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JUNE 13, 2010         11th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME

                                                                   **BIRTHDAY GREETINGS**
                                                                June 13
                                                                Maureen Gray, Michael Christiansen, Thomas Hirst, Norman
                                                                Tyler, Gabrielle Smith, Michael Sullivan, Matthew
                                                                Rzodkiewicz, Vincent Morris, David Berry, Katie Ermo,
                                                                Michelle Marchena, Roger Cormier
Saturday, June 12                                               June 14
9:00am Albert Mack – Mary Ellen Ulbrandt                        Katherine Biamonte, Christina Prunty, Charles Eckert, Kristen
5:30pm People of St Stanislaus Kostka                           Baldwin, Linda Zimmermann, Joan Goldhammer, Megan
                                                                Mesuda, Nicole Gresch, Kay Pecchia, Christopher Reardon,
Sunday, June 13                                                 Toni Conahan, Debra DiBlasi, Michael Minnerly, Anthony
7:30am Anthony Alberico - DiMetro Family                        Zingaro, Lawrence Schucker, Caryn Cahill
9:00am Pasquale Maisto – DeWald Family
11:00am Oreste Tassone -- Family                                June 15
                                                                Dennis Cimillo Joseph Baldwin, Scott Mallet, David Pretak,
Monday, June 14                                                 Pauline Sweeney, Timothy Long, Brenda Sasser, Daniel Bopp,
9:00am Michael Long – Candace Glass                             Joseph Gentile,

Tuesday, June 15                                                June 16
9:00am Special Intention                                        Michael Tebolt, Colin Rennia, Nina Tyler, Caitlin Mucha, ,
                                                                Lisa Smith, Erica Mylod, Angela DeLaTorre, Andrew Karis,
Wednesday, June 16                                              Mark Carroll, Kristina North, Kristen Duffy, Derek Gentile
9:00am Dorothy Lazard - Grandniece Donna
                                                                June 17
Thursday, June 17                                               Christine McCaffery, Edward Sheehan, Jr., Kevin Jacobs,
9:00am Special Intention                                        Vincent Lomoriello, Thomas Wimmers, Ava Green, Nora
                                                                Guerra, Lisa DiBlasi, Jessica Prince, Donald Shaffer, Paul
Friday, June 18                                                 Mazzola, Carolyn Olivera, Dana Cannella, Scott Minnerly,
9:00am Jeffrey Williams – Marty and Stacy Williams              Donald Shaffer, Angela Anthony

Saturday, June 19                                               June 18
9:00am Deceased members Schroeder/Vokali Families               Matthew Delphin, Michael Touma, Salvatore Manteria, Nancy
5:30pm Mary T. Howley – Martina Milea                           Kelley, Trevor Moehrke, Nicholas Viola, Gregory Lenyszyn,
                                                                Elisabeth Pasquale, Victoria Pasquale, Leonora Davison,
                                                                Matthew Aldrich, Anthony Strazza, Brian Madsen, Marlene
                                                                Fighera, Frank Paldino, Denise Rowe
                   God’s Plan for Giving
In return for the Lord’s generosity, our people returned to
                                                                June 19
His Church the following
                                                                Raymond Watroba Logan Vanswearingen, Marie Wood,
June 6, 2001                              $5695.00              Timothy Condon jr., Albert Agrasto, David Maggiacomo,
                                                                Daniel Maggiacomo, , Natalie Lomoriello, James Matuk,
Capital Improvement                       $2001.00              Robert Schaeffer, Brad Whitted, Richard Arco, Karen Karis
Thank you for your continuing generosity that enables us to
continue to serve the people of God                                                K of C SPRING FLING
                                                              Mark your calendars for a wonderful dinner dance on June 19
                                                              from 7-10PM in the church hall. This special evening is being
                                                              sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. Music will be
                                                              provided by the Mark Raisch Trio. The cost is just $25 per
               October 27-November 6
                                                              person which includes Dinner, Dessert, Soft Drinks, Coffee or
        Please speak with Father if interested.
                                                              Tea and entertainment. BYOB is welcome. For reservations
                                                              please call the Parish Office at 635-1700     432-page 1
             11th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                                            NURSERY SCHOOL CAR SHOW
                                                                      The Car Show Fundraiser held on Saturday, June 5th raised
                                                                      $767.00. The Nursery School would like to thank all those who
                                                                      helped to make the show a success. We are especially grateful to
                                                                      our local businesses for supporting us and being so generous in
                                                                      their donations. All their names are listed on the poster in the
                                                                      hall vestibule. We would also like to thank all those who
   “…she stood behind Him at His feet weeping and began               brought their beautiful cars and made this event so special. In
              to bath his feet with her tears.”                       addition we would like to thank Gino & Chet Lozito for all their
                                                                      help and efforts in organizing the show and obtaining the
                                                                      sponsors. Last but not least a big thank you to Sharon & Jill
               PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY                                  Beale for their help and to our wonderful judges Jim Donick,
"You formed my inmost being; You knit me in my mother's               Matt McDonald, Steve Rossi & Fr. Perry. Plans are already in
womb; I praise You, so wonderfully you made me; wonderful are         the works for next years show.
your works."                           Psalm 139:13-14                                     CONGRATULATIONS
                                                                      Congratulations to St. Stanislaus Nursery School Class of 2010.
Sometimes we all need a tangible reminder of the love and care        We are proud of Griffin Adams, Carmela Annunziata, Samantha
that surrounds us. Our parish community has begun such a              Ayuko, Olivia Barcia, Julia Clevenger, Aiden Early, Samantha
ministry here at St. Stanislaus. The Prayer Shawl Ministry of St.     Fanelli, Amelia Jensen, Christopher Lazerson, John Maucieri,
Stanislaus Kostka will be meeting twice a month to knit or            Paul Mazzola, Gianna Mellon, Adam Miles McGrath, Molly
crochet prayer shawls for family members, friends, or someone         Nadell, Sam Niznik, Jade North, Lucas Rogers, Sofia Sellati,
in the parish family who is in need of a prayerful embrace. As        Miranda Tagliamonte, Jacquelyn Vaillancourt, Dalton Veeder,
we knit or crochet we pray for those who will be the recipients of    Terence Weidner, Amy Zocchi and Gabriella Zocchi. We wish
our work. Each month we will have the opportunity to share our        them lots of luck in kindergarten. They are going to do great!!!!!
work, our ideas, questions, and our prayers as we work to create      Hugs from Mrs. Beale, Mrs. Lozito and Mrs. Castano.
something beautiful for others. Amid the joy , laughter, and          A big ‘Way to Go’ goes out to all the students moving up to
companionship of our gatherings, many blessings are knitted or        the 4 year old program. We are so proud of Alison Ashline,
crocheted into every shawl from beginning to end. All                 Elyse Brady, Jason Carter, Mary Igoe, Cassandra Juliano,
shawls will be blessed by our pastor, before they are sent on their   Andrew Karis, Alexander Kemlege, Claire Lewis, Owen
way. All will be accompanied by a loving message and prayer           Pfleiger, Joshua Sava and Jack Tagliamonte. We look forward
for the person who receives it. A basic crochet or knit stitch will   to seeing them again in September. Have a safe and happy
be taught at the meetings to anyone who wants to learn. From          summer. Hugs from rs. Beale, Mrs. Lozito and Mrs. Castano.
beginners to advanced, all are welcome to join us!
Our first informational meeting will be held on Tuesday,                         LECTOR/EUCHARISTIC MINISTER /
June 15th at 7:30 PM in the Religious Ed building. This                              ALTAR SERVER SCHEDULE
group will continue to meet on the third Tuesday of the               Now is the time to submit any vacation time or adjustments to
month.                                                                your mass schedule for the summer . The next schedule is out
Our first Monday morning meeting will be held on June 21st            the last Sunday in June. Call Nancy Dunn in the Parish Office
after the 9AM mass and novena in the church hall and
continue to meet on the third Monday morning of each                      WORLDWIDE MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER
month. Choose the time that is most convenient for you. Bring         “Her many sins have been forgiven because she has shown
your yarn and needles with you and a prayerful heart. If you          great love…” Come and let God bring healing and the renewal
have any questions, please call Marge at 635-2016.Come and see        of intimacy to your marriage. The next Worldwide Marriage
how you can offer a loving embrace to someone in need of God's        Encounter Weekend is August 13 – 15. For more information
love                                                                  call toll free: 877-NYS-WWME

                    K OF C YARD SALE                                                    VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL
On Saturday, July 17th the Knights of Columbus will be                We are very please to be planning for the first time in many
holding their annual Yard Sale. At this time they are                 years here at St. Stanislaus Kostka a Vacation Bible School
collecting “gently used” items. Drop off times will be Tuesday        this summer. “Baobab Blast” will be a wonderful week for K
evenings 6-8pm & Saturdays 9am-12noon. No clothing or                 through 5th graders. (Currently in 5th grade). Each day from
shoes will be accepted.                                               9:30am-12:30pm Monday August 2 to Friday, August 8 our
                                                                      children will enjoy the various activities in our Catholic VBS.
                      CLOTHING DRIVE                                   There will be music, story telling, Bible activities, games,
In conjunction with the K of C yard Sale, Fr. Perry would like        snacks and so much more. We are currently in the planning
to collect clothing for his parish in Africa. Please bring your       stages and are looking for adults to run the different stations
clean, gently worn SUMMER clothing and blue jeans. If you             and for older children and teens to help. If you think you want
have any questions please contact Fr. Perry.                          to be a part of this special week, please call Andrea Tighe in
                                                                      the parish office at 635-1700 ext 10.
                                                                                                                             432-page 2
                        RELAY FOR LIFE                                 synodal exhortation: Ecclesia in America give the raison d’etre
  The Jebbies, would like to thank all the parishioners who            for this contemporary gift of the Holy Spirit. This is not merely a
  donated their money and their time to help us. Thanks to you         voluntary position. “The diaconate is lived in a particular
  all we were able to raise approximately twice as much as we          powerful way in the manner in which a deacon fulfills his
  did last year We send a special thank you to the McDonald            obligations to his secular occupation, to his civic and public
  family, the Kurdziel family, Marge and Kevin Sullivan, and           responsibilities, and among his family and neighbors. This, in
  Father Brian, who all came to the Dutchess County                    turn, enables the deacon to bring back to the Church an
  Fairgrounds and spent part of the day with our team,walking          appreciation of the meaning and value of the Gospel as he
  the track to help us in this event.                                  discerns it in the lives and questions of the people he has
                        PASTOR’S NOTES                                 encountered. In his preaching and teaching, the deacon
With the Church of New York we should rejoice at the                   articulates the needs and the hopes of the people he has
ordination of the diaconate class of 2010. For me it is a special      experienced, thereby animating, motivating, and facilitating a
joy to acknowledge the call of a former parishioner, Jack Shea to      commitment among the lay faithful to an evangelical service in
this role. As in the case of most of his classmates this parishioner   the world.” (58)
of Saints John and Paul Parish had served the church in many
ministries such as lector, eucharistic minister, catechist, and        In April of this year the Center for Applied Research located at
youth worker before discerning a sacramental vocation. He joins        Georgetown University reported to the U. S. Conference of
Deacon James Brown who has blessed that faith community with           Catholic Bishops: A Portrait of the Permanent Diaconate. Some
his service for over twenty-five years.                                of their majority findings were the following: over twenty-one
                                                                       local churches have more than two hundred permanent deacons,
Here at Saint Stanislaus Kostka we are gratified to have Deacon        including New York. The total number in our country is
John Dunn assisting all of us to become more devoted Catholics.        estimated around seventeen thousand. Over ninety-two percent
 He not only is a liturgical leader as he witnesses marriages and      are married; four percent are widowed, and two percent have
celebrates baptisms, he proclaims the Word from the pulpit and         never been married. (Church law requires an unmarried person
in various instructional venues especially in RCIA. Additionally,      to remain celibate. He makes that promise during the ordination
Deacon serves the imprisoned and is a sign of God’s mercy and          rite. A deacon who experiences the loss of his spouse cannot
Christian hope.                                                        remarry unless special permission is obtained from the Vatican.)
                                                                       The diaconate is an aging population. Six out of every ten are
Because of the upcoming ceremonies I thought it might be               over sixty. This is a result of the fact that the bishops normally
appropriate to spend some time reflecting on the diaconate role        do not want to consider aspirants who have minor children. The
in the Church.. In 2005 the United States Conference of Catholic       church documents recognize that family should be a priority.
Bishops published the latest National Directory for the                Approximately one in four have a graduate degree. Though by
Formation, Ministry, and Life of Permanent Deacons in the              ecclesial law deacons are not to be compensated, many hold
United States. In this document our leaders reminded us: “The          positions in the church which call for support such as hospital
Fathers of the Second Vatican Council taking seriously the role        ministry, parish management, social service, catechetical
of the deacon in which St. Paul refers in the first letter to          coordination, and prison chaplaincy. The Directory calls for and
Timothy, remind us that those who serve well as deacons gain           most dioceses require post-ordination formation as well as an
good standing, and much confidence in their faith in Christ            annual retreat.
Jesus.’ It was for serious pastoral and theological reasons that
the Council decided to reestablish the order of deacons as a           At the ceremony next Saturday the ordinandi will hear these
permanent rank in the hierarchy of the Church.”(27) The note           words upon which we can all reflect: “Like those once chosen by
must be made that the Sacrament of Holy Orders has always              the Apostles for the ministry of charity, you should be men of
contained the three orders of bishop, priest, and deacon. We           good reputation, filled with wisdom and the Holy Spirit. Firmly
witness in the Acts of the Apostles the call of Stephen and his six    rooted and grounded in faith, you are to show yourselves chaste
contemporaries to the ministry of service which is the diaconate.      and beyond reproach before God and man, as is proper for the
They were to look after the needs of the widows and orphans of         ministers of Christ and the stewards of God’s mysteries. Never
the community. Their successors did the same. Many of them             allow yourselves to be turned away from hope offered by the
were martyred. The Church recalls the example of Saint                 Gospel. Now you are not only hearers of the Gospel but also its
Lawrence. Some of these saintly men were among the most                ministers. Holding the mystery of faith with a clear conscience,
gifted theologians and teachers. Most notable is Saint Ephrem.         express by your actions the word of God which your lips
For various reasons the order of deacons ceased to be                  proclaim, so that the Christian people, brought to life by the
independent of the road to priesthood. For example, I was              Spirit, may be a pure offering accepted by God, Then on the last
ordained a deacon with my classmates on March 25, 1972. The            day, when you go out to meet the Lord you will be able to hear
year I was ordained a priest (1973) was also the year Cardinal         Him say: “Well done, good and faithful servant,
Cooke ordained the first class of permanent deacons. It must be        enter into the joy of your Lord.”
understood that this restoration by Paul VI was not the result of a
priestly shortage (at the time there was none). This is a unique       Pray for our new deacons and all those men who
calling to be “sustained by the grace of the Sacrament, in the         generously have accepted this call of service.
ministry (diakonia) of the liturgy, of the word and of charity are
at the service of the People of God, in communion with the             Vivat Jesus
Bishop and his priests.” These words of John Paul II in the            Fr. Brian                                          432-page 3
432-page 3

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