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FoxComm Fiscal Advisory Board



                                                                             FoxComm Fiscal Advisory Board


                                                                                  June 1, 2006 Minutes




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                P u b lic S a f e ty C o m m u n ic a tio n s

The FoxComm Fiscal Advisory Board met on June 1 2006 at 1:30 p.m.

Present: Mike Brooks, Patty Francour, Brad Gehring, Paul Hirte, Brian Leonhardt, Howard Mezera,
Pat O’Brien, and Tom Pynaker

Also Present: Karen Carlson and Jeff Stauber

   1. The meeting was called to order at 1:36 p.m.

   2. Minutes of May 4, 2006 – Approved as printed

   3. Agenda of May 4, 2006 - Approved as printed

   4. M.I.C. Report

                                                 a. Wireless 911 – Karen Carlson reported that phase II testing with Cingular was
                                                    being finalized. Cingular is the last carrier to implement phase II testing (with
                                                    the exception of Einstein PCS who has a 2007 FCC extension). The draft
                                                    summary report was delivered, reviewed and sent back for minor revisions.
                                                    Karen will forward to all FAB members upon receipt of the final copy.

                                                 b. Network Security – Karen distributed a draft of the cover letter to be sent out to
                                                    all law enforcement agencies with the required agreements. Karen stated that
                                                    she would send this out within a week or two to all 44 agencies. A timeline of
                                                    six weeks will be given for responses. Karen also stated that the words “your
                                                    network encryption” had been inadvertently left off of the last sentence of the
                                                    fourth paragraph.

                                                 c. WIJIS – Karen informed the group that Motorola had sent in sample data to the
                                                    State. The State is behind on their deployment. Limited testing is set up for the
                                                    week of June 5th. All testers will have access by the end of June. There is
                                                    enough funding in the initial WIJIS grant to pay for the software portion of
                                                    Outagamie/Calumet Counties WIJIS connection. An additional grant has been
                                                    filed with the OJA eRefferal division for the hardware for Outagamie/Calumet
                                                    Counties. Final award has not been given on the hardware grant, therefore the
                                                    software contract has not yet been signed. No issues are expected with this
                                                    grant award.

                                                 d. User Group Activity – Karen attended a meeting for the Motorola User
                                                    Executive Committee in May to begin planning of the 2007 User Conference
                                                    and new product reviews. She is the editor of the user committee’s newsletter.
                                                    The newsletter was created as a way to achieve more communication with end
FoxComm Fiscal Advisory Board
January 5, 2006
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                      users. User tips and tricks will be included in future newsletters. Karen stated
                      that budget funds were available due to the timing of the next conference, and
                      she asked whether the committee would consider sending additional staff. After
                      discussion, Karen agreed to draft a proposal, and this item will be added to the
                      next meeting’s agenda.

                   e. CAD Upgrade Status - The upgrade to 6.7.4 has been delayed. The version for
                      testing will be available in August with production implementation in early
                      2007. Due to the delay, an upgrade to version 6.6.8 is under consideration.

   5. UTC Update

                   a. May Minutes - Jeff Stauber stated that the minutes distributed with the agenda
                      had not yet been approved by the UTC.

                   b. Request Expenditure Approval - Jeff explained that Emergin had been
                      discussed, and additional value was found in the product other than the fax
                      capability. Jeff stated that UTC recommended going ahead with the purchase
                      knowing the fax concerns and that those concerns would be addressed. Brian
                      Leonhardt/Brad Gehring moved approval of the expenditure request for USA
                      Mobility with 2006 funds. Motion carried.

                   c. Budget Recommendations –The committee recommended moving forward with
                      ATMM/AVL regardless of what happened with the grant. No other suggestions
                      were made for capital purchases for 2007.

                   d. PMDC Password Policy – Karen explained that no changes had been made, and
                      the policy dealt with law enforcement and the changing of passwords. Karen
                      explained that if users do not change their passwords upon notification, they are
                      locked out of the system. Changes have been made to the system to give a 12-
                      day advance notice. The policy/procedure state that it will no longer be an
                      emergency for the PMDC administrator to assist a locked-out user and that
                      users needing assistance can request this during normal business hours. Since
                      the board members did not have a copy of the policy in advance of the meeting,
                      the decision to approve would need to be tabled until the next meeting. Jeff
                      Stauber asked about the dispatch policy, and Karen stated she would bring
                      copies of both policies to the next meeting.

   6. IGA Adhoc Committee Report

                   a. Committee Report - Mike Brooks reported several items had been discussed. In
                      the radio area, Simulcast and differences in technologies were discussed.
                      Winnebago County is moving forward with Simulcast and this item will go to
                      the board at the end of the month. Additional towers will be needed, and
FoxComm Fiscal Advisory Board
January 5, 2006
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                       Motorola needs to look for ways that FoxComm could share towers. Mike
                       stated that it would be advantageous to have a single dispatch, as seconds are
                       very important. VOIP was discussed, and Karen added that much discussion
                       took place on what this technology will offer in the future. It may mean
                       changing out an entire phone system. Mike stated that joint public safety
                       services would be the next logical step. Staffing needs were also discussed for
                       the future, including the types of qualifications needed for new staff as well as
                       part-time or back up staff. Core training issues for end users, compliance with
                       the IGA and adherence to the standards, as well as the creation of new policies
                       and procedures due to changes made in the IGA were all mentioned as

                 b. Completion or Assignment of Outlined Tasks/Objectives/Goals – Karen
                    questioned the handling of applications for grant funds due to the decreased
                    frequency of meetings. Karen stated that increased communication with the
                    boards would be necessary. Discussion ensued on the different boards and rules
                    involved. Karen stated that she had told Kimball that the price given for the
                    future technology presentation was not feasible. Another option given was to
                    bring the Kimball staff experts onsite for a presentation to County Board Chairs
                    and County Executives at a cost of about $3,000. After discussion, it was
                    decided that an additional meeting was needed, and the group decided on July
                    27. A draft of the IGA will be available at the next meeting. The Kimball
                    presentation will be an agenda item for the next meeting, and the group decided
                    that September would be the best month for the presentation to occur.

   7. County Updates

                 a. Brown County – Karen stated that she would prepare an update for the next

                 b. Calumet County – Howard Mezera reported that Crystal Reports training had
                    been held at Outagamie County. Brian Leonhardt asked if Crystal Reports
                    could be used with some of the other systems. Karen discussed the use of
                    Hummingbird with the existing system and stated that there was additional
                    functionality with this product, and the data base mapping had already been
                    done. VisionAIR uses Crystal Reports as part of their package.

                 c. Outagamie County – Tom Pynaker reported that Jail RMS training was in
                    progress, with a go live date slated for summer. Additional training has been
                    scheduled for the Vision RMS, and Shane Poad will be handling the conversion.
                    Fire RMS is also in progress.

                 d. Winnebago County – Patty Francour reported that some systems are being
                    switched to XP in anticipation of the RMS project.
FoxComm Fiscal Advisory Board
January 5, 2006
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   8. Finalize 2007 Budget

                    a. Karen distributed copies of the budget draft. She stated that pricing was now
                       firm on all items in the maintenance section with the exception of router
                       maintenance and connection costs, which were estimated amounts. AT&T
                       would not guarantee the current cost of T1 lines, so 5% was added for June
                       through December. No other changes had been made since the last meeting.

                          Brian Leonhardt asked about AVL as a budgetary item. Karen stated that
                          AVL’s portion is the smallest part of the total project, and the connectivity piece
                          would be the largest in scope and cost. Discussion followed regarding the
                          advantages/disadvantages of proceeding with infrastructure and AVL as
                          separate projects versus one large project. Pat O’Brien asked if funds were
                          available in the 2006 budget to hire a consultant, and Karen confirmed this.
                          Karen also added that internal staff could do some of the information gathering
                          to reduce the consultant’s costs. Tom asked if the IGA currently supports AVL,
                          and Karen stated that if AVL were considered an expansion on CAD
                          functionality, the IGA would support AVL. After additional discussion, Paul
                          Hirte/Mike Brooks moved the addition of $40,000 to the 2007 budget for a
                          consultant. Motion Carried. Brian Leonhardt/Tom Pynaker moved approval of
                          the 2007 budget as amended. Motion Carried.

   9. Next Meeting – July 27, 2006 at 1:30 p.m. – Outagamie County Board Room.

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa Buman
Administrative Services Supervisor
Outagamie County MIS Department

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