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AltiServ O ffice (PDF)

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					O V E R V I E W

                                                             AltiServ                                  Office
AltiGen’s IP Phone System Solution for Small to Mid-size Businesses (SMB)
                                         AltiServTM Office Product Family
                                         AltiGen is making IP Telephony easy...
             AltiSer v Office
                                         Easy to Use - Easy to Maintain - Easy to Cut Costs

                                         AltiGen’s advanced telephone system provides the high reliability and low cost of
Shaping                                  ownership critical for small-midsize businesses (SMB). Now you can get your IP
                                         Phone system and the IP phone from a company you can trust, a company who’s only
                                         business is delivering IP Telephony. AltiGen
                                         makes it easy to deploy the latest technology
                                         and lowers your costs at the same time.

                                         AltiGen is Number One in the IP PBX Market
the                                      for Small-Midsize Businesses
                                         AltiGen has risen to the leading position in the
                                         SMB market with over 15,000 systems installed.
                                         AltiGen’s AltiServ® Office IP Phone System
                                         has been recognized for excellence with over
                                         35 industry awards.

                                         The AltiGen Value Proposition
                                         Unlike traditional proprietary phone systems, AltiGen systems were designed from
                                         the ground up to be an open solution with many key features built-in on a single
                                         industry standard platform. AltiGen can provide either single site solutions or network
                                         multiple phone systems together anywhere in the world using our Distributed Intelligence
                                         Network Architecture (DINA) and Voice over IP.
                                         AltiGen IP phone systems enable small to mid-size businesses to:
                                                 - Lower the Cost of Communications
                                                 - Make it Easy to Use and Maintain phone systems
                                                 - Cut Administrative costs
                                                 - Cut Toll costs
IP Telephony                                     - Enjoy Reliability with redundancy built-in
                                                 - Grow easily and affordably
                                                 - Network Multiple Systems and Multiple Sites via VoIP
                                                 - Enable Mobility by integrating remote teleworkers easily
                                                 - Use advanced features on affordable AltiGen IP phones

                                         AltiServTM Office IP Phone System Product Family
                                         Editors at PC Magazine, CT Labs and TMC Labs chose AltiServ as the number one
                                         phone system for small to mid-size businesses. Why? With AltiServ Office, a complete
                                         turnkey phone system, you get greater functionality compared to other systems. It’s
                                         easy to use, easy to manage and allows businesses to converge voice calling with IP
                                         networks, standard telephone networks, e-mail and the Web. We have system solutions
                                         that can support anywhere from 8 to 320 users per system chassis.

                                         To meet your organization’s specific communications needs, AltiGen offers a range
                                         of IP Phone Systems for various size organizations, including:
                                           1.AltiServ SmallOffice targeted at 25 users and smaller remote branch offices.
                  RANKED #1 IN A SIDE-     2.AltiServ Office for up to 100 users and
CT LABS           BY-SIDE COMPARISON       3.AltiServ OfficePlus for up to 200 IP Phone users or 320 IP and Analog Phone

                  AS THE BEST NEW
                  G E N E R A T I O N
                  BUSINESS TELEPHONE
                                              users. (AltiWare 4.5a or greater required).

 Telephony        S Y S T E M
AltiGen is Making IP Telephony Easy.
With AltiGen there is no more need to work with complicated proprietary systems or have technicians come in to make changes
to your wiring closet. The same people that maintain your LAN can make changes on the AltiGen system with little training. Even
our IP phones are “self installing” making it easy for your IT staff as well as your phone users. Not only do we make things easy
we also save you administrative costs.

AltiGen systems are easy to use and maintain via an industry standard Windows interface. AltiGen’s system administrative tool
is a snap to use. Using the management tool, users can easily implement features and change configurations with a few button
clicks. You can even manage remote systems extensions and voice mail via a centralized software tool and it doesn’t cost extra.

                                            AltiGen’s Approach to IP Telephony - Making it Easy and Affordable
                                            All AltiGen systems include powerful features standard including; PBX Call Processing,
                                            Voice Mail, ACD, Auto Attendant and built-in screen-pop with popular CRM all contained
           AltiSer v Office
                                            in the same system chassis. Many other telecom vendors charge extra or require
                                            separate server chassis for Voice Mail, ACD, CTI and Auto Attendant.
Shaping                                     Many companies do not want or cannot afford to merge their voice and data networks,
                                            100% overnight. They want to take an evolutionary approach—to ensure the transition
                                            can be made in a manner best suited to their business and budget needs. AltiGen
                                            supports both traditional and Packet-based telephony on the same system—simultaneously.

                                            The AltiServ Office systems are complete, turnkey IP Phone systems in an industrial
the                                         chassis. The AltiServ Office and OfficePlus have redundancy built-in, to meet the
                                            most stringent requirements. Our IP interface boards can act as IP phone extension
                                            ports and also perform IP gateway functions. T1 and PRI interfaces are also available.
                                            Microsoft Windows 2000 Server is used to manage the system. High performance
                                            microprocessor boards are designed to support IP, digital, analog trunks and station
                                            lines and perform call processing. To grow systems just add more boards.

Future                                      Since systems are pre-configured at the factory, you get exactly what you want from
                                            a single vendor. Your authorized AltiGen reseller makes it even easier with professional
                                            installations and local support.

                                            Our AltiServ Office and OfficePlus systems can be stacked for increased capacity
                                            should you grow out of your individual chassis and can be managed as one by a
of                                          single software interface.

                                                              AltiServ Office Network Overview
                                                                  NEW YORK
                                                                             SmallOffice                 Public
                                                                               Branch                   Switched
IP Telephony                                   WEB                              SAN FRANCISCO

                                                                                                                    Traditional & IP
                                                                                           AltiServTM                 Extensions

                                                  REMOTE IP
                                            Multiple Systems are Networked Together over IP via Distributed Intelligence (IP)
                                            Network Architecture (DINA)

                                            Unique Messaging Capabilities Improves Users’ Productivity
                                            AltiGen’s standard features like ZoomerangTM allow users to automatically return
                                            calls from voice mail with the push of one key and then return to voice mail where
                                            they left off. One Number Access, a “Follow-me roaming” feature allows callers to
                                            reach an employee with a single call at up to four different numbers such as an office
                                            phone, cellular phone, home phone or even a hotel number anywhere in the world.
AltiGen Systems are Open and Work with Standards-based Phones
With AltiGen the customer can pick and choose what they want according to their budget and business needs. AltiGen’s Alti-IP 600
phone is a Total Plug and Play IP Phone that supports the most widely supported multi-vendor IP protocol, H.323. The AltiGen Alti-
IP 600 is interoperable at a calling level with any other IP phone that conforms to the H.323 standard. The AltiGen AltiTouch
custom feature phone is recommended for traditional phone users and many other analog phones are supported as well.

Intuitive System Management Interface
The Windows 2000-based system management interface is simple to use allowing IT Managers to easily manage the system
and phones. Your IT staff using a simple may easily handle Day to day management and intuitive Windows interface. This will
allow your company to save time and money through self-administration.

Network Your Offices Together with
VoIP and Save Money
Reduce Multi-Office Networking Toll
costs between offices with VoIP capabilities.
A significant benefit with AltiGen is the
ability to network multiple offices together
using our Distributed Intelligence Network                                                  AltiServ TM SmallOffice
Architecture (DINA), which enables a com-
pany-wide Voice over IP network. You can
                                                        IP 600 Phone
manage extensions and voice mail in
multiple systems from a central location.
Your organization will realize network savings by eliminating expensive long distance
and leased line charges. Remote teleworkers using IP from their homes can eliminate
costly long distance calls back to the main office as well as branch offices.

High Reliability and Security
The AltiServ Office and OfficePlus products provide industrial grade chassis
with redundant power supplies. Office products are protected by some of the                           AltiServ TM Office
most advanced messaging and administration software security controls and
checks in the industry. Protecting critical business information with Five-9s
(99.999%) reliability through in-house designed telecom boards and specially
configured standard hardware platforms including redundancy through SCSI RAID
5 across 3 -18 GB hard disk drives. Also available are redundant and hot swappable
400 watt power supplies, hot swappable fans, audible and visual front panel alarms
for hard disks, fans, power, and temperature.

Integrated Contact Center Software for AltiServ Office
AltiGen’s Award winning contact center software can be added to your AltiServ
Office IP PBX to improve your communications with your customers for your                     AltiServ TM OfficePlus
telesales, catalog departments, customer service centers, and tech support or sales
organizations. AltiGen provides the first affordable contact center suite for small to
mid-size organizations. This package is for any business that wants to improve relations
and increase the productivity when dealing with their customers.

Basic features included in our contact solution are; support of calls over IP or circuit-
switched networks, basic IVR, custom supervisory and agent interfaces, AltiView PC-
based call control GUI, basic call routing, graphical reports on agent and workgroup
productivity. Our Contact Center solution also has built-in screen-pop capability with
popular sales productivity software like Goldmine®, ACT® and Microsoft® Outlook®
to further enhance the ease of customer contact management.

For even more control and multimedia capabilities, Advanced Contact Center
capabilities can be added to your system, such as advanced IVR, advanced call
routing, data export, AltiWeb Web chat, Web calling and voice recording. Remote
agents can be implemented anywhere without expensive remote IP gateways.
Multiple contact centers can even be tied together with IP networking producing
significant cost savings.

Software Developers Kit (SDK) Provides Value-Add to AltiGen Platform
The AltiGen SDK includes a complete set of software tools (API’s) for developers
and customers to create applications that work in conjunction with the AltiGen platform.
Examples of these types of applications would be integrating Siebel databases with
our Contact Center or adding Advanced IVR.
Improve Your Business Communications Today and Be Ready for Tomorrow
AltiGen provides the best, most reliable and affordable, IP phone system for small to mid-size businesses. AltiGen’s IP
technology can save you money. With converged network integration, you gain unprecedented competitive opportunities by
combining business applications that mix data, voice, and contact centers.
AlitGen is Shaping the Future of IP Telephony.

Options available on all systems:         AltiServ Office Product Family Specifications
- AltiGen Alti-IP 600 IP Phones
  (10/100 Ethernet support)               AltiServ SmallOffice
- AltiTouch Customer Analog                 - Targeted at 8 to 25 users. Maximum growth of approximately 50 users.
  Feature Phones
                                          Includes:                                        TM
- AltiConsole (PC-based operator            - Chassis with 3 PCI x 3 ISA slots, 733 Celeron processor, 128 MB RAM,
  console)                                    40GB HD, Power Supply (1 x 250 Watts)
- VoIP Trunk and Station cards              - One 4 x 8 Quantum card
  (includes Gatekeeper and IP Gateway)      - Windows 2000 Professional software
- Integrated Contact Center software        - 12 station user license
  and options such as Advanced Call         - AltiWare 4.5a system software, providing the following standard features: Call
  Routing                                     switching, Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, ACD, Email Server (to enable unified
- T1/E1/PRI trunk cards                       messaging), Built-in screen-pop of CRM, AltiAdmin system management
- SDK to integrate custom third party         software, One Number Access, Zoomerang and DINA Multisystem man-
  applications, such as Advanced IVR,
                                              agement software, Call Detail Recording
                                            - Growth is provided by adding more boards
  Enterprise CRM
- AltiWeb Web Interaction software
                                          AltiServ Office
  (Web calling, Web chat, Web click to      - Targeted at 25 to 100 users. Maximum growth of approximately 150 users.
  talk from Website)                      Includes:                                              TM
                                            - Chassis with 9 PCI 2 ISA slots, 850 MHz Pentium III processor, 256 MB
Minimum System Requirements:                   RAM, 40GB Mirrored IDE HD for redundancy, Power Supply (1 x 400 Watts)
To read the AltiAdmin on-line help, you     - Two 0 x 12 PCI Analog extension cards
must have a 4.0 or higher browser.          - Windows 2000 Server software, 5 user license
                                            - 24 station user license
To accommodate Quantum and Triton           - AltiWare 4.5a system software, providing the following standard features:
boards you need:
                                               Call switching, Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, ACD, Email Server (to enable
- Appropriate AltiServ Office Chassis          unified messaging), Built-in screen-pop of CRM, AltiAdmin system manage
  (SmallOffice, Office, OfficePlus)            ment software and DINA Multi-system management software, One Number
- Microsoft® Windows 2000 Server
                                               Access, Zoomerang, AltiView PC Call Control software, Call Detail Recording
  for system administrator                  - Growth is provided by adding more boards
- Channel service unit for T1/PR1/E1 to
  connect to public telephone network     AltiServ OfficePlus
  at high speed                             - Targeted at 101 to 250 users. Maximum growth of approximately 320 users.
                                          Includes:                                                 TM
                                            - Chassis with 15 PCI x 1 ISA slots, 850 MHz Pentium III processor, 512 MB
                                               RAM, 3 x 18GB HD RAID 5 storage for redundancy, Dual Power Supply
                                               (2 x 400 Watts)
                                            - Three 0 x 12 PCI Analog extension cards
                                            - Windows 2000 Server software, 5 user license
                                            - 36 station user license
                                            - AltiWare 4.5a system software, providing the following standard features:
                                               Call switching, Voice Mail, Auto Attendant, ACD, Email Server (to enable unified
                                               messaging), Built-in screen-pop of CRM, AltiAdmin system management
                                               software and DINA Multi-system management software, One Number Access,
                                               Zoomerang, AltiView PC Call Control software, Call Detail Recording
                                            - Growth is provided by adding more boards

                                                                                      AltiGen Communications, Inc.
                                                                                      47427 Fremont Boulevard
                                                                                      Fremont, California 94538
                                                                                      888.258.4436 toll-free
                                                                                      510.252.9738 fax

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