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Fruit of the Loom Newsletter April 2011

from Fruit of the Loom

Calling all schoolwear suppliers – the new Fruit of the Loom Guide to
Schoolwear is now available, in both printed and digital formats.

The 44-page brochure showcases our entire education wear
collection: 30 styles in total, presented in three distinct sections –
School Uniforms, Collegewear and Sportswear. It is illustrated with
inspirational photographs of all the garments, taken in typical school
and college environments. Many styles are shown with a generic
school or college embellishment to demonstrate their suitability
for decoration. The brochure also contains a wealth of informative
message spreads that will help Fruit of the Loom customers to
educate end-users on the quality and performance benefits, safety
features, and ecological advantages of the garments they
are supplying.
                                                                         to New Products. It adopts the same design format and is printed
The School Uniforms section focuses on garments for primary              onto the same recycled paper stock. The printed version is also
and secondary school age children (aged 4 - 16 years). It features       complemented by an E-catalogue, which can be viewed online at our
core uniform styles, such as our 65/35 Polos, Sweats and Fleece          new Schoolwear micro site. The E-catalogue features page-turning
Jackets, plus a selection of Lady-Fit styles for teenage girls. Each     technology and can be downloaded to your desktop for offline
Children’s style is accompanied by an ‘Adults sizes’ icon to highlight   viewing, or sent to a colleague or customer.
the availability of corresponding adults’ styles. Relevant garments
are also accompanied by a ‘60°C’ icon, which denotes that they are       As well as the E-catalogue, our new Schoolwear microsite features
guaranteed to perform at a 60°C wash.                                    full product descriptions for all the Fruit of the Loom Schoolwear
                                                                         styles. It also offers our updated Create Your Uniform function. This
The Collegewear section features products that are suitable for          enables you to upload a school or college badge or logo and position
students at colleges, universities and other higher education            it on to any of the Schoolwear product photographs to create
establishments. It features the student staple styles, including         free-of-charge virtual samples. These can be sent directly to your
Hooded Sweats, Hooded Sweat Jackets, and T-shirts, as well as our        customers or downloaded and printed out – for sales presentations
highly fashionable Slim Fit Polos and Hooded Ts.                         and so on.

The Sportswear section presents garments that are suitable for           Type into your web browser
school, college and university sports and PE activities, such as         to visit our new Schoolwear micro site, where you’ll be able to
T-shirts, Hooded Sweats and Jog Pants.                                   instantly view the new Schoolwear E-Catalogue, order your copies
                                                                         of the Guide to Schoolwear, and try out the updated Create Your
The Guide to Schoolwear has been created to be consistent with our       Uniform function.
other 2011 Guide brochures – The Guide, Colour Guide, and Guide

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      Europe’s best-selling T-shirt, and our flagship product, is going from strength to
      strength in 2011!

      We’ve extended our Valueweight family of mid-weight T-shirts with the launch of
      two new Lady-Fit designs, and the sporty men’s Tank Top. Following the launch,
      we now offer 16 distinct Valueweight styles, for men, women and children. You can
      choose from traditional short sleeve crew necks, V-necks, long sleeve Ts, Baseball Ts,
      fashionable fitted styles (for men and women), plus vests, and four designs for kids.

      All Valueweight styles are made at our state-of-the-art Moroccan manufacturing
      plant, from fine knit gauge, 100% cotton fabric, knitted from Belcoro® yarn for a
      softer feel and enhanced printability.

      The new Lady-Fit Valueweight Long Sleeve T is notable for its scooped cotton/
      Lycra® rib crew neck with taped neckline, and features shaped side seams for a
      feminine fit. It is available in sizes XS-XL, and Black or White colours.

      The Lady-Fit Valueweight V-Neck T has a deep V-neck, shorter sleeves compared
      with the men’s V-Neck style, and shaped side seams. The new T is available in sizes
      XS-XL, and six colours – White, Sunflower, Black, Red, Light Pink and Deep Navy.

      The men’s Tank Top is an overtly fashionable sports and leisurewear style. It
      features a classic crew neck and deep armholes finished with 1x1 rib cotton/Lycra®.
      Sizes range from S-XXL and there is a choice of five colours – White, Black, Red,
      Heather Grey and Deep Navy.

      We are supporting the launch of the new styles with an advertising campaign in the
      European trade press, using the strapline: ‘Valueweight’ is more than just a T-shirt –
      it’s a range that keeps growing and growing.’

      For further information on the Valueweight T range, view our E-catalogue online, at


Have you registered for Fruit Club? If not, then sign up today and       a Workwear template featuring Sweats, a Corporatewear template
give your marketing activities an instant boost. Registration is quick   featuring Work Shirts, a Promotionwear template featuring our
and simple and, once approved, you’ll have access to everything you      core promotional T-shirts, and a Schoolwear template featuring our
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Fruit Club is our free-of-charge online marketing support service        The templates allow you to choose the size of your printed ad, select
for Fruit of the Loom customers. It provides a suite of specially        specific images from a pre-selected list of relevant photographs, write
developed tools for creating professional-standard sales and             a snappy headline and advertising copy, and upload your business’s
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                                                                         amends, or choose to start an ad or email again, if you wish.
On its launch in November 2010, Fruit Club offered an array
of online functions, including an Image Library (containing              The new Create Your Own Advertising and Create Your Own Email
downloadable photographs of every garment in our 2011 activewear         functions are just the latest enhancements to Fruit Club, with many
collection), full product specs, colour swatches, and CMYK references.   more new developments planned for the future. We are encouraging
Now, Fruit Club offers even more, following the launch of our new        all of our customers to register for membership (if you haven’t
Create Your Own Advertising and Create Your Own Email functions.         already) and return to Fruit Club often to stay abreast of the regular
                                                                         service updates, and to profit from the full range of functions
The new functions allow members to create print ads and/or               on offer.
emails in just a few easy to accomplish steps. The Create Your Own
Advertising function offers a simple template with the option to         To join the Fruit Club, visit, click on the
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We wish to extend a big ‘thank you’ to everybody who took the time
to visit us at the PSI, RemaDays and Expo Reclam trade fairs earlier
this year. We greatly valued the opportunity to demonstrate our latest
activewear collection, especially our five new styles for 2011, and
welcomed the opportunity to discuss how we could better support your
imprintable clothing requirements.

We were especially pleased to receive such a positive response to our
new exhibition stand. Based on the theme, ‘Guide to Manufacturing’,
the stand was designed to walk visitors through the various Fruit of
the Loom garment manufacturing stages, ‘from raw cotton to finished
article’. Visitors were able to follow a physical path, highlighted with
coloured arrows, which led them through three distinct areas: ‘Stage
1 – Raw Cotton & Carding’; ‘Stage 2 – Knitting and Dyeing’; and ‘Stage
3 – Cutting and Sewing’. The ‘finished article’ was then exhibited in the
form of a Fruit of the Loom T-shirt.

Each stage of the manufacturing process was depicted and explained
on colourful graphic boards. These were complemented by displays of
actual textile materials that visitors could look at and touch.

                                                                              As a demonstration of our appreciation, we presented all visitors to
                                                                              the Fruit of the Loom stand with a free sample garment – either a
                                                                              new Lady-Fit Valueweight V Neck T or a Men’s Fitted Valueweight T.
                                                                              All visitors also received copies of The Guide – our 2011 activewear
                                                                              catalogue – plus the Guide to Manufacturing booklet. The latter
                                                                              summarises the Fruit of the Loom garment manufacturing stages and
                                                                              was presented to visitors as a handy reminder of their visit to our stand.

                                                                              The three trade fairs also gave us the perfect opportunity to introduce
                                                                              our new products for 2011. Samples of the five new styles, in all of their
                                                                              available colours, were on display, together with sample garments from
                                                                              across the entire 2011 activewear range. Again, the response to the new
                                                                              products was overwhelmingly positive, and we are confident that each
                                                                              style will add value to our customers’ product offerings.

                                                                              We trust that everyone who visited us at PSI, RemaDays and Expo
                                                                              Reclam gained as much from their visit as we did, and we look forward
                                                                              to meeting many more of you at future events.
The displays included a bowl of raw cotton, debris, slivers, cones of yarn,
knitted fabric, dyed fabric, cut garment pieces, and various trims and
accessories – back neck labels and tape, ribbed hems,
drawcords etcetera.

The stand design aimed to both educate and entertain, and feedback
from the shows confirmed that visitors appreciated the chance to learn
more about what is involved in the manufacturing of Fruit of the Loom
imprintable products.

                                                     FOR MORE INFORMATION VIST            WWW.FRUITOFTHELOOM.EU

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