Mandell Top10 by CelesteKatz

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									                                Ten Things That Government Can Do To
                                     Support Urban Green Spaces
                                       Written By the 7th Grade at Mandell

1.     Government should publicly support the creation of green space
2.      Government should take over derelict properties and turn them in to parks, gardens and
      urban farms
3.       Government should ensure that individual neighborhoods have sufficient green space
      for the size of their populations
4.     Government should make sure parks and recreational facilities are safe and accessible
5.       All schools should add education about the importance of Urban Green space to their
6.      All schools should devote some portion of their school yard to the creation of new green
7.     Government should provide financial assistance to urban farms and community gardens
8.      Public officials should learn about the dangers of monocultures and the benefits of bio-
      diversity in green space settings
9.        Government should establish programs that highlight the relationship between both
      physical and mental health and green space
10.        Government should create open-space plans for the city that focus on green space
      protection and development
                 Ten Things That Kids Can Do To Support Urban
                                 Green Spaces
                                    Written By the 7th Grade at Mandell

1.    Volunteer at Urban Farms and Community Gardens
2.    Study the importance of Urban green Space in School
3.    Find ways to educate the public about how green space makes our lives better
4.        Raise money to enhance an urban green space, i.e. support your local
    community garden
5.    Encourage your school to use urban green space as a learning environment
6.    Get together with friends to plan the building of a garden
7.    Volunteer to help maintain existing urban green space
8.    Encourage classmates and teachers at your school to create living environments
    both large and small
9.      Help your school to develop programs that teach kids about the relationship
    between green space and health
10.     Highlight green space to your friends as a place where kids can learn the value
    of sportsmanship, fair play, and being part of a community

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