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Welcome University of Brighton


									School of Service Management

‘The course Retail
Marketing was exactly
what I wanted.
Living by the sea and
moving into a house just
behind the Eastbourne
pier sharing with 8 other
people, made the whole         Hi there,
transition easy and I
immediately knew I had         Welcome to the latest School of Service
made the right choice.’        Management newsletter. We would like to
Lucy Tobin, Retail             update you on the exciting and interesting     Friends Reunited votes The
Marketing                      things that have been going on over the        University of Brighton the 3rd
                               past few months.
                                                                              friendliest university in the United
                               The School of Service Management has           Kingdom.
                               not only added two new courses to its
 Uniforms for new Level 1      portfolio and opened its new Culinary Arts
                               Studio, but its Travel and Tourism courses           ‘I decided to undertake
 students             1        also ranked within the Top 10 of the                 the course at Brighton
 Opening of the Culinary       Guardian League Table, and are placed                University because I felt
                               second on the South Coast.                           that it was a small and
 Arts Studio          2
                                                                                    friendly campus in
                               We hope that you will enjoy reading this             Eastbourne, where I
 New Courses starting
                               newsletter and are looking forward to                could interact with a
 September 2006       3        meeting you soon.                                    variety of students
 Level 1 Tourism                                                                    including a number of
                               Have a great summer!                                 different nationalities.’
 Fieldtrip            3                                                             James de Groot,
                               Birte Schmitz                                        Hospitality Management
 Placement at                  Marketing and Recruitment
 Disney               4

 Welcome Sussex

 Project              4
                                           Uniforms for new Level 1 Hospitality students
 Graduate Stories 5                                                    From September 2006 on the School of
                                                                       Service Management will provide chef
 Facility Pictures    6
                                                                       uniforms for its new Level 1 Hospitality
 About SSM            6                                                Students (see pictures). These include:

                                                                       - The Chef’s Jacket
                                                                       - Black Trousers
                                                                       - Safety Shoes
                                                                       - Black Shirt
                                                                       - Silver Tie
                                                                       - Blue Chef’s Hat
                                                                       - Blue Chef’s Apron
 Photo top right: Eastbourne
      Page 2 of 6                                                             School of Service Management

                             Opening of the Culinary Arts Studio - A creative and
                             contemporary environment for learning and development.

                             TV chef, Rick Stein, has been awarded an           management skills with their peers in a
                             Honorary Doctorate from the University of          controlled environment. The space is
                             Brighton's School of Service Management            ideal    for wine    tasting,   cookery
                             on 10 February 2006, for his significant           demonstrations    and      contemporary
                             national contribution to the hospitality           meals.
                             industry and local food production.
                                                                                In this facility students can study the
                             His support for local produce and the              social significance of eating as well as
                             development of rural communities is very           the psychology of the consumption of
                             much in harmony with the school's                  food. Research can easily be carried out
                             ongoing research into rural tourism,               in the Culinary Arts Studio using the suite
                             healthy lifestyle tourism and the small            of Apple Mac computers.
                             business clusters of local food producers.
                                                                                The studio is used for a whole range of
                             To celebrate Rick Stein opened the new             student activities and the business
                             Culinary Arts Studio at the School of              community can hire the facility for a
                             Service Management at Darley Road,                 range of activities including events,
    “TV chef, Rick Stein,    Eastbourne on the same day.                        training, and product launches, menu
    has been awarded an                                                         development, food and equipment
                             The studio is custom designed to provide           demonstrations.
    Honorary Doctorate
                             a rich environment for teaching graduate
    from the University of   and research students from hospitality,            Will Norris, a student who graduated
    Brighton's School of     enabling them to study the social                  from the School of Service Management,
                             interaction within a food environment.             returned to the school to provide his
    Service Management                                                          catering expertise for the official opening
    on 10 February 2006.”    The university's award winning senior              of the studio. Since his graduation Will
                             lecturer and chef Ken Woodward's vision            has founded a highly successful event
                             for the new studio is to develop a facility        business, the William Norris Company
                             that would encompass teaching, learning,           (
                             and research.

                             It is both a kitchen and a restaurant that is
                             open to the public on a limited basis. "It's a
                             wonderful environment for students to
                             experience a whole range of activities",
                             says Gillian Parfitt, course leader.

                             The kitchen is open plan so students can
                             experience customer reactions. Students
                             work in small teams and practice
                                                                                              ‘I chose the University of
                                                                                              Brighton for three simple
                                                                                              reasons; it was at the
                                                                                              location I wanted (near to
                                                                                              the sea and in Sussex), it
Photo top left: Culinary
Arts Studio                                                                                   was a fairly small
Photo bottom middle:                                                                          campus in size, and I
Outside Queenwood                                                                             was so impressed at the
Library and Computer                                                                          open day.’
Pool, Ward Hall
                                                                                              Dave Berry, Hospitality
      Page 3 of 6                                                               School of Service Management

                              New Courses starting September 2006: - BA(hons)
                              International Event Management, BA(hons) International Event
                              The School of Service Management adds               Based on the Eastbourne Campus, in the
                              two new courses focused on the managing             heart of one of the UK's leading tourist
                              and marketing of international events.              resorts and with fantastic views over the
“The School of Service                                                            English Channel and South Downs, the
Management adds two                                                               School has much to offer and is the ideal
new courses focused on        With its roots in ritual celebration and
                              religious festivals, the modern international       place for students looking to make good
the managing and                                                                  use of the surrounding environment as a
marketing of                  event industry has evolved into a dynamic,
                              creative, and diverse sector. Spanning film         living and working case study for events.
international events.”                                                            Locally run events include one of the
                              premieres, global sporting events, charity
                              fundraisers, international music festivals, all     nation’s largest free air shows, Airbourne
                              the way through to new product launches,            which regularly attracts 800,000 visitors;
                              corporate hospitality events and consumer           the prestigious international LTA tennis
                              exhibitions, the international event industry       tournament      attracting   global     news
                              offers wide-ranging appeal to its students.         coverage and Eastbourne Extreme – an
                                                                                  extreme sports extravaganza with BMX,
                                                                                  kite surfing, in-line and artistic skating to
                              To meet the increasing demands from                 name but a few of the events. With other
                              employers      for   graduates    with   an         major event centres such as Brighton and
                              understanding of the unique dynamics of             London easily accessible, the School is
                              such an industry, the School of Service             ideally    situated     for   students     of
                              Management is pleased to be launching two           International Events.
                              new degrees in this area, subject to
      SSM School Office       approval. Developed in collaboration with
                              key industry players, these two courses are         For more information please contact the
                              designed to offer an exciting, relevant and         admissions team on (0)1273
                              innovative syllabus.                                643606/643645 Email:

                              Level 1 Tourism fieldtrip to the Seven Sisters Country Park
                              It was a bright and sunny morning in May          of    Alfriston.   Here   students   were
                              that     saw     twenty-five   Level     One      encouraged to gather data on the impact
                              International      Tourism     Management         of tourism on small villages and this was
                              students and their tutors, Nigel and Clare,       done through talking to local people
                              set off for a stimulating field trip into the     (mostly in the local pub seemingly!),
                              countryside surrounding Eastbourne. First         making       observations  and    applying
                              stop, the Cuckmere Haven Country Park             knowledge gained in lectures. This
      Tourism Fieldtrip       where Park Ranger Greg walked us                  information was developed into a series of
                              around the Park describing the challenges         short, informal presentations back at Uni
                              faced in managing a Site of Special               the following week.
                              Scientific Interest. Not only did he explain
                              visitor impact and methods commonly used          After a great day out together students
“…he also discussed           to cope with this but he also discussed           agreed the trip had been a good
controversial plans by        controversial plans by the Environment            experience because not only did they get
the Environment               Agency to flood sections of the Park to           to see the impact of tourism in two very
Agency to flood               restore it to its original, pre-Victorian         different destinations but they also had fun
sections of the Park to       habitat.                                          doing it and they particularly enjoyed
restore it to its original,                                                     learning away from the classroom. Here’s
pre-Victorian habitat.”       After a quick photo opportunity at the            to the next field trip!
                              mouth of the River Cuckmere, with the                  Contributed by Clare Weeden, Senior Lecturer
                              pristine white cliffs of the Seven Sisters as
                              a backdrop, the coach made its next stop
                              in the beautiful and typical Sussex village
   School of Service Management                                                                            Page 4 of 6

Placement at Disney - So who said this was a Mickey
Mouse course?
Fifteen students from the University of               courses will be spending two days each week
Brighton have been chosen to take up                  in academic classes such as Theme Park
internships at Walt Disney World Florida this         Management and Human Resourcing whilst
year. The placement, which was open to                the rest of the time will be spent working at the
students from the School of Service                   park.
Management, is for a year and starts this
                                                                                                          Placement students
June.                                                 Ajit Patel, who will be working in resort           going to Disney
                                                      operations for 48 weeks, just can’t wait to get
Disney has been running placement schemes             out there, he said: “I’m really looking forward
for many years but it is only now, with the help      to actually working for such huge international
of UK universities, that they have developed a        organisation with real people in a real working
scheme giving students the opportunity to not         business. It should be a major help to
only get involved in the different areas of the       everyone who is going.” Some of Ajit’s work
organisation but also to attend academic              will include organising events at the ground,
workshops to aid learning. The workshops will         ticketing and working as a park attendant.
be run by US universities and course leader           Fellow student Sheldene Rennis said:
Gillian Parfitt said, “it’s great that students can   "Working for Disney will give me the
not only work in a real life environment but          opportunity to meet people from around the
can also learn academically, it should be a           world, experience a different way of life and
really good experience.”                              culture."

There were sixteen students who were
originally put forward for the interviews.
Unfortunately, one student withdrew from the
program but the remaining ones from Retail
Marketing, Travel and Tourism and Hospitality

    Welcome Sussex Project – A Partnership between Tourism South East
                and The School of Service Management

                    Welcome Sussex is a project run by Tourism South East, with
                    funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Sussex
                    Learning and Skills Council (LSC).

                    It aims to raise the managerial skills of micro and small sized
                    accommodation providers across Sussex, through a variety of
                    business advice and workshop/ training sessions. Businesses will
                    benefit from a one-to-one session, updates on key legislative
                    issues, as well as participating in the nationally recognised
                    ‘Welcome to Excellence' customer care suite of courses.

                                                                  ‘As a French student, the University of Brighton was my
                                                                  first choice because of its strong academic reputation and
                                                                  its high proportion of international students. And indeed
                                                                  these have been reflected in the quality of teaching and the
                                                                  supportive and cosmopolitan atmosphere that is
                                                                  characteristic of the Eastbourne campus.’
                                                                  Cindy Courtillier, Tourism Management
  School of Service Management                                                                                     Page 5 of 6

Some very interesting graduate stories
For more stories please visit the graduate section on

Matthew Price, BA(Hons) Travel Management,           program was set up for graduates to gain vital
2001                                                 Business skills and build on skills they gained
                                                     during studies. Learning to snowboard in waist
‘I joined Brighton University into year two of a BA deep powder was an added bonus!!
(HONS) Travel Management after graduating from
an HND in Hotel Management. I chose Following this I returned home and decided that
Eastbourne after visiting the campus and getting a I wanted continue to work abroad and decided to
good feeling about the University. The student travel to New Zealand and ended up in
ambassadors seemed to be having the time of Queenstown on the South Island. Here I worked
their life! The whole campus was friendly, staff and another ski season for as Guest
students seemed to know one another on a first Services Team Leader, which involved
name basis and being by the sea and just a short recruitment, and training pre season and set up
trip to Brighton for any special occasions was an of the department then being in charge of Guest
added bonus.                                         Services at the Remarkables ski mountain for
                                                     the season with about 25 staff on a day-to-day
The most important thing I gained from my Degree basis.
that has been a huge help was studying with
people from a wide range of nationalities. On an                I have now gained my NZ residency and
academic side the core business modules help me                 manage a 55 bed backpackers in the tourist
on a day-to-day basis in my current job managing                town of Queenstown. This job has helped me
a Backpackers.                                                  gain numerous contacts within the industry and
                                                                continue to make meet numerous people from
After graduating I went to the USA on a graduate                around the world and given me some great
training program for 18 months for Keystone ski                 Business management skills. Overall I look back
resort in the Colorado Rockies, working as                      over the last few years and have met some
Reservations Team Leader and Trainer. The                       great people and my CV looks OK too!’

                                                                Along my journey in the last few years I am in
                                                                constant contact with friends I made at
Kathrin       Aichelmann,    BA(hons)                    Trainee Programme, because it seemed to be
                                                                University, some have been out to visit and they
International Tourism Management, 2001                   the best step into my professional life. And I
                                                                will be my friends for life!"
                                                         really passed the selection process! October
                                                         2001 I started working for TUI AG (former
'Doing my degree at Brighton University was              Preussag AG) in Hanover. My first assignment
probably one of my best decisions so far. I              was for the Group Controlling department, the
had a fantastic time, learned a lot, met so              second for Group HR. There I realised from
many nice people and grew personally                     the beginning that HR was “my cup of tea” and
during this time.                                        luckily they offered me a job as Manager HR.

After living one year in Spain followed by               I am now responsible for the personnel care of
two years in England it was clear for me to              a specific staff group which includes every
return to Germany at the end of my studies.              step from the entry of a new employee to the
I really wanted to find a job within TUI in              termination of membership. In addition to my
Germany, the tourism market leader in                    day-to-day business I have many different
Europe, as I already had my first “job-                  projects to accompany (e.g. the introduction of
related” contacts and experiences with                   our new SAP HR3 system, the implementation
them. I worked for TUI during my placement               of a new leadership structure, transfer of a
on Tenerife and I wrote my HR-thesis in                  business, development programmes). I have
cooperation with TUI Service AG, the reps                got a diversified and interesting job where I
organisation.                                            can further develop myself – and I really never
                                                         get bored!’
Therefore, I applied for the International
                                                         I am surprised how often I can use my
                                                         knowledge from my studies. It is not only
                                                         Excel, PowerPoint or any presentation
                                                         techniques. It is more the broad operational
                                                         and professional knowledge and approach. I
                         More of our great facilities
    University of

School of Service
Greynore 2
Darley Road
Eastbourne BN20               Inside the                                    Welkin Halls
7UR                           library

01273 600900

01273 643949

                              Outside                                     Outside
                              Greynore 1                                  Greynore 2

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Tagline here.            About the School of Service Management

                         Based at the University of Brighton’s Eastbourne campus the School of Service
                         Management was one of the first business schools to provide courses in the major
                         service industries of tourism, travel, hospitality, retail and event management in the

                         The School has a substantial international reputation both with industry as a provider
                         of high calibre graduates and in the academic world for the quality of its teaching,
                         learning and research. The School is committed to providing a dynamic approach to
                         learning and remains at the forefront of industry-led training. As just one example,
                         Rick Stein recently opened the new Culinary Arts Studio, custom-designed to provide
                         a rich environment for teaching and research in the field of culinary arts and

                         The programmes have always been highly innovative and continue to be at the
                         leading edge of service management education. Programme and course content is
                         developed in liaison with industry to ensure that students’ learning is at the forefront
                         of emerging trends and initiatives, thus ensuring that students are equipped with the
                         knowledge they need to gain employment upon graduation.

                         The School has a truly international community with a third of its students coming
                         from outside the UK. An active member of the local, regional, national and
                         international business community, the School has particularly close working
                         relationships with a number of organisations in the UK, Germany, Norway, Holland,
                         Saudi Arabia, China, Russia and Mauritius.
                                                                                        Dr Paul Frost, Head of School

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