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Powder Coating


									Durability and Longevity with Powder Coating
The powder coating industry is an ever-growing one, thanks to the many benefits it provides
manufacturers, consumers, and even the environment. To begin with, this finish is applied to
surfaces like metals, to ensure a uniform application that can hide imperfections and strengthen
the item extensively. In the past, spray paint was the choice finish, as there were not many other
alternatives. Beginning with the environment, it creates less hazardous waste, and the coating
can be almost completely recycled when the lifespan of the product treated, has expired.
Moreover, there is almost a zero emission of volatile organic compounds with the dry powder

For industry, it gives manufacturers opportunities to develop stronger, more durable products
at a reduced cost. Providing the best of both worlds, it is plain to see why the industrial world
has taken to it as it has. The equipment used to apply the finish is less expensive, as are
operating costs, making it even more attractive. The application of the finish is also easier than
conventional spray paint applications, eliminating running and sagging, which is common with
paint. In the end, the outcome provides a seamless finish for a more attractive product.

Different industries have already taken advantage of the method and its benefits, like the
automotive industry that uses it to coat various parts of vehicles. Furniture manufacturers have
also incorporated it into their designs, especially in outdoor furniture, thanks to its ability to
withstand the different weather elements. Even appliance manufacturers have found it to be
a more effective material in providing both function and practicality to merchandise, like in the
case of dishwasher racks. Dishes and glassware are better protected and less prone to chipping
and breakage, and racks simply last longer, as the product makes them more resistant to rust
and erosion.

Consumers are also winners when they choose products that are powder coated. They
benefit from more durable products, that will not require frequent repairs or replacement, and
as a result, consumers benefit from savings. Products finished with powder coating include,
but are not limited to: wire shelving racks and drawers, hangers, patio tables and chairs,
decorative home accessories, bicycle racks, swing sets, hand tools, fencing, and more. As it
has demonstrated its power to satisfy the needs of the industrial world, consumers, and the
environment, more uses for it are being developed, so that different industries, including IT, can
reap the rewards others are already enjoying.

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