th District of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc by jennyyingdi



 Over the years the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity
out of necessity and common practice based
on its organizational structure of Districts,
States, Chapters, etc., developed its own
individual set of rules and standards regarding
fraternal protocol.
            Purpose Continued

 As the newly appointed 6th District Protocol
  – Primary duty is to expose and educate members
  of the fraternity on the agreed upon and accepted
  methods of fraternity protocol.

  – Assist in the implementation of its consistent and
  uniform application throughout our organization.
               Protocol Definition

  “A code prescribing strict adherence to
    correct etiquette and precedence”
 We will explore the ceremonial forms and courtesies
of precedence accepted as proper or correct in official
settings with the members of our fraternity.

 We will also look at the practice of giving certain and
proper respect and/or recognition to officers and
                 Order of Officers

 The Grand Basileus is the head of the organization
(CEO) and whenever he is introduced, the membership
shall rise in recognition of his office. Likewise, all rights
and appropriate courtesies are extended to him.

 The District Representative shall receive the same
courtesies extended the Grand Basileus when in a
District session or configuration.

 The Chapter Basileus shall receive the same
courtesies extended the Grand Basileus or District
Representative when in a Chapter session or
                  Standards for
 During a meeting
  – Questions coming from the floor
      Stand and step up to the microphone
      State your name, chapter, city & state, ask your question
     or state your business
             Standards for
           Award Presentations
 Presentations
  – Award recipients shall receive awards at the
  presenters left which also facilitates the correct
  positioning for photographs.
  – Awardee extends their right hand to shake the
  presenters hand
  – Still in a hand shake position awardee receives
  award with their left hand
  – For photos both individuals simply face the
               Standards for
 Receiving Oath of Office

  – The highest ranking officer by position
  shall stand facing the assembly from left to
  – All officers raise their right hand and take
  their oath.
       District Meeting Assembly

 Dist Rep is already presiding over the meeting:
  – District Representative is notified of the presence
  of Supreme Council members

  – Supreme Council members are escorted into the
  assembly and seated in the designated area

  – The Grand Basileus is announced and (all rise)
                        Order of March
                       for Grand Events
(Please Rise/Stand):               District Representatives:
 Immediate Past Grand Basileus        #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9,
 Former Grand Basilei                #10, #12, #13
   – Brother Avery                 Grand Marshal
   – Brother Branyon, Jr.          Grand Chaplain
   – Brother Coulon                Grand Counselor
   – Brother Norman                Grand Keeper of Finance
   – Brother Gilmore               Grand Keeper of Records and Seal
   – Brother Miller                Second Vice Grand Basileus
   – Brother Jordan                First Vice Grand Basileus
(Please be Seated):               (Please Rise/Stand):
                                   Grand Basileus
 Undergraduate #1
 Undergraduate #2
                                  (Follow the listed program)…
 Undergraduate #3
                       Order of March
                      for District Events
                                      •(Please Rise/Stand):
(Please Rise/Stand):
                                      • District Representative
 Immediate Past District Rep         •(G. B. is announced)
Host Basileus
Past D.R.’s                          (Follow the listed program)…
 (Please be Seated):
 District Marshal
District Chaplain
District Counselor
District Keeper of Finance
District Keeper of Records and
Second Vice District
First Vice District Representative

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