELL A H
                                                                  Prices do not include shipping.

           COLORS	&	PRINTS:                                                                                   Red             White      Royal Blue Hunter Green Red Gingham*
           Red, White, Blue, Green, & Red Gingham are available in every size.
           All other colors and prints are available in 6’ x 30” and 8’ x 30” banquet and
           60” round. Some colors and prints are also available in 48” and 72” round.
           Black is available in all round sizes except umbrella and 66.  ”
                                                                                                                              AVAILABLE IN EVERY SIZE
                                                                                                                                                           w/ qualified

NTITY	                                         SIZES                                                                        Our spinner rack will
                                                                                                                              look great in your
 pieces	    42”-	48”	round	 42”-	48”	umbrella	 60”	round	 6’x30”	banquet	 8’x30”	banquet
                                                                                                                             store or showroom
   50	             $3.70	       $3.75	         $3.75	          $3.30	               $3.40                                  and help boost sales!
                        MINIMUM ORDER: 25 pieces (any one size and color)

                                                     Small to mid-sized stores love our new Kwik-Cover Variety
                                                     Packs with convenient Shipper Display cases! All you do is open
                                                     the display box and place it on your shelf for individual retail sale!
                                                     The Kwik-Cover Variety Pack includes 12 red, 12 white, 12 blue and 12 red
                                                     gingham Kwik-Covers. We also sell refill packs for your variety shipper!

                                                     KWIK-COVERS VARIETY PACK
                                	 QUANTITY	                                      SIZES
                                	 cases	 pieces	        60”	round	          6’x30”	banquet	     8’x30”	banquet
                                 	 1	       48	           $190	           $170	             $175
                                                        Includes 12 each of the red, white, blue & red
                                                                      gingham Kwik-Covers.

                                                        Stay tuned for
                                                   NEW products coming soon!


           Black       Gold    Orange     Purple      Maroon         Pink       Light Blue   Lime Green Blue Gingham* B&W Check* Patriotic* Celebration*   Zebra*   Leopard*   	 1
                                                  Table Skirt with
                                              “Fitted” Table Cover

         Now Covering and Skirting
         a Table is as Easy as…
          1 Simply stretch the Kwik-Cover to
            fit on the table.
                                                             2    Then just unroll the skirt, sticking it
                                                                  to the cover with the hook and loop
                                                                                                                  3 It’s that kwik and simple! up to you!
                                                                                                                    Disposable or Reusable…it’s
                                                             fasteners which are attached to both
                                                             the skirt and the cover.

         Saves Time                                                            KWIK-SKIRT COMBO PACK
                                                                               	 Skirt	with	6’	cover	          Skirt	with	8’	cover
         • No tape or release paper to peel off and
           throw away.                                                                 $11.50	                $11.65
                                                                                	 Packaged: 10 sets/carton. Add $1 per set for
         • No need for staples, tacks, or clips!                                                    printed skirts.
         • Kwik-Skirts are 29” high x 14’ long which will                      Each Kwik-Skirt comes with a 6’ or 8’
           cover the front and two sides of a standard                         white Kwik-Cover® and is available in
           8’ banquet table.                                                   most solid colors and prints. Skirt and
                                                                               cover includes HOOK and LOOP style
                                                                               (Velcro-like) fasteners for easy
                                                                               set-up and removal.

                                                                                                                           aged F
                                                                                                                                 or Re
                                                                                                                                      tail S

                                                                   Use your own
                                                                    cloth skirts
                                                               on our Kwik-Covers with
                 BULK KWIK-SKIRT COVER                          Velcro-like fasteners!
                 with Velcro-like fasteners                                                       BULK KWIK-SKIRT
QUANTITY	                        SIZES                                       	 QUANTITY	                           SIZE
ses	   pieces	         6’x30”	             8’x30”                            	 cases	   pieces	           29”	Ht.	x	168”	Length
1	      50	                             $4.05
                       $3.90	Packaging: 50 pieces/carton                     	 1	        50	                       $7.15
                                                                                                                Packaging: 50 pieces/carton
                 Available in white only. These Kwik-Covers® include HOOK                         Prints not available in bulk. Solid colors only. Kwik-Skirts
                 style (Velcro-like) fasteners designed to attach to our                          have LOOP style (Velcro-like) fasteners sewn into the top
                 Kwik-Skirt or your own cloth skirting that has LOOP style                        pleat of the skirt for easy installation. Covers with HOOK
                 (Velcro-like) fasteners.                                                         style (Velcro-like) fasteners sold separately in bulk.
                                      The Kwik-Can Cover is a simple and
                                      inexpensive new way to cover 33
                                      or 55 gallon barrels. Most metal              time-consuming and costly. The
                                      and plastic barrels quickly become            Kwik-Can Cover is a plastic sleeve
                                      dented, rusty or dirty making them            that you slide down over the
                                      an eye-sore after just a short period         can and leaves you with a clean,
                                      of time. Continuous maintenance is            pleated look.
                                                                                    Perfect for covering water barrels
                                                                                    used for weighting tents!
              33 Gallon            KWIK-CAN COVERS
           Kwik-Can Cover
                   	 in Black
           AvailableQUANTITY	                                SIZES                                                        55 Gallon
                   	 cases	 pieces	 Covers	33	Gallon	Barrel	 Covers	55	Gallon	Barrel
             or White only                                                                                              Kwik-Can Cover
                    	 1	      50	          $1.70	each	                  $1.70	each
                                      Available in bulk packaging only. Please specify size
             Black         White                           when ordering.                          Black        White       Royal Blue    B&W Check*    Patriotic*

                                                                                                *Black & White Check and Patriotic, additional .50 cents each

                                                                                                                                           Meets Californi
                                                                                                                                          Fire Marshall Ti a
                                                                                                                                         19 Flame Retard tle
                                                                                                                                              Standards! t

           No Staple
           Guns Needed!
           Now there’s an innovative new way to cover and skirt your
           trade show tables. Simply unroll and stretch our Expo-Cover
           onto the table. Then just stick the skirt to the edge of the
           Expo-Cover which comes with hook style, (Velcro-like)
           fasteners already attached. Best of more stapling or              Saves time!                             No release paper to peel
           pulling staples from tables or skirts ever again!                          No stapling covers or skirts!           off and throw away.

                      BULK KWIK-EXPO COVERS
                      with Velcro-like fasteners
	 QUANTITY	                                    SIZES	                                        2” Thick Top                     SIZES
                                                                                             with Square
	 cases	    pieces	          2’x4’	             2’x6’	             2’x8’	                      Corners            6’x30”	                 8’x30”	
	 10	        500	           $4.50	             $4.80	             $5.10	                                           $5.00	                 $5.30
                                             Expo Cover Packaging: 50 pieces/5 rolls with 10 covers per roll in each case
                      Our Expo-Covers are rolled (not folded) to eliminate crease marks. They are hot-stamped and color coded to identify the
                      size and the number of covers remaining on the roll. All Expo-Covers are available in white only and fit trade show style
                      tables which are approximately 2” thick with square corners (shown above). All Expo-Covers have Hook style (Velcro-like)
                      fasteners and can be used with any plastic or cloth skirting that has loop style (Velcro-like) fasteners.

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