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					        Tips for Buyers of Used Cars in the UK
The used car market is experiencing an unprecedented upturn. According to statistics published
by Experian, used car sales have risen 4% year-on-year. A report published by Trend Tracker
shows that pricey used cars are in demand. The report shows a sustained demand for used
cars that cost more than £8,000. Drivers are shifting towards fuel-efficient cars. Most of these
cars fall under the ‘B' segment. The demand for cars in this category is driven by high fuel
prices and the looming recession. Used cars for sale UK offer the best option for cautious
buyers. However, it is not easy to choose the right used car. The following are some of the
factors you should consider carefully.

Check Out the Mileage

This seems obvious but many buyers are duped easily. Unscrupulous sellers have perfected
the art of mileage clocking. This involves winding down the odometer in car to show a lower
mileage. Do not assume that digital odometers are temper proof. Specialized software for
tempering with these odometers is available online. The average driver clocks 10,000 miles
every year. Compare this figure with the age of the car. A quick mental calculation is enough
to reveal suspicious mileage readings. Check out the steering wheel, front bumper, seats,
gearstick, and pedals. These parts will show signs of wear if the car is old. In addition, check out
the car documents as well.

Car Identity

Car cloning is another consideration you should take into account. A seller might decide to
create a new identity for the car on sale. This is done by replacing the original number plates
with a new set. Ask the seller to provide you with V5C registration documents. These will help
you follow up the history of the vehicle. You should also ask for documents detailing the car's
service history. If you can, visit the garages in question to ensure you are not holding forged
documents. Confirm that the logbook and VIN serial numbers match. If you come across
inconsistencies, consider buying used cars for sale UK elsewhere.

The rule of thumb is to be wary of sellers offering huge bargains. A used car offered for less
than 70% of real market value should raise your suspicions. It is advisable to have a qualified
mechanic look at the car. This should be done during the day when you can see all defects
clearly. A test drive will give you the opportunity to gauge how the car handles.

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