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                                         To:        Dr. Lois Colletta
                                         From: Paul M. Fanuele
                                         Subject:   December Board Report

On December 2nd, the High School Music Department presented their annual Winter
Concert. It was a wonderful way to showcase the work of all the students in the music

On November 21st and 22nd, 22 students from the Band, Chorus and Orchestra
represented Spackenkill High School at this year’s Area All-State Festival in Beacon,
NY. The students who participated in this festival were selected based upon their
excellent performing skills. Congratulations to the following students for their wonderful

Band:      Amir Abdu, Stuart Greenbaum, Diane VonDehsen
Chorus:    Rachel Gropper, Andrew Hashim, Heather Long, Andrew Shaffer,
           Daniel Speranza
Orchestra: Sara Bish, Michael Champagne, Harrison Choi, Brandon Codrington,
           Nicole Fleischman, Max Hecht, Charlotte Li, Deanna Lin, Nina Liu,
           Kerry Purnell, Rosa Tung, Joseph Staten, Julia Yu, Edward Zhou

On December 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th, six Spackenkill High School students will participate in
the All-State Conference in Rochester, NY. These students are recognized as the best
students in New York State. Congratulations to Sarah Bish, Michael Champagne,
Brandon Codrington, Stuart Greenbaum, Max Hecht and Nina Liu.

Student Government Leadership Activities:

Ramapo Teen Volunteer Leadership Conference 11/4/2008

On the superintendents’ conference day, November 4th, students and faculty advisors
from area schools were invited to a conference on developing student interest in doing
community service. Four student government students, Haley Ullinger, Carli Salvati,
Nick Garo and Kalese Williams gave up their day off from school to participate in the day
long program held at the Ramapo Camp for Children in Rhinebeck, NY. The students
heard presentations from various community service organizations in the Hudson Valley
and made commitments to conduct a food drive and school blood drive. There will be a
follow up meeting in the spring to see how the students did on their commitments.

Dutchess County Children’s Services annual Conference 11/20/2008

On November 20th five high school students, Kalese Williams, Carli Salvati, Marcelene
Figueroa, Deirdre Dwyer, and Kaitlyn Hoey accompanied Clinton DeSouza and Ms.
Joann Klein to the Dutchess County Children’s Services Council 11th Annual Conference
on Youth Empowerment at the Villa Borghese in Wappingers Falls, NY. The conference
featured Nicole Nowlen, of the Rachel’s Challenge Program. The goal of this year’s
conference was to explore the effect and impact of Rachel’s Legacy, a program which
challenges students to promote kindness and to look for the best in themselves and others.
Mr. Desouza and Ms. Klein participated on a panel discussion with students and faculty
members from area schools in a discussion about the kinds of programs and interventions
that can make positive impacts on school culture. The students also all participated in the
Search institute’s developmental asset survey. The students of SGO are very committed
to bringing the Rachel’s Challenge program to SHS.

New York State Conference on Student Leadership and Activities Annual
Conference November 23-25, 2008

Once again students from the SHS SGO attended the 21st annual CLSA state student
government leadership conference in Saratoga, NY. Attending this year, with advisor
Mrs. Klein were: Haley Ullinger, Leeanne Siwicki, Nick Garo, Tom Kellogg, Jeff
Sobotko, and Rachel Jones. The students heard many nationally recognized speakers who
challenged them to become better leaders in their school and community. They also
participated in many small workshops and roundtables where they learned all sorts of new
ideas about fundraising, spirit building activities, pep rally’s, community service activities
and icebreakers. The students had an exhausting but wonderful time and are ready to try
all their new ideas.

Site Team Minutes – November 12, 2008

Heidi Huczel -                 Physical Education Teacher/Chairperson
Mike Murphy-                   Assistant Principal
Sheri Keith -                  Math Teacher
Clinton DeSouza -              Social Studies Teacher
Jennifer Maloney-              Science Teacher
Joann Klein-                   Social Worker
Diana Babington-             School Counselor

Students:                                   Parent
Bryon Becker                                Deborah Gatins
Carli Salvati
Leanne Siwicki
Brian Sobotko
Jeff Sobotko

Heidi opened the meeting by reminding the Team that one of last years’ goals was to
explore possible character education programs at the high school level. Joann Klein
spoke about “Rachel’s Challenge.” Rachel Scott was one of the students killed at
Columbine. A group of Spackenkill students attended this presentation at Arlington High
School. This is a true story that challenges students to follow certain principles that
Rachel stood for. What can we do to shift our culture to be more accepting? Jeff
Sobotko attended the presentation and agreed that it was very moving. “One of the best
presentations he has ever seen.”

The program costs approximately $3,000. The committee discussed possible ways to
fund this. Someone suggested looking for grant money, donations from various groups,
i.e. student government, YAR, etc?

Diana Babington wants to find students committed to making Spackenkill High School
an inclusionary place. Deborah Gatins offered her expertise in any way that she can. Dr.
Gatins has her PhD in clinical psychology specializing in adolescent issues. She also
teaches psychology classes at Marist College.

Clinton DeSouza spoke about a program he was part of as a student at Spackenkill.
“Days of Respect” was an excellent program that empowered students. The discussion
lead to the possibility of somehow combining Rachel’s Challenge and Days of Respect.
All student members were supportive. They suggested that we may add a component
whereas high school students could visit the elementary schools and middle school to
promote character education.

For the December meeting, Joann will gather more information on Rachel’s Challenge
and Clinton will bring information on Days of Respect. Also, Diana suggested that the
committee might discuss looking at new courses for next year and Jen Maloney would
like to revisit the topic of recycling at Spackenkill High School.
                        Spackenkill High School
            1st Quarter NYS Scholar Athlete Teams
                       Fall 2008

Team                   Average       Required # of Students
Boys’ Cross Country    90.077               7
Girls’ Cross Country    92.796              7
Boys’ Golf             93.961               7
Boys’ Soccer            90.125              12
Girls’ Tennis           93.551               9
Girls’ Volleyball        91.075               8

                1st Quarter MHAL Scholar Athletes
                             Fall 2008
Jaliz Albanese         Girls Varsity Volleyball
Gregory Allen          Varsity Fall Golf
Leona Al-Sayah         Girls Varsity Tennis
Gabriella Balbo        Girls Varsity Soccer
Bryon Becker           Varsity Football
Sarah Bruley           Girls Varsity Tennis
Tarah Chidiac          Girls Varsity Soccer
Harrison Choi          Varsity Cross Country
Gaetano Citera         Boys Varsity Soccer
Matthew Cremins        Boys Varsity Soccer
Rachel Davis Girls     Varsity Soccer
Rebecca D'Esposito     Varsity Cross Country
Andrew Devenny         Varsity Fall Golf
Emily Didylowski       Varsity Fall Golf
Gabriella Diecidue     Girls Varsity Soccer
Deirdre Dwyer          Varsity Cross Country
Martha Engle           Girls Varsity Tennis
Nathan Feldman         Varsity Cross Country
Rachel Gropper         Girls Varsity Field Hockey
Christopher Guarino    Boys Varsity Soccer
Maxwell Hecht          Boys Varsity Soccer
William Hild Varsity   Cross Country
Kaitlyn Hoey           Girls Varsity Tennis
Luke Horvath           Varsity Fall Golf
Marc Horvath           Varsity Fall Golf
Megan Hurlburt         Varsity Cross Country
Philip Kemp            Varsity Fall Golf
Jamie Lhungay          Girls Varsity Tennis
Deanna Lin             Girls Varsity Tennis
Morganne Lundin        Girls Varsity Field Hockey
Monica Marrone         Varsity Cross Country
Kyle Martinko          Boys Varsity Soccer
Patrick Mc Donough     Varsity Football
Sierra Moon            Girls Varsity Volleyball
Amy Moren              GirlsVarsity Soccer
Luisa Neves            Varsity Cross Country
Megan Nizza            Girls Varsity Soccer
Lydia Nsubuga          Girls Varsity Field Hockey
Ashley Peterkin        Varsity Fall Cheerleading
Carrie Plover          Girls Varsity Tennis
Megan Schwarze         Girls Varsity Volleyball
Hadia Shah             Girls Varsity Field Hockey
Gai Sher               Girls Varsity Volleyball
Michael Spens          Varsity Football
Cara Tully             Girls Varsity Soccer
Rosa Tung              Varsity Cross Country
Diane Vondehsen        Girls Varsity Volleyball
Phoebe Wang            Varsity Cross Country
Robert Zahurak         Varsity Fall Golf

Law Enforcement:

State Education Trial (Albany 11-12)
Advised District on Parking Issues Off Campus
Police Academy Westchester County
Contacted Wappingers School District /warning them of a potential fight.
Internet Harassment (out of school)
Harassment in school (females)
Student reporting phone harassment
Student reported cell phone stolen (locker room)
Confidential Investigation / Custodial Interference (continued)
Assisted with an investigation of a residential burglary within the district
Parent meetings regarding truancy
Parent contacted SRO regarding child being suicidal (assistance given)

Requested a safety conference for the district staff
Completed High School Plan (new lockdown procedures)
Instructed 8 Constitutional Law Classes (Government class)
Instructed Forensic classes
Instructed DARE classes (Hagan)
Safety Meeting at Hagan
Meeting with High School Administration (safety)
Meeting with Lois and district administration (safety issues)
AED checks at the high school
Covered Homeroom
Covered Lunch blocks

Problem Solving:

Requested a mediation session for two students
Attended RTI meetings
21 Parent meetings /calls
Continuous Student meetings
Meetings with Dr. Lois Colletta
Monday morning meetings with the high school administration.
Meeting with Dave Downes and NYCOM CO.(Radio communication problems)

Todd Middle School:

Report of high school student harassing middle school student
Met with Mr. Malkischer and school insurance agent

Extra Activities

Internet safety Hagan PTA
Attended the high school play
Working on drop in drills

Police Department:

SWAT Firearms Training
SWAT Tactical Medic Training
PO Chris Hamel
School Resource Officer
Town of Poughkeepsie Police Department
Spackenkill Union Free School District
845-463-7810 School
845-240-4692 School Cell

Important Dates to Remember
Dec. 11th            Senior Class Field Trip to NYC
Dec. 13th            Holiday Movie Night SHS Auditorium 6 - 9 PM
Dec. 22nd--Jan 5th   Holiday Recess

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