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									Career and Technical Education Sample Lesson Plan

              Analyzing Advertising

                 Lesson Plan File Name: FCSSE6LA01.doc
                 Program Area: FCS
                 Team Number: SE6
                 Related Academic Area(s): LA, AL
                 Lesson Plan Number: 01
                 Key words for searching: advertising, bandwagon,
          testimonial, loaded words

                   June, 2005
               Career and Technical Education Sample Lesson Plan Format

Title: Analyzing Advertising

Career Course: FCS: Nutrition and Foods-5609

CTE Competency Skill: Standard 4.4
(Standard reference: #)

Academic Course: LA and AL
(integrated subjects if more than one)

Academic Skill: LA 3.2.A, 1.2.A, 1.2.H, 1.2.I and AL 5.1.b , Math 2.7
(standard reference: #)

Gateway Standard: LA: Viewing and Representing: AL: Data Analysis & Probability

Instructional Goal(s): The student will analyze the influence of advertising on consumer

Performance Indicator(s): LA 3.2.A: Select the appropriate persuasive device in a given ad
(testimonial, loaded words, bandwagon), 1.2.A: Combine or correct sentence fragments
using a subordinate conjunction within a writing sample, 1.2.H: Select vivid words to
strengthen a description, 1.2.I: Select vivid words to strengthen a sentence (verb) within a
writing sample or a passage; Math 2.2: Analyze mathematical patterns related to algebra
and geometry in real-world problem solving; AL 5.1.b: Interpret graphs that depict real-
world phenomena.

Anticipatory set: Instructor will have students identify some foods that are sold by listening
to their jingles or associating trademarks of these foods. Instructor will review the 3 types
of persuasive ads.

Activities: 1. Divide students into pairs.
2. Give each pair a set of ads selling a variety of foods.
3. Have students identify each ad as either a testimonial, an ad full of loaded words, or an
ad that says "everybody uses it."
4. Have students select a food and write 3 types of ads attempting to sell the item.
5. Presentations of original ads.
6. Poll 10 people to see how many recognize the product from its jingle or trademark.

Suggested Modification(s): Buddy System, view TV ads instead of print ads, extended
time, extra instruction

Assessment: Oral presentations of original ads. Create graph of results from poll.
Teacher preparation: List of jingles such as:
  1. Bet you can't eat just one. (Lay's Potato Chips)
  2. My bologna's name. (Oscar Mayer)
  3. Got ________? (Milk)
  4. Eat fresh. (Subway)
  5. Scottie Mayfield's trademark piece of clothing. (Bowtie -- Mayfield's ice cream)

Advertisements of foods -- print ads/or TV

Materials and Supplies needed:
See above. Card stock or paper for students' original ads.

Lesson Evaluation: To be completed by user after implementation of lesson, How will you
evaluate the lesson plan?
It will take time to find several ads.

Other: Teacher may add any needed sub-heading for the lesson plan.


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