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									  London Theatre Gift Vouchers as the Perfect
Imagine the delight of family, friends, or coworkers when you present them with London theatre
gift vouchers. These vouchers tell the recipients you understand their passion for theatre, but
you also want them to be able to decide exactly when and where they will go. You can choose
from a wide range of packages for performances and other services, depending on the occasion
and your budget.

West End Shows

Gift vouchers can be redeemed for theatre seats for performances as varied as Shakespeare,
Hitchcock, and musicals singing out Dolly Parton lyrics. There are comedy routines, ice shows,
and solo performers. If there is nothing appealing right now, the recipient of this gift just has to
wait a week or two until different shows are advertised.

Dinner and Show

If you want to upgrade the gift, choose a package that includes dinner with the show. The dinner
voucher is usually for a set two course meal at a restaurant that is within walking distance of
the theatre. The menu selection ranges from Italian or Asian food to steak and salmon. Dinner
packages are available Monday to Thursday evenings.

Hotel and Show

For an extra special occasion, you may choose a getaway package that includes a show and
a night in a nearby hotel. This means no fussing with late evening transportation. Instead, your
friend can enjoy the vibrant nightlife of the theatre district. A lazy breakfast the next morning is
the perfect finish to a city break.

Package Options

Any of these packages can be purchased in several denominations. In fact, the recipient may
choose to upgrade the package. If it is someone who regularly attends the theatre, your voucher
may be seen as a welcome contribution to something he wanted to do anyway.

Add the Extra

Although the gift voucher usually arrives in a nice presentation wallet, you might want to
personalize the package. Collect brochures and flyers from theatres and hotel. Check out the
restaurant websites and print off the pre-theatre dinner menus. Tuck the gift voucher into a CD
cover or book that reflects the theme of the gift. Add taxi vouchers or arrange for a bottle of
champagne in the hotel room.

London theatre gift vouchers are suitable gifts to acknowledge family birthdays, a friend's
anniversary, or faithful service in the workplace. Gift vouchers are sometimes seen as a last
minute purchase because the giver did not know what else to buy. However, if you take the time
and effort to add a few extras items and explain your appreciation of their love of theatre, this
will be the best gift ever.
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