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									 Adults facing Chronic Exclusion

• Nick O’Shea
• Head of Programme
               The basics
• 12 pilots funded for 3 years

• Response to Cabinet Office report, ‘Reaching
  Out, Tackling Social Exclusion’

• £6million fund from CLG, DH, Home Office
  and DWP.

• Evaluation programme to demonstrate cost-
  benefit analysis

• User Involvement and feedback key to
  success of pilots
                   The aims
• Identify new approaches to working with chronic

• Link-up health, social care, housing,
  employment and education systems

• Offer preventive, as well as crisis care

• Increase long-term engagement with services

• Focus on those with the most complex problems
         In short

How to get people who
don’t want to help, to help
people who don’t want to
be helped.
           Defining Principles
System change – simplifying the complexities
associated with several statutory services working

System navigation – Offering practical help to
people to access several services at once

Transition points – helping people to negotiate
difficult times in their lives such as leaving prison,
leaving care and fleeing domestic violence
          Areas of Study
• Relationships

• Risk

• Resilience
              Next Steps

• Findings report December ’08

• PSA 16

• Local funding

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