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					Finding Tax Jobs in London

If you are interested in tax jobs London happens to be one of the best places for this career.
These jobs are ideal for students with a commerce or law degree. The jobs are quite varied and
some areas significantly challenging. You will however find thousands of these jobs advertised
in London and its environs. A career in this field can be quite exciting and rewarding for talented
individuals willing to work hard. There are two major categories of jobs in this field. You can
either choose to work for the government in the HM Revenue and Customs department or in a
private practice specializing in industry and commerce. There are thousands of companies and
organizations in London seeking for tax professionals.

You might also choose to become a tax lawyer or adviser in the private sector. Other common
professions in this field include accounting in corporate or international companies, and finance
management among others. This is also a career that allows you to specialize in a specific field
enabling you to advance your career and earn more. Your efficiency and skills in financial and
accounting fields will also count in advancing your career. Having the right qualifications and
commitment to the career will ensure a quick progress in your chosen field of this profession.

For university graduates interested in tax jobs, London is the ideal place to seek for these jobs.
However, you need to be well prepared for the high living costs London. Fortunately, you will
earn higher wages in the capital than anywhere else in the country to counter the high living
costs. Rent is also cheaper in London when compared to other cities such as Birmingham and
Manchester. The city has a highly developed transport system which allows you to commute
from outlying areas where rent is cheaper. The city has a vibrant entertainment culture with
numerous cultural and social spots you can visit and have fun after a hard day at work.

A major advantage in tax careers is the ready availability of jobs due to the fact that most
professionals in the field are in the retirement age. Growth in technology and industries has
created a need for young tax professions with the necessary skills and knowledge in the field.
The market for tax jobs has continued to grow in every sector despite the recent global financial
crisis. There is never a shortage in tax related jobs London.

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